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My Boyfriend and I Teach My Younger Sister

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My Boyfriend and I Teach My Younger SisterI was listening to the radio, when the weather forecaster said there was an 80% chance of snow three days from now. Where we live, local school districts call school off if just a few inches fall overnight. The forecast said we could expect 2 – 3 inches on the ground by Thursday morning. That would mean that Tom, Emma and I would have no school that day. It also meant that my parents would still be going to work and we’d have the house to ourselves.”Here’s what I’ll do,” I said to Tom. “I’ll set my alarm early for Thursday morning and listen to the radio to see if school’s been cancelled. If it is, I’ll call you on your cell phone and let you know. You can come over after my parents are gone.” We had a plan. I also had a way to make our “demonstration” seem totally unplanned.Thursday morning came. I had set my alarm for 5:30. As soon as it went off, I turned on the radio and listened for school cancellations. When I looked outside my bedroom window, I saw the snow falling. There had to be at least one inch, maybe more, on the ground. Ten minutes later, the radio announced that our school district would be closed. I called Tom and told him, “We’re on!”I went downstairs to the kitchen. Dad was just getting ready to leave for work, while Mom wouldn’t be leaving for another half-hour or so. “Schools are closed,” Mom told me.”Really?” I said, pretending it was news to me. “That’s awesome!””Why don’t you go up and wake your sister up and tell her you guys are off today,” Mom suggested.”Mom, that’s silly,” I said. “Why should I wake her up just to tell her to go back to sleep?””That’s true,” she said. “Just make sure you tell her when her alarm goes off. You know your sister. She’ll be up and dressed and out the door before she figures out there’s no school.””Don’t worry, Mom,” I told her. “I’ll let her know.”As Mom and I were talking, Dad walked by on his way out the door. “I’m going to let the car warm up while I clean the snow off the car,” he said. “Do you want me to clean your windshield while I’m at it?”Mom said, “That would be good. One last thing I have to worry about.””Okay,” said Dad. “I’ll see you all later.” Then he gave Mom a peck on the cheek as he headed out to the driveway.While Mom was busy getting ready for work, I took a shower. I wanted to be squeaky clean for Tom. When I was finished, I wrapped a towel around my wet hair and put my robe on. I stepped out into the hall. Emma was still asleep in her room. Mom was applying the finishing touches to her makeup in my parent’s bedroom.Once she was done, she turned off her bedroom light, walked past me, and said, “I need to leave a few minutes early. The traffic is going to be crazy this morning.” Then she kissed me on the cheek and reminded me, “Don’t forget to tell Emma there’s no school today.””Don’t worry,” I said. “I’ll tell her.”Oh yes, I planned to tell Emma. Just not right away. Instead, I crept quietly into her room and turned her alarm clock off. It was part of my plan.Ten minutes later, Tom showed up, his hair covered with snowflakes. After I welcomed him with a kiss, I took his hand and led him quietly upstairs to my bedroom. I wasted no time pulling his clothes off, then I took off my robe. We climbed into bed and I covered us up with the sheet. With my hand under the sheet, I reached over and grasped his cock. With just a few tugs, Tom’s cock started to harden and soon it was fully erect. I knew he was excited about what we were planning to do.Some people might think that I was naïve about Tom’s intentions. I knew he wasn’t just being a nice guy, volunteering to be a visual aid in my demonstration for my sister. A lot of guys have a fantasy about being the center of attention with two girls in bed, and Tom was no exception. If it were any other girl, I wouldn’t include him in my scheme.But since it was Emma, my younger sister, I felt comfortable with the idea. For now, my only goal was to keep Tom ‘s cock hard and stiff. I didn’t want to get him too excited. Making him cum right away wasn’t what I had in mind. So I just stroked