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How My Deviant Life Started Part II

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How My Deviant Life Started Part IINow, you have to understand that I grew up in an conservative, but open-minded household. There was nothing special about us….working class parents with two teenage k**s just trying to keep head above water type of family. We lived in a suburban paradise in the northeast and we just got over one of the biggest natural disasters the east coast had ever had. We had four channels on our black and T.V.s, banana seats on our bikes, and the only pools were the community ones. Life was much simpler.That being said, jerking off in front of my sister was so far from the norm! But the thrill of it was overpowering. I was hooked on it. I needed it. I had just finished up from a shower and was getting dressed to head out to my girlfriends. Kelly came into my room and sat down on my bed. Where ya goin?” she asked. “Over to Sue’s” I replied. “Oh, so, I guess you’ll be home late?” she torted. I said I was going over because I haven’t seen her in a few days, and that I wanted to see my GIRLFRIEND, if it was ok with her. She got up and murmured something under her breath and started to walk out when she stopped, “I will be up when you get home.” she whispered, and off she went. I looked at her and thought “Huh-oh”, but blew it off, what she going to do” Tell? LOL On my way out the door, I went to the kitchen for a soda, Kelly was on the phone(go figure). She was leaning against the counter looking out the back window at Rose’s house. She caught my eye tho, because she was wearing those cut-off denim jeans i love. Super short and all fringed out. Gawd, her ass looked sweet! Long legs that were tanned nicely from camp. I opened the fridge and reached for a coke, when I heard her say Rose’s name. I stopped dead. Oops. Here we go! She is going to freak out if Rose says anything. Opening the bottle, I heard Kelly making arrangements for a sleep over. “Oh jeez!” I thought in panic. Kelly was turned around now, facing me, and her breasts were just about popping out the tight blue halter top she was wearing. Her nipples were sticking out like a couple of thumbs! My cock stiffened inside my shorts, which, were a little tight so I could show off for Sue, but now, as my cock swelled against the nylon fabric of my red shorts, they were definitely too tight now! As I looked up into Kelly’s eyes, I see she was staring at my crotch. She looked up to meet my eyes, and giggled and turned away towards the window again. I hurried out of the kitchen and left the house before something happened right then and there! It was just after eleven at night when I returned home. I was totally frustrated by the night I had. Sue’s parents just wouldn’t let us be, so we weren’t able to fool around much. A little grabby feely here and there. But nothing that really panned out to anything happening, Other then a raging hard-on and a case of blue balls. Walking up the steps, I was hoping Kelly was still awake as she promised. I was definitely going to jerk off tonight! It would just make it better if she were watching. As I passed her room, şişli escort I listened to hear if she was up(usually on the phone) or at least if her t.v. was on But, it was dead quiet. DAMN! But , I made sure to hit the squeakiest part of the floor as I walked back to my room, just in case! I undressed, and headed for the shower. I paused at the bathroom door, just to see if her door opened up. Nope. Dammit. I went into the bathroom, showered, even started to stroke while I was all soaped up. Edgeing always made me cum so much harder. Got out and without drying off, wrapped a towel around my waist and headed back to my room. I looked down the hallway, but her door was still closed. Oh well, she is going to miss a good one. I entered my room and got into bed. Laying the towel over me as a cover. Going to need that in a few minutes anyway, so might as well as leave it on. I leaned over to my desk and flipped the radio on, that way I could cover any noises I may make. LOL I laid back, closed my eyes, and reached down and grabbed my swollen and throbbing meat stick. Feeling it pulse in my hand, I stroked it slow. My head swelled a bit more and I gently squeezed it. I lay there, imaging Kelly’s mouth sliding up and down my cock. Sucking my ball into her mouth, licking the head of it with her hot, wet tongue. I could feel the cum welling up in my balls, when I hear a faint “Move the fucking towel!” I stopped, and bolted up in my bed, “JEEZUS CHRIST!!” I yelled under my breath. Kelly was in the door way, peeking around it as usual. “Goddamn it Kelly! Get in here!” I said “You know, this isn’t working.” The look of disappointment was almost funny. “But, but…I’m sorry!” Don’t stop it!” I won’t do that again!” I’m sorry Jimmy! “Please!” I told her to shut up. “That’s not what I meant” I said. She looked at me funny. “I mean, if we are going to do this, you might as well as be IN my room when I do it.” “Really” she stammered. “Yea, beats the hell out of scaring me half to death!” “But….I don’t know” she whispered. “I like to play with myself as I watch you, I don’t know if I can do that in front of you!” I laughed, “Are you k**ding me, I already watched you do that standing in my doorway!” She said “That’s different tho!” I went “How?” She said “You’ll see me! You’ll see everything! I can’t, I mean, I am embarrassed if you see me!” I told her that there is no way I would make her feel that way, in fact, I told her “You are so hot, so beautiful! You shouldn’t be embarrassed about your body! You have nothing to be embarrassed about!” I exclaimed. “Well, I think there is.” And she laid back in my chair and spread her legs slowly, “I have this thing to be embarrassed about, that’s why I haven’t dated any boys yet.” She lifted her tee-shirt up to her waist and with her legs opened all the way, showed me her girlie part. It was the most beautiful sight I have ever seen. She was smooth. I mean as smooth as a newborns cheek. She had large lips protruding out. Swollen, dark pink chunks of pussy meat. They were all wet, mecidiyeköy escort glistening and shiny. She reached down and pinched them, then spread them with her fingers. “Aren’t they the ugliest things you’ve ever seen?” Her clit was swollen too, and about the size of a marble. “I…..I….I” is all I could utter. “I KNEW IT!” she said. “Oh My God!” she whimpered as she closed her legs. I put my hand on her thigh, “NO!! That not what I meant!” I pushed her thigh open “I love it…I think it gorgeous!