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Modern Pygmalion

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Modern PygmalionKinky that was the only word for it, the man was weirdly kinky. I mean both of them wearing mouse costumes, crotchless mouse costumes and squeaking as he fucked her. Still he paid well so even if she didn’t get another client tonight she had done well. A car slowed and a young man started to get out. Had he seen her and fancied her? After what she did for a living was pretty obvious. PVC leggings and a low-cut top that showed her nice plump tits for anyone’s delectation hanging about near a club.Eliza mover towards him when she saw this guy pull a pistol from his coat and taking aim. Common sense said for her leg it but Eliza didn’t think, she just body slammed the gunman. The pistol went off and the guy from the car looked at them in shock then grabbed Eliza and bundled her in the car that left at speed.“Sorry about the manhandling you, but that thug would not have left a live witness. You saved my life.”“Yuh a bit stupid on my part but I didn’t think. Does danger turn you on, I am pretty cheap for a posh dude like you.”“I don’t make a habit of paying for sex though you are quite tasty in a slutty way, but I do owe you.”“Is that an insult. Ok fair enough. I do look like a slut, as I have to advertise.”“It’s a no, to what you suggest but as I said, I owe you. Do you enjoy working the streets?”“I am not that stupid. Actually, I like the sex as I am a natural tart but not on the streets only a fool would.”“How about I set you up in a nice place where you can do what you want. I’ll think up some pretend job so my firm can pay you so you can live without being forced to sell yourself.”“You would do that for me.”“Well I put quite a value on my life and that hood would have probably succeeded.”“Do you need a mistress? I haven’t got much in the way of talents except on my back but I enjoy that.”“Heavens you don’t have to? Do you really want too? If I am honest, I like what I see and your quite fun.”Eliza realised that she was talking him into it. “Why don’t you try me out I am probably clean the latest tests came back today and they were fine so unless I have been unlucky with the clients since the test. I went for you because you look nice. A roll in the hay with a pretty guy in a warm bed is my idea of fun.”“You really are happy tart aren’t you. Ok I can’t risk the club now so it’s an evening at home. How about we give it a go and see if we get on. I’m Edward Carver.”“Eliza Feckless.”“That an interesting surname.”“The c***dren’s home put Jones on the papers but I was always lazy so they called me feckless and I though it more interesting. I should have been born a lady not having to work. Actually, I’m not really lazy or stupid whatever they say I just don’t see why I should do things that do me no good. A girl like me in care was never going to get enough learning to get a posh job. I thought going on the streets was easy money until I discovered pimps who take it all. So far, I have kept out of the clutches of one of those bastards.Of course, they had to go to the police about the attack but though it took time Edward ensured that Eliza was treated with respect. It was clear that he had a lot of influence and to be fair the police had a grudging respect for the tart who had stopped a murder. Eventually they were let goThey went back at Edward’s home, a large town house with an underground garage Eliza realised this guy was seriously loaded. They went up to the top floor which was devoted to his suite alone, bedroom, sitting room, study and a huge bathroom with a sunken whirlpool bath which is where they both ended up.Naked together in the soapy water bubbling away like some witches brew they looked at each other’s body. Eliza’s tits were naturally large and bobbed in the water, her nipples hardening thinking of what was to come. Edward put out a hand and cupped a tit in it squeezing gently and then moved closer for a kiss. It started off delicately but quickly became passionate. It took a lot to get a prostitute genuinely turned on but whatever it was, he had it.Climbing out of the water they dried each other with wonderfully soft fluffy towels before moving to the huge bed. If Eliza had time to analyse it part of what it was, was that Edward was intent on seducing her rather than assuming she would do it because she was a whore. Edward was doing his best to get her interested and succeeding admirably.They fucked with enthusiasm and genuine pleasure on both parts, Eliza’s climaxes were genuine and uninhibited. Eventually they fell asleep in each other’s arms like the lovers that they would soon be. They woke in the wee small hours and made love again in a sleepy fashion. Eliza’s thought that they had fallen back to sleep whilst still screwing. It sounded not very successful but in fact it was very pleasant, relaxed and unhurried coupling.Eliza had been in the social care system since she was a toddler, what family she had she didn’t know or care about her. Far from stupid she was however uninterested in what they taught at the crap schools she was sent too. The only thing she was good at were drama and surprisingly maths. From puberty she found she had a high sex drive and being far from bad looking with above average height and honey blond hair being on the game was for her the obvious solution. Only later did she discover the down side. You either had a pimp who took pretty much all you earnt or did what Eliza did have a manky flat and worked the streets.When Edward awoke, they bathed together which led to a lot of fondling and giggling before Edward laid her over the edge of the bath a screwed her from behind her tits wobbling over the side. A discreet knock on the door and the voice of the chauffer announced he had set up breakfast for Mr Edward and the young lady. Eliza thought to herself that is the first time anyone has call me a young lady. Over breakfast they chatted.