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Moving to a new area

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Moving to a new areaMy name is Charles and my wife is Stella, we have just moved to a new area.The neighbours all popped over to meet the new black couple who were moving into their nice quiet cul-de-sac.Everyone seemed nice, and I noticed all the men ogling my wife’s sexy fit body, and the white slut wives couldn’t stop checking my large cock hanging down the leg of my sports shorts.I agreed to pop over on Friday night to Dave’s house and attend their weekly poker game. I did explain I wasn’t really a card player, but they insisted it was more a guy’s night of drinking and chatting shit.I looked at Dave’s wife, she was around 5″10 with a slim waist, big round ass and really nice big round tits that seemed to defy gravity and stick out straight in front of her like an invisible shelf was holding them up.I thought what the hell at least I get to look at that all night.I knocked on the door Friday night with a bottle of scotch in one hand and a six pack in the other.Dave opened the door and ushered me inside.He introduced me to Pete, Michael and Steve who all looked like they already had a bit of a buzz going on.I wouldn’t say you would call me a drinker, all I have is the odd glass of wine with my food, or a cognac late at night whilst sat by the fire reading a book. If I have guests over I will have a couple of single malts to be sociable, but that is about that.I sat at the poker table and listened to the instructions on how to play the game, most of which didn’t sink in, as my attention was drawn towards the kitchen area. My seat allowed me to look directly down the hall into the kitchen, where I could see the large shapely ass of Sam Dave’s wife, it looked like she was bent over moving something around in the oven. Once she stood up she turned and moved across to the other side of the counter which allowed me the side view of her magnificent breasts and that sweet ass that stood out like a black woman’s, this made me smile, not only was it curvy and rounded , but it also jutted out from her lower back. God this woman has some serious body hidden under those gym clothes.I was pulled back into the game as the guys all laughed and said is it too hard for you to work out chief.I smiled and just dropped my cards down when I needed to and picked up when ever they instructed me.My mind wasn’t on the game, it was on that body before me, only 20 feet away and driving me mad.I noticed as each of the guy’s went for a toilet break, they all went via the kitchen, and I could see each one put their arms around he waist from behind and then give her pendik escort a kiss on the cheek before moving past and going to use the toilet by the family room. It looked to me but I could be sure, that each man reached around and had a good feel of those magnificent breasts, but was that just my wishful thinking.By the time Sam came in with the food most of the guy’s looked almost cut, their eyes were glazed, their speech was slurred and their manners were very crude and low.It was like they had a system, as Sam walked to one of them, the others would distract Dave so he looked away, and the others if close enough would both grab a hand full of Sam’s ass or try to get a good grope of her tits. She would bat their hands away and tell Dave to keep his friends under control, but he was too far gone to notice what his so called friends were doing to his lovely wife.She looked over at me, to see my reaction, so I felt like I needed to say something. Dave looked at me and said what did you say, I thought this is going to get nasty here if I don’t watch what I say.I said you guys are a real handful I am not sure my wife could cope with your antics, Dave looked at me thinking did he just say that, or did he say something else before. I had said guy’s you need to calm down and show respect, but I didn’t think I would get away with it a second time without causing a scene.Dave just smiled, grabbed his wife by the arm pulled her towards him then spanked her ass, he looked her in the eyes and said we are good her aren’t we honey?She looked over at me and said yes you are just boys letting off steam, he then groped her ass as she walked away letting everyone see him do it.I stood and asked where the toilet was, and Dave shouted for Sam to show me where to pee. I said it was fine and would find my own way if he just pointed me in the right direction, Dave said don’t worry Sam will show you, she checks it after each of us use it in case we pee on the seat or floor, ain’t that right honey.Again Dave reached over and grabbed Sam’s ass in front of everyone pulling and squeezing without any thought for his wife’s feelings.She pulled away, turned then said follow me, all I could do was watch her ass cheeks jump around under those gym pants, making me want to just pull them down and take her then and their for all to see.I felt my cock start to grow down the leg of my shorts, but thought what the hell, everyone else has acted like a dick, so why shouldn’t I let her see mine.I followed her down the hall watching çekmeköy escort that big ass wobble from side to side as she walked, then she turned into another smaller tighter