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Kay, My Sister Cums 2 Town 2

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Kay, My Sister Cums 2 Town 2“God that was fun! Did you see how much that k** shot on my tits! Oh my God!” Kay was nearly skipping as we got out of our cars on the other side of the interstate at a hotel I had suggested we use. We went in and I paid cash for the room carrying the bag emblazoned with the porn shop’s logo. “I am going to get a shower.” Kay said and she stepped into the bathroom and closed the door. I turned on the TV. I did not really want to watch porn, but I did watch start to watch a couple of previews. One of the previews was of two really busty women playing in the shower. Of course, this got me thinking… and I headed into the bathroom, “to take a leak,” of course.Yeah, a minute later I was pulling back the curtain. Kay looked at me and shook her head with an evil little grin. “I wondered how long it would be before you joined me!” I started to wrap her in my arms and she slid down to the floor of the shower/tub and pushed me back against the wall. Taking a wash cloth, she took my cock and balls and poured almost a whole tube of hotel shampoo on my privates and the cloth and she scrubbed me clean.Now let me tell you, if you have never been in a shower with your sister on her knees in front of you, washing your family jewels… there are almost no words to describe it! The water was pelting her back and beading across her shoulders, chest, breasts….It was an incredible thing to see as your mind replayed scenes from 40, and 45 years earlier as we grew up together! So many moments now became so inappropriate, sexual and hot as fuck! She would glance up at me with those big brown eyes and her tight smile and I so wanted to just get down to business, but I knew she had something in mind, so I waited.“Turn around.” I complied. She pushed me to lean forward and push my butt back toward her. She scrubbed my ass cheeks, working more and more toward her goal and as I looked down, I could feel my cock growing with anticipation. She began rubbing my butt hole and one hand came up and grabbed my rod. I always love the way that I maltepe escort feel in her hands! My dick is not the longest, but it is fat, and in her hand it looks huge as she struggles to get her fingers around my shaft.A few moments later, I felt the side of her face press against my ass cheek. Her sexy mouth was inches from my sphincter and I could feel her exhale and blow across my freshly scrubbed ass crack. “I like watching you play football in school. I always wanted to be your quarterback so I could reach under you and play with your ass. Those nights where it rained, your white uniform pants would let me see so much of you that I would almost cream just thinking about rimming you!” With that, I felt her tongue flicker out and touch the center of my anus.In all of the years that we have teased, sucked, fucked and played with one another, Kay had never before licked my ass! In fact, no woman, not even my wife has ever done it to me! The realization that this one final taboo was being broken had me groaning every much as the sensation itself! She was using one soapy hand to stroke my cock and driving me crazy with her tongue, caressing and pressing into my tight ass. I was moaning and swearing as she slowly began to use a finger to press against my back door and when I felt myself yield I heard her softly exclaim, “oh” just as I shuddered and moaned.She let go of my cock just as I was rounding the last turn and heading toward a wonderful finish She pulled her finger out of my bottom and I turned and said, “What’s wrong?”“You don’t get to cum and not satisfy me!” She stepped out of the shower and grabbed a couple of towels and headed for the room, leading me by the hand.The air-conditioning was enough to hastily bring me back from the precipice of bliss. Kay tossed one towel to me and quickly ran the other over hers before spreading it over the bottom of the bed. She took my now damp towel and did likewise and told me to lie on my back across the diagonal of the end of the bed. We had done this kind of thing before and so escort maltepe I quickly angled myself so my head hung down over the foot of the bed and one foot was on the floor next to the bed while the other was up on the bed.Kay had taken the toy out of its packaging and was using the lube from the porn shop to prepare it for use. But she did not stick it in her own ass as I had expected and watched for her to do. Instead, she turned and gave me that wicked smile of hers and walked over to stand so her shaved bare pussy was right in my face! “Eat me, brother. You know you want to!” She did not have to tell me a second time as as she leaned over me.Kay has the kind of pussy that drives me crazy. Her labia is nice and pronounced, and when she gets excited, it turns darker, fuller and wet and tender! As she moved closer, I could see the beads on her lips and the wetness in the dark line indicating where I so wanted to bury my cock! It was not water. It was her own flavorful fluids of lust and from the first time I had tasted it, I have never been able to get enough!She pressed her sex firmly over my face and I worked my tongue into the splendiferous folds of her in search of the pearl of great pleasure! “That’s it. Oh shit! Yeah, suck on me. Oh damn, I love that!” she loved to be loud and since there was no real good reason to hold back (like my wife asleep in the next room), she was not! I sucked, licked, stroked and kissed on her cunt for several minutes, catching my breath as and when I could! She took my hands and put them on her breasts and I felt her tremble as the pleasure broke over her in waves.She fell forward across my torso and her pussy fell just beyond the reach of my hungry tongue. I reached around her thighs and wiped some of her thick pussy juice from my eyes and nose as I heard her pant, “Your turn. Lift your legs.”A moment later I felt my manhood slide into my sister’s incredible mouth. Kay can do things, with her mouth that should be outlawed because they can render a man helpless in seconds! I swear to God, maltepe escort bayan the way her tongue slides up and down the shaft of my cock as she sucks or runs the tip of her tongue around the rim of my fat helmet can send pleasure waves overwhelming the strongest man’s mind in a flash! As I felt her velvet lips sliding down my shaft and her breath blow across my nuts, I knew I was not going to last long.The cold wet touch of the lube on my butthole made my eyes fly open and brought me back to reality! Kay was not focused on blowing my cock, she did not want me thinking about her fucking my ass! Before I could think, I felt the first small ball press through the lock ring of my butt and I groaned. Kay giggled and my dic fell out of her mouth and slapped down wet and hot on my belly. “You are such an easy slut! I should have gotten the bigger toy!” and with that she pushed and another ball slipped into me..She slowly stroked my cock and continued to encourage me to relax as she sank ball after ball into my ass until only the perpendicular rubber base was outside of me and she turned it to fit vertically in my crack. “You were so good, I am going to drain your balls for you now!”With that, she proceeded to suck me over the moon and out into the Solar System! I had my hips thrusting so hard we both were lifted off of the bed! When Kay knew I was ready, she jammed my big round head into her throat and started swallowing! Those muscles did not just drain my cum, it felt like she wanted to pull every bit of me down into her through her amazing mouth and throat! She came up for air twice, but when I finally reached the end of that moment, I collapsed back onto the bed, more dead than alive!She rolled off up me and sat up and pulled my head onto her lap, right beneath her big, heavy left breast. When I opened my eyes, that nipple looked so good! I was just thinking of giving her a good suck in return, when she mumbled, “Open up.” I looked up at her and she raised her eyebrows at me as if to say, “You heard me!” So I opened my mouth and she leaned over me and drooled her spit and my cum into my mouth snowballing me! Her face lit up and I swallowed as she trailed tails of spittle on my face.============Please leave me a comment! I really want to know who is reading me. Thank you

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