“After last night I think your idea of being my mistress has a lot of merit. Your fun and up for pretty much everything. Would you object if we tried to get you to sound a little less South London?”“You want a better class of whore in your house then?”“Rather more blunt than I would have put it but essentially yes. My secretary is going to have a hissy fit as it is. Young Stephany is a quite prim young lady from a good background. I wouldn’t be surprised if at twenty-two she is still a virgin. Perhaps not even kissed a man.”“Oh dear, perhaps we should break it to her gently. How about part halkalı escort of the truth that I saved you from the gunman but not why I was there. Little Steffers doesn’t need to know the seamy side of my life.”“That works she will I suspect that eventually find out but hopefully but then you will have established a relationship. But we had better get you some more restrained clothing. The point is your name has given me an idea Feckless could be a synonym for Doo Little. Eliza Doolittle”“Cor like my fair lady. I like that idea and I think I can avoid screeching ‘cum on Dover’ when at the races.“The problem with clothes was solved by Eliza going back to her room and clearing it out. Whilst there she changed into jeans and a rather nice pullover that she had been given by the wife of a threesome that she had been hired for. That had been fun, the couple were feeling adventurous and decided that Eliza was the safest solution. It worked for them and was for once fun for her, they had done it a few times before the couple had moved out of London because of his job.On returning she met Stephany who was modestly dressed and very well spoken having attended a very good public school. It always amused Eliza that England’s most ancient private schools were called public schools. Eliza was not sure what Stephany made of her because the young lady was far too refined to let her feelings show. Outwardly she seems to quite like the job of transforming Eliza into something less common.“I don’t know why Edward wants to do this but he’s the boss so I am fine with it. No that’s not strictly true, I quite like the idea. Now look I still have to do my job which is to act as Edwards personal assistant and private secretary here at his home. Edward has another employed by his company at the office, a ghastly woman called Edna who has a real chip on her shoulder and hates me. Personally, I don’t care where someone comes from or what start they had in life. I know I am incredibly fortunate and others aren’t I don’t think it makes me better but it doesn’t make me worse.”“No, it doesn’t and this is going to be horrible for both of us if we don’t get on. I won’t hold it against you for being a posh girl if you accept, I am a low-class tart.”“Deal. Look I need to get on but we can start by talking. I hope you won’t be offended if I correct the way you speak.”“I am not that stupid, you have too. The waarter in Mayawrca don’t taste like what it orter.”“The rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain, which incidentally is metrological rubbish.”It turned out that they got on quite well. Eliza’s talent for mimicry helped her copy Stephany and Stephany having had elocution and singing lessons could explain how to pronounce things correctly not just what was required. What really helped get them off to a good start was Eliza’s arithmetic ability which was not one of Stephany’s strong points. Eliza was able to go through the expense account and got it to add up within a few minutes where Stephany had been struggling and was grateful for the help.By the time Stephany left for the day they had the makings of a firm friendship. Edward arrived back later after six thirty and they had a meal together. This was the point where Eliza found out that it wouldn’t be just Stephany doing the teaching. The meal was served formerly in the dining room and Edward explained about everything from which cutlery and glasses to use to an explanation about wine.After dinner though they went to the bedroom but not before Eliza had changed into her tarts gear. Black PVC throughout. Corset, long boots and gloves and a choker around her neck. No underwear though. Edward sat her on his lap and took out a tit to play with his spare hand snaked down to her bald muff and fingered away.“I though that this evening I wold do everything for you pleasure my sweet little tart. I doubt you are used to that, everything for the client not yourself was the norm I would guess.”