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Jake fucks Janie (long but awesome)

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Jake fucks Janie (long but awesome)Jake stretched his legs out in front of him, aware that the bulge between his legs was clearly visible to the woman sitting on the sofa facing him. They were both pretending to watch TV, but Jake knew that she was watching the growing bulge in his pants. As for him, Jake could hardly tear his eyes away from the lovely sight before him. Janie was sitting with one leg pulled up under her, seeming to be unaware that the crotch of her white panties was clearly visible to him.Jake stood up. Janie looked at him questioningly.“Gotta go take a leak,” he grinned at her.“Hurry back,” she said.Jake went down the hall and into the bathroom. His dick was about half hard from looking up Janie’s dress. “She can’t be that naive,” he thought. In the three days he had been visiting his old college buddy, Sam, he had been continuously treated to this kind of display from Sam’s wife. It would be another three hours before Sam got in from work. “Well, I might as well give it a try,” Jake thought to himself, tucking his still half-hard prick back into his pants.When he walked back into the living room, Jake walked over and sat down on the sofa beside Janie instead of taking his seat across from her in the easy chair. He leaned back, putting both his arms up on the back of the sofa, his right arm going behind Janie. She turned back toward the TV, seeming to be watching the screen. Jake waited a few moments, giving Janie time to get used to having his arm behind her, then he let it move down a little, his arm contacting her hair. She didn’t pull away, so he let his hand slide slowly down until it was resting lightly on her shoulder. She seemed to be totally unaware of his hand. He let his fingers gently move back and forth on her shoulder and she u*********sly settled toward him a little.Jake let his arm come on down, encircling her shoulders, his hand resting on the front of her shoulder. She seemed to take no notice of this development. He inched a little closer to her, then slowly raised his right hand to her cheek, brushing it gently with his fingertips. This time she turned her head toward him, looking questioningly at him. He used the fingers against her cheek to exert a gently pressure and leaned forward and brushed his lips against hers.“Jake,” Janie laughed, “what are you doing?”“This,” Jake replied, kissing her again, but this time with firm pressure, full on the lips. She pulled back, but the arm around her shoulders and the hand against the side of her face held her lips to his. He felt her hands come up to his chest to push against him, but he continued to kiss her. Gradually, the tension in her arms relaxed, but she kept her hands against his chest. When he let his lips part from hers, she looked him right in the face.“Jake, why on earth did you do that?” she asked.“Because I wanted to,” he replied. With that he leaned forward and kissed her again. She pushed against his chest again, but her lips were responding to his. He worked his lips gently against her full moist lips and gradually she allowed him to open her mouth. He brushed his tongue against her front teeth, then gently probed, finding the tip of her tongue with the tip of his. She allowed him to toy with her tongue, then he gently sucked it between his lips. He felt the two hands on his chest move upwards to his neck. He continued to kiss her, gently working on her tongue with his tongue and lips. He could feel her breath beginning to come in gasps as he kissed her. Finally, she pulled her head back, breaking the kiss, but leaving her hands on the back of his neck.“Jake, you shouldn’t have done that,” she gasped. Her face was flushed and she was breathing heavily.“I know,” he replied, kissing her again. This time, she brought her arms up and wrapped them around his neck, returning his kiss with a fervor that surprised him. Gradually, he turned her and laid her down on her back on the sofa. He slid his left hand up and cupped her full breast through her blouse. He felt her gasp into his mouth when his hand closed on her tit. She tried to pull her arms away from around his neck to get them between them but he was too close to her. She couldn’t get her arms free.She groaned into his mouth and tried to pull her mouth away from him, but he continued to kiss her, squeezing and massaging her breast through her blouse. She began to relax a little again, so he moved the hand up between her tits and began to unbutton her blouse. Now she began to try to pull her head away from him. He got three buttons undone and slid his hand inside her blouse, cupping her breast through her bra. Then he slid his hand up and pulled the bra strap loose from her shoulder, pulling the bra down and closing his hand over her large bare tit.With kartal escort an effort, Janie tore her mouth away from his.