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Harry Potter Helping Out

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Harry Potter Helping OutGabrielle Delacour graduated with top marks out of her year, and she could pretty much have any job in the world. And not because of the fact she was a pretty face either. The eighteen year old Veela princess had golden blonde hair, a soft complexion with soulful blue eyes. Her sizeable breasts squeezed into a tasteful white blouse, which came down to the plaid skirt she wore. She wore white stockings over her long legs which stretched down for miles.The Veela Princess could have any job she wanted in the world with a combination of qualifications, connections, and her beautiful looks, but she chose a job where she could do something in the world.Harry Potter had been a target. He had a tendency of ruffling some rather important feathers and pissing off some extremely dangerous people. Most of them had friends in low places.Thanks to her qualifications, Gabrielle acquired a position as the nanny of Harry Potter’s twin daughters. The money was more than good, not she needed it. The fact she owed Harry her life caused her to jump on the job.And want to jump on him, if she had half the chance.Veelas could be extremely fierce and protective of those underneath their care. Gabi was no exception. She proved herself from saving the twins from a k**napping attempt. The poor k**napper was currently in the long term spell damage ward, covered in burns.The girls had been set down for a nap. Gabrielle decided to kick back and relax for a seconds. The security had been upped around the home since the near k**napping attempt, which was about nine months ago. No one dared try, but Gabi dare not relax her vigilance.The door opened. Gabrielle rose up to her feet, and paused, before smiling.”Mr. Potter, I didn’t expect you would be back so soon,” Gabrielle said.”My business meeting ended early,” Harry said. “So, how are my girls?””They’re perfect little angels,” Gabrielle said, smiling at her employer.”Which means they’ve finally crashed, haven’t they?” Harry asked.Gabrielle smiled and allowed herself a musical round of laughter. She frowned when she saw pretty much how stressed Harry looked.”Sir, is there a problem?” Gabrielle asked.”Just dealing with politicians all week,” Harry said.Gabrielle reached forward and patted him on the hand in a sympathetic manner. She did in fact understand where he was coming from. Her family was in the thick of political turmoil far too often.”I’m stubborn, they’re stubborn, you could imagine how well this goes,” Harry said.Gabrielle walked behind Harry and started to use her hands to massage his shoulders.”Ms. Delacour…..””You look tense, sir, and it’s my job to help you out in any way I can,” Gabrielle said. “Your wife….made it clear what all my responsibilities are.”Gabrielle continued to massage Harry’s shoulders. Her breasts pressed against him.”I’m here to help, Mr. Potter,” Gabrielle said.She moved around and smiled, running her hands down Harry’s front. Her blue eyes looked into his. Her crotch pressed against his.”After the week, I’ve had, I need you to help me all you can,” Harry said, his hands wrapping around her slender waist.”Oh, believe me, Mr. Potter, I intend to help you all night long,” Gabrielle said, with a smile on her face.She undid Harry’s belt and pulled down his pants. Gabrielle licked her lips when she saw the tool which she had to work with. It caused her nipples to grow in front of her shirt.”Seems like there’s…a lot of tension down there,” Gabrielle said.”Well, why don’t you do your job, and take care of this tension?”The teenager smiled and descended down on gaziemir escort her knees in front of the older man. She unveiled his huge cock to the entire world. Gabrielle wrapped her fist around him and started to pump him and down.”Yes, Ms. Delacour, help me out a lot.”Gabrielle wrapped her cherry red lips around his swollen head. She gave it a long and sloppy kiss before pushing his manhood into her mouth.”Are you sure you can handle helping me this much?” Harry asked, putting his hands on the back of her head.Gabrielle descended down onto his cock throat first like the wonderful sex goddess she was. The back of her throat squeezed his manhood when she pushed deep inside him.”You’re such a good little helper,” Harry said.She bobbed her head up and down on his manhood. She suckled and released him. The Veela Princess wrapped her hand around his cum-loaded balls and started to rub them hard. Her fingers brushed against him.Harry closed his eyes, feeling her warm mouth. Her throat felt extremely tight around his manhood. He grabbed onto her face and pushed into her mouth.Gabrielle cooed at her employer’s large cock pierced down her throat. Her warm lips captured his massive prick deep