“It was thank you. As long as I don’t have to pay, I doubt you take credit cards.” This was said with deliberate and careful annunciation. Eliza’s tit was squeezed in appreciation of her effort. Edward was as good as his word doing everything for Eliza’s pleasure. Surprisingly she didn’t know what it was she liked not having been on the receiving end before so they tried out different things. Having her pussy eaten was top of the list but having her nipples sucked came high as well. Being fingered as well but she wasn’t sure about being fisted. They didn’t try anal as it was a favourite of her roughest customers so not a pleasant association.As she got more excited Eliza’s language went down hill but neither cared. Eliza was difficult to bring to a climax but Edward saw this as a challenge and when finally, Eliza had an orgasm it was huge and overwhelming leaving her felling like a wrung out rag.“My god, I never thought that it could feel like that. What about you I don’t want you to be frustrated Edward. Look that is long and formal can I call you something shorter.?”“I am mostly used to Edward but I don’t mind Ed. Its funny I know that Stephany is a but tipsy because she relaxes and calls me Ed. ““Oh, so she does get tipsy.”“It takes a bit of doing but sometimes on business trips we have a meal together and if I can get a bottle inside her then yes, she gets mildly tipsy. Can’t get her to drink anymore because she notices and stops. Very self-controlled is out Steffers. I do like that as a nickname. If she is being too formal, I might use it to her face that should be worth seeing. Now let’s have another snog.”The rest of the evening they made love in a slow and relaxed fashion kissing and caressing before screwing a second time to be rewarded by mutually cummin.After Stephany arrived the next morning the three of them sat down over coffee to discuss how they were going to handle things.“As you may have worked out Stephany, Eliza has moved in with me. It might be only temporary whilst she is at risk from the gunman but I doubt it as we get on rather well.” This was the point when Eliza realised that Stephany wasn’t that innocent the look she gave this was really old fashioned.Stephany mentioned Eliza’s arithmetic ability and how she had helped with the household accounts This was of great interest to Edward who had a suspicion that something dodgy was going on at his business. They agreed that Eliza would taksim escort go through all the figures to see if she could spot something odd. As it happened even as a tart, she had to keep books for the revenue so understood something of accounting. This had the advantage that Eliza could have an income.That she was earning and rather well, didn’t stop Edward treating her. That afternoon on his instructions Stephany took Eliza shopping with the household credit card and a generous allowance. The girls had fun particularly as Edwards generosity extended to Stephany. Amongst the purchases were some very nice designers jeans and leather boots that came up to the knee for both of them. They change in the toilets into their purchases. Very tame by Eliza’s standard very daring by Stephany’s. They went for a meal together and over food but more importantly wine Stephany revealed more about herself.“I am not nearly as sweet an innocent as Edward thinks whilst I haven’t had many sex partners well two actually, I am not a virgin and I do know about something other that the missionary position. Trouble is that having started working for Edward other men don’t come up to him as a standard.”“So, you fancy him?”“Like crazy.”“Why aren’t you jealous of me?”“Because there is nothing between us or likely to be. I am not that irrational enough to dislike you because you have what I want. Anyway, your much more his type. I know I am not the least sexy.”“Oh, I don’t know those lads have been eyeing us up and that isn’t just me. Just stop being so staid in your dress. You’re a very pretty girl if you allow yourself to be.”“Not like you with that gorgeous hair.”“Where as yours is a rich shade of brown. I am happy with what I have but I would be equally happy with yours. Try growing it longer, I am sure you could because it is in very good condition.”“Your probably right it grows like a weed. This length is practical.”“That’s your problem practical, live a little.”“OK will you help me become a bit of a tart as I help you become a lady.”“Steffers you naughty girl.”“Given a chance I think I could be really quite naughty and enjoy it. Will you tell me what you used to do? I have a guess anyway.”“I was a whore darling.”“The whore with the heart of gold saving the big man’s life.” The way she said that had an uncharacteristic biting edge but no hint of disapproval.“There I have told you; do you still want to friends.”“Absolutely, unlike the posh bitches I know, your honest fun and funny. I know how privileged my upbringing was and I am not a hypocrite to look down on you because you did the best with the hand life dealt you. Eh this is indelicate. Did you have women clients.”“Yes, on occasion in particular a threesome with a married couple. That was better than just a girl because I am not that inclined to be lezzy, I can take it or leave it.”