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Meeting Akshay my first love

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Meeting Akshay my first lovedeleteddeletedI am 25 year old. We are a family of five, myself house wife, my husband Sachin is a administrative professional in a private company, my in-laws are retired from service and we have 7 year old daughter Prisha. About my appearance I am fair by skin, stand 5.3ft tall, black eyes, shoulder length straight hair, I measure 34 30 36. By appearance I look decent yet sexy when I am on tight outfits or sarees. I am proud of my appearance as I get good attention of men of all age. About my sexual life is below normal as my husband gets little time for me and also he doesn’t lost long and finishes in less than five minutes.Last week on a evening I & my daughter Prisha went to a shopping mall. Nothing much to buy but to keep Prisha occupied with a small change in atmosphere away from home. We both stroll around the mall bought her some toys and we were on way to k**s zone. I saw a man with blue t-shirt and jeans, I felt like I know him, he too was looking at me but we passed off unrecognized.Prisha was enjoying at the k**s zone, I was looking after her from bay. I heard someone say, are you Ritika? I was surprised it was the same man I noticed earlier. I replied him, yes I am Ritika but I don’t recognise you. He smile at me and said how can you forget Akshay? I was shocked & happy to remember him. Akshay is my first love in my collage days. I greeted him. He sat next to me and for a while we were talking about our current life where I shown my daughter Prisha & I came to know he is to marry in a couple of months & he is on official visit to the city for 5 days. We spoke about our golden days at collage, we both were happy again. Prisha came in between by the time we had to go back home. Suddenly Akshay face changed. I was able to understand he is unhappy that I am going. Akshay followed us till the parking area, he asked when we meet again. I replied that I am now bound by family. We exchanged our numbers and I started my vehicle.That night my husband had sex with me, as usual it finished very soon. But this particular sex was special as I was thinking and feeling Akshay in place of my husband. It was exciting me to think of Akshay in place of my husband while fucking me, I was feeling for more sex but Sachin finished early. I couldn’t sleep for long time, thoughts of me and Akshay’s sexual life making me hornier. That night I had to finger in the washroom before I sleep.Next day, I had a call & it was Akshay. After formal conversation Akshay went bit personal. I walked up the terrace and spoke to him. He was willing to me meet & spend time with me over a coffee. In fact I was ready to meet but managing Prisha and in-laws was the concern. Akshay was pleasing me so much that I agreed to meet him next day at a restaurant. I was so thrilled about meeting him & spending time lonely after so many years. I said in-laws and husband that I want to go & attend a friend who is in bad health that I can’t take Prisha with me. In-laws were ready to take care of Prisha while I am out & I got the permission by my hubby too. I felt wow & remembered my special class excuses to parents in order to meet Akshay.Next day I got ready with Pink saree & matching backless blouse. I saw myself on mirror. I was looking gorgeous, to make it a bit sexy I pushed my saree below the naval. I felt I am perfect now, I appeased Prisha with chocolates & promised ice cream when I return home and then moved out. I reached restaurant in about 40 minutes. I couldn’t find Akshay and then called him. He said, he will be there in two minutes. I waiting for him & in a moment Akshay entered into restaurant.We greeted each other, he gifted me a box and told me open at home when alone. We ordered coffee, we were enjoying our same olden days bonding where we make fun of each other and talk naughty on other couples around us. I blushed when Akshay commented me that I look sexier than earlier. We couldn’t believe that tuzla escort we spent one hour. Akshay asked me if I am having beer after marriage. I told him that I have beer as always occasionally. Akshay asked me if I am ok to have beer with him now. I said him I cannot go pubs now because of family. Akshay said, we can have at his hotel room. I then came to know that he is staying in the same hotel. I was interested to spend some more time with him. Soon he cleared the bill and guided me to his room at the 8th floor.At the room he ordered for beer and our favourite green chips. Our conversation was limitless as we started to have beer. I was feeling as if I am princess again with Akshay. There was no hinderance between us that Akshay again said you are sexier than earlier. When I asked him why, he replied, your buttoned naval has deepened & so sexier now, may be your husband fucking you well! I noticed & adjusted my pallu which was too away from stomach. I was little embraced with him but I didn’t show my unhappiness about sex. We continued to have beer and kinky talks. Akshay hold my hand and was talking to me so lovely. I was feeling better and at times, I felt Akshay is planning for sex with me. I must confess that I was expecting sex with him the moment we were talking about this meeting. I was