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How My Wife Ended Up With My Co-Worker’s Cap Toe B

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How My Wife Ended Up With My Co-Worker’s Cap Toe BOne of the more frequent questions we receive is how my wife ended up with my co-workers’ black cap toe ballet flats. So I thought I would explain the situation.I wasn’t at the job very long when the company made a decision to hire a couple of college graduates. It was their attempt, I guess, to see if they could save a couple bucks by hiring non-experienced individuals and then putting them through an intensive training program, instead of paying a higher salary for more seasoned individual. In any event they hired the chick (From here out I will call her Jill for story purposes only) with the cap toe ballet flats. She sat about three desks from me and overall she was a cool chick. She was maybe 22 at the time? Maybe 23?She always wore ballet flats and every once in a while a pair of moccasins. When Jill first started she had a pair of black flats with very small white polka-dots, they actually were not very sexy… almost kind of weird looking… BUT!!!… Right out of the gate she was a shoe player. I’d watched her countless times playing with them during meetings, having them completely off her feet at her desk or even once in a while walking barefoot to the printer. Drove me nuts… It also didn’t hurt that she was about 110 pounds with a waist about as wide as a baseball and long blonde hair.So over a course of about a year I just sat back and watched her put on her show, those black dotted flats were really starting to look the part. Then all of a sudden they vanished, she basically stopped showing up to work with them all of a sudden. So for the longest time she wore all different types of shoes instead of the black flats, a real turn off and bummer. There was no shoe play, no barefoot walking, she wore basically tie up styles shoes. I can’t remember how long after the black flats disappeared before Jill showed up to work up with the tan and black cap toe ballet flats. Even in their brand new state it was instant wood for me. She hadn’t even started to play with them… And after a while play with them she did! Constantly slipping her toes in and out of them, she also liked to take her feet completely out and place bursa escort her feet on top of them, crushing the toe boxes and even the backs at times. It was almost too much to take; I wanted to fuck those shoes in the worst way. The only thing was she never left them in the office after she left for the day. Even on days when the weather was shitty she would carry them in a bag, change into them, pay all day, change back out of them, place them in her bag and off she went home with them. Jill wore those cap toe ballet flats dam near everyday for about a year and they looked amazing, I literally would hang out and watch to see if she left them behind but… 99% of the time… nope… Until… I’ll never forget this… we had a volunteer day and I guess Jill volunteered (I didn’t)… she wheels in with her cap toe flats on but also with a pair of sneakers in a plastic bag. I knew she was going to have to leave about mid day for the volunteer activity but in my mind I thought there was no way this would work out by her leaving them behind… So, I sat there for about 4 hours wondering if this was going to work out. Now I should say, the kind of job we had you couldn’t just turn off the lights and bolt at a specific time, you may get caught up in something which required you to finish the job prior to splitting for the day. And as luck would have it, it happened to Jill, she got stuck on a call which put her past the time she needed to leave. As soon as I heard her hang up I walked over to ask if there was anything I could help with as I wasn’t leaving for the day right then. I could tell right away she wasn’t happy missing her volunteer meeting, she was saying the “f” word here and there as she was explaining the situation, all the while changing out of her cap toe flats and into her sneakers. She was so pist saying how she wasn’t going to be able to get to her car before leaving with the group of volunteers. It was then she did the unthinkable. She dropped the cap toe ballet flats into the plastic bag and swung the bag under her desk, shut everything down and said “I’ll see you tomorrow”. She wasn’t gone longer than maybe 30 minutes before I was in the bathroom thrusting my bursa escort bayan dick in and out of those cap toe flats. I fucked them three times that afternoon, basically shooting blanks by the end.I told you all that because that day was a turning point for Jill, she started leaving the cap toe flats under desk fairly regularly. I don’t know why, maybe because she found it easier than carrying them in every day? I had so much fun with them, watching wear and play them by day and me fucking them by night. All the while I had been telling my wife about this chick and those flats, being the inquisitive mind my wife wanted to see them and the owner, LOL! So one day we planned on my wife coming to the office to meet the peeps so to speak. One of which would be Jill. So my wife comes in, we do the meet and greet with everyone including Jill. It couldn’t have worked out better, as we walked up to Jill’s desk she had the cap toe flats completely off but, as soon as I introduced my wife Jill slipped back into the cap toe flats swung around and crossed her legs, hanging one of the flats right out in the open. While my wife and Jill were talking Jill would pop her heal in and out of the dangling flat, swing it once or twice quite low. As we walked away my wife asked me if I would like to see her in the “little bitch’s flats”, of course I said YES PLEASE!So I was on a mission, I had to wait for a couple Fridays to pass as I wanted to play around on a weekend. As you can guess on one particular Friday Jill kicked the cap toe flats under desk and left for the weekend. I texted my wife to let her know that the flats were in play and should I bring them home? She responded with no need to bring them home, we will play with them in the office. So on that next Saturday just after lunch time we went into the office, we walked to my desk (of course the place was dark and empty). My wife happen to be wearing blue Sam&Libby flats, she immediately kicks them off and heads towards Jill’s desk barefoot. I could hear some movement in the direction of Jill’s desk and before I knew it here comes my wife with Jill’s cap toe flats on! She had huge grin on her face, they look even escort bursa more amazing on her I might say… she said they fit like a glove and the feeling of Jill’s toe prints was a real BIG TIEM turn on! I had wood like you couldn’t believe. I asked her to sit in my desk chair so I could take some pics of the shoes on her feet and of course she let me. Next she tells me we need to find a safe spot so she could satisfy me with Jill’s shoes. I knew of a couple places in the building but as we were walking by Jill’s desk my wife sits down in Jill’s chair starts dangling one of the flats asking if she looks better in the cap toes, of course I say yes, that’s when she calls me over pulls my bulging hard on out and starts blowing me. So here I am with my wife sitting in my Jill’s chair, with my Jill’s shoes on, getting a blowjob all the while I’m staring at pitches of Jill that are on her desk. As I looked down towards my wife I could clearly see she was turned on, she was pumping my cock in and out of her mouth, her hands where perched on my hips and every once and a while she would slip in and out of those cap toe ballet flats in rhythm with my dick going in and out of her mouth. It wasn’t long before I blew my load into my wife’s mouth, she swished my cum around, slipped off one of Jill’s cap toe flats and spit my cum with her spit into one of the shoes. As my wife said, it was to teach the little bitch from turning on her husband!After that day my wife would ask from time to time about Jill’s shoes, I would give her updates about how they looked really worn in and when the last time a pair of her shoes started looking really worn, Jill stopped wearing them to work. My wife said there was no way she was going to wait around for her to wear in another pair of flats, the cap toes were broken in perfectly and the feeling of the little bitches toe prints really turned her on, not to mention she knew how much I loved her when she would wear them for me. So one weekend we went into the office, my wife slipped into Jill’s shoes, I fucked my wife Jill’s desk but when it was time to leave my wife put her shoes in one of my desk draws and walked out with Jill’s shoes on her feet, never to have them return to the office again. Jill was pretty pist that following Monday morning, she had to wear her sneakers all that day, LOL! And you can see from my posted pics my wife still wears Jill’s cap toe flats to this day.

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