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Jenny — An Autobiography. Chapter 2 part 1

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Jenny — An Autobiography. Chapter 2 part 1CHAPTER 2I LOSE MY INNOCENCEPart 1 of 2It was all so innocent the way things started. My friend Amy, who lived next door but one to me, in this small street of fifteen houses were always playing together in the little play-ground just opposite our houses. At the time I was thirteen and a half and Amy was exactly two months younger. In our street there were five other boys, two of whom were around my age and the other three between fifteen and sixteen. Since we all had attended the same school at one time and played together regularly we had a very close community and all our parents got on well together too, so everything was cozy.During the summer school break we were always in the play-ground safe in the knowledge that at least one parent would be on hand if necessary. So life to us k**s was so relaxed and we had a great time. Our introduction to the mystery of sex came about in the most innocent of ways. Amy and I were lazily swinging backwards and forwards on the swings when three of the boys who usually play with us sauntered in greeting us with usual cheery “Hi Amy and Jenny”. They gently gave us girls a push to get the swings going faster then we get off and give the guys a push on the swings then change over again all the while chatting about things that k**s chatter about. It was a hot summer day and we were all in light summer clothes. At one point we girls were back on the swings gently swaying back and forth when Eli, the sixteen year old lad, said he needed to go home for a piss. Gerry and Dave, the other two told him not to be silly as lived at the far end of the street so why not just have a piss there. “Is that ok with you girls” said Eli with a querying look.I looked at Amy and we both shrugged our shoulders and replied “Why not”. What’s the big deal about pissing we thought. But what stunned us both was that Eli stood next to angled upright of the swing and pulled the leg of his short trousers across and pulled out his cock and started to piss. For me I was totally stunned. I had expected him to squat like I do when taking a piss. But to see the piss pouring out of the end of his cock left me dumb-struck completely. Looking at Amy, I could see she was standing there with mouth wide open in the same state of bewilderment.What you need to realize about us two young girls is that we were totally unaware of the functions of a boys cock. Amy was an only c***d and had up to that point never seen a cock or even that there were differences between boys and girls down there. As for me I had seen my bother’s in those early days when we used to bath together at about the age of three or four, I forget which, but never later on when we were starting to grow. My brother Gary who is four years older than me was very careful about his dress mode when going to and from the bathroom, so I had forgotten about seeing his cock from years back.Eli had been looking at us both while relieving himself obviously enjoying the macho image he thought he was giving to us girls. But it dawned on him that we were more stunned by the event than what he expected. “What’s wrong girls?” his voice had a pronounced sound of real concern for us. “Have you not seen a guy piss before?” He turned to the other two “God I hope I haven’t offended the girls, lads” and turning to us he continued “Jenny, Amy, gee I’m really sorry if I’ve done something wrong!”By now our swings were stationary and I looked at Amy trying to read what she was thinking but she was still completely blanked.”No, Eli” I stuttered. “I, I just didn’t know that’s how boys pissed”. “Gee Jenny” said Amy taking hold of my hand “I don’t understand: I don’t understand what’s just happened. I thought….”Eli interjected “You mean you girls don’t know that boys and girls are different. God I don’t believe this. Your parents haven’t….”. Gerry spoke up “Wait a minute Eli give the girls a break, they obviously don’t know anything about this. Take it easy and let them be a second”. Turning to us Gerry took hold of each by the hand and said “Why don’t you both get off the swings and come and down n the grass here for a moment and let’s try and sort something out”. We both eased ourselves down on to the grass with the aid of Gerry’s hand. By now my mind was churning over like a turbine engine. I was thinking to myself wow this is something so magical. Boys use there cocks to pee differently to us girls. Why have I not known about this before? What has been going on? Why hasn’t someone told me about this? Internally I was getting angry and more puzzled but there was also an incredible excitement about all this new information I had been confronted with.Turning to Amy I asked how she was and noticed that she was a bit less stressed than she appeared a while ago. “Do you want to go home Amy?” I asked holding her by the hand. “No, no Jenny I feel ok I suppose. How about you?” “I don’t know for sure, I feel a little funny, this is all amazing.””Yea, I feel funny too”. Amy gripped my hand a couple of times and I got the message from that that she was a bit curious about all this. I sent the same message back by gripping her hand in response. We gave each other a lingering partly mischievous glance. All three boys were laying around on the grass a couple of yards from us and had obviously being discussing the situation judging by the concerned look on their faces they must have been worried about the consequences.”How are you girls now?” asked Eli with a frowned look. We both told them that we were now OK and they shouldn’t be upset for us as it was innocent on their part and that our parents or someone is to blame for not telling us about all this. There was a combined sigh of relief and each made a comment about being so pleased that our friendship was still OK.Gerry asked did we want be pushed on the swings for a while before we went home. Amy jumped in before I got a chance