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Internet meetings #1

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Internet meetings #1My third story may not be as good, my appologies in advance but again I am telling of true encounters…Well I have met a few women via the internet, fuck buddies, and a couple have proved rather rewarding…The first was a woman, what would be described as a MILF… short blonde hair, reasonable figure and an appetite for cock… we met in a bar for a drink one evening after chatting a few times online… within a few minutes I knew I wanted to bed her and she was making no secret of the fact that she wanted me too… we finished our drinks and I drove her back to her place…she made us coffee… buy the time the coffee was ready we were kissing very gently… just touching our lips together, I unbuttoned my shirt and took it off… she watched and then told me to take my jeans off… I kicked off my shoes and leaning against the kitchen work top removed my socks before undoing my belt, button and zip… I dropped my jeans to the floor and stepped out of them… I picked them up, removed the condoms from the pocket and put them on the side… ” I want to fuck you” I said… she told me to take my boxers off, again I willingly did… I was now naked in front of her, my cock nearly hard but not quite, I asked her to get undressed as well… she removed her top and bra… her tits were still great with small nipples just as I like them… I caressed them with my hands… as I did my cock hardened and she knelt in front of me on the kitchen floor… she took my hardness into her mouth and moved dowm my shaft… her lips were tight around me as she started to moved up and down the first few inches of my swollen manhood… she started to use her hand on me as well, rubbing up and down my full length, as she did she stopped sucking lifted my cock up and started to lick my balls… she was so gentle it felt more erotic than I imagined such a thing could… while slowly wanking me off she alternated between accepting my hardness istanbul escort into her mouth and licking the legnth of my shaft and the balls underneath it… it was all I could bare to just stand there, I wanted to shove my cock into her pussy so much but I figured it wold be wortht the wait… her mouth was warm and inviting as she licked and engulfed my throbbing member… as she licked me she told me that I was to cum regardless of what she was doing, I agreed readily and I was starting to feel myself losing control… her mouth took me inside so wonderfully with all round firm pressure on my cock… her licks became harder and my arousal became greater until I could do nothing about it… my first shot of spunk was fired as she was licking my balls, it went over the side of her head and splattered in her hair, she moved her mouth over my cock but not before more of my thick cream had cum over her forhead and nose… the rest of my hot man juice found a home in her warm mouth… my spunk seemed to continue to shoot out of me for ages… after every ejaculation she swallowed what cum I had shot into her mouth… it was amazing, as I spasmed and cum she kept wanking me… after I thought I had finished she sucked on my cock hard and pumped her mouth up and down my shaft… after a minute or so I felt a second build up and shot even more love juice into her willing mouth… it was then I started to soften a little and she stopped sucking on my… she had cum in her hair and over her face… mythick cream, it looked so good covering her like that… she smiled and told me it was yummy… she got up and finiahed undressing in front of me… her pussy was waxed smooth and looked good enough to eat… she told me she needed a shower and went into the bath room… I followed with condoms in hand and watched as she washed her hair and cleaned up her face… she looked and avcılar escort me and started to rub her own tits… soon her hand slid down and she started to wank herself off… she asked me to go to the bed room and open her top small draw… I did and found a slim line sex toy, I brought it back to her and she took it and slid in inside herself… as I watched she fucked herself with this little toy… I moved closer to take control of it but she told me not to, she said I needed to get hard again… I started to rub my cock as I watched her continue to fuck her own smooth pussy… soon I began to grow and swell up again… I rolled a condom on as soon as I could and then she stepped out of the shower… I needed to be inside her and she wanted me… she leant against the vanity unit and I moved between her legs… she grasped my familiar rod of meat and guided it between her legs… I lifted her further up onto the unit as my cock pushed deeper inside her… finally I was deep in her… I moved in and out of her moistness, slowly at first but deep, each time I penetrated her sex cave I went as deep as my balls… she got every bit of my length every time… soon I started to move a little faster but still as deep… her legs wrapped around my waist… I wanted to pound her harder but her legs pinned me in closer to her… she was now telling me to fuck her deep… I banged her as hard as I was able to do, every bit of me as hard as I could was thrust into her… she held onto my neck as I fucked her and she squirmed around as her orgasm took hold and she cum… I kept thrusting my shaft into her, I doid not let up, I knew I had a while to go after my previous ejaculation but she just felt so good… I pumped her hard even as she started to tell me she was getting a little sore… she did not stop me though, and we continued to screw until she cum again… her second orgasm caused her to grip me around şirinevler escort the waist tightly and pull my head down to kiss me… as she moaned and we kissed I could taste my earlier cum in her mouth… I could not move for a few minutes as she grasped onto me… I still wanted to and continued to try, moving only an inch in and out of her until she relaxed… I started to fuck her really fast and she started to wimper, it was not long thankfully before I to felt and deep urge in my crotch and the steam train of my next load of spunk left the tunnel… i shot my load in the condom as I pumped her deeply… when I stopped I slid myself out of her, she was so red around her clit and pussy lips… I said I still wanted to lick her but was told that that wold have to wait a while, she pulled the condom of my cock and looked at the load I had filled it with… I was hoping she might have played with it but she dropped it in the waste bin by the sink… we showered again and finally finished our cold coffees… we snuggled for a few hours drifting in and out of sleep before I felt her hand caress my softness… she played with me gently as I grew… her hand circled my stiffening cock… as we continue to doze and lay together she slowly and gently rubbed my cock… the faintest of pressure on my hardness as she wanked me… I started to slip a finger into her pussy but she asked me to stop as she was still sore… the pleasure grew as I semi dozed half facing her… I told her I was still going to cum if she kept on… she said she hoped I would… she gently rolled me onto my back and continued to rub me… it felt so good and I told her… her grasp firmed slightly but she kept up the same speed… a pleasurable torment… my body started to tighten as I felt myself getting ready to cum yet again… she kept up the same pace… eventually the feeling of erotic torture gave way as my spunk was released again… while my juices flowed they fired only a few inches into the air and much of my watery cum run down my cock and over her hand… when she had finished with me I watched as she licked her hand clean, followed by my softening cock… finally she licked up the cum that had landed over my thigh and stomach and in my pubic hair… she cleaned me up really well!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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