inside her mouth. Her throat expanded and relaxed around him.”Getting closer,” Harry said. “Hopefully you’re ready for your reward.”Oh, Gabrielle was ready alright. She bobbed down on his manhood harder and faster, taking his thick prick deep into her throat. She could taste him, into her throat.Harry pushed into her mouth. Another push launched the contents of his cock into her mouth. Gabrielle tilted her head back in time to accept all of his cum.She rose to her feet, and smiled. Gabrielle unbuttoned her blouse to reveal her large tits in a nice white bra. The transparency of the bra gave Harry a perfect view of her nice nipples. She shimmied her skirt off to reveal her soaking white panties to him. She turned around for a second and bent over at the table, showing her thong to Harry.”Looks like you need to help me now, sir,” Gabrielle said.Harry pulled her panties down to reveal her hole. The young man shoved his fingers inside her depths and started to pump her. Gabrielle cooed when Harry pushed his fingers deep inside her. He put one finger, then two, and then three, all pumping into her gushing pussy in succession.”You’ve done such a good job, I think I will help you,” Harry said. “Your pussy is so tight. Is this the first time you’ve been fucked?””By…a man, yes,” Gabrielle said, closing her eyes.”Who was the lucky girl?””My…my sister.”Harry smiled, the possibilities looked to be quite nice. He knew Veela were very much more liberated than more people, embracing the fact sex was a natural part of life.”Well, pet, I hope you’re ready for this.”Her tits fell out of her bra as Harry pushed Gabrielle into the coffee table. He rubbed the thick tip of his cock against her dripping slit and inched himself into her pussy.Gabrielle almost lost her mind with Harry sliding inch by inch into her. He stretched her out.”Only halfway.”This news caused Gabrielle’s center to really gush around Harry’s massive prick. The rest of him pushed inside her and caused her to moan with pleasure.”Sir?””Yes, Ms. Delacour?””Please, more!”Harry smiled and grabbed onto her hips. He felt up her ass underneath his hands. The firmness of her delicious rear made Harry want to explore it later. Right now, he settled for submerging his cock inside her tight teenage snatch.Each time he slid inside her, Gabrielle saw a few more stars. She clenched onto gaziemir escort bayan the table. All of her energy concentrated to the area between her thighs. Harry gripped onto her hips and pounded her from behind harder.Harry smiled, ramming into her again and again. His fingers traced patterns around her body. Every time he touched her, Gabrielle erupted with a little moan and more warm juices trickled down her thighs. Harry decided to play with her mind a little bit more, and start rolling his fingers down her body.A certain spot on the back of her neck caused Gabrielle to become undone. Harry paid special attention to it and to her, teasing the beautiful goddess beneath him.”Don’t worry, you’ll cum soon enough.”The small teases of orgasm caused Gabrielle to almost lose her mind. She tried to regain control of her own inner muscles. The fact this powerful young man dominated her, a Veela, caused her to clench him extremely hard.”Just relax, it’s coming soon,” Harry said. “Focus on how good it makes you feel.””IT FEELS SOOO GOOD!” Gabrielle moaned at the top of her lungs.”I’m sure it does, let it go.”On cue, Gabrielle’s loins started to erupt with pleasure. The pleasure spread all the way around her body and caused both of them to be surrounded by a momentary shield of fire.Harry wasn’t so deterred by the momentary spontaneous combustion. He kept with a steady pace to pound her from behind. His throbbing manhood slammed into her from behind. Another huge thrust rocked her body extremely hard.Her sticky loins tried to clench out of him. Much to the Veela’s dismay, Harry pulled out of hern.”No more.”She whined at the loss she experienced. Harry turned her around and pulled her to be on the couch with him.”I want to see the pleasure in your eyes.”Gabrielle smiled, feeling his cock rubbing against her belly. She spread her legs and brought herself all the way down onto his cock. She rose up and bounced down onto him.Harry observed the teenage goddess bouncing up and down on his throbbing cock. He enjoyed the help she gave him, her tight, wet, warm help. Her vaginal walls spread out and clenched him hard.Gabrielle mewled because of Harry’s touches.”How, do you like this?”She whimpered when Harry used his hands to massage her breasts. The more attention he paid to her nipples, the more Gabrielle lost herself with the lust she was feeling.Harry drove his face between her creamy globes, suckling on the firm flesh between them. Gabrielle clutched onto the back of his head.”They’re yours…take them!” Gabrielle yelled, feeling more