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Model Fanatasy

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Model FanatasyYou have seen her, in fashion magazines, bathing suit layouts, lingerie catalogues, and brochures. It was obvious why Valerie was a sought after model; she was a definitive masterpiece of the female form. Ms. Val, as I called her, was a tall paragon with a main of long, flowing, blond hair. Enormous blue eyes, framed by lengthy dark eyelashes, set wide on high cheekbones. Her seraphic face, was a study in chiseled enchantment. Her hair and face invariably caused heads to turn and as if that was not enough, Val was blessed with a breathtaking figure. Her tiny waist flowed from wide curvy hips that framed an athletic, flat stomach, her breast rivaled those of the manikins. Val exercised regularly, maintaining a round muscular butt and lean athletic legs.But, aside from looks, Valerie was a study in contrast. Outwardly, she appeared shy, with an inhibited innocence, yet inside there lurked a sexy and dark persona only recently realized. And, this dark side, is the start of our story. Our love making started as conventional vanilla, for my angelic pet seemed almost embarrassed by sex. After all, almost everyone had been trying to get in her pants since high school and the situation only worsened when she entered the modeling profession.Sex was a problem for Val, not a solution. But, I was determined to bring her out, to grow her as a sexual being, so she could realize her full sensual potential. One night I attempted to put on a video called Behind the Green Door. Val did not want to see a sex flick’ and I wound up disappointed, going to bed early. Later that evening a warm body slipped in bed next to mine, a soft voice whispering to my ear.Valerie murmured that she watched the movie and found it interesting and exciting. She mutely told me that, in the film, a stunning, but innocent girl is ravished simultaneously by several other women. Then, she overwhelmed me by confessing she imagined she was the girl being bound, helpless, and compelled let women make love to her. In the dark, her timid voice revealed that feeling powerless might allow her greater freedom to further enjoy her sexuality, without feeling guilt, or shame from her learned inhibitions.” Are you asking me to tie you up, Val?” I asked . . . waiting forever for an answer. “Yesss” she hissed, and I quickly sized the moment. We experimented with tying her to the bed that very night. Before we started, her nipples were erect and she was wet even before I finished roping her spread eagle to the bedpost. That evening was the first time a sexually conservative, but now physically restrained Val, could not stop me from using a vibrator on her. She came almost immediately, then repeatedly, during the next frantic hours, often crying out loudly. We had entered a new erotic dimension in our lives. And, over the next few months we graduated to purchasing bondage gear, from mail order specialty shops. Now, our sessions together were intensely involved with many variations of my tall, blond, innocent’ idol in bondage. Valerie had a knockout girlfriend named Cathy, another lean, long-legged beauty she met doing a swim-wear shoot for a national magazine. They worked together for several weeks. Cathy did makeup and hair on the models, and took a favored liking to Val. Cathy lived less than half a day’s drive away, and we soon found her coming to visit us with regularity. Whenever Cathy had a few drinks, she dropped halkalı escort hints of her exploits in making love to other female models. Inhibited Valerie would quickly change the subject. She could dream of having sexual encounters with women but that was a far a she dared. After Cathy left, I asked Valerie if she ever thought of really being with other women. reluctantly, Val admitted she had thoughts of sex with beautiful females, but probably never would. But then, lowering her voice to a whisper, she confessed that ever since she watched the video, she fantasized of being forced to make love with beauties of her own sex. She felt that if the situation arose where it was out of her control (as in the video) she might like it. “But,” she went on, “The movie was only fantasy . . . ” Val’s birthday was coming up the following weekend. I secretly phoned Cathy telling her everything, and we decided on a plan. Saturday night, Val drew admiring stares in a long, slit, cocktail dress as we enjoyed an elaborate dinner, finishing at her favorite club with drink and dance.We drove to my house at the lake, which is large and very private. Shortly