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Ms. Nancy–Based on a true story

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Ms. Nancy–Based on a true storyMy best friend growing up and I spent a lot of time together. His dad was well-to do and they had a nice house so we spent most of his time there. His mom was named Nancy, but I always called her Ms. Nancy. She was super sexy. What we today would call a milf, but we had no such word back then.At night, I would frequently jerk off while fantasizing about her, whether I was staying at his house or mine. His sister was pretty sexy too, a couple of years older than me, and I wouldn’t have minded spending some “quality time” with her. The summer following our senior year in High School, we had just turned 18 and were each about to go away to college. We decided to play golf together (we were both golf crazy). Afterward he asked his sexy mom if I could stay the night. She always said yes, so we hung out all evening in his family room, I ate dinner with the family, and we had the usual chit-chat of a family meal, but I mostly spent my time fantasizing about what was underneath her sweater. That evening halkalı escort I found it difficult to go to sleep because I was thinking about her. 11 o’clock came and went, then midnight, then 1 a.m., and I realized that I had to do something or I would never fall asleep.I got out of bed and walked into the bathroom. I dropped all my clothes and I crept slowly and quietly into her bedroom. There was a soft light produced by the moonlight through the window and I could see the outline of her face and the curve of her sexy hip as she lay on her side facing my direction. I could hear her husband’s snoring and her soft breathing. She was obviously asleep and my approach did not cause her to stir. I could see the soft mounds of her breasts beneath the bed covers and I eased up to within about a foot of her face. I stared at her breasts, then her face and quietly began stroking my cock. About five minutes of stroking and I was ready to go. I taksim escort held out my right hand to catch my cum while I stroked myself with my left. I was reaching the point of no return. My breathing quickened. I found it difficult to restrain my groans as I began to spurt because of this goddess before me. I remained as quiet as I could, but I came with the most force I ever have in my life. I did a good job catching it. I had to because I hadn’t brought anything to clean my mess up.I stood there for a moment, just staring at her and wishing I could have shot it all over her face and those lovely mounds. My cock was down to about half mast, and I turned and made my way quietly out the door. When I realized what I had done, I suddenly became extremely nervous. What if I’d been caught? But at the time I made the decision to do it, all I could think about was jerking my cock to that vision of loveliness.I retreated back to the bathroom, cleaned myself up, got dressed and went back to bed.Next şişli escort morning my friend and I were eating cereal in the breakfast room, when I heard his mom call for me. I went down the hall and saw her standing in the bedroom. She asked me to come in and pointed to a couple of spots on the carpet. “I think you dropped a little when you paid me a visit last night.” She said. I turned bright crimson I am sure, because I could feel my face burning. I thought I was about to die. “You’ll have to clean that up.” She said sternly. She handed me a cloth and some kind of carpet cleaning fluid. I got down on my hands and knees and tried to rub the spots out with the cloth. I think I got most of it, but I couldn’t get it all.After I gave up on getting the rest, she looked down at me and said. “That’s OK, I’ll just regard it as my little souvenir from your visit. It’s nice to know an 18 year old man finds me sexy enough that he wants to masturbate while staring at me. I was probably awake for most of your little session. Inside I was smiling and when I saw your body start to spasm, it was a nice vision.” “You can never touch me,” she continued, “but you can cum for me anytime we can get alone and I just might cum for you. Just make sure my husband’s not around. He might kill you. Oh, and plan it a little better too. We have tissue all around the house.”

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