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Lesbian Dream PT2

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Lesbian Dream PT2My attention was taken away from the movie when I heard three light knocks at the front door. As I got up from the couch to answer the door my heart jumped with excitement because I knew it was her. Now, for the past week, I’ve been trying to figure out what is going on with my body because my hormones have been on 100. All it takes is for Kendall lick her lips or give me that “imma fck your world up” look & I turn into a damn typhoon, but that’s a story for later. So, I open the door and of course she rushed passed like she always does talking shit, but this time I my attention was caught by the scent of her cologne which immediately made the inside of my womanhood ache.Now, keep in mind that I have on an old sundress and I’ve been in the house relaxing all day, so I’m not wearing any panties, I can tell this is about to be a problem for me. As I close the door and lock it I check myself back into reality, and I turn around to Kendall standing behind me with a container in her hand.Earlier that day I told Kendall I was trying this new recipe my cousin wanted halkalı escort me to try and make, so she knew I had cooked and I already figured she would have wanted to try some.So, I made her a plate of food and I walked back to the couch to try and finish watching the movie.At this point I can’t stop fighting my smile or checking over my shoulder to see what’s she doing, why she hasn’t come to sit by me yet. But no worries a few moments later she joins me on the couch to watch the movie as well.I am no longer paying attention to this movie, I have thoughts racing in my head about conversations we have been having over these past few days, and honesty I just wanted my one on one with her. After about 20minutes, my cousin has fallen asleep on the couch so I turn off the movie and walked back to my room so we could talk.We laid across the bed for about 15 or 20 minutes just sharing thoughts and just like any other time Kendall picking at my brain, but I don’t mind it, she challenges me to broaden my mind. A little while nişantaşı escort after they were done talking Kendall tried to teach my how to play a card game but I wasn’t winning so jokingly I knocked the card out her hand. She just laughed and told me I better pick up her cards. Because I wanted to be defiant I asked “and if I don’t?”, next thing we know we’re play fighting. We were going back and forth between the bed and walls, holding each other arms out the way, and wouldn’t let go. Because I have no upper hand in this current situation I figured I could either lick, bite, or suck on her neck and I know she would let me go, and it worked.She instantly let my arms go, pushed me on the bed, and placed her hand around my neck. Plus the look she was giving me, had me soaked.The expression on her way was priceless. But I wasn’t finished tormenting her. Bare from the waist down with my nearly exposed naked pussy, I wrapped my legs around her waist pulling her in closer to me, her body weakened she fell forward onto me, And şişli escort there it was again, that face. The look of her getting lost within her own body, pure pleasure.”Why are you doing this?” Kendall asked. “Doing what?” I responded pulling her waist in to met mine “…this?” Her arms became weaker and she buckled over, her ear meeting my mouth. In a low and soft whisper tone I said to her “are you okay?” She attempted to pull her body back up but i grabbed her, pulling her back down, and said “Don’t fight it or I will moan in your ear..” instantly I felt her body start to buckle down again, but she pulled up and broke out of my hold, but I’m still laying on the bed with my legs wrapped around her waist.Still tempting her I slip my hands up her shirt caressing the smoothness of her belly and curves of her hips. Never before has we ever experienced such physical closeness with one another, It was impossible to keep my hands off her at that moment. Kendalls skin felt smooth, I was loving the sensation of my fingers gliding over her, moving slowly up and than back down. I could tell that me touching Kendall was driving her crazy because she was giving me that caught-in-the-headlights look with a mix of sense of getting lost in herself.Eventually, I release Kendall from my legs, and as she stepped away from me she told me “imma fck you up!” I laughed and said responded “okay hold up, let me put on some shorts.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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