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Hello Neighbors

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Big Tits

Hello NeighborsThe first time I saw a guy’s cock was a more than few years back. We had just relocated to a new city and we really didn’t know anyone. One day we went to a neighbor’s barbecue to get acquainted with everyone. Well a couple of hours had passed and everyone was in the big backyard and pool area drinking and making friends. I went into the house to find a bathroom.The house was very large with a basement, attic, multiple bathrooms, bedrooms and a variety of miscellaneous rooms. As I wandered about the house, I went upstairs more out of curiosity than anything else. For as many rooms as the house might have the bathrooms were elusive. As I walked down the upstairs hallway, I heard in the distance some strange noises. As I approached the door I noticed a man. His shoulders were broad, the back of his shirt was wet. His jeans had slide to around his knees as his ass flexed in rhythm to his grunting. As he grunted his hands were holding something that I didn’t recognize. It was darker than his hands, long with a pinkish purplish hue. The pink tip would disappear under skin. As I stepped forward for a closer look, I could see a whitish liquid oozing from its tip. As he spit into one hand I gasped at the length of his meat tube.His head snapped in my direction quickly pulling up his pants to cover his erection. fethiye escort “Don’t be afraid”, he said while the huge bulge in his pants held my complete attention. “Boys pee pee differently than girls” he explained. I had seen a couple of boys’ penises but his was so big and different. I queried, “Can I see it again?” He face changed with a smile. “You won’t tell anyone, will you?” “It’ll be our secret”, I answered back.He quickly unzipped his pants and his hard penis jumped out. It wasn’t as hard as before but still very big. “You can touch it, if you want”, he said. I reached out and placed my hand on his member. It was warm and throbbing. I began to move my hand in the same way I had watched his hand. The oozing from the tip made it easier with each stroke. My hand could not reach around it. I leaned over and licked the tip. His closed eyes opened. “Open your mouth”, he instructed. I could hardly get the tip into my mouth.”Wider, stick your tongue out and let it slide in. That’s it! Good girl! Now suck!” What a strange sensation, taste, and there was a new feeling between my legs. As I sucked the head of his cock I felt throbbing in my pussy. He held my head as his hips pushed his cock deeper into the back of my mouth. “Yeah baby, that’s it. You are the best!”, he grunted as his cockhead found the back of my escort fethiye throat.My panties were soaked. I had his cock in my mouth and did not understand the wetness between my legs and now I needed to pee really badly. “Wait!”, I said as I pulled away, “I need to pee”. As I stood his cock was on my waist. “Well let see what we can do for you”, as he lead me to the master bedroom’s private bath. He closed the door behind us and locked it. He reached into my shorts, under my panties and found my throbbing swollen clot and juicy virgin pussy. “Wow!” he exclaimed. “You need some attention. Don’t you?” He lifted me up onto the vanity where we ordered me to remove my shorts and panties. My pussy was exposed as he pushed me back, spreading my legs and covering my clit with his hot mouth. I felt his long licks. As his tongue found my vagina, the breathe from his nose tickle my clit. His mouth devoured my pussy. Then he penetrated me with his long thick middle finger. Sucking my clit as he probed my pussy, first with one finger, then two until he managed to fit three fingers in me and declare, “Well, young lady, it looks like you can need something a little bit more satisfying.” My pussy was oozing gallons and the pee was seeping out. His massive cock was larger than before as he introduced the tip of it to my eager young fethiye escort bayan pussy. “Don’t worry baby, you’re gonna love this part!” As he pushed his cockhead into my virgin pussy, my tiny tight hole fought back. “Relax”, he whispered. “I’m gonna make you feel so good.” Funny I thought it was that beer I stole that was gonna make me feel good. He pushed harder. My legs were wide open. His cockhead poised for its assault when he picked me up and laid me on the tile floor. He lowered himself over me. Lifted my legs over his shoulders and proclaimed, “This is how girls become women”. His cock pierced me as he drove his monstercock half way in to my pussy. His hand over my mouth muffled my screams. “Yeah baby, that’s it! RELAX. I’m gonna my you feel really good.” I arched my back and his cock ripped in all the way. He was pumping in and out of me. He didn’t stop pushing until I felt his balls slapping against my ass.”GOOD GIRL! You are a BIG girl now! You like fucking, don’t you? You little slut! You came looking for this, didn’t you? Well, we just getting started. He pulled out and ordered me on my knees. I felt his ram his throbbing cock deep in my raw pussy. My pussy was convulsing. “That’s it you bitch. Cum on my cock! You love it.” I was reeling in orgasm after orgasm. That’s when he slipped a finger into my asshole. I fell forward into the floor. I was peeing all over the floor while he fell onto of me and shot his warm loads of sperm deep into my pussy. “Welcome to the neighborhood, you little slut! I’ll be having you again real SOON!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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