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Lyla Meets her match

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Lyla Meets her match”Sunni, the take away arrived.” Lyla called through the bedroom door.”I’ll be out in a second!” Snapped Sunni.”What is up with her lately,” Lyla thought to herself, “She has been acting so fucking weird.”She emptied the food from the containers onto plates and poured two glasses of wine. This girls catch up was long overdue, ever since the fuck up at the convention Lyla had been so distracted with trying to make it right to Clarke, she had barely seen Sunni in the last two weeks. “Sorry I snapped, I was just getting out of the shower.” Sunni said, wrapping her damp hair up in a towel. “Smells really good.”Lyla looked at her housemate as she sat down beside her. She was easily the prettiest girl Lyla had ever seen. Her tanned skin on her thin frame was like caramel. Big fake breasts,(Sunni had admitted to Lyla that all through her teens she felt disgusted with her body). She could just make out a few strands of her jet black hair sticking out from underneath the towel. They ate in silence, the only noise coming from either of them was the clinking of the forks on the plate. “So what’s new with you, sorry I haven’t been around much, work has just been crazy.””Not much,” She replied wiping her full lips with a napkin. “I got the role in the play. I started rehearsals yesterday.””What! that’s brilliant news Sunni, I wish you had told me we could have gone out to celebrate.”Sunni blushed as her housemate reached across and hugged her. She shrugged saying it was nothing. They began to chat more fluidly after that, Lyla decided not to tell her about her out of office activities. While Sunni was way more reserved than Lyla she still loved to hear all about her sordid sex tales, but Lyla thought the recent events were a bit much. “Other than that,” She slurred as they finished off their third bottle of wine. “Is everything ok?””My father called me a few days ago, I haven’t really spoken to him since I left, he still thinks I should have stayed and gave the Bollywood roles a better shot.””Oh!” Lyla knew little about Sunni’s life before she met her three years ago. Sunni would reveal the odd bit of information at random times, Lyla knew not to pry.”He says he wants to come and visit but I told him no, the last time I seen him he was kicking me out of the house, saying he never wanted to see me again, that I had brought shame on the family.” She began to get upset, tears slowly began to leak from her large, aqua coloured eyes. “That was over five years ago.””How did he get your number then?” She asked, rubbing her hand up and down her housemates back consolingly. “I have a cousin who I speak to weekly, we are very close since c***dhood, he must have given it to him. Oh Lyla I do not know what I will do if he turns up here.””Sssh, don’t worry, if he does turn up here he will have to deal with me ok, I will kick his ass.”They both laughed lightly. Sunni dabbed her eyes with the towel that was now lying on the coffee table. Lyla rested her head back on the sofa, the mixture of the long week she had just put in at work and the wine, hit her all at once and she began to nod off. She was about to stand up and get ready for bed when she felt soft lips upon hers. Her eyes sprang open.”Sunni, what are you doing?””I’m sorry,” She replied flustered, mortification etched all over her face. “Please forgive me Lyla I don’t know what came over me.” She stood up and ran from the room.”Sunni, it’s fine you just took me by surprise. Please come back to the sofa.” Lyla said as she knocked on her housemates bedroom door. “Seriously just come out and talk to me.” She waited there for nearly ten minutes before slowly walking to her own room, feeling bad and confused. She had never seen any signs that Sunni was into her in that way. “What else can change in my life.” She wondered as her head his the pillow. ****Lyla jumped into the shower after her run the next morning. Sunni had left a note on the island saying that she had gone to rehearsals and wouldn’t be home till late. Lyla had tried texting her to talk about their kiss but all she had received in way of a reply was, “Please forget about it, it was a mistake and I was drunk Sun x”. With Lyla’s work life in a whirlwind she couldn’t afford to have her home life effected as well. She would try and meet her after her rehearsals she need to call into the office anways, she had some paper work to scan and email and needed to get itinerary off of Clarkes desk for the incoming overseas investors week.”I never get a fucking day off.” She mused, slipping on her sweat pants and baggy sweater. “At least I don’t have to dress up.”Thirty minutes later she was at her desk, Clarke