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Meeting the Couple Ch. 02

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I have agreed to a new meeting with the couple. The two meetings with them are been very different and I am wondering what new aspects would be involved in our next meeting.

The woman comes to open their door and lets me in with a smile and hug. She also grabs a little my ass cheek. When we go to their living room I can hear some sex noises from their bedroom.

My husband and that young girl I told you about are having some fun. She told me.

Sounds like he is fucking the girl very intensively. The sounds when his hips slap to the girl are loud.

My husband is teaching her to take like the good little bitch she is. She informs me when she sees my face when hearing that slap.

But we need some help from you with her. You have something for her the first time that my husband does not have. With saying that she grabs with her hand my penis that is getting bigger in my pants.

Before that, I should teach you something. It is good to know what is the other one feeling before doing it. She tells me and leads me to the bedroom where the fucking is just happening.

There is a young woman in a doggy style position. And the man is fucking her hard.

This is Samuel and this is a girl here is Petra. She introduces us.

The girl is looking at me with a red face. I feel that I am blushing too. The husband says hi to me like nothing special would be going on.

Seems like she is taking it well. Says the woman.

I start to prepare Samuel for the next thing that is in our program for this little lady. Samuel, take your clothes off and go next to Petra in the same position she is having but the other way around so she can see what is going on. She gives her instructions.

I take my clothes off and take my place wondering what is now happening.

I hear her put on rubber gloves and coming behind me. I feel the cool lubricant between my cheeks. This is familiar to me from our earlier session and she then told me that she has finger fucked her too with three fingers.

So what is the new thing I am wondering when I feel the finger slowly penetrating me?

That feels so good. I quickly forget all my wonderings and just enjoy it.

She fingers me slowly pendik escort and at the same time massages my penis. The finger has changed to two fingers. It feels so good. I don’t notice the other person in the room anymore.

The third finger flips in me and that makes me grunt. A little pain but it goes away fast. She notices that and starts to fuck me with the fingers faster.

After a little time, she takes her fingers out and takes gloves off to the trashbin.

She takes something from the drawer. It is blue and looks like some double-ended dildo. I have seen those on the internet. It is a Feeldoe dildo. The other end fits in the user’s end like some plug and the other is like a penis.

The dildo is not looking very big. I am feeling comfortable because I know where the dildo is going next.

Is she going to fuck Petra also with that because she wants that she is seeing this happening?

I feel the dildo end on my door. She slowly penetrates me. Inch by inch is going inside of me. I feel full but not feeling pain.

She slowly takes it out and then again in. She takes her time.

I feel little vibrations. Then I remember that the Feeldoe has a vibrator inside.

The vibrations relax me. She is starting to fuck me when she notices my relaxation.

Now I will fuck you until I come. It is up to you how long that takes. Give me your ass without wining and it will be fast over. She says in a dominant style.

I understand my situation and just try to relax. She fucks me faster and faster. I can hear from her sounds and sweating that she is really enjoying. I feel a strange pleasure for giving her enjoyment with my ass. The fucking also gives me pleasure and I am dropping my prostate liquids from my penis.

She is going loud. The husband and the girl have stopped their fucking and they are looking at us.

Petra starts to care for my back and whisper cheerings to my ear. I feel that she thinks that we are in the same boat and we should take gear of each other.

The wife is now at full speed. The feeling is now mixed pleasure and pain. Suddenly she stops and pressing the dildo to the bottom and gripping my pelvis hard. She screams loud in her orgasm.

Then tuzla escort she collapses on my back for a while and then withdraws the dildo.

You took it so well! She says.

So well that you are the one who fucks Petras ass next. I was planning to do it myself but you Samuel will do it. You have a perfect size penis for anal sex. My husband’s dick is a little too much for a petite anal virgin like Petra. The wife says and we look at each other with Petra.

The wife puts her finger in Petras pussy. The pussy is very wet so she is taking lubricant for her finger. Next, she pushes the finger in Petra’s ass.

Petra is moaning for pleasure. The wife fingers her for a moment and then tells me to come by. She strokes my penis a few times to have it in full erection. Then she puts on me a condom and some lube.

Now come and take her ass but remember how I started with you. If you are not gentle I will fuck your ass with my biggest strapon without any lube! Is that understood? She asks.

I just nod and take my penis to the Petras entrance. She stiffens and I try to relax her by gently massaging her ass cheeks and lower pack.

Slowly I enter her. She is moaning. I am not sure if in pain or pleasure or both. I withdraw a little and I can sense that she relaxes a bit. I am then thrusting a little bit in again.

Like that, I can have my penis fully inside in a while. I feel that she is trusting me that I don’t want to hurt her.

I go a little faster and little bigger movement and trying to sense where the line is going between pain and pleasure.

The wife is asking Petra how she is feeling and she says that it is feeling amazing.

Next, she asks if I could go faster and she answers: Yes, please!

Then I start the real fucking. Her ass is so perfect. It is tight and slippery. Her ass cheeks so nicely rounded.

I can’t stand this long and I start coming. The orgasm is huge. The Feeldoe fuck before and now this. It is so amazing.

Petra has had an orgasm too. When the wife noticed that I am coming she started to manipulate Petras pussy at the same time. That pushed her also over the edge.

We are laying on the bed. The wife says that that kartal escort was so beautiful. Our intercourse was so full of passion and tender love.

When you Samuel are ready I want to fuck you another time. Says the wife.

I would like you to go on me first says Petra.

The wife takes a sexy look at Petra and says: okay that is my pleasure!

She puts on the same Feeldoe with what she fucked me. She is not that gentle as I was but Petra is ready to take it because I have just warmed her up.

Soon they are both moaning in pleasure. I and the husband is just watching.

Then I feel that I should do something good for Petra because she gave me so good orgasm.

When she is in doggy I go under her and start licking her pussy. She is now moaning even louder and wetting all my face.

She orgasms fast and maybe that trows the wife also over the edge and she orgasms also.

They rest a bit and then the wife looks at me. The fact that Petra asked me to fuck her doesn’t save your ass from other fucking. She says.

She shows me the pile of pillows and I should go on that pile my ass in the air.

She takes another Feeldoe from the drawer. It is a little bigger than the first one.

Now I have come so many times in a little time that I need harder contact to come so you have to take this bigger dildo in your ass.

She comes behind me and thrusts that dildo in me. I moan. That is bigger and I feel some pain but also I feel that is massaging my prostate more.

Then again little by little she starts to fuck my ass. At some point, I notice that the husband has started to fuck Petra.

The wife is saying that it is good that both of them have bitch to fuck.

That turns me on some kinky way. Being her bitch. I like to obey her and give her pleasure by giving my ass for her to fuck.

I say: fuck your bitch my mistress fuck me and give yourself all the pleasure you can get out of my ass!

That is taking that I love to hear! She says.

She starts to really fucking me hard. I am so relaxed and I trust her so much that I can take it. I am in some kind of subspace.

She is coming and when she comes she stops only for a little time and keeps going on again. She makes three orgasms for herself like this.

We are all exhausted. At some point, we go to the sauna and wash each other.

Then it is time to leave home and wait for another invitation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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