“Jake, no,” she groaned. He slid his lips down between her breasts, then over onto the exposed tit. He closed his lips on her nipple and sucked it into his mouth. He felt her hands on his head, pushing on him. Gradually, the pushing subsided, and she just lay there, letting him suck her tit. He could hear her heavy ragged breathing, but she was doing nothing which would either encourage him or discourage him.Continuing to suck her tit, he slid his hand down the outside of her leg. He slid the hand in between her knees and began to slide it back up the inside of her leg, pushing her skirt up with it. She made no move to stop him until he got almost to her crotch, when she suddenly clamped her legs together. Undaunted, Jake, simply slid the hand up over her front onto her stomach. When he reached the waist of her bikini panties, he slid his hand down inside the waistband and slowly slid it down toward her pussy. She kept her legs together, but he had his fingers in the top of her bush. He gently worked a finger down into the top of her crack, finding her clit. He was surprised at how juicy she was. And her clit was standing up stiff and proud. He worked it with his fingers and he felt her legs gradually relaxing. As she let them relax, he worked his hand down farther between her legs, gradually sliding his finger down deeper and deeper into her crack. Finally, he had the tip of his finger at her cunthole, and he gently stirred the fingertip around. She was really wet now. He pushed the finger deeper and deeper into her pussy, until he had it buried all the way up her cunt.After fingering her for some time, he pulled his finger out of her and slid his hand back up to the waist of her panties. He began to pull them down, inching them down over her hips. She was not helping him, but she wasn’t resisting him either. It was almost like she was trying to pretend that he wasn’t doing it. Finally, he got them down far enough that he could slide them down the rest of the way, and by twisting slightly, he got them over her bare feet and completely off. He then slid his hand back up between her legs and began to fingerfuck her again.Jake slowly slid down Janie’s body, continuing to work his finger slowly in and out of her pussy. He kissed her leg, gently nibbling and kissing his way down the inside of her thigh. Slowly, he kissed his way up between her thighs until he was nuzzling against her crotch. He could see her clit standing up proud and hard above where his finger was slowly sliding in and out of her pussy hole. He glanced up at her face and noted that she still had her eyes tightly shut, but her face was deeply flushed and she was breathing heavily.Jake flicked out his tongue, quickly licking the very tip of her clitty. She jerked involuntarily and groaned. Jake flicked her clit again, then began to run his tongue around and around it. She began to moan a little louder and spread her legs a little, giving him more ready access to her pussy. Jake continued to lick her clit as her pussy became more and more juicy around his pumping finger. He pulled his finger out and licked up and down her slit, tasting her sweet juices. He stuck his tongue as far up the entrance to her pussy as he could, swirling it around and around in the opening. Licking his way back up her slit to her clit, he slid his finger back up into her hole. Again, he swirled his tongue around and around her clit. It began to swell, getting larger and larger as his tongue swirled around and around it and his finger probed deeply in her cunt hole. Suddenly, Jake took her clit between his lips and began to suck on it, flicking the tip with his tongue as he sucked. Suddenly, Janie let out a shriek and her pelvis began to jerk as she shoved her pussy hard against his mouth and his probing finger. She jerked spasmodically, moaning and groaning as she climaxed. Finally, she lay still, and Jake pulled his finger out of her and raised up and looked at her. She lay still, her eyes still closed, as though she were trying to pretend that it had not happened.Raising up, Jake unbucked his belt and unfastened his pants. He slid up on top of her. He looked down at her face. She was flushed and breathing heavily, but she had her eyes tightly closed. He used his hand to push the front of his shorts down, bringing his prick out. He lowered himself onto her, letting his dick slide down between her legs. He then used the hand to push his pants and shorts down further, getting them out of the way. She lay with her legs straight out, slightly spread. His dick was nestled right in her bostancı escort slit, but her hole was too far down between her legs to get it in. He