and said she would like the boys to tell us more about what we had seen. “What do mean Amy, do you want to know something about sex?” queried Dave looking from Eli to Gerry for support.”Well I suppose so” said Amy gripping my hand looking for my assent. “I think I would like that too” I said quickly to let her and the boys know that we felt the same. Suddenly this voice from behind broke the misty magical trance I had entered into on my way towards this mysterious new world.”Hello Gerry, hello k**s. Have you seen Sandy my little Scotty. He ran away from me and I can’t find him”. Gerry spun round showing signs of shock and reddened slightly.”Oh…oh.. no Misses Andrews. We haven’t seen any dogs round here, have we guys?” turning to rest of to confirm this.”Oh dear I don’t know where he could have got to, maybe he’s gone home. Ok k**s, thanks, bye” and off she went at a pace. We all stood in silence for a second or two. “Well guys I think it’s time for something to eat, I’m off home”, some-one said. There seem to be a collective sigh of relief as if to say thank god for the intervention as god knows where things might have gone and the possible consequences don’t bear thinking on.When I got home my mother was already home from her part-time job. I must have looked flustered because she said “Are you already sweetie, you look hot, you ok?” I must have given her something to get concerned about because she crouched down to put her arms around me “What’s wrong honey, are you coming down with something”. “No mom, but…..” I have always very to close to my mom and we don’t have any secrets between us so I just came straight out and told her what had happened in the park. “Oh dear” she said standing up. “I think it’s about time we had a little chat. I’ve been wondering when this time would come about and I should not have put this off”, she said looking at me in that special way when she is being very loving towards me. “Listen sweetheart what happened is perfectly natural, boys do those things but it has just happened at a time when you were not in the picture. I’m going to help you to understand things a bit better, but have something to eat and don’t worry about a thing. There’s nothing wrong in what happened”. With that she stoked my hair and went off to the kitchen to prepare some food. I sat down on the settee totally confused but pleased that mom was not in the least upset or angry.Later that evening when super was over and dad and my brother were watching the TV, mom signaled for me to follow her upstairs. Once we were in my bed-room mom sat me on the bed and said. “Sweetheart I’m sorry you had to go through what you did this afternoon, but in a way it makes things a bit easier for you to understand these little booklets I’ve got for you. These were given to me when I was little like you and your brother has read them too when he was about the age you are now. For now take this one first which will explain things very simply and then later you can read the others. Listen honey you will soon notice things around you are changing and that you will be changing into a beautiful young lady. All the time I’m here for you so don’t think you are all alone. So just relax and let me know if you don’t understand anything or just want to talk to me about anything at all no matter what. OK honey?” Getting up from my bed she brushed the hair out of face and said “I’ll look in on you a little later” and left me to quickly open this curious little book that was going to dissolve my innocence for ever.As I turned the pages absorbing the little pictures and diagrams and reading all about what the pictures were showing, I became more and mesmerized by what I was seeing. It was like a fairy tale and so magical. Looking at the pictures of little boys with their little tails changing and getting bigger as the ages advanced and the little girls like me starting to develop breasts and the new shape of their bodies as they got older filled me excitement beyond compare. Gee this is what is going to happen to me. As days went by I was given other booklets in the series which amazed me with details of how the sexual organs worked. The chapter on the period worried me deeply until mom was able to explain everything that would happen and that if it started when at school that there would be help on hand there. The details of boys’ penises fascinated me no end. Wow to find out that boys’ cocks got stiff when excited was knocking me over and to find that the cock would shoot out fluid to fertilize the female had my mind racing wild. Later when I read a book about sexual satisfaction between partners blew me away completely. To think that I could make a guy get stiff and shoot sperm was a very powerful feeling to me and more and more I felt the urge to try it out. What about Eli and the other guys in our group I thought. Suddenly life WAS changing as mom had said and I wanted to get out there and start trying the real thing. Luckily my mother was able to give me some strong advice about the down side of sex which helped pull me back from going hell bent for leather to start experimenting. Actually mom’s advice helped me gain control of my emotions in that I felt I was given a power-base to get guys to please me as and when I wanted. Scary or what?During this time of education, Amy was learning hand-in-hand with me because I would share the booklets and any other information that my mom was giving me with her. We used to lie on my bed flipping through the pages and admiring those pictures with cocks on display. Even those about our own bodies got us very excited although the chapter dealing with menstruation stunned us both severely. The more I read on the subject the more scared I became. Amy was very quiet and looked pale as we read together.“Amy do you know what all this about?” I asked with an obvious croak in my voice.“God, this is awful. But it says that this happens to all females and can start as early as twelve years old. God Jen we’re both older than that and we know nothing about it. I’m really scared!”