typically waiting for him to open up the situation. I didn’t wanted to move on myself. To my goodness, Akshay came & sat next to me. After a while, Akshay kept his hand on my lap slightly rubbing it. I felt the waves of excitement when he kept his hand on my shoulder and his palms were on my breast. I just leaned over his shoulder. I had not protested when he pressed my boobs and ask me if I am ok with it. I knew what he meant, leaning over his shoulder was enough for him to feel free with me.Akshay lifted my face, he smiled, hugged me, planted kiss all over my face, he said he missed my hug & hugged me tight kiss my lips. I was too happy to get hugged by him. For his kiss I was craving I guess, I had given him space to explore my mouth. His tongue was exploring my mouth, our tongues were rolling with eachother’s. In a moment I started to kiss him on his face and caress his hairs by my fingers. His hands were brushing my bare back. I was feeling nice while his hands run over my bare back. He then starts to cuddle my breast after a while he alerts me saying that my saree get’s wrinkles & stain then he asked me “shall we remove”. I felt the gap between us that Akshay was seeking my permission to remove my saree. I wanted to close that gap so I get my boyfriend Akshay & the beautiful intimacy we had. I got up from the seat, stood infront of him, I grabbed my pallu off from my breast gave pallu to Akshay & gave him a smile. Akshay was so happy that he grabbed me & planted kisses to my naval. Akshay was licking my naval while he pull my saree pleats. Akshay’s kisses and licking my naval is a crazy feeling, his tongue a magical one as it was tickling & arousing me. My saree was on floor, Akshay still licking my naval & pressing my 36 sized fleshy buttocks while he explores my butt crack by his fingers. I was in high, I couldn’t stand anymore. I leaned over him, he gave space for me to sit on his lap.I was holding his arms and he was holding me by back in one hand and other hand was between my legs over my skirt. We kissed each other for a very longtime. Meanwhile Akshay switched his hand to breast. He bend towards me, kiss & lick my cleavage. His rough licking on outer part of areola was giving me shivers of excitement. Akshay whisper wow & you are now a ripe fruit Ritika. Saying this he hug me again to kiss me. His hands now was running all over my body. His hands switching between my breasts and butts. I sat back on sofa, he too came down on his knees. He kiss me wild on my face, neck & my cleavage. He was licking my deep cleavage while he unhook my blouse. I helped him by unhooking my blouse. He spreads my blouse, tuzla escort bayan kiss my breasts over my blue lacy bra while cuddling them so hard that I couldn’t bare his pressure on my breasts, I removed my blouse & then my bra. He looked at me, smile and say your sizes have gone bigger. I just smiled in reply. He asked me if I want to check my gift. I said yes, he gave way to me. I walked to the table, opened the box, it was a bra and panty. I was in puzzle looked at Akshay asked about it. By the time he had removed his dress and was nude. He replied those are yours Ritika. Then I remembered before marriage at our last sex Akshay had taken them as memoir. I was tickled and happy that he had preserved them for long time. He came near me, before him I kissed his lips. We hugged tight and feeling eachother’s body. I slipped my hands to his dick, it was erect and heated. I played my hand on his dick while he suck my breast one after another while he kept squeezing my butts. His mild teeth bites to my light brown nipples were tickling me.I was really turned on & hornier than ever in my life to get into physical with someone whom I loved and lost my virginity. I was very active with him throughout our love making. I knee down to him, looking at his dick tempted me. His brown thick, long bony shaft, thick nerves running around his dick with his reddish tomb is such crazy thing that I couldn’t resist from suck it. I held his waist by one hand and his dick with the other. I could hear his whispers of pain as I pushed his foreskin little more backward, his dick was pointing straight to my face, I lifted it a bit. I kissed his balls, licked it and chew each of his balls as I love to do it. I then started to lick his dick from bottom to the top of his bulb from all sides and then took his dick in mouth. I hide my face against Akshay’s dick, the smell was so arousing, I suck him to my deep mouth still he had long enough, I was playing with his balls by my hands, I roll my tongue over his bunch & then his reddish tomb. I suck his dick, it’s really great feeling to suck him after so many years. Akshay hold my face while I suck him. I was not able to take his full dick in my mouth still I was sucking him to my throat. Akshay was moaning louder while he was saying, Ritika you are same sucker. I was breathing heavily & still sucking him deep throated. I was in no mood to leave him & by then Akshay was fondling my breasts, growling & moaning louder. I sensed he would cum, I took care that his cum flows in mouth & not on my skirt. I kept his dick deep in my mouth. In a short moment Akshay shoots his cum in my mouth. I swallowed all his cum & clean his dick with my tongue by licking. Akshay lift me up & kiss me again and he push me to bed, I