slid it up and down in her crack a few times then he reached down and took one leg in each hand. He pulled them both up, spreading them wide. He felt the heat of her pussy hole against the end of his dick.Very slowly, he pushed forward. He felt the end of his prick move into the mouth of her cunt, then on up a little farther. As he pushed forward, he felt the shaft of his dick slowly sliding up into the hot wet heat of her pussy. Her eyes were still closed, but he saw the eyebrows begin to go up as he continued to feed his dick into her. “She’s never had a 10 in. dick before,” he chuckled to himself. He had about 3/4 of it in her now. Withdrawing about halfway, he raised up on his elbows and then quickly thrust forward, sinking the full length of it in her pussy! Her eyes popped wide open! She gasped! He withdrew it until only the head was in her, then slowly slid forward again. As it sank in her, inch by inch, a smile slowly began to spread across her face. When he hit bottom this time, she had both arms wrapped tightly around his neck and she was arching her back up to him. He stopped with it buried up to the balls in her.“How do you like that?” he smiled at her.“Wow, I didn’t know they made them that big,” she gasped.“Do you want it now?” he asked.“Yess,” she hissed at him. “Fuck me with that thing.”Jake smiled and slowly withdrew, then thrust forward again. He began to fuck her, gently at first, then more and more vigorously. He felt the walls of her pussy clasping tightly around his dick. She was gasping and moaning, tossing her head from side to side as he screwed her. He was raised up on his arms now, supporting himself on his hands as he banged his dick in and out of her. She had her legs pulled way up and spread as far as she could get them as she took every thrust to the hilt. Jake could feel his balls tightening, feel the pressure building up in the shaft of his dick. He knew he couldn’t last much longer. Suddenly, she began to jerk uncontrollably. Her head was tossing back and forth. Her wide open eyes were glazed looking. She screamed, then began to utter short load cries. She was coming like she had never come before!Jake was there too! Banging furiously, the first spurt almost blew the end of his dick off. The second was almost as intense. Spurt after spurt erupted from the end of his dick, shooting up into her spasming pussy. Finally, he lay still on top of her, his huge dick buried up to the hilt in her hole. There was no sound in the room except the labored gasps for breath from both of them.After a bit, he raised up and looked at her. She smiled at him.“Well, how did you like it?” he asked her.She glanced at the clock on the TV. “I think we’ve got time to do it again before Sam gets home,” she smiled at him. He laughed.He raised up and pulled his dick out of her pussy.“I think you’re going to have to give it a few minutes to recharge,” he grinned at her, indicating his softening prick. She smiled and pushed him over onto his side.“I know how to put the life back in it,” she giggled, sliding down alongside him. She took his half-hard dick in her hand, drawing it toward her lips. Jake watched as she took a good three inches into her mouth. He gasped in surprise as she began to suck vigorously. In no time at all, his dick was growing rapidly in her mouth. Finally, he pulled it out from between her lips, as hard as it had been before he had fucked her. She smiled and stroked it appreciatively.He quickly stripped his pants and shorts, still hanging around his ankles, off then raised up and quickly stripped her clothes off. Then he took her by the hips, silently urging her to get up on her hands and knees. She giggled and did as he wanted, turning onto her stomach, then getting up on her knees. He moved up behind her and, taking his dick in his hand, he slid the end up her pussy slit and found her hole. She gasped when he slowly slid forward, sinking the whole thing up her juicy cunt hole.Jake began screwing her again, but this time he didn’t start slowly. He began banging it into her in earnest. In no time she was gasping and groaning, thrusting back at him. Suddenly, she let out another of her little screams and came again.Jake held it deep in her pussy for just a moment, then he pulled it out and used his hand to lift the big red knob to her ass hole. She tried to pull away when she felt what he was about to do, but he had her by the hips. Pushing slowly and relentlessly, he began to inch it up into her stretching rectum, first the end, then slowly a little of the shaft. Withdrawing maltepe escort a little, he moved forward again. She groaned, but did not try to pull away again. Slowly working it in and out, he was succeeding in getting it a little deeper on each forward thrust. Finally, he had it about three-fourths up her ass. Withdrawing