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Marcy’s Playground 2 by loyalsock

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Marcy’s Playground 2 by loyalsockI remember Mr. J. saying discretion was essential. Well, not like I had much to tell.Except about Evan. But who would I tell, Bevvie? No way. She didn’t even know the name of this place, and I was sure going to keep it that way.Besides, if I mentioned his name I would probably blush red from my neckline to the roots of my hair. I would never tell anybody this, but he was entering my thoughts pretty often at random times. And they weren’t PG thoughts either. Not that I would have any idea what triple X thoughts would be like, but I was definitely into R territory. Oh God, even thinking about that my face started to heat up.A woman of about sixty came up to the desk.”Are you all right, dear? You look a bit flushed?””Hot flash,” I said. Really? At eighteen? It was the first thing that came to my mind. Swipe.Thank God she didn’t say anything.If there was one thing I learned at this club it’s that it is not just for the young or beautiful people.Apparently everybody wants sex.Go figure.I had the weekend off. Hello lake. Hello red, white, and blue bikini. Hello shady tree. Hello beach read. Yeah! Summer.Monday morning I reported back to work at 10 a.m.At noon Evan showed up. A tall, gorgeous man with wavy, dirty-blond hair came in right behind him and clapped him on the shoulder hard enough it made a sound.”Evan, you ready to rock and roll?”He laughed. “Always.””Hey Marcy,” Evan said.”Hi.”Evan looked at the guy. “J.L., have you met Marcy yet?”I jerked, and thought I would fall out of my chair. Holy shit he was hot. Like, thousand degree heat wave hot.”I haven’t had the pleasure,” he said. His voice was deep and resonant. He held his hand out for me to shake. When I touched his palm some essential functions short-circuited. Probably in an attempt to reroute all available energy to my central processing core.The zing felt hot enough that I worried a transformer would blow out somewhere and kill people’s air-conditioning in three counties.Yeah. It’s hot in here.His eyes were an amazing shade of turquoise, like a harnessed gem of Caribbean ocean boring a hole right through me. He didn’t let go of my hand.Evan pulled him away from me. “Easy, man,” Evan whispered. “She’s my neighbor, back off.””Tell me there’s more room in that neighborhood,” he said.”Can it, you viper. Card.”Evan handed me both of their cards.Swipe, swipe.Evan grabbed the other guy’s shoulders and frog-marched his friend toward the doors. His friend was still looking over his shoulder at me.I watched them as they disappeared through the double doors. Scrumptious. Sigh.I looked at the computer. The other guy’s name was Jean-Luc. Jean? Oh, it was pronounced sort of like John, but with a slightly soft ‘J’ sound. It fit him. Kind of exotic and larger than life. There was something about him. A sort of ‘it’ factor that made me think of superstars, rock icons, and flashing strobe lights. Or no, maybe lions thundering across the plains, desperate to get something that had caught their attention.Evan was cute. Jean-Luc was…heart stopping.I tried to look busy when they came out. They waved. I had a warm and fuzzy feeling watching them go. Was it because I hoped I’d see them again?Next time Evan was there I didn’t hear him come in. He slid a book under my nose. I looked up. I looked down. It was the brand new Jodi Picoult novel. I looked up at him again. He gave me a smile. God, he had a gorgeous smile. Thoughtful, understated.”Oh, gosh, thank you. I’ve been looking forward to this. I’ll give it back as soon as I finish.””No Marcy,” he said quietly. “It’s a gift.”He handed me his card. Swipe.”Oh, wow, thanks.””No problem.”No one’s ever given me a book. Wow. I held the book to my chest as I thought about the differences between Evan and Jean-Luc. I didn’t know them well enough to really know. It seemed like…I don’t know, Evan was more Bach and Jean-Luc was more Lady Gaga I guess. Melody’s was closed for July 4th. Bevvie and I went down to the lake and sat under our favorite shade tree. Usually our spot was pretty secluded, but it was the fourth of July. The smell of grilled hot dogs and hamburgers made me feel starving even when I’d already eaten. Sigh. If I kept eating the way I’d been lately I doubt I’d be wearing a bikini next summer.Could it be that I was hungry all the time because I really wanted sex?Nah.I read the book Evan gave me, finished it late at night to the sound of firecrackers. I wondered if I should buy Evan a book. I was spacing out at Melody’s, back to work as normal on the 5th. I brought my favorite J.R. Ward book to work, but I wasn’t concentrating. I hate to say it, but I was watching for both Evan and Jean-Luc.Last time Evan snuck up on me, but this