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My Brother Made Me A Model – Part 2

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My Brother Made Me A Model – Part 2deletedThis is the second part of the story.It was my first time that I’m standing in front of 6 men only in my bra and panty. I thought that all the men will be staring at my almost naked body and make me uncomfortable, but they did not, then I remembered they are professionals and would have seen many women nude. Sharma told me that it’s only a sample shoot and will be over soon.For my first shot I was told to stand with my legs a little apart and my right thump on my red panty, pulling it a bit low and my left hand cupping my right boobs. For the next shot my back was towards the camera and both my hands resting on my hips and my head turned to face the cam. Half of my butt cheeks were visible to the people standing with the camera man.For the next shot I was made to lay on table and knees raised to the air as my legs were just behind my ass. The camera man went up to a raised platform near the table and he was clicking some photos from the top angle. Then he asked me to spread my knees, reviling the panty stuck to my pussy. Then he asked me to run my fingers over the panty when he had some clicks. I was starting to get into the mood.Then for the next shot I was asked to unclip my bra from behind and hold the bra with both my hands, so it looked like I’m holding the bra on to my body with the help of my hands. My brother helped me to remove the clips and I was holding it as they said, after a few shots they asked me to lower my bra a bit more to show more of my boobs. Now my bra was covering a bit above my nipples. Almost the top halves of my boobs were visible. Sharma was praising me for each shot. I wore my bra back again without showing much more of my boobs. I was beginning to think if I had to remove my panty for the next shot. But for my relives Sharma told to windup. He was happy with the photos.I went to the changing room and put on my clothes, my brother was waiting for me outside. He took me to Sharma’s office. Sharma greeted us with a smile and told us that he is very happy with the photo shoot and he will be sending those photos to the clients in Italy. If they too are satisfied with me, I can be there brand model. And my brother will be promoted to be my personal manager. Both of us were happy to hear the news.As we were about to leave Sharma hugged me and kissed on my cheeks. My boobs were crushed into his chest. I too kissed him in his cheeks. I couldn’t face my brother and walked out with him. In the car he told me to relax and not to feel bad about it. I just nodded and we didn’t speak much.It was about 9 pm, when my brother came into my room.Nithin: hey, I’m sorry for putting you in all those troubles.Me: it’s not that bro, I’m a little embarrassed to show my body to others, especially you.Nithin: don’t worry, all the models go through this stage in the beginning, you will get used to it. And don’t worry about me Deepika, I have seen many models showing of their body in minimal dress.Me: mm.Nithin: don’t be shy Deepika, you have got an amazing body that you should not be ashamed of showing off.I was a bit shocked karşıyaka escort to hear that from my bro, but his was right. I was proud that, I had it in me to give others a hard-on.Nithin: thanks to you Deepika, I will be earning double the money I used because of you. And you will be earning more than me.Money was always my weak point. The thought of making more money made me desperate to get into modelling.Me: ya okay bro, I’ll do whatever they say. Just be with me always to support me.Nithin: ya dr, and I have a good news for you. Sharma had called me and he said that the Italian clients liked your photos and they want to see more of your photos. So tomorrow we will be having another photo shoot.I was excited to hear the news and I just hugged my brother and kissed his forehead. He hugged me back.The next day we went to my brother’s office and Sharma greeted me with the usual hug and kiss. Then he led us into the room where the photo shoot was going to take place. I saw the same camera man, we greeted each other. He had only one assistant to help him with the lights. Sharma told me that, I will be paid for this photo shoot. That got me excited. He then told me that, in the dressing room I can find some costumes numbered as 1, 2,3. I should the first one for the first shoot and so on for the next shoot.I went into the dressing room and wore the dress numbered as 1. It was a full length dark blue satin gown, topped off with a pair of dark blue strappy high heels. The front of the gown exposed a modest amount of my boobs, I had to remove my bra as the gown was backless till my waist. The sides were cut out in a way to provide an ample view of the outside of my boobs.The shoot began and I was told to pose in different positions. Then I noticed that the gown would fall away from my breast as I moved in certain ways. Then every moment I was asked to make by the camera man caused the gown to slide away from my breast. The men, who were so professional yesterday, weren’t appearing so today. All the men including my bro, took their time to check me out. I was not embarrassed today, the thrill of showing my almost naked body to the men excited me.As the shoot proceeds the gown had shifted to the edge of my breast and my aureole was coming into view. The camera man came up to me and took his time to note colour difference between my milky white breast and the darker aureole. His thump slowly slipped into my top, the back of his thump pressed against my boobs as he caught the thin material. It took him great resistance not to grab my boobs and fondle them. After taking his time to adjust my gown, he returned back to his position and took a few shoots.The next outfit was a purple bustier. The front and side of the dress were made of a thin see-through material. It was paired with jeans that clung to my ass perfectly. I was wearing a matching pantie. The camera man asked me to open up the jean and show them off. I slowly unzipped the jeans and pulled them open, revealing the thin panties. I spun around and pushed the jeans over my hips while looking escort karşıyaka over the shoulders. The jeans moved further down my