“Me too! I’ve got to get mum to tell me what this all about” I muttered taking hold pendik escort of her hand for comfort.This chapter killed off any further excitement of reading any more so Amy decide to go home as it was about that time that her mum would be returning form work.Next day at school I met Amy who seemed a bit more buoyant than when we parted last night.“Mum explained everything Jenny and I feel a lot better, how about you?” Taking hold of her hand I told her how mum had sat me down and explained all about the monthly cycle and apologized for not having told me before giving me the books to read. The fact that this monthly thing gave women the lovely body shape and balanced the hormone needs just meant nothing to me except made me resentful of my brother and all males who didn’t have this forever in their lives. Looking back I’m sure that that was the point when I developed my envy of the male sex organ and have ever since suffered ‘penis envy’.I don’t like to dwell on this part of my life and have never allowed any sexual contact for these few days but have to say that I hardly ever suffer the dreaded ‘pmt’ that other girls endure. The sad thing for me was that the day before my f******nth birthday I was sitting watching TV with the rest of the family when I started to feel so uncomfortable that my mum noticed and signaled for me to join her in the kitchen. She obviously recognized something in me that I didn’t recognize myself.“Sweetheart are you OK?”“Mum I feel funny down here” indicating to my stomach.“We’d better go into the bathroom” she said guiding me upstairs to the bathroom.Once we were there she told me to lower my knickers saying “I think you may be starting to menstruate, my darling. Now there’s nothing to worry about” she comforted, seeing the fright on my face. Being the efficient mother she was, she’d seen this day coming and produced what looked like a garter-belt form a drawer with a packet of what I found out were special pads to contain my problem. And that was it for me for the next forty-odd years or so.For Amy it would be a few more months before it happened to her but for her it happened while she was in her classroom and in front of her class-mates including boys. However she handled it well so she said and we no more mentioned much about it again. Happily this short episode of ‘growing up’ was put out of our minds as we continued our exploration of this whole new world. We pawed through those books time and time again in wonderment. Many times we would examine between each others legs and feel for any sign of growing breasts. Once when I was looking at her pussy as we got to call it by this time as other girls at school called it, I pulled the lips open to see what it was like inside but Amy winced and said it hurt slightly so I said sorry but I was only being curious. She said it was ok and despite the slight twinge that it felt good me touching it. Looking back I remember I couldn’t stop myself from placing a gentle kiss on the lips. Amy ´Óoood´ at this. “Do you like that AMY?” She nodded approval so I kissed it again and then again. Amy put her hand on the back of my head and pulled my face towards her pussy. This was the first time I made love to a pussy. My tongue wandered all over this sweet smelling slit in and out of the sets of lips and up to her clit which we had just been reading about. Amy ´Ooood´ again when I rubbed it with my tongue adding a little pressure each time I crossed it’s little mound. I became aware of a change of taste and there seem to be a flow of liquid which really wet my tongue and tasted sweeter than before. I realized that Amy had orgasmed remembering the book’s description.”Oh! Amy you’ve just cum in my mouth. Oh I’m so overjoyed. You’re so lovely”. Amy was flushed by her experience and looked dreamily at me. We embraced and kissed each other like a couple in love, but then at that moment I’m sure we were – deeply in love! This led on to more experiments and Amy and I used to suck each others pussies and over time watched as they developed their shapes and grow our lovely bushes: Later we used to help each other through our periods and play girly games but this was well after life had moved on and boys were well into the equation.About a year after our sex education had started and Amy and I were now into our f******nth year of adult maturity, but as yet not had any sexual experiences with the boys in spite of our earlier great expectations, We were in my bed-room browsing through some girly magazines when my brother passed the partially open door and seeing us lying on the bed popped her head in to say hi then went off to the bathroom. We could hear the shower flowing. Until this point in our lives we had done lot of reading about boys and had had plenty of fantasies about them but never seen anything of the real thing. I looked at Amy and she looked at me and we both giggled as we each knew what the other was thinking. Yes, we had a real live boy.”What do you think Jenny do you think we can sneak a look while he’s in the shower?””Gee Amy that’s wild, he’s my brother you know””Yea I know” was her cheeky reply.”Ok let’s be daring, he shouldn’t notice us with show running”.We crept along to the bath-room knowing full well that we were the only ones in the house as my parents were still at work. The bathroom door was closed but I knew it would not be locked because in the past I had accidently barged in when he was there, but on those occasions he was only washing his face or cleaning his teeth. Quietly I turned the handle and knew then that he hadn’t locked in this occasion too. The shower cubicle was directly opposite the door so we didn’t have to actually enter fully. When the steam dispersed a bit with draft from the door we could see my brother plainly through the plain glass of the cubicle. He was facing away from us at first and we could see the real masculine shape of his body from the back. Amy kept digging me in the side and whispering “God, look at that body”. Slowly he started to turn so he faced the shower