his cock slowly, almost lazily, as I waited for us to be interrupted. Twenty minutes later, the interruption came rushing down the hall.From my room, I heard Emma jump out of bed, saying “Oh my God!” Her door opened and she hightailed it to my room. “Wake up, Tammy,” she yelled. “We overslept!” Then she opened my door. “Tammy, we’re gonna be late for…” Then she stopped dead in her tracks. She saw Tom and I in my bed together.Emma knew that Tom and I messed around, though she never seemed to figure out that we did more than just make out and stuff. She did know that I was intimately familiar with Tom’s cock. One time she asked me, “How big does a guy’s penis get when it’s hard?”Not wanting to reveal too much about Tom ‘s cock or what I did with it, I responded by holding my hands up, far apart, imitating a fisherman showing how big the fish was that got away.But now, there stood Emma at my bedroom door, looking at Tom and I in bed. Emma stared for a few seconds, then nearly walked into the door as she tried to make a quick exit. “I’m sorry,” she said. “I didn’t know…”I called her back. “It’s okay,” I told her. “You can come in.” Emma turned around to face us, but wouldn’t look at either of us directly. “It snowed last night, sis. No school today. I thought I’d let you sleep a little longer.”Emma smiled at the news that we didn’t have school, then seemed to blush when she realized that Tom and I were in bed, most likely naked under the sheets. “Come on over,” I told her. “We’re not doing anything except talking.”Not quite true, as Emma would notice seconds later. As she approached my bed, she looked and saw that my hand was moving up and down under the sheet, about where Tom’s crotch would be.At first, Emma hesitated, but then sat down on the bed, next to where Tom was lying. Her eyes were fixed on the movement of my hand. I continued talking to her as though nothing was going on in front of her. “Isn’t it awesome that we don’t have school today?” I said.Emma answered in agreement, but still, her eyes were focused on what my hand was doing. We talked about what we might do the rest of the day. Maybe we’ll go sledding, I told her. Or just stay inside and drink some hot chocolate.Emma couldn’t take her eyes off the sheet moving around as I stroked Tom ‘s hard cock beneath it. While Emma and I talked, Tom just lay there, grinning at my sister. She didn’t seem to notice Tom ‘s grin; she was too interested in what I was doing. At some point, Emma and I made eye contact.With subtle looks and head motions, she was trying to signal to me that she wanted to see what was going on under the sheet, as though she was attempting to pull the sheet aside with telekinesis. I pretended not to notice. Then she moved her lips to mouth the words, “I want to see”. I decided not to toy with her any longer.I looked at Tom and said, “Baby, I think Emma wants to see what’s under the sheet. What do you think? Should I show her?””I have no shame,” said Tom. “I can take it . . . if she can.”I let go of Tom ‘s cock just long enough to slowly pull the sheet off of him, revealing his huge erection. If I didn’t already know that my sister was a totally inexperienced virgin, her eyes would have confirmed it. As I held Tom ‘s cock straight up for her inspection, Emma ‘s eyes widened and her jaw dropped. The look on her face was a combination of surprise, awe, shock, embarrassment and excitement. It was obvious she was looking at her first cock.”It’s so big,” she said to me. Then she looked shyly at Tom and said, ” Tom! You’ve got a huge penis!”Tom smiled, his ego now as big as his cock. “Thanks, but let’s call it a cock!” he said.”Tom IS well-endowed, isn’t he? I asked Emma.Emma nodded in agreement. As she studied Tom ‘s cock, I started stroking it in front of her. “Snow makes Tom horny,” I joked. “I thought he needed a handjob.”Emma ‘s ears perked up at the sound of that word. Now she understood. “Here,” I said. “Feel how hard he is.”Emma looked at me; surprised that I was telling her to give my boyfriend’s cock a squeeze. Her hand started to move, then Emma hesitated.”It’s okay,” I told her. ” Tom won’t mind.”Emma looked at Tom for his permission. “Go ahead. It’s cool.”Slowly, Emma reached over and took Tom ‘s erect