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Manghihilot na manyak!

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Manghihilot na manyak!In our place, there is one quack doctor as I can say. We locally called this “manghihilot”, whenever we have some kind of sickness that medical doctors can not cure, we turn to them for cure. They usually use oil and oration and other amulets that drives sickness or bad spirits away. They usually do “hilot” or a type of curative massage that focuses on relieving bodily pains and sickness.Our “manghihilot” is known in our area since I was a c***d, during that time he is on his 50s or something. Until now, he still performs “hilot” and at his age, which I assume at around 80s, is still strong and very active.We call him “mang Nardo”, he is the old guy with lot of appetite for sex. He seldom comments on pretty young girls passing by his house in a squatter’s area or slum area. He likes to comments on women with fair skin and voluptuous figure. He likes big boobs and butts.One day, I feel really sick. Since I am used on consulting “mang Nardo” ever since I am a c***d, I go to him this time. But I have not visited him for more than 8 or 5 years. Me and my husband went to their place to consult him on my sickness. My hubby knocks on the door but there were no answer from “mang Nardo”. So, I asked their neighbor if “mang Nardo” is around. The neighbor replied that “mang Nardo” is in the house, but have a side comment “nandyan yan sa loob, baka nanunuod ng bold o kaya nagbabate, hehe, manyakis yan e” (he is inside, maybe he is watching bold movie or masturbating, he is a maniac)After a few more knocks we heard a reply from inside, “Sandali lang, anak ng puta! sino ba yang putang inang istorbo na yan? sandali lang mabagal na ang matanda” (wait a while, son of a bitch! who is that son of a bitch disturbing me wait, old man is slow)Then “mang Nardo” opened the door. “ano ba yun? ano kailangan nyo? (What is that? what do you need?). My hubby replied “magpapahilot po sana ang misis ko, 3days na pong nilalagnat baka may pilay” (my wife needs to be check by you, she has a fever for the past 3 days maybe she has a broken bones or swollen nerve).”mang Nardo” replied, “naku naku, di nako nanghihilot, putang ina istorbo kayo may ginagawa ako sa kwarto e” (I don’t do that anymore, you son of a bitch you are disturbing me I am doing something in my room).At that time, I talked and plead for “mang Nardo” to check me. I said “sige napo, üsküdar escort nung maliit pa ako napapagaling nyo agad ako e” (please, when I was a c***d you are the one who can cure me).When he saw me, his eyes had gone wide open and replied “nak ng puta, di nyo agad sinabi na ganyan pala kaganda at kaputi ang magppaalamas sakin, este, papahilot pala, hehe, sige pasok kayo..” (you didn’t tell me that such a beauty and fair skinned like you would be here to be mashed by me, I mean massage)”sandali lang, kunin ko lang yung langis” (wait i will get my oil). “sige upo ka dito sa banko iha, ano nga ba pangalan mo?” mang Nardo replied. (ok sit here at the stool, by the way, what is your name?). “Michelle po, anak po ako ni Clarissa, ako po yung nagpapahilot sa inyo parati nung bata ako” (Michele, I am the daughter of Clarissa, I am the one who often goes to you when I am still a c***d)”Anak ng puta, ang puti mo no, saka malaki ang hinaharap mo ha, nung bata ka di ko na maalala e. ang swerte naman ng mokong mong asawa no, sarap na sarap siguro yang gagong yan” (son of a bitch, you got a very fair skin and got a big bumper, I can’t remember you as a c***d, your hubby is lucky to have you, he would surely enjoy you). I only reply with a smile.”Paki tanggal ang t-shirt mo para mahilot kitang mabuti” mang Nardo asked.(remove your shirt so we can start). “kailanagan po ba yun?) I asked. (do I reely need to do it?)”ay syempre, puta naman, pano kita hihilutin ng my damit, sige na hubad na, marami nakong nakitang ganyan wag ka na mahiya” mag Nardo replied. (ofcourse, how can we start with you cloths on, go on, take it off, I have seen many of that thing so don’t be shy)So I took off my shirt.To my surprise, Mang Nardo asked me to remove my bra “yang bra, hubarin mo rin para walang istorbo” (your bra, took it off too so that there are no obstacle)”Huhubarin din ho ito? baka naman pwedeng hindi na!” I exclaimed (do I really need to took this off? can we spare it!) “anak ng puta!ano ba itong asawa mo, pakipot ang puta, kayo pumunta dito para magpahilot tapos pakipot! pahubarin mo nga ito baka masampal ko itong puta na to!” Mang Nardo was angry as he is telling my hubby to make me submit to him.