head which was in full force. Amy dug me in the side again and whispered “What’s that?” “God his cock is huge” she nearly screamed.”Shush!” I said putting my finger to my lips. Amy came back “Look his cock is all stiff” at that moment my brother put his hand on his cock and started to rub it up and down, and bit by bit got faster and faster. Suddenly he stood still and arching his back he groaned and there was an immense spurt of fluid from the end of his cock. Amazingly we could see all this happen even though the shower was beating down on him. At that moment we panicked a bit and closing the door quietly we hurried back to my room.After a while we heard him leaving the bath-room, so we buried our faces in the magazine pretending our innocence. “Hi girls!” came the voice at the door, we looked round nonchalantly as possible to acknowledge him and there he was standing with a towel wrapped around his waist. He had a large grin on his face:”You can’t k** me, you two” he said walking toward the bed . Amy and I both sat up with a puzzled look.”What are you on about?” asked Amy. “Come on girls don’t play the fool. I saw you both watching me in the shower.” “Don’t be silly” I said.”Jenny don’t jerk me off, I could see you both at the door watching me. I saw you both in the mirror in the shower. Why do think I turned and wanked off: I did it for you two. Now wasn’t that good of me.?” Walking further towards us he motioned “If you want to see dick I’ll show you. Do you?” I hesitated but Amy was straight in there.”You wouldn’t dare. Come on then show us what you’ve got” “Hang on Amy” I said pulling her by the arm. “This is my brother and this shouldn’t be done between brother and sister”.”Forget all that nonsense” my brother came back “Here take a good look”. With that he threw the towel over the chair behind him and advanced to Amy inviting her to look and touch if she wanted to. His cock was no longer stiff but it was still long, about six inches I recon.”Come on don’t be shy. You can touch it. Go on. Just touch it with your finger”. Amy glanced at me but I was not giving her any messages as I was as unsure as her about what to do. It looked so curious hanging there with a lump of skin hanging off the end the ball sack dangling below with black hair all around it. It was a strange looking object, with wrinkles all the way down its length. At first I was scared of it. It looked so ugly. But he seemed so proud of it and made it wiggle about as he moved his hips from side to side. Amy was mesmerized too but she was grinning from ear to ear and very excited at what she saw. I turned back to look at it to try and see what excited her so much, then I felt a tingle ease through my body as if my mind was awakening to the reality of what was in front of me.This was a real penis and it was being offered to us to touch and explore. My stomach was churning. It’s the real thing being waved at us and the tension was building. Inwardly I could feel the urge growing and how I would have loved to have had the courage to grab hold of it and caress it and do naughty things with it, remembering the books mom gave me. BUT this was my brother and this is supposed to be forbidden.All of a sudden Amy had taken the matter on herself and wrapped her right hand around the end and just held without moving it. “Thata girl Amy. You can hold it a bit tighter if you want it won’t hurt.” My brother had placed his hand on hers trying to get her to move her hand up and down. “Go on Amy I know you’ve been reading those sex books with Jenny .I know what’s in them too you know. I’ve been there. That’s better, just keep moving your hand around.” Then he moved his hand away to let her continue on her own. More and more she adjusted her grip and started to explore more of the lovely meat. I could see that there was some movement in his cock as well and bit by bit it was stirring getting thicker and longer and the knob started to peek out of the wrinkled skin at the end. Amy was really enjoying this and giggled constantly as she got more and more confident and glancing in my direction with a beaming smile. She was loving every minute of her first cock play.“Jenny, come on, you get hold of it too. Put your hand under my balls while Amy still wanks me”.“Yeah Jenny come on help me with this big cock there’s enough for both of us here”, encouraged Amy. My bother offered his hand and taking hold of mine drew mine to his ball sack and directed my hand underneath. With a little bit of reluctance but with tremendous excitement I opened my fingers and cupped the sack. What a strange feeling it was. I was actually holding my brother’s balls in my little hand. It seemed so big and heavy and cold to the touch.“Squeeze very gently and feel the balls roll around inside, but be very gentle cause it will hurt if you squeeze too hard”. I did as he said and was amazed to feel the balls actually roll around in my hand. Moving my hand and fingers around a bit more I could feel the thick hairs and the wrinkly sack. It was so exciting I was quivering. “s*s its OK, its OK, just look at Amy she’s loving it. Go on explore all around. Run your hand further under and feel how my ball-sack joins my ass. Go on finger my ass. I love it. You’re both just so great”.Amy was now pulling the rest of the foreskin down the shaft until the whole of the knob was exposed. It was like a large red plum. His cock now was fully erect and was as stiff as poker. Amy and I were dumbstruck at its size.“Lick the head Amy, yea, that’s right. Lick right down to my balls. Go on lick Jenny’s fingers. She’s had a finger against my ass-hole”. Amy was licking everything in sight and ´mmming´ to every taste. Pushing the cock-head to me Amy said “Jenny you’ve got to taste this cock, it’s amazing, just feel the head in you’re mouth it’ll blow your mind, yea that’s it Jenny, deeper. Isn’t that great?” I was only able to nod approval as my mouth was so jammed full I couldn’t speak and this was my brother’s kartal escort cock in my mouth.Wow, I had come so far so quick it was mind boggling. I was losing my shyness and family reserve so fast that I was now on an i****t roller coaster with Amy in the driving seat. We both were soon taking turns in sucking cock then the balls and were venturing more and more towards his ass which we ended up tonguing with my brother’s strong encouragement. All the while Amy and I were being divested of our blouses without realizing it and having our little breasts explored in every-which-way.