cock in her hand. Encircling it with her fingers, she squeezed it, gently. “You can do it harder,” pendik escort said Tom. “It won’t break.”Emma gripped Tom ‘s cock and gave it a firm squeeze. Tom moaned in pleasure and his cock throbbed. Then she pulled her hand away. “God! It IS hard!” she exclaimed.”I told you he was horny,” I said to her. “I can’t let my boyfriend walk around all day with a hard-on.” Then I resumed sliding my hand up and down on Tom’s dick, nice and slow.Emma was interested, now understanding that what I was doing was giving Tom a handjob. She watched intently, wanting to see how to do it.After a few minutes had passed, I looked over at my sister, and asked, “Do you want to help…or just watch?””Help?” she asked. “How?””While I stroke his dick, why don’t you play with his balls? Guys love to have girls handle their balls,” I told her.Emma re positioned herself on the bed and slid her fingers under Tom’s balls, lifting them up carefully. With Tom’s balls resting on her fingers, Emma let his balls roll around in their scrotal sac. Laughing, Emma said, “Hey! They really DO feel like balls!””Rub them,” I said. “Be gentle with them. They’re very sensitive.”Tom closed his eyes and sighed audibly, enjoying the attention of two girls playing with his package. As I stroked his cock, Emma caressed his balls, lovingly. I felt Tom ‘s cock grow harder as I moved my hand faster. Emma seemed to enjoy playing with his balls, yet her eyes stayed focus on my hand as I let it slide up and down the length of Tom ‘s rigid cock.”Let’s switch,” I said to Emma. “I’ll play with his balls and you stroke his cock.” I could see the excitement in my sister’s eyes. “Hold on a minute,” I told her.I got up off the bed, walked over to my dresser, and reached into the top drawer. I pulled out a tube of lubricant and handed it to Emma. “Use this,” I said as I handed it to her. “It will make his cock slippery.”Emma poured some lube in her hand. Then she put some on Tom ‘s cock. Wrapping her fingers around his penis, she began stroking him. Her grip wasn’t very firm. “Hold his cock harder,” I told her. “You’re holding it too loosely.”Emma adjusted her grasp, and moved her hand slowly, as she had seen me do it. Up and down, she slid her fingers on Tom ‘s cock. She smiled at Tom as he watched her jerking him off. I fondled his balls while I watched Emma stroke my boyfriend’s cock. I didn’t feel the least bit jealous. To be honest, I was a bit proud and happy to see my little sister take her first step on the road to sexual experience.With her hand coated with the lube, her hand made a squishy sound as she stroked Tom. “I love the sound of a wet cock,” I said.Tom closed his eyes, moaning with pleasure. I was surprised at how composed he was. I knew he was very excited, making an effort to hold back his orgasm all this time. He deserved to cum.”Stroke him faster,” I said to Emma. “Make him cum.”Emma did as I instructed and moved her hand faster. Up and down, up and down, her fingers slid, stroking him harder. I knew Tom was going to cum soon. With my fingers on his balls, I felt his scrotum tighten. Tom bit his lower lip as he concentrated, reaching for his climax.”You are so good, little sis,” I said to Emma. “He’s gonna cum. Keep stroking him. Don’t stop!”Emma’s hand worked feverishly on Tom ‘s cock, stroking faster and faster. Tom arched his back, his ass rising off the bed. Then his cock exploded.”Oh, shit!” groaned Tom, as the first blast of his cum shot out, landing on his chest. Emma gasped as she witnessed a guy cum for the first time. She almost stopped stroking for a second, but she kept at it. Up and down, her hand moved quickly, almost becoming a blur. Tom ‘s cock squirted again and again, his warm sperm flying out rapidly, landing on his belly.Emma looked on in amazement as she watched his cum shooting out. In a few seconds, the last of Tom ‘s gooey sperm dribbled out, covering Emma’s fingers. Finally, Tom collapsed, his balls thoroughly drained. Emma stared at Tom ‘s cock, mesmerized.”You did good,” I told her. “Look at the mess you made,” pointing to the globs of sperm all over Tom ‘s chest and belly. Then I scooped up some of his cum with my finger and put it in my mouth. Emma looked shocked