after arriving, Val’s cocktail dress was off to find her in garter belt, G-string, black hose and heels. It was going to be a hot night. Val put on her special leather corset and I took the time to lace it up her back, cinching the many clasps very tight. As she walked in front of me, Vals’ lengthy, straight, blond hair sweeping across the top of her round ass and G-string. Her legs strutted in the tall black hose and heels en-route to the basement.In our special room, I started binding her to ‘the frame’. The frame is an open rectangle made of heavy timbers with eye-bolts in the right places. Our friends thought it was a room divider with potted plants hung from the sturdy bolts. After removing the plants, I had her stand on a small box, securing fleece lined leather cuffs to her wrist, hooking them firmly with hefty straps through the eye-bolts in each upper corner of the frame. Whenever I started securing Val in this manner, her eyes would get a far away look, her mind entering another place, this night I could feel she really wanted to be powerless.Photo # 7 With her arms secured, I lifted and spread her long legs, attaching them to the lower corners. For the first time, a ball gag filled her mouth and I covered her blue eyes with a leather blindfold; part one of the plan’. Then, additional restraints were added at mid arm, thighs and the metal rings on her wasp corset. She hung suspended, totally helpless, breathing deeply, lost in her own world, unable to move an inch. Headphones with soft music kept Val from hearing, sending her further into her own realm of helplessness; part two of the plan’.I turned on a spotlight that can be seen from the road, my pre arranged signal to Cathy. Cathy showed up quickly with a bottle of champagne, wearing a glistening, black-spandex, cat outfit, so tight it looked painted on every curvy inch. She held a small leather bag I inquired about. Cathy smiled, said it was her doctor kit and gave me an evil wink.Once this Cat-woman learned that Val was strapped and defenseless in the other room, her big green eyes lit up. However, the disappointment was overwhelming when Cathy instructed that she wanted to be alone with Val. Secretly, I realized nişantaşı escort I could view the whole scene from an outside window. The sun had long set, so Cathy couldn’t see me watching the show. Champagne popped, glasses poured, and while Cathy went to Valerie I snuck out to my vantage point. Cat-woman took one look at helpless Valerie and then ran her claws admiringly over her bound body. The narrow wasp corset constricted her slender waist, accenting her hips, her generous breast rising and falling with every breath.It astonished me when Cathy began adjusting the restraints, further spreading Val’s long legs almost painfully far apart and then tightening her bonds even more; Cat-woman was no newcomer to this scene! By the time she finished, her prey was grunting with the effort of such an extreme and enforced posture, her breath labored. Cathy opened her ‘kit’ and took out a butt plug and baby oil. Val never wanted to experiment with anal sex and I wondered how she would react. Cathy released the clasp on Val’s G-string, pulling it free of Val’s tight buttocks. She held the delicate fabric to her face, inhaled and glazed look overcame her.Then, Cathy walked around to Val’s back and slowly dripped baby oil on the top of her jutting buttocks. As the oil seeped down, Cathy used one finger to massage it into her crack and anus, her finger lingering inside her. Valerie must have wondered helplessly what was going to happen next. Very slowly, Cathy began to work the plug into Val listening to Vals’ breathing, watching her.She took her time, withdrawing and reinserting repeatedly, until finally it was fully implanted, deep in her rectum. Thin leather straps attached to the plug, one, ran tightly up between Val’s taught buttocks hooking to a small waist belt. Two other straps, on each side of her pubes, ran in a ‘V’ to the belt in front. An inordinate amount of time was spent adjusting the straps securely between her legs. No matter what Val did to push the plug out, the straps held it securely, deep inside. While Cathy adjusted the butt plug straps, she often brushed her victim’s vagina, but never quite gave it much attention . . . yet.Next, Cat-woman began to lightly blow on Val’s already erect nipples. A few minutes of this and Cathy began to suck and message each breast until her nipples were like rocks. Val was breathing heavily now and Cathy returned her kit, attaching nipple clips to both of Val’s breast. I could see Val wince from this new