“I have always been curious about it. I like men but I am fairly sure I am bi. So, you see little Steffers is definitely a naughty girl. A threesome with Edward would be so nice.”Eliza realised that this quite shocked her coming from the mouth of this demure young lady. Stephany could only be slightly tipsy for her accent was as cut glass as ever though her posture was more relaxed that normal.In bed with Edward that night Eliza was particularly enthusiastic. The idea of sweet little Stephany taking part in a threesome was a total turn on. The result was a very nice night for Edward who was totally unaware of the reason why. For Eliza the sexuality that had be subsumed in the needs of earning a living on her back was back in full force. Both were physical exhausted and somewhat bruised.“What got into you last night.”“Oh, a fantasy that I might share with you some day.” Eliza kissed him to distract Edward from further questioning. The kiss turned into fondling and then sex. Eliza revelled in having him on top of her thrusting himself deep inside her whilst she wrapped her legs around him all the while kissing with a passion verging on v******e.They were up late as a result of the previous night and Edward told the office he would not be in until the afternoon. When Stephany came in she raised an eyebrow despite Edwards attempts to conceal the reason for their tardiness.Things settled into a rut. Whatever was the reason behind the attempted murder the police had not found out or tracked down the gunman. They were still giving it some effort as Edward had influence but were getting nowhere. Equally Eliza had so far failed to identify any fraud though her instincts said something smelled about the books.What was more successful were the attempts to make her more refined. Mimicking Stephany’s accent all the time it had become quite natural too Eliza. At the same time her vocabulary was expanding as Stephany was patience itself in explain any word that Eliza didn’t really get. At the same time, she was learning all the appropriate ways to behave in polite society.Stephany on the other hand was learning about less polite behaviours. Far from being shocked by her friend’s former employment wanted to know more. Then Edward went away for a business trip and the two girls were left alone together. It started out that they went out on the razzle together. They got as Stephany thought tarted up by Eliza’s standards they were quite restrained. Miniskirt, high heels and not too much cleavage showing, no more provocative than a lot of other girls at the club and better than some.They had an enjoyable evening and could easily have gone off with some of the lads if they had wanted too but equally had experienced difficulty in putting them off. They returned to Edwards house where Stephany made her intentions abundantly clear.“Would you be willing for us to spend the night together, over the last couple of weeks I have realised that I am most definitely attracted to you.” This posed some problem for Eliza as despite having had sex with girls when a prostitute, she was mostly straight. On the other hand, she was fond of Stephany they had become quite close. Eliza realised that actually the attraction went beyond just friendship.“Ok let’s see just how naughty Steffers can be.” The kiss that followed was definitely in that category long and passionate with Stephany fondling Eliza’s bum through the miniskirt. They broke long enough to remove each other’s skirts. They snogged again exploring each other’s mouths with their tongues. They were now both fondling şişli escort each other’s bums all the while getting more and more turned on. Breaking the kiss again they finished stripping each other before going back into a clinch against with their breasts mashed against each other. Sweet, innocent, little Stephany showed no sign of diffidence. Eliza was amused at just how wrong Edward had got his secretary. They moved to the bedroom and spent half the night making love with Stephany learning lots of things a girl could do to pleasure another.Over the next week the fraud detection front was moving forward. Eliza had found computer activity that had unofficial security protection. Edward had arranged for her to be given access to any account she required but the IT department could not get her in. This did not stop Eliza’s hacker friend though and after some effort he bypassed the protection. Oh how interesting, the account was operated by the finance director and what he was doing was trading at one percent more than was shown in the books. The one percent was diverted to a foreign account the problem the fraudster had to write things down and they had his notes. Before you could say retribution, the money was out of his account and into another one set up in Edwards name.Having retrieved the money they told Edward what they had found matter were put in place to have the fraudulent finance director arrested and the money returned to its proper place. Stephany, Eliza and her hacker friend got huge rewards from the company.That night Eliza got another reward because Edward on a high from success and vintage champagne was an even more enthusiastic