as she watched me lick Tom ‘s sperm off my finger. “Mmmmmmm!” I cooed. Then I looked at her and told her, “Lick it off your fingers. Don’t let it go to waste.”Looking somewhat dubious, Emma stuck out her tongue and licked Tom ‘s warm cum off her fingers. “That’s not bad,” she said.As Tom recovered from his orgasm, Emma and I laid on either side of him, with his arms around us. Both us were on our sides, each of us rubbing his chest. Emma looked down to watch Tom ‘s cock dwindle, returning to its normal flaccid condition. Then she looked up at him and asked, “Did you like that? Did I do it right?”Tom sighed, “That was fantastic. You’re almost as good as your sister.”Emma and I continued running our fingers all over Tom ‘s chest. I traced little circles around his nipple. Meanwhile, Emma started moving her fingers up and down on his chest, very slowly, beginning near his neck all the way down to his tummy. Each time her hand traveled downward, her fingers went a little bit farther, to his belly button, then to his pubic hair.Running her fingers through his curly pubic hair, she let the tips of her fingers brush up against his soft cock. It wasn’t long before Tom ‘s cock began to stir, growing hard again, rising up to another full erection.Tom turned his head to face mine. Our eyes met and I could almost read his mind. We both glanced over at Emma who seemed to be fascinated as she watched his cock grow bigger.”Looks like a handjob wasn’t enough,” I said to Emma. “He’s hard again. Guess I’ll have to do something about it; something different.” I stuck out my tongue and licked his nipple, flicking it, drawing it into my mouth and sucking it gently. Emma didn’t pay much attention at first; her eyes were still glued to Tom ‘s cock.It wasn’t until I shifted my position and let my tongue find its way down Tom’s chest to his tummy that she looked at what I was doing. With my head resting on his stomach, I reached for his cock and licked the head, swirling my tongue all around. I was practically drooling, my saliva dribbling down the shaft of cock. Emma sat up and watched my tongue tease Tom ‘s stiff dick.I lowered my head and locked my lips around Tom ‘s erection. Emma moved down to get a closer look. “What are you doing?” she asked me.Pulling my mouth off his cock, I said, “I’m sucking his cock. I’ve got one horny boyfriend.”Tom spoke up. “Something’s wrong here,” he said. “One of us still has her clothes on.””Yeah,” I said. “I noticed that, too. Why don’t you take your clothes off?” I said to Emma.Emma was still wearing the t-shirt and panties she slept in. She looked at me, unsure about what to do. Of course, I’ve seen my sister naked before. But that wasn’t the problem. I could tell that she was uneasy about getting naked in front of Tom. My young virginal sister had never been nude in front of a boy before. I wasn’t about to wait for Emma to get over her bashfulness. I sat up and said, “Here. Let me help you.”I reached over and pulled her t-shirt off of her, exposing her small tits to Tom’s gaze. Her nipples were stiff. Her boobs weren’t as big as mine, but they were coming along nicely. Tom smiled and licked his lips as he saw Emma topless.Emma became self-conscious, folding one arm across her breasts, hiding them from Tom. “You don’t have to cover your titties up,” I told her. “Look at Tom. He’s smiling. He likes them.”Slowly, Emma dropped her arm to her side, allowing Tom to see her developing breasts. I knew Tom was restraining himself. If he could, he would touch them, kiss them, and suck on her pink nipples. But he didn’t want to rush her.As I resumed giving Tom a tongue-bath, Emma laid across from me, her chin resting on her hands, watching me attend to Tom ‘s big cock. I slid my tongue up and down the length of his cock. “Want a taste?” I asked Emma, pointing Tom ‘s cock at her mouth, offering it to her.Emma looked at me, then at Tom. She knew neither one of us would object if she gave it a lick. She lowered her head, bringing her face closer to Tom ‘s cock. I put the head of Tom ‘s cock right up against her lips. “Go ahead,” I said. “Lick it.”Emma tongue darted out of her mouth, making contact with the tip of Tom ‘s cock for kartal escort just a moment.”Oh, come on,” I said. “Go