(son of a bitch! your wife is so hard, you came here to have my service then the whore is not submitting tuzla escort to me, tell her to took off her bra or I will slap her face!)My hubby ask me to remove my bra. He convince me that Mang Nardo was already an old man and maybe he would not take advantage of me. And another thing is that he had seen so many tits in his line of duty.So I was convinced by my hubby and I took off my bra, but with hesitation since the windows of the house as well as the door was wide open and there are people walking outside passing by the window and door and as close as just a few meter since the alley was so tight, so when somebody passes by, they will surely have a clear view of my tits.While Mang Nardo is massaging my back, I am cupping my tits to cover it from those who are passing by. I also noticed that some guys are kept on passing and passing as like they were returning just to see me naked waist up. I also noticed that there are some who stayed near the window and door like a vulture waiting for me to release my hands from covering my tits so that they will see my whole titties.After a while, I felt Mang Nardo’s hand rubbing my shoulder, then after a while, he is massaging my upper chest. He still standing at my back and his hand is over my shoulder while rubbing my upper chest.Mang Nardo lean at my back and put pressure with his cock pressing at my back, I felt he had a hard on, his cock was hard as rock, and he is big!His hands now are slowly going down to my breast as his massage continue. After a while he was now rubbing my breast and trying to remove my hand from covering my nipples. I can see my hubby eyes wide open and I can he is excited seeing mang Nardo caressing me. Those bystanders are also eyes wide open waiting for the next thing to happen.Mang Nardo forces my hand out of the way on covering my nipples but I make my stand and hold it tightly.He exclaimed “Ano ba yan putang ina! tanggaling mo yang kamay mo! putang ina ka bakit ba tinatakpan mo yang suso mo! tanggalin mo yan!” (bitch! remove your hands, why are you covering your tits! remove your hand!)But I still did not remove my hand, that made mang Nardo mad. “Puta ka! tanggalin mo yang kamay mo! nahihiya ka ba sa mga namboboso! pakita mo sa kanila yan, ang laki ng suso mo dapat yan pingamamalaki mo! puta ka tanggalin mo na kamay pendik escort mo! hahampasin ko yan!” (slut! remove your hand, are you shy of those voyeurs! Show them your big boobs! you should be proud of that, bitch remove that! I will slap it if you don’t!)I look at my husband and waiting for his response. In my surprise, my hubby nods and said “sige na mahal, tanggalin mo na para mahilot ka na” (go on love, remove your hand so you will be massage)I uncover my nipples and just as I remove my hand, mang Nardo’s hand instantly replaces my hand in covering my nipples, but this time his hand is moving and rubbing my boobs. He pressed his cock hard at my back while mashing my tits. His breathing became heavier now as well as my hubby and the guys watching from outside. Mang Nardo moans “Puta ka ang laki ng suso mo ang sarap lamasin, lalabasan yata ako kakalamas ng suso mo! puta ka ang lambot ng suso mo!” (you bitch, you got a huge boobs, it’s nice to feel it! so soft and huge!)Then Mang Nardo turn his attention to the voyeurs outside “mga tarantado kayo, malilibog kayo umalis nga kayo istorbo kayo mga hayop kayo! alis!” shutting close the door and the window (you bastards! perverts get out of here!)After closing the door and window, I can see that Mang Nardo had a really serious hard on. He touches his cock and said “ito naman titi ko hihilot sayo, wag ka na pumalag malandi ka pinalibog mo ako ng husto e. nanunuod ako ng bold sa taas dumating kayo kaya dapat parausin mo ako!” (my cock will now massage you, don’t bother to say no you slut, you make me so horny, I am watching a bold movie upstairs we you came, so now you should let me explode)Then he stands in front of me and remove his pants and briefs, when his cock was exposed, he wank it in front of my face while his left hand kept on caressing my breast one after another. My hubby was watching us and I can see he is so excited watching us.After a few more stroke. Mang Nardo’s hand held my nipple so hard then he exploded in my face, his warm sperm was all over my face as he is cursing me “puta ka, puta ka! grabe ka! sobra ka nakakalibog yang suso mo putang inang yan and sarap lamasin!!!!!!!” (slut! whore! you make so horny, your tits was so soft to be mashed! I got so horny with your tits!.Mang Nardo gave me a piece of cloth to wipe and he said that I am cured, that my fever will be gone so we can go home now.We get out of the house with no words spoken, but at the time we reach our own home, my hubby pulled me and stripped me off my cloths then gave me the hottest fuck I ever received! We made love three times that night and my hubby was so aroused with what had happened to me and MANG NARDO!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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