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lost my virginity at 15 to my uncles wife

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lost my virginity at 15 to my uncles wifeI was 14 years old and my aunt was 20 years old. She married my mom’s brother (uncle) 1 year prior dec 1988 in germany. I first met her in the summer of 1989 they came here (toronto) for honeymoon, When I saw her I thought she was really pretty and hot. She stood about 5’3 130-140lbs but all in her chest, nice firm body. They stayed with us for 3 weeks. I stayed clear of her a few days. I feared having a boner infront of her and my family, and did not want to seem foolish/horny teen.She had an above average personality, funny, made me smile, and really cool. She had such a pretty face. During the 2nd week, we brought them to Casa Loma, and there was the first time we started talking. She approached me told put her hand on my back, then placed both hands one on each side around my lats, and said, dont be shy you can talk to me i am your aunt.They were sleeping in my room, and i got the couch. The second last day i dont know where my mind was honestly,i thought everyone was outside. I had to get to my room to get a shirt to get to work. I opened the door, and my aunt was there standing in front of the mirror, in shorts, with black bra, ready to put her shirt on. As i opened i turned red, she quickly covered, and i said oops sorry, quickly closed door, took off for work without telling anyone i left. The last 2 days i stayed clear of her, but when we did cross paths/dinner table, i was hard on under table. She has little smile each time eye contact was made.They left at weeks end, and didnt talk/see her again. That winter Oct 1989 i took the semester off high school. I felt i needed a break. I had advanced a grade and did extra courses in summer. For my age was to be in grade 10, but had 1 year and half, in short was well ahead of schedule in school. So that fall/winter i went to Germany. i stayed at my moms 2 sisters place going back and forth spending time with both. I was there for 5 months. My first day there, everyone greeted me etc. My uncle was at work, so he and his wife came later that night. As i saw her enter my aunts place, i feared getting a hard on, i rushed to the washroom. Shortly after i came out, was greeted by my uncle, and then she/my aunt came up, gave me a big welcome hug kiss. I didnt put arms around her, shy/nervous/hardon factor. First three weeks went by, i saw little of her. SHe and my uncle worked rotating shifts and was hard for them to come to my aunts homes. One sunday night, at my eldest aunts house. I saw whisper something in my uncles ear, and was looking directly at me. As she sat back down, my uncle asked my moms sister where i was staying, if i could spend a few nights at his place, since we didnt see much of each other first 3 weeks.My moms 2 sisters asked me if i would go, and i said quietly/nodding sure. That night at there place nice cozy one bedroom apartment in downtown mannehiem/germany we went out for coffee. As we stood in line getting our coffees, we made little eye contact. AFter coffee went back to there place. She set up the couch/futton halkalı escort bed, and all went to sleep. I didnt sleep one bit knowing she was near. Morning came, she woke up first, walked into the kitchen/adajecent living room/where i was sleeping. All open concept apartment. She walked in her night gown, just above her knees. All in black. I was playing sleep, and noticed she flinched back to my way, and ran back to her bedroom room. My uncle asked her why is she back, she said she forgot i was in there and went back to dress up fully.She went to work first, my uncle had afternoons that week. The first 2 days, my moms 2 sisters/grandmother would show up, taking me out etc. So i was never alone with her at night. On the 3rd morning in her house. She left for work, my uncle told was taking a shower, i told him i was going for a quick jog.When i got back at 12pm, i didnt hear anyone home, i had a spare key. So i was swetting and decided to take a shower and get a change of clothes. Being in Germany for a bit now and being a virgin, was horny as hell, hadnt jerked off in about 5 weeks. I kept water on, locked the bathroom door, and slowly started to jerk myself standing in the shower, with curtains around making sure water didnt spill onto floor. After 2-3 minutes i didnt see much in shower steamy water, i felt something touch my left ass cheek. I thought was a bug and didnt bother. Again i felt it, this time turned around to scratch the itch. As i turned and opened my eyes, my aunt was standing there in a pink bath towel barely covering her 42DD real breasts. I quickly put my hands over my penis, turned red as hell, and was speechless, not knowning how long she was there. i quickly got a towel and covered up, turned water off, and moved way back of her.I told her “I thought you were at work”She replied, “I told my boss i wasnt feeling well, and had to go home”I asked, “Where is my uncle”She replied, “He told me this morning he had to go in 4 hours earlier”I felt she was lying instantly, and being a good person, i left the bathroom went to couch where i had my clothes/luggage near. But i didnt change/remove towel. I sat on futton with my face cherry red and head down not looking at her. Yes i had hots for her, but my uncles wife no way. Not my thing.As i sat there,i noticed she came into kitchen sat at the table, didnt sit long. She was up and down walking back and forth from kitchen sink to table but kept looking back to me. She started to approach the living room, i got more nervous/shy. She sat right next to me on futton. She put her right hand on my shoulder, i got nervous as hell at that point but didnt move or look at her.”Dont be embarrassed what just happened. You are 15 yrs old everyone your age does that” She reminded meI had my clothes in my hand, i stood up, and said i was going to get dressed.As i stood there, she got up stood infront of me, both in bath towels, looked at me, and gave me a hug comforting hug. I didnt taksim escort hug back, but i felt her breasts/body on me. I got major hard. She said “You can hug me back, i want