time I saw him coming. Evan was walking up the grand steps. Jean-Luc was only a few feet avcilar escort behind him. I could see them clearly through the glass door. Jean-Luc put one hand on the door handle and used the other to clasp Evan on the shoulder. I missed the first few words of the sentence, but as Jean-Luc opened the door, I heard him, “…ward to goin’ in through the back door?”Evan laughed hard at that. “You know it.”Huh?They walked to my desk.”Hey Marcy,” Evan said.”Hi.”Swipe, swipe.I watched them go in.There’s a back door to this place? Is Mrs. J. checking in people, and I don’t know it? You think she would have told me. Hhm.A whole swarm of people came in after that, and I didn’t have time to think about it. Swipe, swipe, swipe, swipe, swipe, swipe. Everyone was laughing, and they hadn’t even gotten in yet. There’s one thing to say about this job. Lots of happy people.I was driving home, sort of zoning out and enjoying the scenery of the drive and thinking how weird it was that there’d be another door to Melody’s. And why would Jean-Luc say that when they were already walking in the front? That didn’t make any sense. I tried to think back.”Goin’ in through the back door?”Loud laugh. “You know it.”I just didn’t get it. I replayed it in my mind. I couldn’t make sense of it. At all. Wait.HOLY SHIT! Did that mean what I think I meant?Nah.But what else could it mean?I drove the next few miles in a daze. Then another thought popped in my head. Were Evan and Jean-Luc a couple?I mean, would Jean-Luc say something like that if they weren’t?Hhhm. I mean… that would be a pretty forward comment for someone to make otherwise. Wouldn’t it?But I thought about the shimmering tension I felt when Evan stood next to me when we were alone. And the book. How Jean-Luc looked at me. Evan pulling him away. Maybe I misread all that. Or… could it have been jealousy? Maybe they were both bi? I mean, it’s a sex club, right? Or maybe none of it meant what I thought it meant.God. There was nobody I could talk this over with, for sure.And… now, for real, I had something I needed to be discreet about.Hhhm.Well.I think I have a tag line now.It’s none of my business.But boy, am I curious.Next day at work was the most dead I’d seen it. I started on the new Susan Mallery book.That night I stopped at Zen Sushi for dinner. I heard a voice from over on my left side. “Marcy?”I turned. Oh no. Evan.I blushed. “Ah, hi.””Hi.” He was sitting at a booth. Already eating sushi. I walked over. God, this was awkward. What do you say to a guy who, um, yeah. I looked at the table. He ordered a lot of sushi.”Ah, spicy tuna,” I said just because I had no idea what else to say. “That’s my favorite.””Do you want to join me?”My gaze bounced back up to look at his face again. That was a bad idea. Wasn’t it?”Okay, ah, sure,” I said. I caught the waitress’ eye to let her know I was sitting down and slid into the booth on the bench opposite him. I felt heat in my cheeks.”So hi,” I said.He chuckled, a barely audible brook bubbling out of his teeth and bouncing over me quickly before it faded. When his quiet little laugh subsided, he was still smirking.”Perv,” I said in a very friendly way, obviously joking.”Guilty, but hey, you work there.”Now I smiled.The waitress came over and took my order.She walked away, and I stared at him. The heat that had dissipated when I ordered came up again. I was so curious. “You look like you want to ask me something,” he said.”Ah, yeah.””Ask away.””Well, it’s a little personal.””Obviously. Whatever you want, go ahead and ask.””When did you first know you were into guys?””What? I’m not into guys.”I stared at him. Tried to get a sense if I believed him. I did. “I thought you and Jean-Luc were a couple.””Why?” There was a second’s pause. “Because we come in at the same time?”Well, I thought to myself, yeah, that and.But I didn’t answer.He had a wolfish grin.He bit his bottom lip and let it go. Even bigger wolfish grin. Raised one eyebrow.I had absolutely no idea what that meant.”It’s none of my business,” I said.”But, you get it, right?””No. I have no idea.”He laughed. God he had a great laugh.”Okay,” he said. “Next question.”I blushed hard, from my neckline to my hairline. “Oh, this is gonna be goooood.”I choked a little.The waitress brought me a glass of ice water. “Your order will be up in a minute.”I nodded.Evan leaned in. “So tell me what question has you looking like that.”I shook my head.”Come on,” he said. “We’re friends here. I’m dying to know what you’re thinking.””Um,” I said. My throat felt like I swallowed sandpaper, and each word got squeakier. “Ah. Um. Jean-Luc said… um… something about a back door. What did he mean?”Evan cracked up. I could tell part of his expression was, ‘You heard that? I’m gonna kill him,’ but mostly he was laughing şirinevler escort at how high my voice got when I asked.”Oh