had emailed her saying he would message her again after his brunch with maltepe escort Mr. Howe. The office was basically deserted this early on a Saturday morning. Lyla had brought her lunch with her, she intended to prepare it in the kitchenette in Clarke’s office and take in the stunning views as she ate. The thought of food made her stomach grumble so she quickly scanned her documents and sent them, photocopied the itinerary. A segment on the calendar drew her attention, it was typed in Italics. “Send gift to apartment.” “I wonder what the gift is.” She thought dryly as she grabbed her back pack and pushed open the heavy door to Clarkes office. The hum of traffic could just be heard from the street 20 storeys below. The view still took her breath away. The sun hit off the adjacent skysc****rs, giving the city a magical quality to it. She could see the route she took on her daily jog, the green trees lining the dark water of the lake. Her stomach gave another grumble which snapped her out of the trance. She picked up her back pack and walked into the cool kitchenette. She reached for a plate and pulled out the salad she had made from the leftovers. She thought she could hear voices coming from her office but assumed it was the cleaner making noise. The door to the office suddenly burst open. “I told you Clarke we should have gone to a restaurant and bought a picnic, what are we doing back here.” “Fuck!” Lyla thought, “Cassie sounds pissed.””I just have a few things to do real quick babes then I will take you wherever you want to go ok. I didn’t expect Mr. Howe to cancel at the last minute, I have to write the emails that we were going to go over myself. It should take about 30 minutes, you can take the car and go to the stores, I can meet you somewhere if you like.””No,” She replied, c***dishly, “I never get to spend time with you anymore, you are either here all the time with that bitch or you just go straight to bed when you are home.””Cassie, I asked you to stop calling Lyla that.””I will call her what she is, giving you the flirty eyes, and the clothes she wears, please, that bitch has a thing for you and I ain’t stupid.” Lyla’s cheeks flushed as she quietly pushed the kitchenette door out, she always knew that Clarke’s wife didn’t like her but she had never said as much, to her face anyways. There was no way she could go into his office now, she just hoped that they wouldn’t bother coming into the kitchenette.”She doesn’t fancy me, babes, anyways I only have eyes for you. My Latino queen.”Lyla didn’t think it would be possible but her cheeks burned even brighter, she had never heard Clarke speak like this, she didn’t even think he would be capable of lovey dovey talk. “Yes well, when are you going to make me your Latino Baby Mama. Huh?””Next year, how many times do I have to tell you this Honey, when things settle down again and I have launched the app, I will have more free time, just now isn’t a good time. “”There is never going to be a good time with you Clarke.”From this angle, through the crack in the door Lyla could just make out Clarke’s upper body sitting behind his desk, Cassie was on the sofa, in front of the kitchenette on her phone. Lyla could feel the tension in the air. “Fuck.” Lyla thought. She would just have to stay hidden and hope that they left soon, she quietly grabbed her ear buds from her back pack and placed one in here ear, if they came towards her she could slip the other one in and pretend that she was listening to music and not eavesdropping on their domestic squabble. “Nearly finished, have you decided where you wanna eat?” Clarke called looking up from his monitor. “Don’t care,” came the sullen reply. “Don’t be in a mood, you know how I feel about becoming a father and I do, more than anything in the world, just not right now. OK?””I know,” She said calmly, setting her phone on the sofa and walking towards his desk, “I just cannot wait to be a mother.” She slowly started massaging Clarke’s shoulders.”Just another paragraph and I think I should be ready.””Take your time.” She purred, her hands sliding across his pecks, her head pressed against his neck.Lyla continued to watch, willing them to go away but a small part of her wanted Cassie to keep going. Her body started to betray her and she could feel the familiar build up in her stomach as she continued to watch, transfixed.Cassie now had her hand on her husband’s crotch slowly kneading it through his black pants.”That feels so good.” He moaned, spinning around in his computer chair to face her. She slowly peeled off her jacket, revealing a green sleeveless shirt. Her tanned body looked toned, her big breasts straining against the material. He pulled her in to a kiss while she continued to rub escort maltepe between his thighs. From this angle