on. Give it a big lick.”Bravely, Emma stuck out her tongue and licked the head of Tom ‘s cock. Then she licked it again. She looked at me and remarked, “That doesn’t taste bad.””It’s delicious,” I said. “Help yourself.”My little sister quickly acquired a taste for cock, licking it enthusiastically, her tongue licking Tom ‘s cock all over.”Pretend his cock is a lollipop,” I said. “Lick all around the head. Tom loves that.”With Emma swirling her tongue around the head of his dick, Tom moaned. “Yeah, that’s good, Emma. Lick it, just like that.”Emma ‘s tongue licked all around the head, around and around and around. The head of Tom ‘s cock was shiny and wet, coated with my sister’s saliva. Tom groaned loudly, as he lay between us with his eyes closed, enjoying the sensation of Emma ‘s tongue.I leaned over and whispered in Emma ‘s ear. “Put it in your mouth,” I told her. “And suck it.”Opening her mouth real wide, Emma took Tom ‘s rigid cock in her mouth, closing her lips around it.”Oh, fuck!” Tom moaned. “That’s so fucking good!”Once his cock was in her mouth, Emma seemed uncertain about what to do. I grabbed the back of her head and pushed it, her lips sliding down on Tom ‘s cock. With Emma ‘s soft, warm mouth surrounding his cock, Tom ‘s body squirmed. “Holy shit!” he exclaimed. “Suck it. Suck my cock!”I watched as my k** sister sucked a cock for the very first time. She learned fast, getting the hang of what to do if a guy’s cock was in her mouth. With her lips firmly encircling his cock, she moved her head up and down, sucking it gently. I let Emma go at it for a minute or two before I said, “Okay, Sis. Don’t forget: That’s MY man’s cock. Let me have a turn.”Emma seemed reluctant to give it up, but she took her mouth off of Tom ‘s cock and let me take over. I popped his shaft in my mouth and let the head slide across my tongue, taking it deep. Tom moaned as I bobbed my head up and down, taking more and more of his cock in my mouth. I could see Emma looking at me sucking Tom ‘s cock, not believing how much I had taken in my mouth. Then she looked at Tom, watching his head move side to side, lost in ecstasy.I sucked Tom a little bit longer before turning his cock back over to Emma. Wanting to mimic me, she tried to lower her head farther down on Tom, but she gagged a little. “Take your time,” I said. “It takes practice.”Emma started sucking harder and faster, moving her head up and down with a steady rhythm. For the next few minutes, Emma and I switched, sharing Tom ‘s stiff shaft. Back and forth, she and I took turns, licking and sucking, our lips and tongues working him over.I knew from experience that Tom was going to cum soon. All the signs were there. He was straining to reach orgasm, his body tensing up and his breathing growing heavier. I wanted to bring him right to the brink and then let Emma have the fun of finishing him off.I took his cock back in my mouth and bobbed my head up and down, faster and faster. What I didn’t know at the time was that Tom had opened his eyes, and noticed how close Emma ‘s cute little butt was to his head. When I turned his cock over to Emma, Tom reached over and touched her pussy through the fabric of her panties.She was startled at first, feeling a shock wave of electricity shoot through her entire body. The realization that a guy was touching her pussy for the very first time must have excited her. She took Tom’s cock in her mouth and attacked it hungrily. I sat up and watched Emma bob her head up and down at a furious pace. I wanted to see her reaction when he came in her mouth.Tom was still rubbing her pussy through her panties, running his fingers up and down her slit, brushing them against her clit. Emma moaned and went absolutely crazy on Tom ‘s cock, sucking it and slobbering all over it. Tom’s hips started to writhe and his ass rose up off the mattress. It was then that he pulled the crotch of Emma ‘s panties aside with his hand and inserted a finger inside her tight, virgin pussy.”Oh, my fucking God,” Tom moaned, and began unloading his warm, gooey sperm in Emma ‘s mouth. I watched Emma ‘s face as she got her first taste of cum. It was precious to see her eyes open wide as she tasted the salty cream filling her mouth. She started to pull her