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Helping My Son Cum In My Knickers

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Helping My Son Cum In My KnickersI’d arrived back from work knowing I had the laundry to do and that would be my first job before tackling tea for my son and me. I went straight up stairs and came to Terry’s room first saying hello as I passed, he was a typical 16-year-old sitting in front of his telly on his x box. Now in my bedroom, I grabbed a handful of clothes in the basket and I felt something damp on my hand. When I pulled the handful out, I was shocked to see it was my knickers that looked wet. Closer investigation revealed a large damp patch around the gusset but when I opened them up a puddle of warm creamy seaman was sitting there in them.There’s only one person who could have done this and instead of being angry and furious, I was overwhelmed with precious memories of when his dad was alive. We were daring and adventurous sometimes, he would take me out for lunch from work, and I would give him a quick hand job. There was nothing better than when he pulled my knickers forward and I aimed his squirting cock at my hairy pussy, I would sit in the office all afternoon with a wet pair of knickers thinking of him.I called Terry for his tea and he give me our customary hug and kiss on the lips, something we have always done since he was a tot. It was during tea I started to think fethiye escort about our closeness, he’s not my little baby anymore, but a growing young man and able to leave a might big load of seaman in his mom’s knickers, just like his dad.I went to bed that night after giving Terry his goodnight kiss all confused, should I say something about my knickers and should I even be kissing him on the mouth at his age.My sleep was full of happy thoughts of his dad and seeing my wet stained knickers made it seem he was still alive with us.The next week or so I could not wait to get home and check the laundry basket, every night another pair of my knickers had been filled with my son’s seaman after he got back from school. Then one night I took my knickers off and pulled on a pair with fresh sperm soaking the gusset, pulling them tight in to my hairy pussy. When we had our customary hug and kiss, I held on longer and tighter to Terry.“Are you alright mom?” Terry asked“Happy as can be” was my replyI started to lay my used knickers flat in the basket and each night when I looked they were laid out the same way but with a wet gusset and I would hurriedly put the on.It all happen one night when I had been shopping and late back, Terry was asleep on his bed when I looked in on him, he’d had a football escort fethiye match at school and had a shower before falling asleep with his towel wrapped around him. His towel was still under him but had come undone and his naked body was on show, his cock was soft and limp hanging down about 4 inches.It’s been a long time since having so strong of sexually feelings like this, but it did make me wonder what size it got to when sliding back and forth in my knickers. I pulled my warm knickers off and laid them on the bed next to my son and left. I went into my bedroom undressing from my work cloths and sat waiting to hear movement from my son’s bedroom just in my bra. While waiting I adjusted my bra so I had more of my 36 d tits hanging over the lacy material.The bedroom door burst open ten minutes later with Terry’s hand around his cock, frantically pumping it back and forth in my knickers, then he saw me sitting on the edge of the bed.“Mom what are you doing back”He was only feet away and my eyes were looking directly in to his crotch, he was big and hard from what I could see“Don’t stop” was all I could say as I reached out and cupped his hand in both of mine “Mom what are you doing”“Shhhh, I know what you’ve been doing, now let me help”“Mom”His hand was stiff but it began to fethiye escort bayan slid along his cock slowly as I pushed it back and forth, then it started to get in to a rhythm again“That’s it Terry, come in my knickers”Terry was starting to relax a little now“Yes, go on fill my knickers “I felt his hand stiffen around his cock as he gasped and knew what was happening, my son was pumping his young seed in to my knickers. I clasped my hands tight around his and felt his cock pumping and twitching as it squirted in to my knickers.I could now see his sperm squeezing through and soaking the cotton gusset as it was taught over his bulbous bell end, he was a heavy cummer just like his dad.Terry’s hand started to relax and I took hold of my knickers waiting for him to expose his self. I pulled at my knickers, making him loosing his grip around his cock“I’m sorry mom”“Don’t be Terry, that was lovely”His cock was big and angry looking sitting in my knickers all covered in cum, I wiped it clean with my knickers and just the feel of it through the thin lacy material had me in a dither.“I didn’t mean to mom, I am sorry”“Shhh, I know love, but I‘m partly to blame as well, now go and get dressed”I could not wait for him to leave the room and pull these knickers back on, feeling the warm cum squash up against my fanny. I told Terry what I did and the reason for it after tea, I even told him about the times I would give his father a hand job and I would be squirted on, secretly hoping one day Terry might want to try that.The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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