lover than usual. The fall out meant Edward had to go in very early to the office, Stephany knew about this and was at the house and into the warm bed within ten minutes of his departure. They made love but when finished fell asleep arm in arm, the previous night had been a quite heavy celebrationWhen they eventually woke in the morning they chatted. It became clear that Stephanie was not just willing to experiment but wanted to be actively adventurous firstly a lesbian relationship and secondly if it could be swung a threesome.The latter seemed as improbable as before but the two of them in the house alone during the day had plenty of chance to explore a relationship. This was fine until one day Edward came home unexpectedly and found them on the rug in the hallway, starkers in a sixty-nine with Stephany on top and in the midst of a long drawn out and very noisy climax. They had not heard the key in the door because of it.Edward stopped at the doorway mute with shock. What he would have said was moot because the front door not properly closed was flung open and the gunman that had started things rushed in waving his pistol. Stephany who had already started to disengage rolled off and dodged into a side room. Edward in an attempt to lure the killer away from the girls ran upstairs. The ploy worked he was followed by the assassin firing of a couple of wild shots.The gunman’s progress upstairs was impeded by Eliza lobbing a flower vase over the banisters. It didn’t hit him but exploded in front of him. The response was to take a shot at Eliza but she had ducked out of sight. Stephany, still naked, re-appeared with something large and steel grey in her hands and loped up the stairs. Eliza decided that the best thing she could do was dial the police. As she got through there was another shot and a masculine cry of pain then silence. The police operator had heard the shot and said units were on their way. Much as Eliza wanted to try and help logic said she should downstairs to let the police in. The silence from upstairs was ominous but then Edward came down unharmed.“It’s OK. Stephany was bloody brilliant.”It turned out that what Stephany had been holding was Edward’s re-enactment helmet and Stephany had used the straps to swing it at the assassins head as some bizarre weapon scoring a clean hit. The would-be murderer was still u*********s and trussed up. The girls managed to get some clothes on before the police arrived.Murderer in custody and on the way to the hospital the police had a lot of questions. Eventually the police, left with the super having decided that Stephany had clearly acted in self defence so there was no question of charges against her. After things calmed down the three of them ordered an Indian takeaway and were putting away vintage wine as if it was going out of fashion. This relaxed Edward to the point he felt able to ask about the scene he had witnessed before the attack.“So, the two of you are lesbians? Does that mean that you don’t want to sleep with me anymore Eliza?”“Don’t be daft I want both of you.”“And so do I.” added Stephany.“Pardon?”“We are both bi and both as attracted to you as to each other. I am fairly sure you find me attractive so could you please shush and take the pair of us to bed.” The look on Stephany’s face was forceful so Edward didn’t argue but obeyed straight away and he discovered just how much fun having two girls together could be. The pair of them were by now experienced in having sex together so were able to work as a couple. Steffers was giving him a blow job whilst he ate out Eliza. That night he fucked both of them and got a further surprise when Stephany asked to be buggered. By now he wasn’t arguing and had more than a slight suspicion she was trying to shock him. All in all it was a success and became the norm from then on.The police finally managed to question the would-be assassin when he had recovered enough from severe concussion. It transpired that he was the d**g addict, younger brother of the disgraced finance director who had put him up to killing Edward, who he rightly suspected was the only one who might catch him out. Guilty pleas and fingering those who had assisted both plots meant no spectacular trials. Both girls were now openly living in Edwards house though they did conceal that the three of them shared a bed. The attempts to make Eliza a lady went on at a pace to be mirrored by similar efforts to turn Stephany into a highly skilled tart. Both were successful. Eliza discovered a talent not just for numbers, but finance generally.It was at the firms swish Christmas party that Edward turned up with two elegant ladies one on each arm. Dressed in long elegant, evening dresses they looked very sophisticated. As was traditional Edward gave a speech in which he made an announcement that caused a gasp. There were to be two new board members Eliza as finance director and Stephany as director of administration. The two women stood side by side accepting congratulations some of which were sincere. You could not tell which was the lady and which was the slut for now both, were true of both.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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