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My Boss, My Mentor & Now My Lover!

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My Boss, My Mentor & Now My Lover!My name is Beth and this is my story.I had just graduated from college and was starting my first job. It was a small business owned by Bob Johnson. He had hired me to be his bookkeeper and girl Friday.I had always had confidence issues since I was just a youngster. Bob was more than patient with me. He actual took time to teach me. When I made mistakes he would sit with me and go over whatever I did wrong. He would introduce others to as the most important person who had ever worked for him.That first year I bloomed from being a self-conscience girl to a confident woman. I was rewarded and felt important.Bob was always careful to desperate his personal life from work so I really did not know much about his wife.One day she did stop by and I immediately disliked here. She was condescending and self-centered. She walked in and demanded that Bob stop whatever he was doing to take care of her needs. She even made him late to meet with a client.Later Bob apologized to me and took me out for drinks after work.”Beth I cannot tell you just sorry I am for what happened today! I try to keep away from work as much as possible.””There is no need for an apology!” I saidWe both sat and sipped our cocktails. I was struck with how such a great man could get together with such a bitch!”How did you end up with her?” I asked and then regretted tuzla eve gelen escort asking as soon as the words left my mouth”I guess I was just stupid and young. I married before I realized just what bitch she is.” He said”Do you have k**s?” I asked”Thank God no!” He replied”That would imply that she at least sleeps with me!” He continuedWe left a little later but I thought about his situation all night. He was such nice man and yet he was married to butch that did not even let him fuck her! It actually made me mad.The next few months went by and she visited again and she was even worse the second time. It made my blood boil and then my plan started to form.The next day I came to work early. I crawled under my desk and disconnected my computer. I removed my panties and waited for Bob.”Good morning Beth!” Bob said with his normal good cheer”Good morning Bob! I think we may need to call about my computer. It will not connect.” I said”It’s probably just loose connection. Let me take a look.” He said as he started to crawl under my deskI opened my legs so that my pussy would be clearly visible. I heard Bob gasp. I knew he was looking at my 23 year old pussy. I smiled as there was silence under the desk for several minutesI felt his hands on my knees opening me up further. I felt his breath on my pussy and the touch of his tongue. tuzla otele gelen escort My hips jerked as he started eat my pussy. There were muffled cries of joy as he pushed his tongue into my tight hole.My pussy grew hitter and wetter as he licked me. Suddenly my orgasm hit me like a freight train! I pushed my pussy against his face and groaned with sheer joy.As my orgasm subsided Bob crawled out from under my desk. His face was covered with my juices.”Beth that was so good! It has been a long time!” He moaned”When is last time you had your cock sucked?” I askedHe could not answer so I reached out and undid his pants. I pulled out his cock and I looked up at him and licked his pre-cum with my tongue. His breathing grew heavier as I wrapped my lips on his dick and started blowing him.”Fuck Beth that feels soooo gooooood!” He groaned he stroked my headMy mind raced as his cock glide between my lips. I could taste his pre-cum flooding my mouth and I swallowed his taster into my stomach and into my heart. I looked up to see his face in ecstasy and I knew that I loved this older man more than anyone in my life. I made up my mind that from now on he would have every desire and fantasy fulfilled by me!”Bob would you please fuck me!” I moanedI stood up and he put me on the desk. He pushed deep into my willing and ready pussy. He tuzla sınırsız escort was kissing my ear and neck as he thrust into me. I had never been more excited. Another orgasm hit me and I grabbed him and rode his cock.Bob pulled me up and kissed me deeply. He turned me around and gently pushed me forward. I turned and looked over my shoulder. He reached forward and stroked my face. I had never felt better or safer with any lover. I knew that Bob would make love to me, I also wanted so badly to please him. I leaned over further and reached back and spread my pussy open. Bob moved behind me and my hand guided his cock into my soaking wet pussy, Bob stroked slow and deep as I moaned. I heard Bob chuckle and looked over my shoulder at him.“Beth this is the best sex I have ever had! I want to make you feel so good!” He said“Bob, I want to give you all that I am! My body is yours! Fuck me Daddy!” I moanedBob grabbed my hips and pounded my pussy, I had never been fucked harder in my young life but I knew I would want more!”Cum in my pussy baby! Fill me up! My pussy is yours!” I screamedBob grunted as he shot his sperm into me. He collapsed and held me close.”Beth that was so wrong but it was so good! I could not help myself!” He said with exhausted breaths”Bob, I love you! I had to have you at least once but I want you to know that I’m yours whenever you want me and anyway you want me!” I said”What about my wife?” He asked”Fuck her!” I laughed and he did too(A word from the author. Hey as an older man I have the fantasy of having a young woman desperately loving me. Maybe you do too. If you liked it a thumbs up. Comments and messages are always appreciated and welcomed.)

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