“Hey let me look at you two now” said my brother gently pushing us backward on the bed. “I haven’t seen your pussies yet and this is unfair ´cause you’ve had me all over”. Suddenly I felt a cold chill sweep over my body. My brother, I realized, was attempting flip our skirts up. Instinctively I tried to grab his hand to stop him as I knew that Amy and I were knickerless after our little bit of girl play before Gary appeared on the scene. Being strong he was still able to raise our skirts.“Wow! That’s why you tried to stop me s*s, you’ve got no knickers on. And you too, Amy. You two have been playing with your pussies haven’t you?” I just lay there rigid but Amy was already opening her legs to give him a glimpse of her little mound. But for me the fact that I was half naked in front of my own brother was beginning to frighten me for what was happening to me. Then I heard Amy’s voice. “Jenny, come on let’s show him our pussies”, as she pushed herself further back on the bed and spread her legs wide. I just seemed to follow suite without thinking and suddenly those fleeting moments of doubt were gone like a bursting bubble and I flung my self up against Amy and spread me legs wide too overlapping hers so we looked like a human W.“My god girls you’re so beautiful. Just look at those beautiful young pussies with the wisp of pussy hair.” He scrambled forward so his face was so close to our pussies that a I could feel his hard breath against my pubic hairs. For a while he just poised there staring at our little slits and making loving comments about them. I whispered to Amy that I could feel my cunt juices starting to run and she whispered back that she had been flooding for ages and must be totally saturated. Gary heard our conversation and said.”I can see you’re both soaking wet, you don’t mind if I clean you both up do you”.Faster than lightening Amy jumped in “Yes, yes ,yes”.He looked me in the eye and said “How about you s*s, are you ok with this?” “I suppose so if you are”.Without a moment’s hesitation he stuck his mouth on Amy’s exposed mound and was licking at her juices like a suckling pig, she was twitching about as his tongue lapped all over her pussy, it must have been very sensitive to his tongue. She didn’t twitch when I licked her so I thought she must be on a massive high because it was her first guy experience.“Lift you’re ass Amy.” When she did so, he started licking all the way from her pussy to her ass-hole to collect all the juice that seeped back there. Amy was in her 7th heaven. Even with me she loved her ass licked so this drove her totally mad. “There you are Amy you are now beautifully clean. Now s*s it’s your turn”. Without waiting for a response he dived between my legs and was searching my pussy for its nectar. My brain went shooting to the stars. Surfacing for a second he remarked that my pussy lips were very long and my clit was very pronounced compared to Amy’s. We had never really thought about our differences when we played our girly games, but his remarks made Amy and I give each other a curious look before he went down on me again sucking away. I didn’t feel the need to twitch like Amy but the sensation drove me to clench the bed clothes with both fists, it was still out of this world. When I was ordered to raise my ass for cleaning, that’s when I found my ass-hole started twitching which Gary commented on saying that when he stuck his tongue in it tried to grab his tongue. We all giggled at that.“Now girls I can tell that you are both virgins because I could see your hymens. I think it’s time you lost them and became fully fledged women. What d’you think?” Again Amy was straight in there in full agreement without a single second of hesitation.“Hang on Amy” I said. “Don’t you want to think about this?” Amy took my hand and looking me straight in the eye she said “Jenny I’ve thought about this a lot recently and I know it’s got to happen some time and I would like it out of the way sooner rather than later. I’ve often wondered what it would be like to do it with your brother because he’s so great, so I would like him to be my first and he wants to have me too”. Her eyes searched mine as if seeking my approval. How could I disapprove? “Ok Amy, you’re right, you’re right, it’s the right thing to do, so go for it, at least its better that Gary does it”.At this Gary looked very pleased. Standing up he said “I’ll be back in a matter of seconds” and disappeared out of the door. Moments later he was back waving a small square packet and saying “We’ll need this. Don’t want you girls getting preggers!”“It’s a rubber” Amy whispered in my ear.“I’ve never seen one of these before” I whispered back.“OK I’ve got to put this on but I think it’ll be a good idea if you both learn how to do it because you’ll have to make sure any future guy protects you from getting up the spout”. He half giggled, obviously enjoying his effort at vulgarity in front of us. “Now what you do is tear it open at the corner making sure you don’t rip the delicate rubber inside. See like this.” Tearing off one end he pulled the two sides of the little tin foil package apart and there I could see a ring of yellowy colored rubber with a small bulbous piece nestled in the middle.” Hold your hand out!”, indicating to one of us. To my surprise I put my hand out before Amy got a chance much to my own amazement. Amy looked at me somewhat disappointedly. I just raised my eye-brows at her to which she gave a look of reluctance. “Ok Jenny you win” with a smirk. “Hold you palm up”. He flipped the two parted sides over and dropped the rubbery ring into the centre of my hand. “Don’t drop it, there expensive”. Amy came close and we both looked at it in puzzlement. “Now you both can help to roll it onto my cock. I’ll get on the bed and Amy you can rub my cock to get it really stiff then I’ll show how it goes on.” Lying back on my bed he told Amy to wank his cock just enough to get it stiff, which she did with great excitement. Almost instantly he was in full array. Leaning up on both his elbows he told me to place the ring on top of his knob-end. “Make sure the balloon bit is facing up”. It was a strange feeling putting this on my bother cock end. I had to hold his cock straight up in to stop the rubber falling off onto his stomach. “You have really got the hang of this s*s” he complimented me.