Lyla could truly appreciate Cassie’s body. She had a big ass, thin waist, a heaving bosom. Her jet black hair fell down between her shoulders. She always came into the office wearing the latest trends. Silver jewellery shone bright against her tanned, flawless skin.Clarke slipped off his sneakers and moved down in his chair, Lyla could see his pants falling to his ankles. “This is not fucking happening.” She thought.Cassie slowly sank to her knees, she was obscured from Lyla’s vision behind the desk but from the motion of her head and the slurping noises that soon followed, it didn’t take a genius to figure out what was happening. Lyla watched as Cassie’s head bobbed up and down furiously, Clarke had both hands on her head guiding her, his face contorted in pleasure. “That feel good?” She whispered. “Oh yes, fucking amazing. Keep going.”Lyla could feel her nerve endings jolt between her thighs, she had always fantasised about Clarke but knew he would never go there with her. Cassie was his trophy wife, the one every man wished was on their arm and not some nerdy tech guy’s. His fidelity only added to her fantasy. She couldn’t look away, her face was pressed as close to the crack in the door as she could get without being seen. The slurping noises that Cassie was making made Lyla catch her breath . She started to rub her neck where the wire of the ear buds rested, slowly rubbing the back before moving around to the front. Her eyes closed for a brief moment as she imagined she was the one kneeling before him. She chanced a closer look through the crack, she was slowly tipping over the edge, between her thighs had become moist. Clarke had moved Cassie on to his desk, her toned legs were in the air, her skirt discarded on the floor. Lyla could make out Clarkes mop of floppy brown hair between his wife’s thighs. Cassie’s head was thrown back in ecstasy, one hand cupping her breast as her husband continued to eat her out. “Lock the door baby,” She whispered breathlessly. Clarke slowly pulled away, stood up and walked towards the office door. Lyla moved back slowly as he walked past. She couldn’t believe what she saw. His huge erect cock swung from side to side, slapping off his thighs as he walked. From his tall thin frame Lyla always imagined that he was hung but hadn’t expected him to be so thick. She would have put him at 8′ easily, the middle of the shaft had meaty girth, narrowing as it came to the dark red helmet. “Fucking hell, what am I doing.” She thought, as she heard the lock slide into place, he walked past the door again towards his wife who was still splayed all over his desk. “Take me now.” Cassie said. “I will take you all over this fucking office.” He replied as he grabbed one of her ankles and spread her legs wider. “I’m gonna fuck you up against the window next.” He slammed his cock into her then. Lyla gasped before quickly covering her mouth. Cassie moaned in pleasure. Lyla could see Clarke’s face was screwed up with intensity. She never thought he could be like this in the bedroom, she always thought he would be quiet shy and vanilla, but judging from the way he was slamming his wife on the desk, she was wrong.”That’s it baby, don’t fucking stop.” Cassie’s hand was rubbing her pussy, her thick silver bracelets clanged along with her fast rhythmic movements. The other hand was cupping her gigantic tits. The computer monitor began to wobble precariously on the desk.Clarke pulled out of his wife and sat on his computer chair, Cassie quickly hopped up from the desk and sat on her husband’s meaty rod. Her hand grasped the back of the chair as she bounced on him. Lyla could see that Clarke was sucking her tits while he grabbed her hips, pulling her deeper and deeper onto him. Lyla couldn’t take much more, she needed release, the noises they were both making were driving her crazy. She slowly slid a hand down her sweat pants. Her two fingers feeling the slickness between her thighs, just the slightest touch and she was weak. Gently separating the folds she moved her finger up and down her slit slowly at first before she moved it in a circular motion. Her nipples sprung up and grazed the coarse material of her sweater. Lyla watched as Clarke leaned around and began to massage Cassie’s asshole. Cassie’s moans sounded guttural as if she was fighting for air. She continued to rise and fall on her husband’s cock. Each time her ass cheeks made contact with Clarke’s thighs there was a satisfying smacking noise. With one hand still inside her sweat pants, flicking her bean, Lyla’s other hand moved up her sweater, pinching her erect nipple. She normally would maltepe escort bayan have touched herself with her eyes closed, lost in some fantasy, but this time the fantasy was playing out in real life on the other side of the door. Clarke