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My Daughter’s Tutor Ch. 02

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Well, we had already seen each other nude, we made out and our boobs had pressed up against each other. After all that Amber threw out the idea of actually having sex but did I really want to fuck my daughter’s tutor?

“In that case Amber, what do you say we take this party into my bedroom?” I asked.

“I like that, Roxanne, I’d much rather fuck a MILF, than go to another boring party,” Amber replied.

So we were both pumped up for this. We both stood up, I put my hand out and we slowly walked over to my bedroom. As we walked in, I shut the door and she got on the bed. I slowly lay on the bed with her and got on top of her. I got about a foot away from her face.

“You know, the last time I had sex with a woman, it was twenty years ago, when I was in college. After I met Sofie’s father, I never fucked another woman. Now, I wanna see you, and all of your natural beauty,” I said just before I took off her glasses.

I thought she was one sexy woman when she had the glasses on, but then, as I saw her with them off, I swear she was the sexiest woman I’d ever had in my sights.

“You should really check into contacts. These fucking glasses are robbing you of sexy men and women, wanting to jump your bones, Amber,” I said. I put her glasses on the end table, and she seemed open to the idea.

“You really think so?” Amber asked.

“I do,” I replied just before I put my lips back onto hers.

We made out for a minute, and then I slowly went down to this young lady’s crotch. I felt a little nervous actually having sex with another woman again. As I said, I had a few experiences in college, but that was twenty years ago. I feared I wouldn’t be able to satisfy her completely but I was more than up to the challenge.

“When was the last time you had your pussy eaten?” I asked.

“Two months ago,” Amber replied.

“Well, I just ask that you prepare yourself, for some intense pleasure,” I said.

I was nervous, so I just raised the bar for myself. It wasn’t a smart move, considering how on edge I was. It was something I wanted so much, that I almost didn’t want it. Once I did do it, the anticipation would be gone. This opportunity just fell into my lap, and I wasn’t about to pass it up. I leaned down, and ate pussy for the first time in over twenty years. It tasted even better than I remembered, her pussy was sweet you could say.

“Oh my, Roxanne, you were not bullshitting me,” Amber said.

Let’s just say, all my nervousness disappeared after about five seconds. I quickly got into it and forced Amber to respond to her pleasure quite quickly.

“Fuck me!” Amber screamed.

I didn’t answer her, I just kept the pleasure coming her way until it would just become too much for her to take. I heard the rapid breathing, she was already getting towards her limit. I just kept pushing it and fucking her senseless with my tongue. I looked up towards her and she began moving around rapidly too.

She was having a good time, perhaps an even better time than I was having. With her pussy lips spread out, my tongue was almost a deadly weapon in this situation. She leaned up and put her hands onto my smooth ass. I noticed as she did that a little more of her pussy juice came flowing out. Maybe she was more ankara yabancı escortlar than a little curiousbut whatever her motivation was, she was about to explode.

“Shit, Roxanne!!” Amber screamed as she lay back down.

Just as I knew she would, she came all over my face and the bed as well. That was another thing I missed, a woman’s cum, it just seemed to be a lot more satisfying than a man’s cum. As my face was drenched, I got up and went over to my dresser. She knew exactly what I was going for and when I had the dildo in my hand, I brought it back over to the bed with her. I got on the bed and kissed her once as I put the dildo into her pussy.

“You know, you could have at least asked permission, before you just decided to use my dildo. That’s just having good manners,” I said.

“I’ll remember that, for next time,” Amber replied.

“Thank you,” I said just before I began thrusting the dildo in and out of her pussy.

She just stared at me and I stared right back. The pleasure I was giving her was superb, she moaned like she had the world’s biggest cock inside her and it belonged to Evan Stone. She pulled me down closer to her and laid her lips on my neck a few times. Both of us were breathing quite heavily the whole time, as I was mere inches away from her. A minute later, her right hand made it over to my pussy. At first she just touched it with the tips of her fingers, I guess she was nervous.

“Don’t be scared, it’s just a pussy, it won’t bite,” I said.

She giggled for a split second and put her entire hand on my pussy. That was when I broke out the moans.

“Oh my god,” I said loudly and slowly.

She leaned her head onto my boob and I put my other arm underneath her holding her there. I began thrusting the dildo even faster in and out of her pussy, and she seemed to love it. Her moans just got louder and came out more rapidly too.

“Fuck, Roxanne, you are one hell of a MILF,” Amber said as she moaned.

I didn’t answer her, I just put my lips onto hers for a minute once again. I kissed her and put that dildo deep inside her at the same time, and she loved it. If she wasn’t lesbian when she came over, she definitely was by then. She even used her tongue a bit as we made out and her hand and the bed was drenched too.

“Oh, someone likes this,” I said.

“You could say that,” Amber replied.

“Have you ever thought of being with another woman before?” I asked.

“Yes, I thought about being with you, actually, when I saw you using the dildo on yourself,” Amber replied.

That was music to my ears. I liked it, if I made her an honorary lesbian at least for the afternoon, but it would be better if she actually did switch teams? To sway her, to do just that, I took it one step further. I got down towards her crotch and began eating her out again. Let’s just say, I really missed eating pussy.

“Oh, you fucking sexy MILF, I love it when you eat my pussy,” Amber said slowly.

“I’ll take that as a compliment,” I replied.

At first, I didn’t use my fingers at all, I just went in, and used my tongue for the time being. I licked her pussy slowly numerous times and she just seemed to be in love. She put her hands onto her boobs and began moving around a bit. I guess eating pussy was something I never forgot how to do, I felt I was a natural ankara yeni escortlar after a few minutes.

“Fuck, Roxanne, that’s really good,” Amber said.