“OK Amy you can do a bit now. Use you finger and thumb to try and roll it down my cock but so it slowly and don’t force it otherwise it might split and it will be ruined” Amy very delicately did as she asked glancing for me to Gary as she rolled it down. “God that feels so good! That’s it roll it all the way down to my hairs. See how the little balloon at the top is sticking up? That’s where my cum goes when I shoot and stops you getting pregnant. You’ve a great job between you.” My bother rolled off the bed with his rigid cock bouncing as he did so and sticking out like a lancer going into battle. I thought it looks a bit funny but also threatening at the same time. He was very keyed up at the prospects of taking Amy’s cherry and moved over to give her an encouraging kiss. He suggested that she position her bum at the edge of the bed then lie back, he could then kneel on the floor between her spread legs so that her pussy would be on level with his cock to make things easier. He suggested also that I could crouch behind Amy with her head on my lap so we both could see everything and hold each other. Amy kept looking up at me once we were in position and smiling at me showing a little anxiety but nonetheless very excited.“I’m already soaking wet again” she whispered to me.She looked so lovely lying in my arms awaiting her new sexual adventure. Once he had sorted out some pillows he was kneeling on to adjust the height, he started kissing Amy’s navel whilst gently stroking the inside of her legs which were fully spread and knees bent to open her crotch as wide as possible. Gary then started to roam around her hips and upper thighs with his kissing and licking her skin, all the while sliding his hands up and down her inner thighs. Amy was showing signs of high sexual arousal and responding with slight gyrations of her hips. More and more her breathing got faster and was moaning under her breath. Gary signaled to me that he was ready to attempt penetration. I put my hand over her right budding breast and gently caressed it in the palm of my hand in small circles at which point she looked up at me with glazed eyes. “I love you”, I mouthed. She covered my hand on her breast with hers caressing my hand and looking back at Gary to let him know she was ready. Gary had already got a bottle of my ‘baby oil’ from my dresser in preparation and was dripping a few drops onto Amy’s girly bush and rubbed it gently all round and then into the inner lips which made her jump a little, the rest he rubbed all around his cock shaft and all around the knob. Shifting a little forward towards her open pussy he asked if she was ok.“Yes Gary I want you so much. Yes! Yes! I’m ready, please do it for me”. She grabbed my hand in anticipation. It was hard to believe that in front of me was my s*******n year old brother, naked with his penis in full erection poised in front of my best friend Amy who was only f******n, with her legs wide open, her lightly haired pussy glistening with ‘baby oil’ offering her virgin cunt to be sacrificed on the altar of sex.Gary inched forward on his knees holding his cock then placed between her outer lips which I could see had flopped open like petals on a blooming flower. Slowly he moved his cock up and down the slit with his hand and using the fingers of his other hand open up the lips around the clit and started rubbing it with his thumb all the while rubbing his cock up and down her slit. Amy’s knees came up further and tried to open wider, a sure sign that she was in the throes of excitement. Suddenly she whelped as Gary pushed his cock against her blocked virgin hole. He pulled back and asked her if she was ok.”Uhhh! It’s ok”. Her throat was thick.Gary once again placed his cock head at her entrance and applied a little more pressure. Again there was the same response from Amy. He tried again with even more force knowing that eventually with a little bit more stretching each time it would just go. They rested for a few seconds then Amy said “Gary, just do it. Just do it. I want you in me now.” Gary and I were taken aback but realized she was only being very brave and forcing Gary to ‘go for. Gripping my hand very firmly she braced herself by closing her eyes and gritting her teeth. Seeing this Gary immediately placed his cock at her hole and plunged in with a quick thrust of his hips. Amy screamed into her hands trying to muffle it as much as possible. I could see that half of his cock had disappeared inside her.“It’s all done Amy” I whispered to her as she took her hands away from her mouth. Her eyes were drenched with tears. Gary was holding very still with his cock partially buried in her pussy.“It will be easier now Amy” soothed Gary. “You will soon feel immense pleasure but let’s take it easy for the moment. Just lie still”. Wiping her eyes Amy smiled at Gary and said “Thanks Gary you were great. I knew it was meant to hurt as your mom’s book said, so it’s true. What do we do now?” she smiled teasingly.”Well we need to be patient, I’ll see what it’s like when I pull it out a bit”, he said rubbing her thighs.,”How does it maltepe escort feel in side you?”“Like I’ve got a totem pole up me” she half giggled.”Well Amy I like to think I’m big but not that big”. The tension was relieved as well all giggled. “Amy I’m going to pull out a little so tell me to stop if it hurts, it might hurt but not too sure so shall I try?”