pleasure with his mouth working over her breasts.Magic spread through her body. His hand moved behind her and he started to play with her ass. Harry worked around and slipped a finger inside her ass.Gabrielle cursed in French when he finger-fucked her ass, and drove his pulsing member into her. She never experienced anything so erotic in her life. His mouth also paid her breasts an ample amount of attention.Harry smiled, burying his face between sweet heaven. Gabi’s insides started to stroke his manhood and pump him even harder. The moaning of the riding goddess caused him to smile.Gabrielle’s body shook when another amazing orgasm spread through her body. The trickling waves of pleasure coursed through her body. Harry’s fingers hit all of the right buttons.”Give me all your seed, sir.”The sexiness of her French accent slipping out made it very hard to say no. She clenched around him, and gave another shriek of pleasure. Harry returned fire, by shooting his load inside her escort gaziemir pussy.Gabrielle tightened around him and rolled her hips down onto him. She bucked down on him, clawing his back like an a****l in heat. She looked intense, moaning. Her hair stuck to her face the further she came down onto his thick tool.She slid back out of him, full of his cum. Gabrielle watched the load he fired inside her drip from hre pussy. The French vixen reached between her legs and brought up her fingers to taste herself.”There’s one more hole I just want to try.”Gabrielle smiled, turning over to show her ass towards him. She wiggled her sexy rear at him and slapped it.”This ass belongs to you.”Gabrielle teased Harry’s cock with her stocking clad toes for a moment. When his cock was nice and hard, she moved over. Gabrielle positioned herself over his cock.Harry allowed himself to be submerged into the pleasure of a French Veela’s ass. Her mouth was amazing, her pussy was perfect, but this defied all explanation. Her ass felt as hot as a burning star, and Harry’s cock ached when she worked herself down onto him.”Mmm, you feel so good,” Gabrielle said. “I’ve got a big cock up my ass….I won’t be able to sit down for a while.”Harry smiled and grabbed her breasts, squeezing them hard. Gabrielle screamed when his hands handled her tits with a few squeezes.”It will be…worth it,” Harry said.Gabrielle agreed for it one hundred percent. Her tight cheeks spread around his manhood. She impaled her sweet and sinful ass around him over and over again.The bucking and moaning Veela pushed his throbbing manhood into her ass. She bottomed him out in her ass.Harry closed his eyes, her ass really tested his self control. He didn’t pride himself with being a powerful wizard for nothing, however. He kept himself going inside her.Gabrielle saw stars. She touched herself and made her cum faster.”You’re making me sweat,” Gabrielle panted, rolling her hands over her breasts and clit.”Yes,” Harry said, enjoying her ass too much to pay this fact much this little tidbit”Veelas, don’t…sweat,” Gabrielle said, pushing herself down onto him. She took his entire massive cock into her back entrance.Harry smiled, it was an achievement he could take to the bank. He focused on her ass. He managed to block the cum from coming up. A huge load filled his balls.The warm cheeks spread with Harry’s tool slamming into her. Gabrielle closed her eyes, bringing herself into him.”Don’t hold back,” Gabrielle said. “Cum in my tight ass!”The warm rear wrapped around her made Harry’s balls come close to popping around her. He reached in and played with her breasts. It fueled his fire when she moaned underneath her touch.The Veela submitted to her master and would not lose herself. She wanted to have her master’s seed in all of her holes, to cement their relationship.Harry finger fucking her almost felt like he drove a second cock into her. His finger appeared to swell inside her, and stretched her dripping cunt out wider.The contents of Harry’s balls erupted a while later. He spilled his contents inside Gabrielle’s tight rectum. He spilled his seed deep into her guts so much it started to trickle out.Gabrielle savored him emptying the contents of his balls into her ass. She came all over his probing fingers and nearly lost her balance, before he caught her from coming off of the couch.She pulled away from him, her ass sore from being fucked by such a big cock. She winced when she sat down after a moment. Gabrielle wrapped her arms around him and nuzzled her neck against his chest. His fingers rested underneath her breasts, teasing them just enough to drive her wild all over again.”I think I should help out more often.””Well, we have to maintain a close employer-employee relationship,” Harry said.”And sex builds trust, yes,” Gabrielle said, with a smile as Harry played with her hair.

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