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Hot Shower With Brother’s Friend

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Hot Shower With Brother’s FrienddeletedI am fair with long black hair with stats of 34-26-36. Because I stay with my conservative family, I never really had much fun. My parents always supported my elder brother in whatever he did but restricted me. My brother would fuck different girls every week and I was not even allowed to date anyone. So, I felt caged and helpless.I bought a vibrator to keep myself from going crazy and since then, this vibrator has seen many orgasms. In spite of this, I secretly always wondered what an orgasm with a real meaty dick inside me will feel like.My parents were to go out for the weekend so I had made plans for my friends to come over. We would have fun watching movies, talking about guys and tell our crazy sex stories. Though I never had sex, I would tell my friends fake stories so I don’t feel left alone.After my Saturday afternoon nap, I went to the bathroom. My friends were coming in the evening so I waxed myself, got a home facial and made sure I look pretty. After all, I had to look the best in the selfies.After an hour of grooming, I was in the mood for a good warm shower. My body was all clean and glowing and I looked at my naked self in the bathroom mirror and blew a kiss at it. Just then, I heard voices of a few guys in my house. Huff! My brother had also called his friends home. I hated him. But I loved his friends.I took the vibrator with me as I entered the shower area which was separated from the rest of the bathroom by a glass door. I turned the shower on. Then I sat down on the floor and got lost in the bliss of the warm bursa escort water soothing my body, along with the pleasure of the vibrations down there.I started moaning softly and looked at the water trickling down to my pussy, which was tickling me and also giving me a visual treat. I felt smug at my own beauty. Then I pressed my wet boobs and moaned. I increased the vibrations slowly and my body twisted with pleasure. I held on to the tap as I climaxed, and let out a loud moan.Suddenly, I got worried that my brother and his friends must have heard my voice, but I was in a different zone so I just let my pleased body lay there under the shower and enjoy the heaven.Just then, I heard some sound. I thought I must have imagined it, so I ignored it, got up and decided to continue with my shower. But I heard it again. There was someone at the bathroom door.I couldn’t see him clearly because of the steam on the glass door, but there was someone. I froze. Was it my brother? Had he seen my vibrator and me having an orgasm? He would tell parents and that would be the end of my fun. But the only hope was the steam which made things unclear.I suddenly got my towel and opened the glass door. It was Neel. He was my favorite among bhai’s friends and I had a crush on him since forever. My panicked mind got flooded with relief, excitement, and lust as I saw him holding his dick in his hand. He looked so hot in his sandos and shorts, which were now lowered for his own convenience.There I was, standing in front of him with just a towel to hide my flesh and dripping wet. The sight of his bursa escort bayan full and firm dick and the thought that he was watching me all this while made me hornier. He had a wicked grin on his face and he lightly closed the main door of the bathroom behind him as he took two steps to stand just inches away from me.My towel was drenched by now and it stuck to my body showing my erect nipples. He looked at them and his grin got wider. He quickly grabbed me by my waist and licked my lips. His erection pressed my body and his hand traveled down to my hips. My towel ended just halfway down my butt cheeks and so his hand now easily touched my skin. It gave me goosebumps.I was feeling cold because of being drenched and his warm hands on me added to all the horniness in my head. I was constantly debating if this was right, as he was my brother’s friend. But the moment he put his other hand on my boob and squeezed it tight, all my hesitation went away and I thought, “Fuck it, I am gonna let this sexy bastard do me today”.He hurriedly took off his clothes and pushed me into the shower. Almost a****listic, he grabbed my towel and pinned me to the cold bathroom wall. He had gone wild and full of lust. He touched me everywhere and hungrily nibbled my ear. I let out light moans as I felt his breath on my earlobe and neck. His hands found my ass and he pulled my butt cheeks apart so as to stretch my pussy. Damn. He was so sexy.Then he lightly slapped my ass and held my boobs. Everything was happening so fast it almost left me in a dizzy of pleasure and confusion. He pinched escort bursa my nipples, sucked on them and drank the water trickling down my boobs. It was so erotic, I couldn’t wait any longer. Hungry for him, I decided to take charge.I touched his dick and gently massaged it. He was surprised and pleased. I got my knees and kissed the tip of his dick, gently circling my tongue on it and sucked him in rhythms that drove him crazy.After two minutes of sucking, he pulled me up and whispered: “We don’t have much time baby” as he made me sit doggy style and fucked me from the back. It was so good and I almost screamed.He rammed me for a while and I was about to orgasm. He realized that and stopped. I looked helplessly at him and begged him to continue. He smiled that wicked smile again and grabbed me by my hair and kissed me while he put his finger deep into my pussy. He fingered me for a while and made me want his dick badly.After a while, he pulled his finger out, licked it and winked. He whispered, “Tasty bitch” in my ear and pinned me once more to the cold wall. Then he lifted my left leg and fucked me again. He would continuously squeeze my boobs and slap my ass from the side as he fucked me fast. We came together and licked each other’s cum off.He cleaned up and grabbed my ass and winked again before he turned away to leave. So sexy! Just as he opened the bathroom door, my brother and two of his friends were standing in front of him. They hadn’t seen what we did but obviously could guess. Before my brother could say anything, the doorbell rang. My friends had come, maybe. I sighed.How we all had an orgy that night is a different story, which I will narrate some other day. But do let me know your thoughts on this story by leaving your comments below. Have a nice, sexy, cum-full day!

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