. Amy nodded. As Gary pulled his cock out he watched her face for signs of discomfort but as he pulled out more and more she gave no signs at all. When Gary had just his cock head inside he told us he could see only a small amount of blood on his shaft, far less than he had expected. Amy was pleased with that and lay back in my lap and smiled at me. ” OK Amy? Ready to try a bit more?” She nodded approval. My bother eased forward again this time with a steady pressure, all the while watching Amy’s face. She just lay there with her eyes closed concentrating on what was happening. His steady pressure took him passed the point at which he had broken through her hymen and was slipping further and further inside until his hairs were pressed up against her soft mound. He held still. Amy still had her eyes closed and showed no signs of pain. Gary eased back a fraction then slipped back in fully again. Amy still lay calmly in my arms. Again he pulled out but a little further this time and slipped back in again. Repeatedly my brother pulled out a bit further and back in again until his cock was fully out to the head before slipping back in again. Before long he had a smooth pistoning action going to which Amy responded more and more by moving her hips at each full entry. Amy by this time had opened her eyes and was looking up at me with a wonderful peaceful smile but didn’t say a word. Meanwhile Gary continued to smoothly slide in and out of her well lubricated womanly pussy. “You’re a real woman now Amy.” I whispered down to her. She just gave me a blissfully glazed smile.Whilst continuing his slow fuck of Amy he leaned over her and with a very tender voice said “I’m going to start giving you a real fuck Amy, OK?” After a pause she nodded and then looked up at me in anticipation. I nodded back as if to say everything will be fine.Gary started his smooth inward and outward movements each time reaching full penetration where he lingered for a second or two putting pressure on Amy’s mound with a slight gyrating motion. The pressure he was putting up against her pussy pushed her little body back into my thighs. It was remarkable to watch the huge length of his cock slip up into her tiny frame. To think that her insides was able to accommodate such a large piece of flesh just amazed me and I wondered what it would be like for me when my turn comes. The in and out trusting was becoming more rapid and with heavier pressure which I could feel as her body jerked into my embracing legs and arms. At each full penetration Amy gave a muffled grunt as she received his full length. Soon she was gyrating her hips in unison with my brother’s and started to put her arms around his hips gripping tightly until letting go as he pulled out only to start another trust. Before long he was trusting into her with greater rapidity and I noticed beads of sweat forming on his brow and around his neck. Closing his eyes he increased the speed of his fucking, facing his head upward as if looking at the ceiling. Amy was arching her back and clawing the bed-sheets with her hands and appeared to be biting her lower lip and contorting her face. I was unsure as to what was happening at this point and felt a bit scared. Amy seemed to be entering some kind of trance and was twisting her body this way and that as my brother thrusted into her. Suddenly Amy let out one almighty scream and flailed her body so much that I had great difficulty holding onto her. Then as quick as it started she sank back into my arms as if she had fainted. At this same time Gary’s body went all rigid with his head bowed down to his chest and then his whole body started twitching as if in agony.“Oh my god!” he kept repeating as held deep in Amy’s pussy. His body kept twitching all the time he was crying out. Then his head went right back tossing from side to side as he arched backwards whilst gripping Amy’s thighs as if to stop him falling over. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” he moaned. Instinctively I knew he was pouring his seed into Amy. I was really scared. What on earth was happening to my brother? I’d never seen this before, not even heard of what actually happens during an orgasm. Fortunately my anxiety was short lived as he very soon calmed down although his breathing was still very rapid. His whole body was now drenched in sweat which dripped from his brow onto Amy’s chest and breasts. Amy had by now opened her eyes and was watching what was happening to Gary with the same curiosity as me. She looked so radiant lying there almost in a state of bliss with her hair all sweaty and tangled and her body covered in sweat. Then she seemed to drift off again and I didn’t know what to do for her.I looked at Gary with concern. He having just recovered his composure smiled and said “Don’t worry s*s she’d just had her first full blown orgasm. She’ll be fine in just a minute”. “Gee, Gary, I was really getting worried as things seem to get wilder and wilder”.“That’s what it’s all about Jenny it’s the great thing about sex, it can blow your mind, You fly into another world it’s just great. You’ll find out one day”. Amy was stirring again, probably from the sound of our voices and looked at us both and gave us a big beaming smile.“Gary I feel totally zonked what a fantastic feeling: I thought my body was turned inside out. I don’t believe it, it’s so incredible. I feel so weak”. “Well Amy you’ve just had your first full blown orgasm”. Repeating what he had just told me. “You’re a real adult woman now. How about that, eh?”Looking up at me Amy said to me with weak voice “Jenny I can’t get over this, I feel so strange, it’s almost like I’m a different person. It’s so strange Jen.” Looking back to Gary she said “You’ve got to do Jenny as well!” Then turning to me “Jenny you’ve got to do it as well. We’ve done everything together so you must do it too. Do it now”. She pleaded “Gary come on do your sister now, it’s only fair. She should feel how I feel.” Raising up unto one elbow and realizing she still Gary inside her she softly said “Gary you’re still deep in me. You’ve cum inside me, have you?”