head off of Tom’s cock, but I pushed it back down.”Let him finish, let him finish,” I told her. “He’s cumming!”Tom ‘s cock pulsated and squirted, again and again, filling my sister’s mouth with his sperm. Emma ‘s cheeks seemed to puff out as Tom ‘s load filled her mouth completely. At the same time her mouth was filling up, her little pussy was penetrated to the hilt with Tom ‘s finger. He finger-fucked her the whole time his cock spurted in her mouth.When I saw that Tom was done, I let go of Emma ‘s head. She sat upright, her mouth full of Tom ‘s sperm, and spit it out into her hand. All I could do was applaud. “You did it!” I told her. “You sucked his cock and let him cum in your mouth!” Then I patted her on the back as she tried to cough up the semen that had made its way past her throat.”How can you DO that?” she asked me. “There’s so much of it!”I looked at her, smiling. “Why didn’t you swallow it?” I asked. Emma looked back at me. Swallowing a guy’s sperm was something that never occurred to her. “Don’t worry. You’ll learn to love it!”Emma got up to go to the bathroom. While she was there, I’m sure she gargled and brushed her teeth. I said to Tom, “Well, you’ve had a handjob and a blowjob already today. Don’t you think it’s time you returned the favor?”Tom looked at me. “You mean you want me to go down on you in front of your sister?””Oh, I know you’ll take care of me later,” I said. “I was thinking about Emma. She’s probably ready for another new experience.”That’s when Tom confessed to me that he had fingered Emma while she was sucking his dick. I asked, “Was she wet?””Very,” he replied.”Okay,” I said. “You move all the way over to your side of the bed and I’ll move over to my side.””Why?” he asked.”Because once we have her in the middle of the bed, it will be easier for us to make our move,” I explained. “OUR move?” Tom asked. “What do you mean “our” move?”Laughing, I told him, “My dear boyfriend, you know I’m a little bi-curious. You wouldn’t mind sharing a little pussy with me, would you?”Tom was totally taken off-guard by my suggestion. “Are you serious?”I couldn’t answer because Emma walked back into my room before I could say anything. As Emma entered, I could see that she was still a little shy about being topless in front of Tom; her arms were folded across her young titties. When she saw that Tom and I were on opposite sides of the bed, she said, “What’s up with this?”Joking, I told her, ” Tom and I had a fight.” My gullible sister almost believed it until she saw me smile. “No, I’m just joking.” Then, patting the mattress in the middle, I said, “Come on. Hop in.”Looking at me, Emma seemed confused, but she climbed in bed between us anyway. Once in bed, she pulled the sheet up over all of us. Tom rolled over on his side to face her. He stroked Emma ‘s hair and kissed her forehead. “You’ve been a really good assistant girlfriend today,” he said with a smile. “I really enjoyed what you did for me.””You really liked it?” Emma asked. “I did okay?”Tom kissed her cheek. “You did better than okay,” he told her. “You were great.” Then he kissed her on the lips and slipped his tongue in her mouth for a moment. “I mean that sincerely,” he said. “You know . . . your sister was right when she told you I liked your boobs…because I do.”Having said that, Tom pulled the sheet down to expose Emma ‘s breasts. Before she could react, Tom leaned over and kissed a nipple while reaching over to squeeze her other tit. Emma was startled by Tom’s quick move and she looked over at me. I just smiled and asked, “Doesn’t that feel good?” I could tell she felt conflicted, letting my boyfriend play with her boobs in front of me. “Enjoy,” I told her.Emma looked down at Tom as he began sucking her nipple. She closed her eyes and sighed, her body quivering. Tom sucked her nipple for a minute, then used the tip of his tongue to flick it and trace little circles around it. It was then that I pulled Tom ‘s hand off of Emma ‘s other tit and replaced it with my lips. She didn’t notice right away until maltepe escort I took her other nipple in my mouth. The sensation of having both her nipples sucked at the same time alerted Emma. She opened her eyes to see both Tom and I sucking her tits.”Tammy!” exclaimed