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How I become Steve’s special girl

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How I become Steve’s special girlThis is a true account about how I become Steve’s special girl l do hope you like what you read lot to read your views and comments.I was just about the right age to be with Steve at that time and for a number of years since the age of 12 actually been dressing in my older sister’s girl’s cloths she is some 10 years older than me but my mum had kept most of her old cloths not being someone that would throw things away. It was only my mum and I at home as my dad had left us 5 years earlier.Because of this I had access to a complete range of cloths all of which fitted me perfectly this included some very lovely and sexy underwear and i have always lovely wearing stockings which I would slip over my smooth legs and fix in place with my suspender belt, a bra padded out to give me small but well formed breasts together with some lovely match knickers this was and is always how i start to get dressed.I was able to dress a lot as my older sister had left home and my mum was away at the weekends looking after my Nan who needed help at that time leaving me the whole house and its contents for me to fully dress and be the girl I loved to be. As this was the seventies I had very long hair as did most men at that time and would spend time setting it in place and using heated rollers to give it that special girl look finishing in the best girl’s hair do I could manage the spray with hair spray to hold it all in place. Followed by make-up eye shadow, power and lip stick just loved doing my make-up.I would select from the range of dresses normally picking the most frilly and shortest one I could find and then to finish of the outfit I would always put on a per of black high heels that I just loved to wear as I had been doing this for some time I was very good a walking in them and would check my total look out in the mirror and make sure my walk was truly fem and when I viewed myself in the mirror looking back I could see a young girl looking back and that made me love dressing more and more.As time went on (about 2 months) I found myself thinking about going for a walk outside more and more not really wanting to but at the same time really needing to my mind was full of ideas and one was to see how it would fill to be a girl out for a little walk. So that day came when I could not stop myself any longer I got one of my sisters outside coat and a handbag to finish the look made sure I had my house key in my hand and headed for the front door. As I opened the door it was about 8 o’clock at night (Oct/Nov) so was dark but not to dark and I then stepped out the air on my stocking covered legs I can still remember today was just such a rush I was worried and at the same time loving it.I made sure I kept my walk under control and headed up the street around the corner and round the block taking about 10 minutes to cover the distance during that first walk out I had seen no one and when I got back and closed the door I had to sit and get over the shock for about 15 minutes. That was it I know had a new thing to do once I got dressed and that was to take a walk outside.I did this about 4 more times during these walks I have been passed by some people and I was sure that one or two may have looked more than once and then as I was only 17 and looked fem did not give it any further thought however each time I was looked at like that my heart had jumped around like a base drum and I was very worried about being found out and each time I loved the idea of getting found out and was sort of hoping someone would try and chat me up but that did not happen.I was getting more at ease with my walks and on about the five time I when for a walk as I returned in to my road I could see Steve and man how lived about 5 doors from me standing at his front garden gate he seemed to be looking directly at me for a moment and I was worried about going home, and considered turning round but was to worried about how that would look so made my mind up to just walk on.He then looked away and walked to his front door and went in which made me happy as I was sure he would know it was me if I walked passed him so I walked bakırköy escort quickly down my road towards my house and safety. As I got in line with his house the front door opened and he called out for me to “wait there” I wanted to run but found myself frozen to the spot. Really wanting to run but not able to actually move he was up his path to the gate in a moment then opening his gate said “get in here now” I just wanted the road to open up and for me to fall through it in my shock I just stood there he said “do not make me tell you twice in here now!”