“I sure have Amy. There’s no way I could stop myself. You gripped me so tight“.“Oh!”“Don’t worry, remember I’ve got a rubber on. Look!”.Then he started to ease himself out.Amy suddenly screamed “Don’t move, don’t move. Don’t fucking move”.“What’s up Amy” asked Gary stopping dead still in his tracks.”Oh god it’s still so fucking sensitive, don’t move your cock, oh god it’s so touchy. Hang on a second till I get my legs open wider then just pull out as quick as hell”.At a signal from Amy, Gary heaved his ass back pulling his cock out with a flop. It was covered in Amy’s cunt juice and glistening as it moved against the light. Gary got down to inspect Amy’s pussy and cooed at the look of it.“Jenny come and have a look at this beautiful freshly fucked pussy”, waving me down to his side. Sliding from underneath Amy who moaned under her breath at my disturbing her, I slid down to the floor in front of Amy’s still wide open legs. Her pussy was still open and was covered with her cum juice with few smears of virginal blood around the inner lips and her wispy pussy hairs.“Look s*s, you can see into her hole now, which you couldn’t before and look how pink it is inside. Beautiful eh?” whispered Gary.“Why don’t you lick it all clean for her. She’d love that.” He continued whispering as he positioned himself behind me wrapping his arms around me and caressing my girly breasts. His right hand then starting to search further below until it was covering my soaking wet pussy.“Go on little sister, clean your friend up” he persuaded, meanwhile pressing his huge erection against my lower spine. He knew how to get me doing what he wanted as he fingered my eager pussy with one hand and gently pushed my mouth towards Amy’s deflowered pussy with his other. I was drawn to this beautiful cunt like a moth to a flame and as I licked and sucked my friend the flame inside me started to rage and take over my whole body. Oh how I delved into that juicy pink slit! It was heaven to me. I could push my tongue into places I couldn’t reach before and now my friend was available for me to explore as I wished. She tasted so sweet and her perfumed juice was like nectar. When I looked up from between her lips with her enlarged clit staring straight at me I could see Gary with the rubber in his hand dangling it above Amy’s face. She looked mesmerized as he swung it about displaying the amount of cum he’d squirted. Then he turned it upside down and I could hear him saying. “Look girls, I’m going to squeeze my cum out and I want you both to taste it. OK?” Reluctantly I pulled my mouth from Amy’s glowing pussy to see what was happening. Gary now squeezed the rubber between his two finger and running them down pushed the white fluid out in blobs to land on Amy’s bell button where it settled in the bevel of her navel. I was so curious and I could see Amy was too. Here was this translucent fluid with white streaks of something that reminded me of marble. “Go on then” insisted Gary egging us on to taste this fluid which had just come out of his balls. “Go on try it. See what you think!”Being unsure and giggling at the prospects tasting my own brother’s sperm, I looked to Amy for reassurance. She had a look of uncertainty too but then said “Come on Jen lets try it” We both giggled again as we dipped a finger into the small puddle of pearly white semen. It seemed to flow around our fingers like a jelly and when I tried to gather some between my finger and thumb it fell away in blobs unlike anything else I knew of. But what did adhere to my fingers I smeared on my tongue. At first it made me wince with its very salty tang and as it touched the back of my throat with my natural urge to swallow I got a burning sensation. Gary could see the look on my face. “Ha! Ha!” he laughed. “And you too Amy!” as he observed the expression on her face. “OK. I knew you would react like this, but that’s natural. But I tell you you’ll love doing this. Lots of girls I know can’t get enough of it, they just love swallowing it. Go on try some more. I’ll bet you start to love it the more you try.” With a little hesitation both Amy and I dipped our fingers into the creamy puddle and tried to scoop up some more but each time it slithered back down into her navel.“Why don’t you dip your tongue in and try and scoop it up that way” advise Gary obviously eager to have me, his sister, and Amy get a good taste of his cum. Amy moaned “But that’s not fair. I can’t bend down to try.” My brother laughed at her “Well let s*s try and maybe she can feed you some” he said looking towards me with a glint in his eye. Well I did try buy the stuff just slid off my tongue so I resorted to sucking it into my mouth which caused me to cough and splutter as it hit the back of my throat. “Don’t suck too hard” advised Gary with another laugh. So I did as he said and was able to contain it just behind my lips. I was unable to stop my self from swirling it around with my tongue. What a strange feeling having a mouthful of my own brother’s cream. Holding this precious cargo I climbed up to Amy, who already had her mouth open, and aiming right I dribbled what I gauged was about half between her wide open lips. Unfortunately it hit the back of her throat which made her retch. Fortunately she was able to hold her mouth shut tight and not splutter it all over us and Gary. Then when she gained control of her need to cough she started swilling it around her mouth with a cheeky smile before she made a deliberate display of swallowing. For me that was the signal to follow suit. I too swirled my load around the inside of my cheeks testing all my taste buds before holding my head back allowing Gary’s sperm to trickle down the back of my throat conscious of not letting myself choke as it passed down into my stomach. My first ever taste of male juice. Oh what a memory that is. Part 2 will follow soon and continues with how I lose my virginity to my bother.

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