Emma. “What are you doing?”I didn’t respond. I nibbled on her nipple, squeezing it with my teeth. Emma moaned loudly as Tom and I simultaneously turned her young breasts into a playground for our lips and tongues. Soon, I had Emma ‘s tits all to myself as Tom moved downward. I switched off, first sucking one tit, then the other, back and forth. Whichever breast I wasn’t licking or sucking, I was fondling and squeezing.Just when Emma was adjusting to the notion that her own sister was playing with her boobs, I straddled her chest, leaned forward, and kissed her mouth. Emma tried to protest, but my lips muffled her words. I forced my tongue inside her mouth and kissed her passionately. She made an effort to push me off, long enough to say, “Tammy, stop! This is wrong. You’re my sister!” I ignored her.Meanwhile, Tom climbed between her legs, grabbing the waistband of her white cotton panties, and yanked them down and off. Emma wiggled around, trying to close her legs, but with Tom positioned between them, she was out of luck. Tom wasted no time; he buried his face between Emma ‘s legs, using his tongue to spread her tiny pussy lips apart. He began to lick all around the opening of her pussy, stiffening his tongue, moving it in and out, sweetly and ever so slowly.I was busy using my own tongue in Emma ‘s mouth, seeking out her tongue. By this time, she had accepted the fact that her own sister was French-kissing her. Our tongues finally met and began to do a little dance inside her mouth. Emma returned my kiss, sticking her tongue inside my mouth. I captured it with my lips and held it in place, letting the tip of my own tongue tickle hers.I stopped kissing Emma, putting my lips against her ear, and told her, “I want to taste you.””Huh?” said Emma, not getting my meaning.I moved down and practically pushed Tom out of the way. “My turn,” I told him. I spread Emma ‘s labia and my tongue headed right for her clit. With a few flicks of my tongue, I had her full attention. I looked up at her face to discover that she was watching me.”Tammy! I can’t believe you’re doing that to me.” When I began to lick all around her clit, she added, “But what you’re doing feels so good. Keep doing it.”I was surprised to find out how sweet and fresh Emma ‘s pussy tasted. I’ve tasted my own juices, but this was the first time I’d ever tasted another girl’s pussy. I loved it. At first, I licked Emma ‘s cunt nice and slow, drawing her clit between my lips and sucking it. As I licked faster, Emma began to moan. “Oh, wow! That feels good, Tammy. I never knew…” Her words stopped because I put my finger inside her pussy, sliding it in and out. It was tight, tighter than my own. I could imagine what it might feel like to Tom, if he squeezed his big cock inside and fucked her.Tom was kneeling beside me on the bed, watching me eat my little sister’s pussy. “That is so hot,” he told me. “You lick pussy almost as good as I do.”Between Emma ‘s juices and my drool, there was a huge wet spot in the sheet below her butt. She was wet; her pussy lips glistening, droplets of moisture on her light blonde pubic hair. I licked and licked and licked. My tongue was almost glued to Emma ‘s clit. I was sure I could make her cum, but I think Tom had other plans.I lifted my head, pulling my mouth away from Emma ‘s pussy. She moaned with disappointment. “Oh, don’t stop, Tammy,” she pleaded. “That was feeling so good.”I looked over at Tom. “She’s wet, baby. Very wet!” Tom nodded and I winked back at him.Moving up toward Emma ‘s head, I asked her, “Did you like that, Sis? Did that feel good?””Uh-huh,” she said, breathlessly. “Why did you stop?”As I straddled her, my knees on either side of her head, I said, “Do ME now. Lick my pussy.” I eased myself down until my pussy lips were an inch away from her lips. Behind me, Tom positioned himself between Emma ‘s legs, aiming the head of his newly erect cock at her wet pussy. At the very instant I lowered my pussy down on Emma ‘s face, Tom slid the head of his cock inside her pussy, breaking through her hymen. Emma groaned as she experienced both pain and pleasure at the same time.Tom started gently, slowing rocking back and forth, his engorged cock probing Emma ‘s no-longer virgin pussy. His ass