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My first cuckold experience.

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My first cuckold experience.I’ve always been intrigued by the cuckold. Whether its a visual thing, a naughty thing or love and passion thing. Porn channels like this one gave me more insight into the fetish and the fantasy just grew and grew. I had told a few of my ex partners about my fantasy but none would participate, one talked about it during sex which was hot but left me frustrated when it never actually happened, until I met up with Sara on a well known swingers site. She was local, really hot and had always wanted to fuck a guy infront of her partner. It took a few months finding the right guy, non pushy, respectful and obviously good in bed. We agreed to meet Dave in a bar in Norwich, we picked this bar because it was quite a loud bar so we could speak freely. We all got on straight away and Sara had already vetted his dirty mind via calls and messages so she was confident he was a good choice to be her bull. We never thought itd happen on the first night but if lust took over Sara then we agreed a code where she went to the toilet and sent me a message confirming she liked him already. It was then up to me to invite him back to our hotel for a drink. The decision was now mine. This may happen tonight!!About 11pm the bar started to get really busy so I used that as an excuse to pop the question to Dave and ask him if he’d like to join us at our hotel for a quieter drink. I was more nervous asking because if he had said no, I would have been gutted and so would Sara. When he said ‘Okay’ my heart started beating harder as I knew, ‘This could happen tonight’.We got back to the hotel and went to the bar, ordered some more drinks as I knew Sara was now starting to get nervous. I decided to take myself out of the situation and remove the pressure of the first time being watched for Sara and went to reception. I said to the receptionist Id locked my key card in the room and could I have another one. I rejoined Sara and Dave and the chemistry was there but you could feel the tension and nerves. I asked Dave if he’d be happy to take Sara upstairs alone without tuzla escort me present. He said yes as long as it was ok with Sara. I looked at Sara and said ‘It may be less pressure so text me when you want me and i’ll let myself in the room’. She reluctantly agreed but knew there was some sense in what I’d said. They walked off and a few minutes later I got a text from Sara saying ‘Just in room having a drink, are you sure??? If so, any last minute rules??? LY xxx’I text back ‘Anything goes princess, if you want to do it, do it. LY2 xxx’.I sat in the bar, trying really hard to disguise my erection under the table with the thoughts of what was happening in our room. I had to tactfully time my trips to the bar to get a drink whilst my hard on wasn’t so obvious. I was ready to burst.About an hour later I get a text from Sara saying ‘ Want to join us?’. I grabbed my pint, put my other hand in my jeans pocket to try and hide the obvious erection I was proudly sporting and headed up to our room. I walked in to what can only be described as a truly blissful sight. That memory will live with me till the day I die and it will still probably give me an erection. Sara and Dave lay on the bed next to each other, no cover (that was in a heap on the floor), they were both naked, Daves arm was under Sara and they were kissing intimately like lovers. Dave did have a fit and tanned body and together with Saras beautiful tanned goddess like body, they looked so good together. I noticed after the initial sight that Sara was gently playing with her clit. I looked and saw the most erotic thing. Shiny moisture with a white tint just trickling out of her pussy and towards her arse hole. I had been cuckolded properly! She had let Dave cum inside her. My erection was pounding in my boxers by this point. They stopped kissing and with an innocent yet naughty smile on her face she held up her hand to beckon me over to the bed and said, ‘You want to clean me up?’ That was an offer that didn’t need to be asked twice, my fantasy had become a reality and judging by Sara’s cum filled pussy, it tuzla escort bayan wouldn’t be the last time. I laid on the bed and positioned my head between her legs, I paused for a couple of seconds just so I could see the cum oozing out one last time before I licked her clean. The second my tongue touched her pussy, she let out a loud moan and said ‘god this feels soooo naughty’. They started kissing again and I heard her say to Dave, ‘Let me clean you up too’. I licked up every ounce of Daves cum from her pussy, arse and inner thigh as Sara was gently sliding her mouth along Daves cock. I looked up from between her legs to see her giving Dave eye contact as her lips ran over his hard cock. I was hoping that he’d be up for giving Sara a second performance. My cuck prayers were answered when I heard Sara ask Dave if he wanted to go again. Dave agreed straight away and Sara climbed on top of him, took hold of his cock and positioned it so she could slide her wet pussy down on his cock again. I got off the bed and sat down to watch in the chair touching my nipples and cock, turning myself on even more. I noticed Sara positioning her body like she did with me when she wanted to use my cock just to make herself cum. I watched intently as she sat bolt upright and start to wiggle her body in such a way that Daves cock hit all her right places. She soon orgasmed very loudly with a whisper of ‘Fuck I love your cock’.She then climbed off him and got on all fours and presented herself to Dave for doggy style. Sara was staring right at me as I watched Dave position himself behind her, her face changed and she gasped as Dave girthy cock took Sara from behind. Her face was the most magical thing. Once again, that naughty mischievous smile came back as Sara put her middle finger in her mouth. I knew what this meant as she does it with me. Shes about to finger her own arse as an invitation to Dave to fuck her in her arse. Whilst staring at me and smiling, she took the finger from her mouth and gave Dave the invitation by fingering her arsehole. Dave instantly replied by getting escort tuzla the lube from the bedside unit. He lubed up her arse and his own cock, with one hand he started strumming Sara’s clit and with the other hand, angled his cock for her pert arse. I saw the initial pain on Saras face as his cock first entered her arse but he held back shoving it in and let her adjust to his size. It wasn’t long before she was eagerly sliding her body back and forth on his cock, taking it deeper and deeper in her arse with every stroke. It was so amazing watching Sara, just the image of her on all fours being arse fucked while staring straight at me. Sara knew I was the type of cuckold that liked his partner being intimate and passionate with her bull so she leaned up, stretched one arm around to the back of Daves head, the other hand round to his arse cheeks and they began to kiss intimately while being arse fucked. Dave placed his hands on one of Sara’s breasts, teasing and pinching her nipple and the other hand came round to strum Saras clit. 2 anal orgasms later, Sara dropped the line of the night which was just perfect. Whilst still in her arse in that same upright kneeled position, she broke off the kiss, looked straight at Dave and said ‘Cum in my arse baby!’They then started to kiss passionately again as his thrusts got more assertive and rhythmic. He was building up to give her a second creampie. Dave started gasping and grunting, it would be soon that I would witness my beautiful GF getting creampied by another man, even more special as it would be an anal creampie. Dave started cumming, they didnt stop kissing. I saw Saras knees wobble as Daves hips thrusted forward and jerked about. They broke contact, Saras first line was ‘ Fuck you can do that to me again anytime you like!’After he went, we spoke about the experience and both agreed we loved it and would do it again. As I was so turned on with the entire evening, Sara started to tease my cock, she slid 2 fingers in her arse and then used the lube and Dave’s cum as a lube to edge my cock whilst talking about the first session when I was at the bar. It didn’t take me long at all to cum.We kissed, sorted the bedsheets out, cuddled, stared into each others eyes, each said ‘Love you’ and fell asleep in each others arms.

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