hallway, which then ended at the door to the bathroom, she opened it put the light on then walked in and said here we are.Her cheeks went red and her eyes couldn’t leave my cock, it was now three quarters erect and sticking down the leg of my shorts. I just stood there blocking her exit allowing her to look at my cock as it just got bigger and bigger and started to rise up and poke out towards her.The first sign she was liking looking at my cock was her nipples went hard, then her face flushed, then her mouth dropped open and her breathing went deep and short.I said I am not sure what I should do, I noticed as all the men have gone for a wee, first they came over to you in the kitchen and kissed and hugged or was it groped you?I waited for a reply, but she just kept looking at my cock.I stepped forward and said they all came up from behind and kissed your neck and felt your boobs, should I be turning you around and doing the same?She just melted into my arms and allowed me to lower my arms around her back and feel that sweet ass, my big black hands tried to get the whole of each bum cheek inside my grip, but this white girl had some big ole ass going on.I pushed my hands inside her gym leggings and felt her silky soft white flesh, this made her moan out loud and squirm under my touch. She just allowed me to do as I wished.I turned her round to face the sink, then I pulled down her gym leggings and tried to get my now fully erect black cock deep inside her white married pussy, there was no way this was going to be a easy, she moaned and pushed back trying to help me, but her cunt was just too small for my cock at this moment in time.I turned her around pushed her to her knees and fucked her mouth like my life depended on it, again she just allowed me to do as I wished and never tried to stop me or say a word.With my wife I can last for 10 to 15 minutes, she had me blowing my load in under 3, her mouth without any form of difficulty created a vacuum that made me feel like my balls would shoot out the end of my cock if I didn’t realease my load there and then.She drank it all down then just got up turned and walked out the room.My mind could not accept what had just happened, my neighbours wife had just let me fuck her mouth, she had swallowed my cum in her bathroom only feet from her husband, then just got up and walked maltepe escort away like nothing had happened.I tucked away my cock then walked back to the room, wow you could tell these guys had been hitting the booze hard, they looked at me and laughed as I sat down. I asked what was wrong, they said we opened your single malt while you were gone.I said so, it was here to be drunk by you guys.They held up the empty bottle and said oops we forgot to leave you some.I said no worries I have another bottle at home.They started to play cards, but i noticed they all seemed way too drunk to really know what was going on.I looked for Sam, but she was nowhere to be seen, my semi hard cock started to grow again thinking about her sucking my cock.Then the kitchen light went on as it was now getting dark, there she was in just a silky house coat. I knew she was naked underneath because there were no lines or marks showing at all, just smooth skin.I said to the boys looks like I need the toilet again, they didn’t even notice they were all too waisted to realise what was happening.I walked down the hall, looked over my shoulder to see what was going on, and could clearly see they would all be passed out drunk within the hour.I pulled my cock out my shorts and walked up behind Sam. I lifted her silky house coat and pushed my cock between her butt cheeks, she leaned forward allowing me better access. Soon I had the head of my BBC stuck in her tight pussy lips, but it didn’t seem to be able to move further forward as it was too tight. I thrust in and out gently for about 5 minutes enjoying the chance to feel her large full white breasts which spilled out of my large black hands no matter how hard I tired to hold them in.She reached behind and started to wank my BBC against her butt cheeks allowing me to grope and pull on her tits and nipples.She then turned dropped to the floor, encased my BBC in her magnificent breasts then allowed me to tit fuck her until I came all over her face and breasts. She then licked my BBC clean and stood and pulled her house coat back on.She told me she wanted my BBC but knew it would take time and effort to get something so big into her little tight married white pussy.I said, if my wife asked you over for drinks would he allow you to come. Sam said probably not, but he goes fishing every other weekend with his friends, so she is free to do as she likes on those days, but needs to watch the neighbours as they are all big mouths.I kissed her on the lips, went through into the main room and said I was feeling done and needed to leave, they all laughed and said derogatory comments but I just smiled and left knowing my BBC had just been sucked and tit fucked while they all just sat around getting pissed.If you want to find out if his wife helps him fuck Sam and lick that white pussy with her long pink black womans tongue let me know.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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