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Letter Between Mom and Son

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Letter Between Mom and SonDear Mason,I haven’t called you in a while and I was thinking it’d be sweet to send you a card in the mail. College is going, alright, it’s midterms this week so I’ve been studying real hard.I’m gonna try to come home soon because i miss the family. I actually miss you a lot mom, I think about you a lot. I thought this would be easier to say in a letter than to tell you in person, or on the phone. I know this is really weird but…Mom, I think you’re a beuatiful person. I love your round smooth ass and I dream about halkalı escort seeing your big breast. You’re so gorgeous and I think about making out with you in your’s and dad’s bed when he’s not home. I think about being naked with you alone in my bedroom. I think about how lucky i was to take baths with you when i was just a c***d. Mom you make me so horny and all I wanna do the next time i see you is to make hot, amazing love to you. I’m sure this letter is very disturving and digusting and taksim escort wrong, but I want you to know how I feel about you. I should be able to tell you all of my feelings, and my feelings are that I am sexually attracted to you.Okay, so what do we do now, ha? Well if you love me and want me the same way I want you, write me a letter back. If not, please forgive me for being so wrong, and I’ll give you a call sometime.Love, MasonDear Mason,Wow. The letter I recieved from you last week was a shock. I hope şişli escort you did good on midterms, I was thinking about you. Well, as you can tell by my writing you back, I;m missing you in the same way your missing me. Logan, it’s a very wrong thing to lust over your mother. I feel extremely ashamed. However..I have sexual thoughts about you all the time now. I read you’re letter all the time. you probably don’t wanna hear this but when I fuck your dad I pretend he’s you. I saw you one time when you came home drunk. you were naked in the hallway and I helped you into bed. When you fell asleep i stroked your cock Logan. I was in love with you, I wanted to be married to you, and I wanted your cock in my pussy. The thought of you being my son makes me so wet.I want to talk to you baby, so call me. I want to see you soon.Love, Mom

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