legs, everyone could see the g-string I was wearing. The two round halves of my perfect ass came into view with two thin strings bisecting each other at the top of my ass crack. One string curved around my hips and the other disappeared between my ass cracks before travelling to my pussy.I was doing a strip tease in front of the guys including my bro. I was turned on and didn’t care much as I was giving the guys a good look at my naked ass. I shook the two white globes of flesh and teased the camera. The camera shuttered and took various shots.For the next shoot I was wearing a black dress with heels. I had a matching pantie underneath. The camera man told me to think that I was modelling for the panties I wore and not the dress. So I was supposed to slowly show off the panty. I was positioned on a high backed wooden chair in the middle of the studio. A normal photo was taken. Then I took my hand to the hem of the dress and slowly raised it, showing my legs. I bend my knees as the dress slowly progressed up my thigh. The tops of my stockings came into view. I knew that my brother and Sharma could easily see the inside of my things from their position.I wanted to tease Sharma more, so I pulled the dress over my ass and sat on the chair. The dress was bunched up over my waist showing my legs and things. I felt a thrill as more of my body was exposed. The camera man praised my seducing skills. I turned and swung around, showing the guys between my legs. The only thing that was between my legs was a thin triangle of rose lace tucked seductively in. Then the camera man pointed out that my panties are stretched away from my body to the right. So my brother came up and positioned himself between my legs. I brother on his knees pulled the waist band over, so that it falls against my skin.He worked his way up to my bare things. A soft moan escaped my mouth as he touched me. He found the thin elastic band and gripped it between his fingers. I spread my legs further for him to adjust my panties. He pulled the front panel and took a sneak peak at my pussy. Then he slides the panties over and flattened the panties against my pussy.“Ohhh..”There was no hiding anymore as I trembled and moan out louder as his hands rubbed against my pussy. I was on the verge of an orgasm. The smell of my moist pussy filled the air. Everyone in the room had a smile on their face including my brother. He resumed his position and a few shots were taken.I went into the dressing room to get my next costume and I noticed Sharma following me. Once in the room he inched closer to me and reached around the backside of the dress. He palmed my ass with each hand’s and took a moment to enjoy the feel of my soft flush. I was breathing quickly and he said “don’t move”. His hands explored my ass. I trembled as his hands followed the curves of my ass. Then is fingers were in between my legs. He pressed his middle finger against my throbbing pussy. I could karşıyaka escort bayan feel my pussy leaking as he gently rubbed me. I let out another moan and soon his lips were on mine. We kissed passionately as his fingers played around my pussy.As we parted, I begged him “don’t stop”. My pussy ached for relief. I fell in his arms as his fingers triggered an orgasm in me. It took me a moment to get back to reality. Sharma left me with a cunning eye, to get ready for my next shoot.It took me a little longer to prepare as I was a bit exhausted. The next costume was a brown skirt suit. It was the last one. The shoot started and before long, I was sitting on top of a desk with my legs together and lifted up in the air. I pulled the hem of the skirt up so that my thighs were visible. Several of the top buttons on my blouse had been opened to show off my cleavage and bra. The soft bulge of my pussy, encased in the thin panties can be seen between my legs.Then I was made to stand up and remove my skirt, I then sat in the chair and spread my legs for the camera. I was so horny that my hands were roaming around my body. With one hand I massaged my thigh and other played with my boobs. I took of my jacket and kept it close. Then I unbuttoned the remaining buttons on my blouse and pushed it open for a better view. The shots were clicked.Then I was asked to remove the bra and then put on the blouse to click some sexy shots. I was so turned on that I didn’t care to go to the changing room, instead I removed my bra, in front of the guys and put on the blouse. But for a moment I was standing in front of them, just wearing a panty and high heels. I could see some tents in the pants. My brother never took his eye of me, his hands were over his cock. When I saw Sharma, he too had his hands over his tool. I was incredibly turned on as I knew everyone in the studio was lusting on me.Soon I was on the top of the desk with only the bottom two buttons on my blouse hooked in. with my back arched in and my chest up, my nipples were clearly visible over the silk blouse. I was enjoying the way I teased my brother.For the next shot i let the blouse fall on the floor and with my arms up covering my breast. The camera man smiled and clicked on. Then I leaned forward and d****d my body across the desk, my naked breast was pressed against the cold wooden desk, my nipples erect. I spread my legs and pushed my ass in the air, my pussy once again was on display. The top V shaped patch of my pussy hair was also on display.After a few more shots, the camera man said he has got all that is needed. Everyone appreciated me and left the studio except my brother. Sharma before he left told me to come to his office. When I came back changing my dress, I saw my brother waiting outside with a smile.Me: how did I do?Nithin just came forward, put his hands around my waist and pressed me on to him. My breast crashed into his chest. He kissed me on my cheeks, but it was a little too close to my lips.Nithin: you did great, especially with this (and he tapped my ass with his hands and pressed them gently) dr.I smiled at him and said “I know you enjoyed the show today bro”Nithin: ya, I did and I have a feeling that more show is awaiting me.I playfully hit on his chest with my hands and we went to meet Sharma.The meeting I had with Sharma will be posted in the next part. Awaiting, your comments required……

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