….I want to see it again!” As I opened her legs….I let the towel drop to the floor….I bent down close to her, I wanted to smell her…I started to stroke my cock again….jesus I was hard….I was about two inched from her cooze….the sweet pungent odor filling my nostrils making my cock throb to bursting point. “Your cock…..your cock… is purple!?” Kelly said. I looked down and saw what I thought was my cock, but it was his huge purple rocket! It was so swollen that I couldn’t fit my fingers around it! And it had to be at least two inches longer then usual! I laid back and hunched up onto my elbows…staring at this thing bouncing in the air, throbbing and pulsating. Kelly was staring at me too….My cock, then my eyes…back to my cock. Her and my mouths were dropped open in amazement. She sat back and put her feet up on my chair and spread her knees far apart. Her fingers were working her clit like mad. I could see her juice dribbling out of her pussy, down across her asshole and making a neat little puddle on my seat. My hand was back to stroking my cock…ever so lightly…up and down my hand went. After a few minutes….Kelly started to groan. I said “Don’t cum.” I got out of bed and kneeled in front of her. I looked up at her and said “I want to taste you now!” I started to lick her cunt. My tongue ran across her clit and I sucked it into my mouth. Kelly grabbed my head and shove me into her at the same time pushing her hips up at me. I swirled my tongue around her clit when I heard her grunt deeply. A flood of juice gushed out of her as she came on my face. Her breathing was deep as she grunted over and over…panting, she let go of my head. I looked at her when she said “Holy fuck!” She collapsed in my chair, I stood up between her legs and my cock was pointing almost straight up, drooling pre-cum out by the quart! She looked at it..then up at me…”CUM!” she said. She grabbed my cock with her petite little hand. Stroked me, making sure she got some pre-cum on her palm, and squeezed the head of my dick. “I want your cum!” she squealed as she furiously wanked me. My balls were slapping against me and she took her other hand to hold them. I could feel my cum start to boil in my balls, my cock throbbed harder, Kelly moved closer and opened her mouth wide. When I shot, it went clear over her head and onto my desk, my next shot landed in her hair, the next couple of shots hit her in the face and mouth, and the last couple all over her tee-shirt on her tits. “Oh my god! Thats alot esenyurt escort of cum Jimmy!” she exclaimed. All I could do was breath.. I felt like my soul just came out the end of my dick. I fell back into bed. Kelly still had a hold of my cock. She came with me, her mouth sucking in my still hard cock. She sucked the rest of the cum out of my balls. Licking the shaft…up one side, down the other. She sucked in one ball at a time, getting all my pre-cum. She cleaned all of the cum up, sucking in every last drop. Again, she came up to me, and kissed me. again shoving her tongue deep into my mouth. This time I enjoyed it. I slid a finger deep into her pussy. I feel her melt on top of me.She ground her pussy against my hand. Her pussy is sooo tight. It feels like its sucking m finger in deeper. She grinds harder, spreading her legs as wide as they can go while she squats on my bed. I start to bang her cunt hard. Slamming my finger deep into her. Her head rolls back and her mouth drops open and I can feel her pussy wrap around my finger harder, spasmotically, as another gush of juice squirts out of her pussy. She falls on top of me, her breathing fast and deep. “Wow!” she says. “That was fucking amazing! I never cummed so hard before!” “Me either!” I laugh. “Oh yea!” Look at my hair!” Cum was all over her head. Her hair was stuck together and matted. She ran her hand thru it. “Guess I got to shower now!” Kelly playfully snorted. She took a deep breath and stood up. She grabbed her tee-shirt bottom and pulled it off. Turning to me, she says, “I love doing this!” Looking at my still hard cock and squeezing her tits together. She turns to leave. “Oh, by the way, Rose is here.” she tells me as she walks out the room. Oh boy. I look at my cock and think, yea…I can do it again.I lay on my bed, relaxing. Knowing another session is about to take place, and my cock can’t wait. Still wet from Kelly, I hear her leave the bathroom and head down the hall. Next thing I know, I hear another set of footsteps coming back towards me. Just to be safe, I cover up. I hope it’s not Mom or Dad. Not that they ever look into my room, I just want to be covered just in case. “It’s about fucking time!” Rose says as she come in my room. “I hope your cock is still hard!” as she rips the sheets off of me. It is. Sticking straight up for her. She looks at me “Well?” I look back at her and say “Suck it bitch!” She smiles and she slips off her tee-shirt, revealing her nude, skinny body to me. Without another word, she kneels onto my bed between my legs, puts her mouth on my cock and slides it all the way down her throat. I grab her head and start to fuck her mouth violently. My balls slapping against her chin. She relaxes and lets me control all of the movement for her. Every few strokes, and after it was deep in her throat, she gags and comes up for air. When she does, her saliva drips all over my cock and balls, Thick, gooey and slick, making it easier for me to fuck her throat. I slide her head down my shaft again, roll my head back and close my eyes to revel in the most awesome blow job I have ever gotten. When I open my eyes, Kelly is sitting on my chair watching it all happen with a look of amazement on her face. “Holy Shit! Would you stop doing that please! ” I say. Rose looks up, sees Kelly and says, “I told you so!”

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