again, he thrust forward with more force, boring in until it was up her ass to the balls. He could feel her rectal tube clasping tightly around the end of his dick, buried 10 inches up in her. He looked down and saw the stretched brown ring clasped tightly around the base of his dick. Withdrawing, he thrust forward again, sliding smoothly in up to the hilt. His dick felt like it was being gripped by a tight velvet glove.Slowly at first, he began to fuck her butt hole, using the full length of his monstrous dick. She began to respond, pushing back to meet his thrusts. Her asshole had relaxed and was accommodating the huge dick which was sliding in and out of her rear. Faster and faster he screwed her giving her an ass reaming like she had never had before. Suddenly she was screaming again, but this time much louder. With a heavy grunt, jake jammed his dick forward, burying it to the hilt in her spasming ass hole as he shot spurt after spurt of hot cum up her clasping ass shute.Finally, they were still, with his dick buried up to the balls in her butt. Gently, he eased her forward, laying her face down on the sofa, following her, keeping his dick up her butt hole.They both nearly jumped out of their skins when a voice said, “I knew if I left you alone with her very long, you’d get in her pants, but I never thought you’d get that monster up her ass.” Sam was standing in the doorway across the room.Janie gasped, then relaxed when she saw that her husband had his dick out of his pants and was slowly stroking it as he looked at them. He advanced across the room toward them, his 8 inches sticking straight out the front of his pants.“Both of you just stay right where you are,” he told them as he quickly stripped off his pants and shorts. Then he dropped to his knees by the sofa, offering his hardon to her lips. She reached out and pulled it to her mouth, taking it between her lips.Jake couldn’t believe it. He felt his prick hardening again as he watched Janie’s lips slide back and forth on her husband’s prick. Janie felt Jake’s cock growing in her ass. Continuing to suck Sam’s prick, she reached back and pushed on Jake, urging him to withdraw from her butt hole.When she was free of Jake, Janie pushed Sam down on his back on the floor, straddling him. She lowered her pussy toward his stiff prick, slowly taking his full length up her already fucked pussy. When she had the full length buried up her cunt, she leaned forward over him, supporting herself on her outstretched arms and began to screw her pussy up and down on his hard dick.Jake lay on the sofa and watched for several minutes, stroking his hardon. Janie glanced at him, seeing that he was still hard. She licked her lips, eyeing the huge boner which he was stroking, all the while continuing to fuck her husband’s prick.Jake grinned at her and slid off the sofa, moving around in front of her. From his position under Janie, Sam watched his old room mate rub his huge dick back and forth across Janie’s lips, then slip the end into her mouth.Janie was loving it. She had wondered many times what it would be like to suck one man while being fucked by another, but she had never had the chance to find out before. She was finding out now, and she liked it.Underneath her, Sam was thrusting up into her pussy as Jake slid his dick in and out between her lips. The juicy pussy which he was fucking and the sight of another man’s dick in her mouth was too much for her. With a mighty thrust which almost lifted her off the floor, he suddenly began to spurt into her pussy. Janie felt Sam’s dick erupt in her cunt. The hot juice spurting in her was all it took, and suddenly she was coming, too. Jake pulled his dick out of her mouth, afraid that she was going to bite him. He held it in front of her face and stroked his fist up and down the length of it as he watched the couple in front of him climax. As her climax subsided, Janie reached out and pulled Jake’s dick back into her mouth. She began to suck on it vigorously and, with a groan of pleasure, Jake began to spurt in her mouth. Janie swallowed madly as he shot spurt after spurt of sticky cum down her throat.When they finally lay still, Janie raised up and looked at them.“I’m ready to get into bed,” she told them. Do you guys want to join me?”“Yeah,” Jake answered, “but I think this thing has had it for tonight.” He indicated his wilting prick.“It doesn’t matter,” she laughed. “Tomorrow is Saturday and I’m planning on spending most of it with one or the other or maybe both of these dicks in as many of my holes as you guys can handle. And I’m talking about all day, too!”The guys both laughed and got up and followed her into the bedroom. A few minutes later, she found herself snuggled up between two naked male bodies

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