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James and Pandora

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James and PandoraIf there is enough interest,I will post part 2 When the new fa mily moved into the old,abandoned mansion on the corner of 5th and Elm a little over six months ago,rumors were flying throughout the neighborhood before the moving truck had even cleared their driveway. I mean,Why not? They were strangers to our little town after all,and since coming here myself,as a ch ild,I have found that these small New England Towns tend to thrive on speculation and rumor,just like Roses thrive on Horse Shit!Fortunately,I pay little heed to such things. I like to wait and form opinions about people on my own. And when I do? Well,I also prefer to keep those opinions to myself. It’s much safer that way.It was obvious that the Rockfords were a very wealthy,attractive,well educated and generous fa mily. Hell,before even moving in they had,very quietly,donated enough money to The Town so that We could finally build a much needed Junior High School! They also insisted that it be named after the Town’s Founder,and Not Themselves!It turns out that Bill is a semi-retired owner of an extremely successful nationwide chain of restaurants,and his wife,Lilly,owns a high-end fashion photography studio,and dabbles in antiques. I found them both to be affable,unpretentious,witty and quite charming to talk to. In other words,I think They’re pretty damn cool and we hit it off from day one. As for their k ids? Never have I met such smart,polite,precocious ch ildren in all my life!James and Pandora (Dora for short) are twins. And although I have never heard of there being any male-female identical twins before,they are as much alike as a pair of gloves. A very expensive,beautiful pair of Designer made,hand tooled leather gloves! By God,they’re Gorgeous! A tad short for their age perhaps,but other than that,these two are the closest thing to physical perfection that I think a human can come!Unfortunately,James and Pandora look and sound so much alike,that I was a bit disconcerted at first, not being able to tell the two of them apart. I found myself having to surreptitiously look for the outline of Dora’s tiny,budding young breasts to distinguish between the two. But I got over it,and I could tell that Dora didn’t mind the extra attention either,because after the first week,whenever they would come over to pester me,the first thing she did was give me a big smile,take a deep breath,then pull her shirt tight across her chest and swing her little shoulders from side to side,making sure there was no mistaking who was who!The little vixen!********************************************************************************Two weeks ago,while I was getting my boat ready and gathering up the rest of the equipment for a weekend of camping with some Buddies of mine out on Big Bear Island,James and Dora suddenly appeared in my garden. They were bent over,straight legged,with their backs to me while holding hands and admiring the last few blossoms of the season. I,in turn,stood there leaning against the bow of the boat admiring their cute little asses!Stepping around the boat trailer,so they couldn’t see the bulge that had quickly filled the front of my trousers,I called out to them. That was all the invitation they needed. Next thing I knew,James had jumped into the boat and was sitting behind the console pretending to drive it,as Dora stood next to me holding my hand,openly staring at my hard-on while mouthing the word “Wow!”.”Dang,Douggy! Your dick is Huge!” anadolu yakası escort She whispered and reached out to run her fingers along the length of my cock,sending shivers up and down my spine.Acting like nothing at all had just happened,Dora looked up at me with her big,beautiful violet coloured eyes and proclaimed “I’m going to tell Daddy that You are taking James and I camping with You.””You’re taking Us camping,Doug? Cool! When?” James asked,tossing a glance in our direction,then he went back to piloting the craft over some imaginary waterway.”Now,wait a minute. Dora,don’t You think it would be polite to ask first? I mean,what if I had other plans? Which I do!” I told her and tried to put some distance between us. I sure as hell didn’t want James,or anyone else for that matter,to see what Dora’s hand was doing.She stepped closer,took a firmer grip on my throbbing cock and squeezed it gently. “Why,You would break them! Wouldn’t You?” Dora giggled. “After all,I Know that “You Want to Take Us”!” She said and went back to looking at my hard-on with obvious longing. Letting me know that her innuendo was intentional.”I’m sorry but it’s a little late