cheeks clenched as he dipped his penis deep inside, the head of his dick touching her cervix. Giving Emma time to accustom herself to the feeling of having a cock inside her pussy, Tom moved slowly. “Oh God, oh God,” she moaned, feeling his cock slide in and out.Emma was soon speechless as I pressed my pussy against her lips, my clit searching for her tongue. She seemed hesitant to stick out her tongue and get her first taste of pussy. “Lick me, Sis,” I told her. “Lick my pussy, just like I licked yours.”Emma finally parted her lips and began licking me. Her tongue found my throbbing clit. Knowing how much she enjoyed having her own pussy licked, Emma imitated my technique and flicked my clit, her tongue firmly wagging back and forth.Down below, Tom increased his tempo and started thrusting his cock in and out of Emma ‘s tight, warm cunt. He could feel Emma ‘s moist vaginal walls encasing his throbbing dick. Although Tom had already had two powerful orgasms this morning, his cock was rock hard. He was determined to make Emma ‘s first fuck a good one.My little sister’s tongue wiggled all around my pussy, christening my pussy lips with her saliva, but always finding its way back to my clit. I looked down at Emma to see her eyes gazing up at me between my thighs. “I love you, Sis,” I told her, realizing that Emma was now more than just my sister; she was my new lover. Call it i****t, but the idea of having Emma as someone I could give pleasure to and take pleasure from turned me on.”Make me cum!” I moaned. “Lick me and make me cum!”Emma concentrated all her energy flicking my clit, the tip of her tongue brushing across my love button, faster and faster. Incredibly, I could feel my orgasm rapidly approaching. I pressed my clit against her tongue, my body tensing up as I reached for my climax.Then I came. My entire body began shaking as a powerful orgasm overwhelmed me, possessing me. My hips gyrated as I smeared my pussy juices all over Emma ‘s face. “Keep going,” I pleaded. “Please. Don’t stop. Keep licking my pussy!” Emma licked and flicked, giving me several wonderful orgasms. When I could take no more, I collapsed on the bed next to my sweet sister.With my pussy off her mouth, Emma was free to express her pent-up excitement. “Oh, do it, Tom,” she moaned. “Harder. Fuck me harder.”Tom was sure that Emma was ready to take a rough plowing. Grabbing her legs, he put them over his shoulders, her pussy now at a perfect angle. Then he began ramming his stiff cock in and out. With each thrust, Emma grunted. Faster and faster, Tom fucked her tight, little pussy, driving Emma out of her mind. She began thrusting her hips upward to meet his down strokes. His heavy balls made an obscene noise each time they slammed against Emma’s butt.”Yeah…yeah…yeah…yeah,” Emma chanted, as her pussy quivered. She wrapped her arms around Tom ‘s neck, pulling his mouth down to hers to kiss him. She was so lost in passion; she bit his lip, drawing blood. Tom responded with piston-like thrusts, his dick poking her pussy, hard and fast.”I feel…oh, that’s so…oh, God…please, I…” Emma could no longer speak in complete sentences. I knew she was on the verge of cumming. I looked down at her face to witness what was probably her first real orgasm. Her head was thrashing around on the pillow, her face contorted, her breathing becoming labored.”Oh, yeahhh!” Emma screamed, in the throes of a huge orgasm. “Oh, God! Wow!” The heels of her feet began pounding Tom ‘s back as her fingernails dug into his shoulders. Tom continued pounding her pussy, in and out, in and out, in and out. I leaned down to kiss Emma as she came.I reached my hand beneath Tom ‘s ass and tickled his balls as he fucked Emma faster and harder. That was all he needed to reach his own orgasm.”Oh, God,” he groaned. “I’m cummminnnggg!” Tom shoved his cock deep inside Emma ‘s pussy, his hot sperm blasting out like buckshot. A dozen harder thrusts, and he collapsed on top of Emma.Our arms and legs became a tangled mess as we all lay there, recovering from our cluster fuck. As we each finally caught our breath, and our sweat stopped flowing, I sat up and said, “Hey, guys. It’s a snow day. Who wants to go sledding?”

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