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Lustful Wife

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Lustful WifeErica paced nervously taking quick deliberate drags from the glowing cigarette between her fingers. The wind blew her long brunette hair back and forth, as the chilly December night air caused her tiny pink nipples to stiffen upon her gorgeous perky 34c breasts. Her nipples poked out against the sheer fabric of the old Chicago Bears t-shirt she had thrown on to come downstairs. She cautiously looked around again as she took the last couple of drags from her cigarette.The wind blew once more causing the shirt to rise slightly, exposing her tight bare ass to the darkness. Erica flicked away the cherry from the cigarette and crumpled the remains in her slender hands. She gently pulled open the sliding glass door and quietly slid it back into place behind her. Walking softly across the cold kitchen title, Erica made her way to the trash can under the sink and stuffed the cigarette remains into one of the empty soda cans sitting inside.She smiled triumphantly while fishing a piece of gum from the candy drawer. Mission Accomplished she thought. Erica headed out of the kitchen and into the living room on her way to the stairs. She had nearly reached the bottom step when a noise behind her made her jump nearly out of her skin.”You must think I’m an idiot.” said a familiar voice.Erica, now pale as a ghost, turned to see her husband Victor sitting in his recliner in the corner of the unlit living room. “I…” “I…” she stammered.”Don’t” warned Victor.”It was just the one.” she lied. “I’ve just been so stressed with work and all that canlı bahis stuff with my sister. I figured one wouldn’t hurt and maybe it would help the with the stress.”As Victor rose from his recliner a beam of light from the window illuminated his features slightly. Erica could tell by the look on his face that he knew she was lying. She also noticed he was holding a plastic bag. The bag rattled as he handed it to her.”You just made it ten times worse on yourself.” he said walking past her up the stairs.A chill ran down Erica’s spine when she peered down into the bag. Inside were several empty soda cans that had been cut in half exposing the cigarette remains in each one. She immediately flashed back to the last time Victor had caught her smoking.*****He had spanked her bare ass for nearly an hour before forcing her to stand completely nude in front of the big bay window in the foyer. She prayed none of their neighbors would see her standing there in her birthday suit.A few cars had passed on the street seemly without notice. Each time a pair of headlights made its way down the street a nervous excitement from somewhere deep inside had sent electric shock waves through Erica’s naked body.She was surprised that it disappointed her a little each time someone passed without noticing her naked body.It wasn’t until Mr. Gunderson, an elderly widower who lived directly across the street, came home that someone took notice of her. Mr. Gunderson was nearly to his front porch when he turned and saw Erica.He stared for a moment as if trying to decide bahis siteleri if he was really seeing what it was that he saw.Erica felt tingles running through her body again, only this time the sensation was much more intense. Her nipples formed hard little bumps on her breast, while the wetness between her thighs began to grow.Gunderson stood watching for another moment before retreating quickly into his home.Erica felt another wave of disappointment wash over her, the brief exhibition had been so exciting. Just then she felt a pair of eyes on her once again, she looked up to see Mr. Gunderson staring at her from his front room window.Even from here she could see that Gunderson had his fully erect cock in his hand and was gently stroking himself to the sight of her gorgeous naked body.Erica was so wet she could hardly contain herself, who knew she would be this turn on by some horny old man masturbating to her!”You like that don’t you my little whore?” Victor questioned. Erica had forgotten he was watching the whole thing from the living room.”Yes! Victor! Oh Yes!” she confessed.”Good. I want you to pleasure yourself.” he ordered.Erica hesitated for a moment.”Now!” demanded Victor.Not wanting to disappoint Victor, Erica started to caress her breast with her left hand while slowly sliding her right hand down between her now dripping leg.Mr. Gunderson quickened his pace, stroking his throbbing cock faster and harder.Erica parted her pussy lips and rhythmically began to rub her clitoris back and forth. She moaned from the sensations güvenilir bahis and feelings of pleasure running through her entire body.Finally she stuck two of her fingers deep inside herself and began a penetrating motion.The wetness began to run down Erica’s hand as she pleasured herself with her fingers as if nobody was watching, yet the though of known someone was indeed watching made her all the more excited.Her body arched with delight when she saw Mr. Gunderson shoot a load of cum out of his hard cock and onto the window.She penetrated harder and faster, rhythmically moving her fingers inside herself until she finally exploded in a glorious orgasm, her insides pulsated causing her love juices to to seep down her leg and onto the floor.When Erica looked up she saw Mr. Gunderson was no longer standing there. She jumped when she felt a strong hand on her bare shoulder. Erica turned and glanced up at Victor.”That was nothing, if I catch you again it will be much worse for you than this my little whore. Much worse.” Victor slapped her hard on the ass cheek before walking away.Erica had always know Victor was a peculiar and eccentric man, yet she had fallen in love with him none the less, perhaps even more so because of it.Victor was a tall handsome man with a serious cock that loved to dominate her in almost every aspect of her life, but his first love was to dominate her sexually.They had no needs for contracts or agreements, their attraction to each other transcended such nonsense.She knew to a certainty that if Victor ever pushed her too far, he would stop immediately upon her request.She was also fairly certain that Victor could never push her too far, mostly because she was fairly certain she had no limits. At least none that she knew of yet…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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