for that,Honey. The Guys are counting on me to be there!” I tried to scold Her,but I just can’t seem to ever tell her “No”. “How about Next weekend?” I found myself asking.”I’ll go tell Daddy!” she said and was off like a shot with James hot on her heels.Later that evening,after finishing my chores,I was sitting in the backyard at the fire pit enjoying a beer,when Bill walked up. Motioning to the cooler I held up two fingers and pointed to the stump next to where I sat. Grabbing a couple of brews,Bill twisted off the tops,handed me one and sat down.”So. I hear You told the k ids that they could go on a camping trip with You?” He didn’t sound angry,per say,but there was a hint of annoyance there.”Not exactly,Bill. THEY,kind of told ME,that I was taking Them! Next weekend in fact. I told Dora that She needed to Ask You and Lilly first. Guess something got lost in the translation.” I sighed. “I’d love to take them,the tent’s more than big enough. In fact,You and Lilly could come along too,if You wanted!””‘Cause There’s always Safety in numbers!” I thought to myself.”I appreciate You asking,Doug. But to tell the truth. Lilly and I would be thrilled to have a weekend to ourselves. It’s been so long since…” Bill began, then got up to get two more beers. “Friggin’ things taste great,don’t they?” He laughed. “Now! As for Pandora and James inviting themselves…” the threat hung in the air like a suspended hand over a bare ass.”Don’t punish them Bill. They’re just being k ids. I take it You’ve never taken them camping before?””Are You ki dding Me? Lilly’s idea of camping is a Four Star Cabin at Lake Tahoe! Hell,Doug! I haven’t baited a fish hook since I was James’s age. I was the only boy in the seventh grade that could show you how many times I went fishing during the summer by the number of puncture wounds I had on my hands! Seems I hooked myself more than I ever hooked a fish!” He laughed,drained his beer and tossed the empty bottles into the pit.”I owe You Big Time,Buddy! Thanks for the beer,and a Big Thanks for taking the K ids,next weekend! Good luck and have fun with Your Friends! Or is it bad luck to say ‘Good Luck?’ What did my Grampa used to say? Oh,Yeah,’Tight Lines’!” He exclaimed and I watched him totter off into ataşehir escort the evening’s shadows. Bill was almost out of sight when he stopped and asked “Doug? There really aren’t any bears out there on that island,are there?””There may be a couple,from time to time,Bill,but if I were You? I wouldn’t worry too much about it. They’ll be fine with Me.” I chuckled.Years ago,back when I was in Elementary School,a few people who were “In the Know”, started calling Charley Young’s Island,Big Bear Island,instead. They wanted to come up with a name,something that would keep people away,and Big Bear Island seemed to be the perfect fit! I mean,what else would you call it after a group of “Bears” took it over and began using the place as their own Private Weekend Fucking Grounds? But I certainly wasn’t going to tell,Bill that!As for Me having fun that weekend? Who wouldn’t have fun,spending two days in one long,continuous drunken orgy,with a half dozen Well Hung Bears,and a couple of Twinks tossed into the mix?! In fact,I had So much fun that I almost forgot about James and Pandora. Almost. I say that,because I spent the boat ride back to the docks,and then the entire drive home,coming up with all these different scenarios of how I was going to seduce them. When I finally went to bed,later that night,my cock was just as hard as it had been Friday morning. Before I had spent the last 36 hours fucking my brains out!********************************************************************************By the time last Thursday rolled around,I had everything ready to go before the sun went down. I even had James and Dora’s gear stowed away! All I needed to do was back the boat out of the driveway,and off We’d go!Friday morning,I was fresh from the shower and still dressed in my robe,when Pandora threw open the back door and ran into the kitchen,where I was pouring myself a cup of coffee.Dora was wearing a denim jacket that must have belonged to Lilly,because the arms were cuffed twice and the hem came almost down to her knees. She unbuttoned it,and tossed the jacket onto one of the chairs,revealing what she had on underneath. It was a tiny,see through,snow white fishnet string bikini! Pandora turned around to show me that the string in back was sinfully tucked between her pert little asscheeks! When she faced me again,she pointed to her clearly visible cameltoe, with it’s contrasting dark slit,then to her miniature,stiff pink nipples,that barely stuck out from her nearly flat chest!”Quick! Before James gets