I knew that, call it me cocky if you want, but I knew what I was doing, and I was just getting warmed up too. I couldn’t help but spread out her pussy lips and really show her what I could do with my tongue. I stuck in here deep and I had a long tongue too. Not quite as long as Gene Simmons’ tongue, but it was still long. She put her right hand onto my forehead and felt how worked up I was too, she knew this wasn’t some fling, this was special.

“Fuck yes!! Come on. Roxanne, make me cum all over your beautiful face,” Amber said.

I intended to, and it would be happening in the near future. Come hell or high water, I was gonna get some fresh female cum all over my face again. I stuck my pointer finger up into her pussy for a second, and then that was when it happened. It was quick, but it was still very satisfying though.

“Oh!!” Amber screamed and moaned.

I would think that was the biggest orgasm she ever had, judging from how wet my face was and the reaction she had after it was over. She kept her eyes closed, as I dried my face off a bit with the blanket. As I was done, she still had her eyes closed and leaned her head back. I didn’t know if I should touch her or say anything, I feared it might ruin whatever she had going on mentally I mean. After about two minutes, I had to feel the woman I just had sex with, so I laid down with her. I laid my head next to her’s and put my right hand onto her right boob. I gently pinched her nipple, and that was when she opened her eyes. She looked right at me and I looked right back at her.

“Was that, anything like how imagined?” I asked.

“No, better, much better in fact, Roxanne,” Amber replied.

I leaned in and kissed her again. We made out for about three minutes and our boobs touched. As we made out, I thought of something. Maybe the reason this was so hot to me wasn’t because Amber was younger, but that she was a lesbian in training you could say. Who doesn’t like fresh meat? A minute later, without saying anything, she slowly went down towards my crotch. I had Amber pegged as a somewhat brainy student that would never be interested having sex with someone older, let alone a MILF, such as myself. I could tell she was still nervous, even though I made cum twice already, so I greased her wheels. I leaned up a bit and brought her to me to kiss her.

“Remember, it doesn’t bite,” I said just before I laid back down.

She slowly went down and began eating me out right then. We both knew she wanted this, but it was like it was forbidden or just too good to be true. Either way, she was having her first crack at eating pussy. She just licked my pussy slowly for a few minutes at first, she needed to get the feel for the land you could say. I gave her some much needed encouragement.

“Don’t worry, hun, I won’t judge you or make fun of you, just don’t be nervous,” I said.

“OK, Roxanne,” Amber replied.

She leaned in once again and stuck her tongue deep inside my pussy, and this time it was a lot better. I just lay back and enjoyed the ride. She preceded to spread out my moist pussy lips and stick her tongue in just the right spot. Whether she meant to or it just sincan oral yapan escortlar happened by accident, I had to moan out loud. As you can imagine, I was loving this lesbian in training.

“Fuck yes, baby doll, that’s what I’m talking about,” I said.

I began breathing rather sharply, as I began moving around quite a bit. Having a woman eat me out just had a world of difference from a man eating me out. It was like apples and oranges, with the apples being dry and the oranges being quite juicy. As she noticed that I was really enjoying myself, she got a little more feisty. Even though I was moving a little frantically, she kept her mouth right on my pussy. I tried to focus on her face for a few seconds, but of course with all the pleasure I was getting, that was impossible. She stuck a couple fingers up into my pussy as she dirty talked to me.

“You are one mother I’d like to fuck, I wanna suck on those nipples and eat your pussy, seven days a week. I want you to fuck me every single damn day too,” Amber said.

She was thrusting her fingers and dirty talking to me? She was pouring a shit load of lighter fluid right onto an already huge fire. She was going to make me cum, and just have multiple orgasms. The excitement of fucking a first timer, and just being fucked by a cute and sexy kitten like herself, just made me want to scream at the top of my lungs, until they just gave out.

“Shit, sweetie, you are making this MILF cum a river,” Amber screamed.

I couldn’t help it, whether she wanted it all over her face or not, she got it. Just as I expected, I had multiple orgasms, so it lasted for a couple minutes. She just stayed right there and took all she could get. Once I was done, she slowly climbed up with me and lay next to me. She didn’t wipe her face off with the blanket or the sheets. She just looked up at the ceiling, I was guessing she just needed a few minutes of silence to process this amazing turn of events.

I stayed quiet, but I had to feel her boobs some more. I put my entire right hand on her right boob and caressed it slowly. I figured I might as well enjoy it while I could as she just stayed silent. I knew she would have to say something sooner or later. Although, she was staying quiet it had been about five full minutes so I tried something.

I leaned up and gave a kiss and she kissed me back. As I was about to lean back, she put her arms onto my back and kept me down with her. We made out passionately for a few minutes and I eventually got on top of her. We both wrapped our arms around each other for a couple minutes and just stayed close. After that, I began kissing her neck, chin and everywhere else above the shoulders and she put her hands on my head. As seconds went on, I went down further, and made it to her nipples. I took both of her boobs in my hands and sucked on her nipples until she screamed.

“Oh fuck, Roxanne!!” Amber screamed.

She was probably feeling like she was on top of the world right then, having a hot MILF licking her nipples. As I started, the fuse was lit so to speak, and it was going fast.

“Shit, now I’m gonna cum!!” Amber screamed.

I didn’t get down there to let it get my face, I just looked down there and watched the fireworks. I saw this sweet and sexy kitten drench my sheets and blanket. After that, I lay down with her again and kissed her.

“I think Sofie is definitely gonna need a new tutor to help her with all of her classes,” I said.

“I think, you are right,” Amber replied.

So after that, we started seeing each other behind Sofie’s back, but where it’ll go from there, that’s in a future chapter.

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