my God. How did you get this job?”I blinked. Should I be insulted? I looked down. “Mr. and Mrs. J. are my neighbors,” I said.”And just how much experience have you had?” he asked.”This is my first job,” I said.”That’s not what I meant,” he said.Oh crap.”Well, the answer’s the same. Basically none. Well… ah… not basically. Totally.”He smiled. “That’s freakin’…” he smiled wider. “Precious.””It would be unprofessional to curse at you, right?””No offense meant.””None taken.” It was hard to get upset when his tone was so obviously happy and amused. And I was so… alive.”Listen, if you want, I’d be glad to…help you out, train you, show you…everything.”My gaze snapped to his. Surely he didn’t mean what I thought he meant. I stared at him trying to figure out if that’s what he was saying.Um, yeah. I think he was.No. Surely not.His face was completely calm. Impassive. Placid. Lake Placid. But then one corner of his mouth twitched up in a smirk.Was he offering to fuck me six ways to Sunday?”You can’t possibly be offering what I think you’re offering,” I said.”Well, I’d have to double check with my wife and make sure she’s okay with it first, but yeah, that’s what I’m offering.”WIFE????!!!I blinked.Dumbfounded.”Wife?””I mean, I wouldn’t have offered if I wasn’t sure she’d be okay with being part of this, but obviously I’d have to ask first.”I blinked more. Furiously. Convulsively. A blinking fool. “Or not,” Evan said. “No hard feelings.”Holy shit. I’ve never even been kissed. All learning experiences are good experiences, right? I will never, ever, get an opportunity like this again. You should jump on this, Marcy. I swallowed a huge lump in my throat. Because I couldn’t talk.”Would you like to try some of this?” he asked. He held up a piece of sushi with his chopsticks. The idea of taking something off his chopsticks was startling intimate. He brought the small piece near my mouth.”I think I’m in shock,” I said.He smiled a huge smile, showing dimples. “Open,” he said, his voice low and sexy.I opened my mouth. He placed the piece of sushi in. “Savor,” he said. “Roll it around on your tongue. Chew.”I did. The waitress brought my small square plate of sushi. I just stared at it. My heart was beating with a loud, fast thump-thump. I didn’t think I could eat.Evan snagged the waitress as she hustled past our table.”An order of mochi, please.””You got it.”I had no idea what mochi was.I watched Evan eat the rest of his sushi. He was pretty damn sexy the way he handled his chopsticks and popped each piece of sushi in his mouth. I thought he might have been putting on a show of it for me, but I couldn’t be sure.There was no denying that I was attracted to him. Like, fiercely attracted to him. How old was he anyway? Twenty-eight? Twenty-nine? THIRTY? God, what if his wife was older than he was? No matter how much I want this, it was a bad idea. Right? I heard a sound. My brain buzzing.I looked down at his left hand. No rings.”How come you don’t wear a wedding ring?” I asked.”I do,” he said.He held up his left hand in the classic Star Trek ‘live long and prosper’ pose. There was a huge web between middle finger and his ring finger. He separated his fingers for me. A web was between each one.”Neat-o,” I said, sounding completely like a dork.”Makes rings on this hand impossible.” He put together the forefinger and thumb of his right hand and slid them over his left ring finger until they bumped into the web. He bobbed it up and down quickly a few times to show how a ring wouldn’t be able to get all the way on. I could tell he meant the bobbing up and down innocently, but it looked TOTALLY obscene.Not going there.He held up his right hand. Completely normal. Pretty, plain gold band on his right ring finger. “So I wear my wedding band on the right hand is all, no big deal.””Ah.””Wanna know if I have webbed toes?””Yeah.””You’ll have to take me up on my offer to find out.”You never know a trap until after you fall in it. Right? I had a sense that I might be headed for trouble. I couldn’t exactly see how. But I bit my lip. My stomach was doing gymnastic flips by itself. I put a word to the feeling.Wary.But also…Hopeful?The mochi came. It was tiny bits of ice cream wrapped up in a small something or other. “Hey,” Evan said to the waitress. “The check, and put hers on it too,” he said, nodding at my food.”So that’s mochi,” I said looking at his plate.”Good things come in small packages,” he said, staring at me.I looked down. He ate some of the mochi but left two and pushed the plate over toward me. He threw some money down on the table for the bill.”Listen,” he said and stood up. “Why don’t you come over taksim escort my house for drinks and dinner? My wife, Heather is a great cook. Just dinner. That’s it. No pressure. No strings. Neighborly.”I looked up at him, unsure. How was it again that Venus fly traps attract