here! Let Me see Your dick!” she said,pulling at the front of my robe. I didn’t even try to stop her,and was rewarded when she gasped out in shock with “Oh my God!” then She reached out with trembling fingers which stopped just before touching it.”What’s the matter,Dora? Don’t You like it?” I asked,and gave a quiet chuckle,bouncing my cock up and down in front of her face.”Like it? Are You k idding? I Love it! It’s So much bigger than James’s is! I’m just afraid that if I touch it,I won’t be able to stop! Boy is He ever going to be jealous!” She laughed. “Douggy,wait till You see what He’s wearing!” She exclaimed then looked me in the eyes and I melted as her smile lit the room!I was back upstairs getting dressed when I heard James’s knock on the front door.”Mom and Dad wanted You to have this.” He told me,as we were all walking to the truck. Reaching inside the jacket he pulled out a package wrapped in brown ümraniye escort kraft paper,and handed it to me. “Wait! Don’t open it yet! Mom said to wait till it was bedtime!” James must have been wearing Bill’s old leather Bomber jacket. I had to laugh at the way they were dressed in oversized,worn out jackets.”These two look more like a couple of ragamuffins,instead of a couple of little rich ki ds!” I thought. It was on the boat,about halfway to our destination,when I got a chance to see what Dora had mentioned earlier. James slithered out of Bills jacket,like a snake shedding it’s skin,and stood at the bow of the boat facing me. He was wearing a pair of Dora’s tiny,red and black trimmed,pink silk thong panties! The front of them didn’t even come up high enough to cover the soft tuft of his blond pubic hair,and I was pleasantly surprised by how big the cock was that filled them! “So! What Cha Think?” he shouted over the engine’s noise,then pulled down the front of the panties exposing his five inch,upward curving,fat uncut cock to me.”I think it’s going to be one Hell of a Weekend!” I shouted back then sighed audibly when Dora,now wearing only the bottoms of her white fishnet string bikini,joined Her br other on the bow of the boat. She fo rced him to the deck,straddled his cock,and then began grinding it against her pussy as they made out! “So much for ME seducing THEM!” I laughed.Dora broke their kiss,but I watched her as she continued humping the length of James’s cock through the pink,red and black silk panties.”What? Did You say something,Douggy?” she shouted.”I said,’It won’t be long now!’ Just go back to doing what You were doing!” I shouted. So they did!********************************************************************************I was making my last circuit around Big Bear,searching for a good place to beach,when a topless Pandora pressed herself against my back and wrapped her arms around my waist.”Douggy? Can We go to Sally’s Lookout instead?” She pleaded. “There’s too many people here! I don’t want to worry about Your reputation!”If I hadn’t been holding onto the steering column,I would have fallen over backwards with laughter! SHE was worried about MY Reputation? Too late for that! If She only knew! Hell! I don’t think there was a piece of ass or slab of man meat on that island that I wasn’t intimately familiar with!I think what Really made Her change her mind,was the fact that as I slowly circled the island,waving to some of the guys I knew,She began to realize that most of the shouts and whistles We were getting weren’t for Her. Instead,they were for her Br other! And James was eating it up! Shit! By the time we had gone half way around island the first time,James had taken off his panties and was standing on the bow of the boat,waving to the men on shore with one hand,while jerking off for them with the other! He kept it up too,until Dora insisted that He stop!”Please,Douggy! Can’t we go to Sally’s Lookout? It’s supposed to be Way more private over there,and I want this to be an extra special weekend!” She had moved her hands down to my crotch and was fighting with the zipper,trying her best to free my hardening cock from the confines of my shorts. Needless to say,Sally’s Lookout it was!Two hours later,the tent was pitched,the fire started and James was inside bitching as He rooted through Pandora’s luggage,searching for the dildo He had watched Her pack. “He’ll never find it without my help,You know.” she said,as We laid on the beach,and I held Her in my arms. “Douglas,Are You thirsty?””Why,Yes. Yes I am,My Love.” I replied.”Good! I need to to take a piss,and I really don’t want to waste it!” She laughed and got up to squat over my face.”Open Up!” Pandora said,and of course I did!There is a part 2 if Y’all want it.

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