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my fantasy…59

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my fantasy…59i am sitting at the bar sipping my beeras i watch u mix & serve others’ drinks& i try not 2 be 2 thoroughly obviousas i check out your protruding package…when it is finally one o’clock i hear u yell” last call… drink up !! time 2 go home !! “i lean 4ward & motion 4 u 2 cum closer& then i lean in by your ear & whisper” wanna meet me in the men’s room ?? “u look me in the eyes & grin wickedlythen press your mouth 2 my ear & say” gimme about 10 minutes 2 close up !!then i wanna find u naked & waiting !! “& i just get up & walk 2ward the backas everyone else heads 4 the front door…as i wait 4 u 2 close & lock up the bari strip off all my clothes & drop themthen slide down against the wall nakedso my butt rests on top of my heelsas i fondle my cock & twist my nipple…i look up & smile as u walk in the room& u unbutton & then unzip your pants as u walk slowly across the tile floor…i reach up 2 pull u quickly 2wards meas my mouth engulfs your flaccid cock… u look downward at the top of my head& your hips thrust 4ward as u groan” suck it !! suck it !! suck my cock !!! “as u receive my very finest blow-job…as your thick cock grows in my mouthyour crown is lodged deep in my throat& my tongue slaps around your shaft…my lips touch the root of your erectionas my fingers tease your smooth balls& play with your puckered ass-hole…saliva drips over your shaved scrotum& trickles down the front of your thighsas i slowly pull back 2 your cock-head& my cheeks hollow in with the suctionas i lunge my lips all the way on2 u again & again & again & again & again…my mouth moves down 2 your slick balls& my hot tongue lashes wetly all aroundas i suck one heavy nut & then the other…i try 2 stuff them both in between my lipsbut bursa escort they are just so big that they won’t fitso i must content myself with alternating& rolling each in my drooling mouth in turnas my tight fist jacks your throbbing shaft& i push a finger against your taut pucker…my fingertip slips inside & u loudly groan” i’m cumming !! oh fuck !! i’m cumming !!oh fuck !! swallow my cum !! swallow it !!! “& i feel your cock start 2 throb & pulsateas i quickly slide my mouth 2 your glansthen lock my lips tightly behind your ridge& take every steamy spurt of your seed… i let your cum splash my teeth & tongue& it splatters on2 the roof of my mouththen drools back in2 my thirsty throatbe4 i slowly swallow every savory drop…when i finally release my lip-lockyour cock is still cumpletely hardso i quickly turn away from uthen bend 4ward at the waist…i slide a foot up in2 each urinalthen grip on2 the pipes above them& push my wide-spread ass back 2 u…i look back over my shoulder & whimper” fuck my ass !!! make me your bitch !!fuck my ass full of fat fucking cock !!! “i feel your cock-head press against me& it is still dripping wet with my salivaas u center it on my puckered brown-eye…i press my ass-hole outward & groan” fuck my ass with your big fucking cock !!i wanna feel every inch of u inside me !!! “i groan as u push in2 my resisting chute& the feeling is pleasurably painfulas u stretch your way in2 my tightnessuntil u are balls-deep inside my hole…i twist my ass in tiny circles & whimper” do u like your big cock in my ass ??do u like my ass on your big cock ??? “u grab handfuls of my quivering ass-fleshas u start 2 piston hot cock in & out of me& i press myself down & back as i whisper” fuck my ass !! i love your bursa escort bayan cock in my ass !!fuck me full !! fuck my ass-hole full of cock !!! “u hammer your cock deeper in2 my fuck-hole& then tweak & twist on my rock-hard nipplesas your other hand slides up between my legsuntil your fingers wrap tightly around my cock…u groan appreciatively & then whisper” u are already very hard down there !! “i look back in2 your eyes & smile & groan” cuz u make me so totally fucking horny !!i wanna cum on your big fucking cock !! ” i twist my ass around in tiny tight circlesas u press your erection deeper in2 me& i groan loudly as u pull my cock downuntil my cock-head points 2ward the floor…as i grind my ass back against u harder& your turgid tool caresses my prostatemy cock throbs in your grasp & i moan” make me cum !! oh god !! make me cum !!i wanna cum all over your fucking cock !!i wanna feel u fuck the cum outta me !!! “u suddenly pull your cock outta my ass& then u lie on the tile floor on your backas your impressive erection juts upwardlike a deliciously firm & fleshy flag-pole…i lower myself between your spread legsso u can get a view of what i am doingthen i close my lips over your fat glans& press my face all the way down on2 uuntil u are in the taut opening my throat…as i suck your cock & drench it with spiti squeeze your balls up against my chin& when u again glisten with my salivai slide my mouth slowly up & release u…i move up above & over u & whisper” now i wanna feel u inside me again !! i wanna feel every inch inside my ass !! “as i straddle your body in a reverse cowboythen reach back under & grab your shaft& guide your glans 2 my puckered hole…as soon as your head is centered on mei slam my entire body down escort bursa hard & fast& take your entire erection up inside meas my hands grip your ankles 4 balance…as i feel your fingertips dig in2 my hipsi bounce up & down on your thick shaft& my cock gets harder with each thrustas it splatters pre-cum on your thighs…i look back over my shoulder & whimper” my cock could stand sum attention !! “& then i feel your hand slide around meas u grip my pulsating & throbbing shaft…your actions make me writhe in ecstasyas sensations shoot all through my body& my ass grips down even tighter on2 u…suddenly u stop playing with my erectionas your hands grip both my thighs tight& u forcefully slam my ass down on2 uso your cock is cumpletely encased in me& then u hold me down tightly & whisper” i wanna feel your ass squirm all over !! i wanna feel my cock stir your insides !!! “all i can do is rotate my hips in circles& grind myself down against your thighswhich twists your cock deep in2 my body& makes it roughly caress my prostate…as i rotate & spiral around on your tooli feel your fingers wrap around my cock& i know that i will be cumming very soon…my pre-cum is really flowing & oozingas u squeeze & release my aching shaft& i suddenly start shaking & then gasp” oh yes !! i’m cumming !! i’m cumming !!oh fuck !! i’m cumming on your cock !!! “& my entire body starts 2 shudder wildlyas the searing seed pours endlessly from me…u immediately release your grip on methen grab me tightly by the hips again& begin slamming your cock up in2 meas my spasming ass milks the cum out& u drench my insides with your seed…i moan as i feel your heat enter my body& twist around 2 look back at u & groan” cum deep in me !! oh yes !! deep in me !! deep in me !! breed me full of your seed !!! “by the time our orgasms finally subsidei have slid all the way back down on2 uso i am sitting cumfortably on your lapwith your entire cock engulfed inside me…( do u wanna ??? )

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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