their prey? I couldn’t remember.”It’s up to you,” he said softly. “Friday?”I took a deep breath. “Okay,” I said.He took out his phone. He texted. He was really fast with the texting. He took a napkin and wrote down his phone number, address, and email. His phone binged.”Heather says Friday is fine. Seven o’clock?”I picked up the napkin and looked at the address. “You only live two blocks from me,” I said.”That’s good, that way if you get drunk I can carry you home.” He leaned over and spoke in my ear, his voice low and sexy. “Easy to cradle you in my arms and carry you around; a little slip of a thing like you.” He winked. “See ya Friday.”He left. I put the glass of ice water to my head.It wasn’t only the summer that was hot; I needed to cool off.I took the glass away from my forehead and looked at it. Was the heat coming off me so hot it cracked the glass? No. It just seemed that way. I put the glass against my upper chest.That old song, by Nelly I think, came into my head: ‘I think it’s hot in here. So take off all your clothes. So hot, hot, oh! Hot with a little bit of uh uh, and a little bit of, uh uh.’ I couldn’t remember any other lyrics. I remembered thinking the song was kind of dumb when I first heard it, but now the ‘hot with uh, uh,’ made more sense.Especially the grunting ‘uh uh’ part.Get a grip, Marcy.This was definitely starting out to be an adventure.God help me.Dinner. Just dinner.It’s a slippery slope, Marcy.And, oh baby, did I want to slide.Welcome to a brand new fairground. Adventure-land, candyland. The playground. For adults. Another song, an old song that was popular from the year before I was born popped into my mind. “I smell sex, and, candy, here…”By Marcy’s Playground.Something Bevvie sometimes says popped into my head. ‘Hey girl, it’s time to start praying.’Although I’m not sure there are enough prayers in the entire world for what seems to have been set in motion. I felt like I was watching a play with the curtain down. What was going on here?More importantly, what did I want to go on here?Something, oh please yes, something, anything. Please.Friday couldn’t come soon enough. I was a maraca, shaken constantly with barbed beads of excitement, nerves, fear, and anticipation. Hurry, hurry, hurry Friday. Come on, please? Friday really couldn’t come fast enough.It’s just dinner. JUST. Dinner. Unless he was lying. It was just dinner right?The worst thing was there was no one I could talk to about this. I couldn’t talk to Bevvie, or my parents, or Mr. and Mrs. J., or any acquaintances from school. Nobody. Flying solo without a net. Thank God for my good friends Ben and Jerry.Friday finally came around. After the longest week EVER. I was so nervous driving home from work, I couldn’t even make it all the way home without stopping at a Dairy Queen for an emergency cookies and cream milkshake. I sucked so much, so fast, I got brain freeze. Which was helpful. Because, there was no way I was going to have sex with a married guy. Was I? No. He was going to teach me, he and his wife, they were going to teach me. They’d probably give me blow-by-blow instructions. So to speak. It would be good. It would be great. More milkshake. Nothing better than a summer milkshake. Except maybe summer sex lessons.I got home from work, showered. Took some extra time primping. Couldn’t decide what to wear. I finally decided on a retro, white with red polka dots, sort of I love Lucy dress, that had a low sweetheart neck line, short flaring skirt, and short white bobby socks and saddle shoes that I had bought to wear for a back to the 50s dance at school. The outfit didn’t really make any sense to wear for a first dinner with friends, but it had a tight waistline and made the most of my tiny height and hourglass figure. I walked over to their house. Evan answered the door. I guess the outfit was okay because Evan let out a huge, loud, wolf whistle.”Marcy,” he said. “Don’t ever wear that to work. You’ll never get to leave. Yowsa.”I smiled.”Whoa. Now it’s double yowsa. Forget dinner. I want dessert.”I smiled even bigger. He gave me a peck on the cheek.”Come on in.”I walked in. I could see immediately that the plan of their house was pretty much identical to my house. I’d say it was decorated in cozy garage sale meets Pier One Imports. I liked it. His dogs ran into the room and almost tackled me. Holy gamoly. They were almost as tall as I was.”This is Cuff and this is Link,” Evan said.Really weird names for dogs, but whatever.Cuff started sniffing my crotch.”SIT!” Evan said firmly. They sat.Heather came out of the kitchen wiping her hands on a small towel. She was about 5’8″ with an average build and short, buttery-blonde hair cut in a pixie style. She looked about five or six years younger than Evan. She smiled at me, and I liked her immediately.

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