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Manday Mania (Part 3)

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Manday Mania (Part 3). I turned around but was shocked to find it was my husband’s friend, Tom, and not Ned. (I thought Ned had awakened and saw me and wanted to fuck. I was surprised to see Tom and I backed away a little.) He said “relax, I heard what went on here today and decided to come over check to see if you are ok. I also came over because I have wanted to fuck you since the first day I saw you but I didn’t want to hurt Ken. We have been friends since we were k**s but when I heard what happened today with you and the others I thought I had a wish come true.” With that he reached inside my robe with both hands, first fondling my tits and then reaching down with one hand and sticking two fingers up into me. It felt so good I had a quick orgasm right as we stood there. He then took one hand and grabbed me by the back of the head and pulled my face towards his. He covered my mouth with his and stuck his tongue in my mouth and our tongues began to intertwine. I pushed my body into his and we started to grind on each other. He pulled back, took me by the hand, and led me up to my bedroom. He took my robe off, and laid me down on my back. He proceeded to lick my pussy, lick and suck my tits and then lick and suck on my pussy until I came again. It was good and I wanted more. He stood up and got undressed and the mystery of his large package was revealed. Although his cock was a little longer than Ned’s (maybe ½ to ¾ of an inch)but it was much wider and thicker. The head of his dick was easily as wide as one of my hands and that cock was so big around I think both my hands together would have barely karabağlar escort gone around it. He also possessed a set of balls that were much larger than I have seen on any other guys, not that I am an expert, but including that day, he was only the 8th guy (including my husband) whose cock and balls I have ever seen. I noticed that there was a significant amount of pre-cum on the end of his cock so I sat up and leaned over to lick it off. I then tried to get his cock into my mouth but it was too big so all I could do was lick the head, stick my tongue into the hole and lick the underside of his cock and balls. He moaned a bit as I did this but then he pushed me back down and jumped on top of me. He grabbed both my tits and then tried to shove his cock into me. However, his cock was so wide and thick that it was stretching out my pussy a little too quickly and it hurt. I asked him to slow down, because it hurt, and he did. I then felt his cock being pushed slowly into my pussy spreading apart the pussy lips. He was good. He wasn’t hurting me and I felt the head make it past my pussy lips getting inside of me and then the rest of his shaft slowly penetrating me until his pelvis hit mine and his balls hit my ass. He started pulling it out and pushing it in going a little faster each time. It wasn’t long and he was ramming that huge cock of his into and out of me, slamming our pubic bones together and his balls slapping my ass. I started having another major orgasm. I was screaming at him to keep fucking me and to go faster as I was cumming I also told him I wanted karabağlar escort bayan him to cum inside of me. He went harder and faster, I was kicking my legs up into the air and then wrapping them around him and pulling him into me. I was arching my back up to meet his strokes and then my orgasm exploded inside me starting at my pussy and causing every one of my muscles to spasm. He started cumming too. He was moaning loudly and telling me how good it felt inside me. He then let out a scream as he slammed his cock into me and buried my ass into the mattress. We were both in a sweat and out of breath but he started moving his cock into and out of me again slowly. I felt his cock get hard again inside me and then he picked up the speed again. It wasn’t long and we were both cumming again. We laid still again and he was still inside me and he once again started slowly pumping his cock into and out of my pussy. I felt his cock get hard again and pretty soon I felt that familiar pulsing and throbbing of a hard cock shooting its load into me and I had another hard orgasm. We laid still again but this time after a couple of minutes he pulled out of me and sat back. I sat up and looked down at my pussy and there was a huge puddle of cum on my sheets and there was more cum still pouring out of me. I looked at Tom and said “listen, I need to take a quick shower and get these sheets into the wash before Ned wakes up. He shook his head and stood up and started getting dressed. I went in and took a quick shower and used the detachable shower head to rinse out my pussy escort karabağlar (another orgasm) and then went out to the bedroom. Tom was gone. On the sheet was a flash drive with a “Post It” note on it. The note just said “I think you will like this. Call. T.” I put the flash drive into my robe pocket and then pulled off the sheets and put them into the wash and remade the bed. I also cleaned up the cum trail I left going from my bed to the shower. I think Tom pumped more cum into me than Mark, Charley and Frank did combined. I was still shaky so I went down to the kitchen, poured another glass of Chardonnay, lit up another joint and then went to check on Ned. He was still out cold and I then realized that all that sexual activity had only taken a little more than 1 ½ hours. I was surprised. It felt like I had been fucking for days but in retrospect I had actually only been fucked 7 times and had given two blow jobs so, my sense of time was just off. I pulled the flash drive out of my pocket and out of curiosity plugged it into the video player. On the TV screen was a video of Tom and me having sex. The scene was all from the side and included everything we did and every sound we made. I got really excited again. I smoked the joint and drank the wine and just watched then the scene changed and I do not know how he did this but this scene was from between our legs. Behind us. It showed his cock going into and out of me and covered all three fucks. I was amazed at how much cum would be squeezed out of me every time he pushed into me and how much more cum started pouring out of me after he pulled out. I was so hot watching this I put my fingers back into me with one hand and began rubbing my clit with the other until I orgasmed again. I must have then fallen asleep because the next thing I knew Ned was shaking me awake telling me it was time for bed. (Not The End-Thanks For Reading-More “Cumming ;-))

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