.I walked passed him and up to his front door and stepped in he was right behind me and told me to “get yourself in to the living room” as his house was the same council house as mine I walked through to his living room i heard him closed the front door and put the lock on and then stepped in to the living room he told me to “sit down and don’t move if you know what is good for you”. I was almost in tears at this point and sit and started to speak but found my words would not come out I was so afraid of what I had got myself in to and what he may tell people in the street and gosh he if was to tell my mum what then.As I sat on his settee looking at him he then without saying one more work left the room I was so very worried I did just as I was told and sat not daring to move, as I looked round the room I could see that the curtains had been closed (not very well) and that the room was in need of a clean or was it a women’s touch. Most of the street had seen his wife leave him which was very public and she had gone away with her lover about six months earlier and his house was not in good shape this was just one of a number of things I had race through my mind which had now gone in to overdrive trying to work out what was going to happen.I could hear Steve coming back from upstairs where he had gone after leaving me in the room, as he stepped back in to the room he moved in front of me and produced a polaroid camera (these would self-develop pictures) and took my picture. He then told me to get up and stand over by the fireplace which i just about managed to do he then walked round me taking a number of pictures of me fully dressed as Suzie.At this point he took time to fully review his hand work showing each picture to me before placing it on the dining room table to dry, he then said it was time to take some more detailed picture and I was to raise my dress and show him my underwear. I asked him to let me go home and to please give me the pictures in fact i was begging him to let me go home which he seem to love me doing, at this point he made it very clear that from this time on I had to do just as he told me or the pictures would be copied and posted to each house in the street at this point he said “now lift your dress up and let me see your underwear like a good little girl” at this point I started to cry which he told me to stop or he would give me something to cry about and to get on with showing him my sexy underwear. I raised my dress as he told me and once again he took more pictures only adding to my problems, he got me to show myself of to him and I was there for about 1 hours after which he had lots of very exposed pictures of me any of which would have me in trouble. After the hour was up he told me to be at his house tomorrow night at 7 o’clock and make sure I was not late or he would start to post copies of the pictures though doors in the street starting with mine for my mum to see.The next night dressed in my boy’s cloths I reported to his house as I was told to Steve open the door and was really nice to me speaking softly he told me to “come in and sit down you know the way”, I entered the living room and sat down once again the curtains had been closed. At this point Steve asked-told me to have a drink I told him I would like a cup of tea to which he told me “your going to need a stronger drink than that” and he got me a Bacardi and coke. He handed me the drink and told me to knock it back while he told me what was going to happen. I sat and drink the Bacardi and coke in no time and beşiktaş escort he then got me one more the drink was mainly Bacardi but it was a great help as I was so very worried about what was going to happen to me and what he had in mind for me.Steve said you must know my wife left me to which I answered yes, he then told me that she had left most of her cloths which are upstairs and he wanted me to get myself upstairs go in to the front bedroom and get in to the cloths he had laid out on the bed for me to wear. He told me your a good match for the size she was so go get yourself changed then come down stairs and show yourself to me. He add once again that if he was not totally happy with me and if I did not do just as I am told when I am told he would be post the pictures he had taking of me. He at this point showed me three of the most exposed pictures on me as Suzie.I went upstairs and walked in to the front bedroom and on the bed was a range of very lacy underwear, which included a black corset with ribbons and bows in white lacy trim, stockings, a very short lacy black dress and some high heels, I loved the quality of the cloths and spent a good amount of time getting in to them, in the room which was clearly used by his wife as a dressing room was a mirror on a dresser, a padded seat and a range of make-up which I put to good use.After I got fully dressed I check myself out in the mirror and loved the look of the girl looking back at me, I was now dressed and could no longer put of the moment when I was to present myself to Steve. The walk down the stairs was really a worry I could hardly get any air and my head was light and floating from the drink, I got the door of the living room and opened it and then stepped in to present myself to Steve the man that now had total control over me.As I walked in to the room Steve once again took pictures of me only this time he was telling me what a sexy little girl I was and how he was sure I was going to be a good girl and please him and make him happy with me. He was clearly getting worked up and to be honest I loved this more than I could understand.He poured me one more drink which I took and drank quickly it was helping make me be more open to what was going on, he then sat down and told me to come and sit on the settee next to him I was both worried and at the same time very excited the fill of the full fashion stockings on my legs and the gentle lacy knickers pulled tight across my little bum all added to my building excitement.As sat next to him he became more gentle towards me reaching across and moving my hair behind my ear he asked me if I had ever play with my cock, to which my face turned red he smiled and said I am going to call you “Mary” at this moment Suzie became Steve’s Mary for the next two years. “Now Mary you can tell me the truth to all my questions after all you need to make me happy”. I looked at him and knowing I have no free option but to