pushed Cassie gently off of him and grabbed her hand moving her towards the giant window. “I told you I was going to fuck you against the window, now put both hands on the glass and spread your legs for me.”Lyla was taken aback by his commanding tone, she had never heard his voice like that. Cassie must have been used to it because she followed his orders without raising an eyebrow. Cassie’s hands were above her head, her silver bracelets sliding down near her elbow, when her husband stood behind her and slid his cock back inside of her. “Yeah baby,” She squealed, “Fuck me for everyone to see.”Lyla could see the strain on Clarkes leg muscles as he continued to pound his wife’s twat. Her breasts were swinging around in a circular motion. Lyla herself could feel the strain in her loins, she desperately wanted to come but the fear of getting caught was stopping her. “Ugh,” She thought to herself, “It’s like my cunt is on fire.””Yes fucking give it to me, every fucking drop.” Cassie said arching her back. With a primitive moan Clarke’s body began to shudder, he gave another few slams before running his fingers through his floppy hair. He sat down loudly. Cassie lowered her hands and went to grab her skirt. “What do you think you’re doing.” He smiled weakly at her. “Oh please just leave, I am about to burst,” Lyla thought. Lyla couldn’t see what was going on so she pushed her face as close to the door as she could. She couldn’t believe the sight. Cassie was bent over her ass and pussy pointed directly in Clarkes face, from the slurping noises he was eating her out. “Come on Cassie, push it out, give me every last drop.” He said before he spanked her ass.Lyla was close to coming but couldn’t pull her hands away from her body. “He is actually sucking his load out of her pussy. ” It was this thought that tipped her over the edge. She quickly and quietly moved away from the door as her legs got weak and the familiar build up and release made her body spasm. It was the most intense orgasm she could remember having, she could feel her blood pumping all through her body. She took a few deep breathes calming herself before she tip toed back to the door. Cassie had pulled on her skirt and rearranged her top. She was now sitting on the sofa’s fixing her hair. Clarke had his shoes and pants on tidying up his desk, Lyla thought she could make out some white fluid on his trimmed beard over his top lip. She grinned to herself, she wouldn’t be able to look at him the same way ever again. “Just another minute, I have to text Lyla and ask her to call over to Halle’s. We have a big week coming.””Make it quick, I am starving.”Lyla jolted at hearing her name, she quickly scrambled to unlock her phone and set it vibrate. She had just clicked the function when her phone whirred in her hands. It normally was nearly silent but in the quiet of the kitchenette it sounded Alike a roar. She instantly locked her home screen and peered out to see if they had heard anything. Cassie was looking straight at her, her eyes wide with shock, her mouth slightly open. Lyla’s whole body tensed. Her face flushed. The look on Cassie’s face was pure anger before a smug grin spread across her face. Her face said it all. “All you can do is watch bitch, he will always be mine.””You ready to go.” Clarke said as he switched off his monitor and walked towards his wife.”Yes my love,” She purred not taking her eyes off the door. “I know where I want to eat as well.””That makes a change,” He said putting his arm around her, lightly kissing the side of her head. “Where?””Somewhere with a view.” It was only when Lyla heard the door close that she allowed herself to breath. She sank to the floor, she couldn’t believe that just happened. If Cassie told on her, she would lose everything. “How could I have been so stupid!” She thought as she put her head on her knees. After a few minutes of deep breaths she began to relax. Clarke couldn’t afford to lose her at this stage and if Cassie was going to snitch on her she would have done it straightaway. She opened her phone and read the text from Clarke. He wanted her to call to Halle’s house and help her with the plans for the overseas investors. He would really appreciate it if was all done by tomorrow at the latest. “When this shit is all over,” She thought, “I am taking a fucking holiday.”****As Lyla entered her apartment forty minutes later, she could hear Sunni shouting in her room.”No Ravi he cannot fucking come here, he doesn’t know anything about it. He will fucking kill me!”Lyla had never heard her housemate speak like this, she was about to knock on the door to see if she was ok but she paused. “This is one drama I will figure out later.” She thought as she walked to her room to shower.

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