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Made up my mind…hmmm

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Made up my mind…hmmmI decide that I’m goin’ for it. We find a pking lot, park amongst the cars, get in the back seat of my 93 Honda Accord (tiny lol)…he pulls his pants n boxers down at the same time, I’m almost drooling in anticipation of knowing that I am about to suck..swallow..gag..just like all the dirty fuck sluts he watches on the internet HeHeHe AND I FUCKING GAVE HIM THE BEST HEAD JOB I HAVE EVER GIVIN’ ANYONE…EVER!! I wld’ve won a best performance in a porn award 😉 Seriously! He fell in love with my sarıyer escort mouth and I fell in love with his cock! There was/is an “issue’ though,He will only “let me suck him off because he doesn’t feel like it’s really cheating” I almost dropped dead! NO SEX!? NO TOUCHING!? NOT EVEN FUCKING ME WITH A DILDO!! BUT I LOVE SUCKING HIM OFF!! He’s soooo fuckin’ freaky though The 2nd time we hook up is in the men’s room @ a bar in Norwood!! I dnt drink but wntd to be with him…he spent the esenyurt escort entire in the hall on his cell LoL He finally came in n called out to me..nodding to me (so fuckin’ sexy) to go into the hall n tlk 😉 we tlkd for a min..he’s so slick lol..all the while walking up the ramp towards the bathrooms…I’m so clueless because when he opened the door to the men’s room n nodded for me to go in I was taken aback BUT this is a fantasy I’ve wanted to do for forever! Except I’m getting avrupa yakası escort fucked silly!! Not this time lol I hesitated but because I was Crazy turned on & wanted to please him! The bathroom is set up with sinks outside one stall. ANYONE can come in at any time..soooo fuckin’ hot! He tells me how much he missed my mouth..telling me to look up at him while he slides his cock down my throat, making me gag (happily “))…I sooooo wish he was fuckin’ my pussy..ass..anything but I digress lol. We were in the men’s room for about 10-15 mins b4 he shot his hot fuckin’ load down my throat making me look up at him (that turns me on like CRAZY!!!) The whole time I’m on my knees 😉 We straightened ourselves out n left. I believe that he will cave in and at least fuck me with a dildo “)Next Time: Stupid Facebook

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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