experience. Then, lovingly, Cathy began to rub Val’s slender body, from her muscled legs, to her neck, kissing her, and pulling on the many straps that tightly secured her body everywhere. Cat-woman teasingly and pinched, kissed and hugged for the longest time, until her victim was worked into a hot sexual fever.What Cathy did next, startled me. Cathy removed the blind fold and ear phones. When Val saw Cathy, the shock in her eyes was apparent from my vantage point at the window, she looked downright scared. Instinctively, Cat-woman left the gag in place so her victim was unable to say anything. Val’s desperate eyes were searching the room, looking for help, from me. Cathy then removed her own top, freeing her proud perky tits, keeping her eyes locked on her prays bewildered blue eyes. Val was trying to communicate with Cathy by mewing through her gag. She kept moaning “uh, şişli escort uh” as in “no” but Cathy kept smiling at Valerie, saying “uh huh” as in “yes.” If Val could have, she would have stopped Cathy immediately.When Cathy started kissing Val’s face, Valerie attempted to turn her head away, but Cathy held her neck and head with both hands. She forced lavish kisses upon the girl, kissing her face and rubbing her breast on Val’s breast. She tediously worked her will on Val’s suntanned body, licking and kissing her flat stomach, waist, and hips. When Cathy reached Val’s shaved snatch Val jammed her eyes shut and I began to wonder if this was such a good idea. Here was Valerie, a sexual sacrifice, trussed and strapped, totally defenseless, a butt plug buried deep in her bottom, a full gag in her mouth, limbs tightly banded with legs spread achingly wide. All this with a sex crazed woman climbing over every inch of her.When Cathy returned to her kit and removed a large vibrating dildo, I thought I saw the look of fear in Val’s now wide open eyes. I almost put a stop to Val’s predicament, but remembering her fantasy I decided to wait. Cathy was pealing off her own tight stretch pants, eyes locked on her captive. Cathy pulled out a leather dildo harness, attaching the big dildo to herself.After buckling on the harness she picked up another long, slender dildo and went back to kissing and rubbing her quarry, her monstrous artificial dick standing straight out. Cathy removed the butt plug from Val and tenderly inserted the slim dildo into her ass, working languidly, all the way in, then out, again and again. When Cathy turned on the vibrator in the huge dildo and maneuvered it to Val’s pussy lips, Val slammed her eyes shut again, and began a series of frightened whimpers into her gag. Now, face to face, breast rubbing breast, Cathy started slowly fucking her with the large dildo in front, reaming her ass with the other. Sometimes, Cathy would stop her slow thrusting, and hold the big vibrating dildo on Val’s clit while very slowly stirring the one in her rear, and then calmly return to ramming deeply into her. The second or third time Cathy repeated this procedure Valerie whimpered helplessly through her gag. Although Val was far too inhibited to ever be with a woman she was clearly losing control of her sexy body. The muscles of Val’s long legs and exquisite ass began to contract in time to Cathy’s languid thrusting rhythm.Cathy unbuckled the gag and this time Valerie opened her eyes, staring with lust, directly into Cathy’s eyes. She was way too hot to resist anything now. Tentatively, Val started returning Cathy’s kisses. This emboldened Cathy and she began to ram Val hard and fast. She was really fucking the life out of both of Valerie’s holes all the while staring directly into Val’s pretty face.This went on for a surprisingly long time until Val went over the top in a prolonged orgasm, murmuring as Cathy kissed her passionately.Cathy left Val hanging, panting, and laden with sweat. As her breathing subsided, Val looked at Cathy then quickly turned her eyes away, embarrassed by her strong orgasm and being so skillfully masturbated by another woman. I quietly returned inside the house. As I released Val, she did not say a word, avoiding my gaze. I asked what she thought of the evenings events. She told me she was sore, and if she had known, she never would have agreed to make love to a woman. I silently wondered if I had gone too far. Later, in our darkened bedroom, I asked if she liked what occurred. Valerie looked away, closed her eyes, and answered in a soft hiss, yesss! Then she looked at me, put her head on my chest and whispered, “What else do you two have planned for me?”THE ENDGeriwww.bdsmfinder.com

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