please him I told him I had played with my cock. To which he said that’s a good little girl Mary you are starting to lean your place. He then moved his head over to the side of my neck and gently kissed my neck it was like an electric shock, I could not help but take a sharp intake of breath which only seemed to make Steve kiss my neck more and he then licked my ear which I just loved.He then whispered in to my ear I need you to show me how you play with your little cock “do it now” as if my free wheel had been taken from me I at once did as I was told, he move back from me in order to get a better view and watched me as I very slowly raised the hem of my lovely dress slowly showing Steve the tops of my stockings and the wonderful black lacy see through knickers, my (as I was to find out) little cock was already hard in my knickers an I started to play with it through the front of my knickers Steve I could see loved this and he again got his camera working. I slowly began to lose myself in the moment it could have been the drink but I was getting very worked up being dressed the way I was and being told what to do by Steve it was not long before I made beylikdüzü escort a mess in the front of my knickers. I was very worried about what Steve was going to say or do however when I looked up at him with in red face Steve simply smiled and again joined me on the settee.He got very close to me and again started kissing my neck and once again I could not stop myself from showing how much I loved that being done like the young sweet girl I was I was his to have and play with. He placed his hand to my face and moved my head round and then fully French kissed me I almost passed out with the effect of it. I at once was kissing him back, after what seemed a life time him pulled away and said “well Mary as you are clearly very good at playing with your little cock it’s time to play with a grown man’s cock”. He then stood up and dropped his trousers to the floor he did not have any underwear on and his cock which was a good 7” uncut and thick jumped out at me.He then sat next to me once more and took my hand and placed my finger round the shaft of his wonderful cock I was just watching this happen as if in a dream I could not help but notice how rock hard it was compared to my little 4” small uncut cock. He then started to move my hand up and down in a wanking motion. I was not able to stop myself and took up the motion and began to play with Steve’s cock wonderful cock for him. He again pulled my head to his and deep French kissed me again after a very short moment Steve shot hot cum out and he had a lot of cum and after he had finished he left the room to clean himself I was left sitting there with me cum in my lacy knickers and Steve’s cum all over my fingers knowing there was no going back.Steve returned after a short moment and told me to go to the bathroom and get sorted out and to change out of my girl’s cloths as that would be it for tonight, I did as he told me and reported back to the living room once I was changed. Steve said “you have made a good start and I want you here again on Thursday which was in two days’ time be here at 7 o clock you don’t want to be late because you know I will post the pictures”.I left Steve’s and on the very short walk to my front door could only worry about what Steve had in mind for me on Thursday what after that. Thursday came round very quickly and as I did not want Steve to be un-happy with me I was there on the dot at 7 o’clock. He opened the door and this time told me to go straight up to “my” dressing room and get on the cloths he had placed out for me. Like a trained pet I did as I was told, in just a very short time Steve had managed to get a real control over me and I found myself not able to even say a word in protest about doing a he told me.When I got in to the room on the bed was red lacy underwear set bra, knickers and suspenders together with red high heels and a very lacy and a very see through red baby doll nightie. The nightie was short and just about covered half of my lacy knickers. There was also a note which said “make sure you wear the bright red lipstick these good little girl”. In total obedience I got ready and applied my make-up taking great care to apply the bright red lipstick I reviewed myself in the full length mirror and looking back at me was a sweet little slut that look like she was ready to be fucked silly.It was then without any drink to cloud my mind that I was looking at myself and inside I was as happy was could be looking back at me was the girl I wanted to be and down stairs waiting for me to present myself was my lover – master. With my mind clearly knowing what I wanted me walking down stairs and entered the living room already knowing my lovers – master’s instructions from my last visit.As I entered the room Steve once again took pictures and I could see from the noticeable bulge in the front of his trousers that he like what he was looking at, during the next 3 hours in was to become a sub sissy that loves cock, then same mind-set that I still have and to this day I love doing as I am told and always seek to find a man to be in control.Steve had me as his sub sissy girl for a further two years until his work moved him away and we lost touch, he still had all the pictures he had taken and as far as I know they are still out there some place.If you like my true story and would like me to write more about my time as Steve’s sub sissy girl I will consider it – but thank you for taking the time to read this.Suzie Davis xxx

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