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Marys lesbian neighor V

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Marys lesbian neighor VAfter Mary left, Ann rushed to get ready. Showering she used her best body wash and shampoo. Rubbing her pelvis she decided she needed a quick shave. The water felt good as it rained down on her vagina. Spreading her lips, she held her head back as the water massaged her clit. Her thoughts went to Mary’s soft breast and large nipples. Slipping a finger in she moved herself to an orgasm. Remembering why she was there, she quickly finished her pelvic area and legs. Drying Ann found the sented powder and her most fragrant perfume. Picking out her sexies bra and panties, Ann thought about what may happen tonight. Picking out a sleeveless cotton dress, she held it in front of her while looking in the mirror. It came down to her thigh and showed her cleavage perfectly. Slipping on a pair of flats Ann went to the wine cabinet. Picking out two bottles of wine, Ann looked in the mirror one more time bursa escort before leaving. Knocking on the door she tried to restrain her thoughts. As the door opened Ann asked, am I early. Holding the door open nervously Mary wore a tee shirt dress. No, you’re just on time Mary said closing the door. Taking the wine, Mary headed to the kitchen. Ann’s breath quivered as she watched Mary walking ahead of her. Mary’s hair was in a pony tail and the dress barely covered her round ass. The table was already set. Sitting down Ann watched Mary as she opened a bottle of wine. Reaching up to get some glasses, Ann seen Mary’s lite blue panties, the type you’d see high school girls wearing. High cut bikini with lase around the waist, ribbons tied on the sides. Handing Ann her glass, Mary sat across from her. There was little talking while they ate, and Ann thought she had the wrong impression. After clearing the bursa escort bayan table they moved to the living room. Ann sat on the couch. Setting the wine bottle down, Mary sat at the other end of it. Breaking the silence, Mary said I’m sorry I left so abruptly, I was nervous and confused. Ann said you have nothing to apologize for, one thing led to another. Pouring the last of the first bottle, Mary went to get the second. Coming back Mary sat closer to Ann. Sitting with her legs tight together and her arms close to her body with her hands on her lap. Sipping her wine Ann noticed the way Mary tilted her head. A small smile and looking up towards Ann. Setting her glass down Ann reached out and stroked Mary’s shoulder. Running her hand down her back, Mary tilted her head down, as if she was shy. Holding her hands out Ann motioned for Mary move closer. Sliding over a little, Ann said you made a fantastic escort bursa meal. Mary looked up and smiled. Testing the waters, Ann said your hair looks nice, but I like it across your shoulders. After a minute Mary said really. Yes Ann said. Why don’t you let me help you. Moving closer Mary turned her back to Ann. As she unwrapped the band holding her hair, Ann spread it out, letting it fall free. Stroking Mary’s hair Ann asked, does that feel better. Softly Mary said I guess. Shifting her weight Ann leaned over and ran her hands down Mary’s arms. She could hear Mary take a deep breath. Reaching her left hand down, Ann took Mary’s hand. Bringing it up, Ann ran the back of Mary’s hand across her cheek, then softly kisses it. Mary looked over and flashed a shy smile. Still holding her hand Ann said why don’t you come a little closer. As she moved Ann turned to face Mary. As Mary slid closer Ann wrapped an arm around her, pulling Mary against her. Laying back Mary softly held Ann’s arm as she rest against her. Leaning forward Ann smelled Mary’s hair and kissed her ear. Mary gave Ann’s arm a squeeze and leaned her head back onto Ann’s shoulder.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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