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I shaved her legs,…. she shaved my balls! (True

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I shaved her legs,…. she shaved my balls! (TrueHey fellow Pornaholics! This one IS a true story that happened just the other day… I thought Id share it with you.It was freezing outside with a high temp of about 10 degrees above zero. I got this chill in my bones that just wouldn’t leave. I told my girl that I was gonna go jump in the tub and read some stories from my favorite site on my Ipod Touch.now to bring you up to speed, we’d been bantering back n forth for some time on how cool (and hot) it would be if she let me shave her legs. Well she must’ve been feeling randy cause after I had been soaking for about 20 minutes, she came into the bathroom and said “hey were not doing anything today, how bout I take you up on that offer to shave my legs? they’re in desperate need of it!” How could I refuse?! I said “sure baby” “how do you want me to do it?”Well she gets down to her panties (hot red boy shorts) and the gets her razor and the shaving cream she uses, and hands them to me. She then gets situated on the edge of the tub with her legs positioned over mine as I’m still sitting in the water. I started getting rock hard as I sprayed a liberal amount of shaving cream and lathered up her right leg. I then took the razor and gave her the best shave of her life. It was so frigging’ sexy lathering up her legs and shaving them, my cock was throbbing like crazy and leaking out copious amounts of pre-cum. I finished up the right leg, taking my time and making it extra sexy as I ran the razor up her calves. I noticed as I was finishing up, that she was fingering her pussy through her boy shorts and yes, there was a very nice wet spot developing while she worked her fingers over that hot pussy.Finishing up, I switched spots kadıköy escort so I could get to her left leg easier, making sure when I moved to let my heavy bloated cock bounce teasingly right in front of her face. I worked her left leg the same way, lots of lather, long slow strokes with the razor making her leg nice n smooth. Her fingers were still working over her now very sopping wet pussy. I watched her for a brief time as she worked her fingers in the groove of her panties, biting down on her lower lip as she got her self closer and closer to cumming.About three quarters of the way through her left leg, she grabbed my shoulder with her left hand and let out a loud moan as she clamped her legs shut hard on her fingers… she came super hard, probably as hard as I’ve seen her cum while masturbating. I had to pause and appreciate the moment, and to keep from slicing her leg cause they were shaking so bad after that monster orgasm. All I could say was “wow baby, that was a great show! and you came hard!” “mmmmm hmmmm” was all she could mutter. well I finished up her left leg as she continued to deftly play with her pussy… god her panties were so soaking wet she was leaking cream right into the bath water down the side of the tub. Her pussy smelled so musky and hot I was dying to get a taste of it and knew I would in due time.I rinsed her legs off and she gave an approving nod of my job. That’s when it hit me… I hadn’t shaved my cock and balls in about a week n things were getting a bit prickly. I asked my girl if she wanted to return the favor and she giggled and said my legs were too hairy to shave, that it would take üsküdar escort the rest of the day to get them done.I said no silly, how about you shave my cock for me? “oh my god” she said. “That’s hot as hell baby, but I’m afraid I’d cut you and you know how precious your tool is to me”. I said “I know sweetie, and I think your pretty safe… it would be pretty tough to cut me with these new style razors they have now”. She looked me in the eye a long moment and then giggled and grabbed the can of shaving cream. Oh man, I can’t tell you how exited I was. She sprayed some lather in the palm of her hand and started coating my cock and balls. My cock was throbbing like crazy in her hand as she got me all ready.She asked me “how do I do it?” and I told her just like you do with your legs, go against the grain to get my cock as smooth as you can. Well she started and man was it intense. She ran that razor over my shaft again and again, making sure not to miss a spot. She shaved me right up to the base of my cock leaving my pubes alone there, then started working on my balls, lifting and moving first one then the other around until she had me shaved to the crack of my ass. She rinsed me all off and with all the pre-cum that I was leaking started stroking my cock with its slick contents. In no time she had me on the verge of blowing my nuts all over the shower walls! I warned her I was close and she moved in closer. She knows me pretty well and she could tell when I was right there and just as I let go with my first hot jet of molten cum she covered the head of my cock with her mouth and drank me down.Now this is what I love about my baby, she wont stop sucking until she knows tuzla escort she’s got me drained, and she knows how I love the excruciating feeling of being over stimulated as she continues to work her mouth over me, making me squirm all over until she feels me just begin to go soft. She lifted her pretty face and looked up and smiled at me and told me that’s the most that I had shot in her mouth in a long time and that she loved it.I pulled the plug on the tub and let the water drain some, then started the water again and got the shower going so we could get a proper shower and all cleaned up. After washing I got her “special” razor and trimmed up her pussy hair (she’ll never let me shave her pussy cause it makes her itchy, but that’s OK), then I got her feminine wash and washed her pussy for her bringing her off again with my slick fingers as I wiggled one finger up her tight little butt-hole. We finished up and dried off and then I laid her down on the edge of the bed and ate her dripping cunt to another couple of orgasms. Pushing her legs up to her DD tits, I moved my cock right up to her pussy. she was so worked up that her pussy was already open some, kind of like a house showing inviting me in. My cock slid in her nice and smooth and easy as I went in right up to my freshly shaved nuts. I paused for a bit to let her squeeze her pussy down on my shaft before I started sawing my bloated cock in and out of her super wet pussy.It didn’t take her long and she was cumming hard again, real hard! Her pussy clamped down on my cock so tight it pushed me right over the edge as I let go another big load right into her womb. She loves it when I cum in her deep like that. We both shook and vibrated after our orgasms and she wrapped her smooth legs around my hips till my cock went soft in her. Bless her heart though, after I was soft she got down on her knees and cleaned me all off, loving the taste of our mingled juices. I love that girl!Well that’s pretty much it, the short story of how she let me shave her legs, then shaved my balls. Hope you all enjoyed reading as much as I did sharing!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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