laid on bed.Akshay followed me and he came over me sucking my breasts while he push my skirt up. He was going wild on my boobs, I hold my both nipples in my hand and Akshay suck each them. By the time he slided me, he had lifted my skirt to my butts and he squeeze my butt cheeks. His hand reached between my legs, he was rubbing my pussy over my blue panty. He then untie my skirt, I lifted my abdomen helping him to pull my skirt off from me. He was brushing my thighs, pussy & butts by hand I was kissing him on face. He started to smell & lick my armpits while he slides his hand inside my panty & rub my pussy. He pushed down my panty, I removed my panty from legs. I was too horny & excited. I was wishing him to fuck me soon. I was so restless. Akshay was still busy sucking my nipples & rub my pussy. He grabbed my leg over him while he suck my light brown nipples and finger my pussy. I was moaning and gasping as he was exploring my entire body after many years. His fingers were making me wilder and wilder. I couldn’t hold for anymore, I lifted my waist and squirt. Akshay was happy and quick to get to my waist and lick my pussy. He was giving me much of pleasure by licking and escort tuzla fingering my pussy. My moans were uncontrollably loud as he was licking my pussy deeper. I was wondering why he is not fucking me so long. I was desperate to get fucked by him. His licking and fingering my pussy and asshole driving me me mad. I was caressing his hairs by my fingers and forcing his face against my pussy. Little later I couldn’t wait anymore for him to fuck me.I got up pulled him on me, I hugged him tight. I spread my legs, hold his dick. His dick was erect and hot. I kept it on my pussy. Akshay understood my desperation. He kissed my lips, he got up, he pulled out a condom, he seated it and came between my legs. I snatched out his condom and threw aside. He looked at me and asked you want raw? I didn’t reply him but I was massaging his dick, as I see thick green nerves running around his dick I was imagining Akshay may make me his whore his fuck. Akshay pulled me by legs and spread my leg, he kept his dick on my pussy and he push it in my pussy bit by bit while he lean on me holding my legs. I yelled as he throbe his dick fully in while keeping my legs by his arms. He kept his dick buried in my pussy and roll his waist drilling me deep inside. My pussy was full with his dick, I could feel heat of his dick inside my pussy scratching my inner flesh. Akshay started to give me few quick throbes and roll his dick in my pussy. I was feeling nice, he continued this for few times and then he released my legs. He sat between my legs, I kept my legs spread on his shoulder, he again insert his dick in me. He started to fuck me, this time he was fucking me hard and quick. His throabs were shaking up my whole body. He was ramming his dick in my pussy too hard that my boobs were flying up and down. Akshay hold both of my boobs, squeeze them and fuck me. I was enjoying him to fuck so hard. I was missing this for many years. We were breathing high and moaning together. We both were locked by eachother’s body, Akshay was fucking me so harsh and we both were sweating in A/c room. We were listening to eachother’s breathing, hissing, moans and our body colluding sounds. His throabs were coming too quick that I was gasping and getting too sensual, I again cum for him still Akshay was fucking me.He removed his dick from my pussy. He came to me on reverse giving me his dick to mouth and he was facing my wet pussy. I take his dick in mouth, it was tasting different than earlier, now the taste was mix of his precum & my juices. His tongue was playing over my pussy. He was licking it deep. This gap was more satisfying and a recap of energy to have more sexAkshay got up and pulled me towards him. He sucked my boobs and kiss my mouth. He turns me around, I remembered it’s his favourite way to fuck me. I bent forward, soon Akshay squeeze & slap my butts, those were hard slaps in deed, I still enjoyed him to slap on my butts. He kissed my pussy and stood behind me, he shove his dick in my pussy and start banging me. He had become a b**st now to bang me very hard. I just loved his fucking dick. For every bang I was moaning louder. He was holding my waist by both his hands & shove his dick in my pussy. As he was banging me harder & deep I was skipping my breath. My boobs were swinging with his every move, I was bit relieved when he caught hold of my swinging breasts & cuddle them. His throabs were becoming quicker and harder each time he bangs my pussy. In all our excitements & sensual mood Akshay’s throabs became slow but harder & deep. He at last groan loud and give me one more last push and he shot his cum in my pussy. We both were very tired, I laid on bed, Akshay fell over me. I could feel Akshay’s warm cum flowing in my pussy & we breathing heavy. Akshay was kissing my neck & cheeks from behind.We enjoyed our sexual activity till evening. By the time it was time for me to get back to home Akshay said he would be staying one more day for me. I was in no way to say no as I loved his way of treating me as a person & my body, also I knew to make excuses from college days to date with Akshay.Hope you all enjoyed my narration, please write your comment

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