to feel you hugging me”I said, “I cant, can i please get changed”She stepped back, looked at me again, and applied another major hug.She was rubbing her hands around my back holding/pressing me tight to her body. I feared my uncle walking in no matter what she said. I pulled back again.I stood there with major boner, she looked at me, grabbed my hand kissed my lips and asked me to sit down with her on futton.I was slow to react/move she said come on, dont be shy, we both know what we want.She spread the futton out. I was sitting up on futton. She was now standing looking down at me, lifted my hands off my knees, instantly sat on my lap, and put right arm around my neck. I knew/felt she wouldnt stop, so i put my left arm around her back and just sat there. Then I started hugging her and was touching/rubbing her upper thigh. I felt so horny but still she was my uncles wife i didnt want to do this.She asked me to lay down on the couch, she was seated up beside me, she came down kissed my left cheek, and started rubbing my nipples. She got them so wet and hard with her fingers. She removed her lips from mine, came lower, and started licking/sucuking/kissing my nipples.I got up quickly and said this is wrong. She sat over my laps, put arms around my neck, gave me a long french kiss, which ingitioned me to change my mindand we started to make out. I never knew she liked me to this point that she wanted me sexually. My hands were just going up down her back, and upper thighs. I was ready to grab her big tits, but held back still being shy/behaving letting her make the moves, remember i was a virgin.After making out for couple of minutes I wanted her so much I couldn’t let go of her. She was on of the reason I came to germany.After making out she asked me to lay down again. She placed her left hand on my stomach and worked way down. I was anticapting her to grab my cock, but she went from tummy to knees/upper legs. She was cock teasing me at this point wanting to see how hard/nervous i got. She slowly approached my hard on, she lowered her face, and kissed my hard on over my towel.I moaned “madonna!”She said i think you are ready to have fun.She slowly moved her hand under the towel took hold of my hard cock, removed the towel with her other hand, started to jerk my up and down, with her other hand she juggles/massaged my balls. She was the first to touch/hold of it other than myself. She then lowered her hot lips, started licking my balls, worked her way up my shaft, curled her tongue and licked the head/hole of my penis, slowly putting it in her mouth. She was giving me hot oral for a few minutes. She told me to not cum, she wanted more of me. She then got up from me, and was standing by bedside. She asked me to get up, Again she was huggin me, rubbing her thighs on my hard on, while we were hugging and french kissing. şişli escort I finally made my way under her towel. Grabbed her hot bumcheeks, and rubbed them/grabbed them. I worked way up lifting towel exposing her love box. As i felt towel go higher, i felt warm twathair over my leg. I looked down saw bush, and went nuts. She grabbed my 2 hands placed them on her chest, asked me to remove towel, and give oral to her breasts. As the towel came off, she had major breasts real natural 42 DD. her nipples size off bottom of pop can. I couldnt belive i had these 2 big breasts to play with. I started to rub my fingers over her nipples, working to grabbing/massaging entire breasts. I than sat back down on futton, her over me, and i began sucking her breasts as if i was in search of milk. A good 6-7 minutes went by, she then lowered my hand to her wet love box. I finally felt a woman down there. She was wet. She lay down, and i began rubbing my fingers over her lips/working my way inside with 2 fingers. I lowered myself and began performing oral on her. I didnt mind the hair i find it hot with some hair down there. As she began to moan and say i was so good. She rolled me down on futton, placed her face to my penis, and i had her hot pussy over my face. We gave each other oral a bit more. She then turned around, rubbed my hard on over her lips, and slowly slid him into her, lady on top!. I love lady top.She rode me so good, up and down, as she placed my hands over her chest. She then lowered herself riding me, we began to french kiss, as i was grabbing her a=cheeks. This was multitasking at its best!!She then asked me to do her doggy style, i feared coming in her so i kept pulling out. She felt my fearness said dont pull out. She again turned me over, was back on top, rode me till i came in her, my full load went inside her. I was in shock, i said to myself this chicks pregnant. Little did i know she was on the pill. Luckily she didnt get pregnant. After i came in her, we lay on futton naked. She kept kissing me, and rubbing hands over my body. She said to me ” i hope we can keep doing this while you are here. We could have lots of fun next 4 months, just dont tell anyone what we did”I stayed clear of her following 2 weeks. But i couldnt resist. The 2nd time happened in my aunts house, she knew i was home alone, came over, and did it on my moms sisters bed, this time i got to do anal bareback. In short my 5 months there, we probably did it 10-12 more times.In 1994 she divorced my uncle, he found her in bed with 2 guys. Apparently she was sleeping around with many. I didnt care i got my first experiences with her, didnt tell anyone. I didnt see her again till 2004. I went back to europe. We crossed paths both older now. Her a little more heavier, but still big big major tits. when we first crossed paths, she came up to me and said i hope we can still be friends, our secret is ours and ours only. I said we are in a small town back in sicily we can both get caught now. She gave me a kiss, and said anytime come visit me next 3 weeks you are here.I didnt bother town to small everyone knows everyone i feared getting caught again that was one problem, my other problem was my uncles new wife also started hitting on me, she was ugly as hell. AFter doing my uncles wife in 1989 i felt stay clear of family/people who know people. But it was an awesome first experience

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