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My First Older Woman (not old, just older)

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My First Older Woman (not old, just older)Throughout my sexual life, i’ve had quite a few numbers of mind-blowing, maybe even altering, experiences. Until I can get my creative juices flowing, among other juices, I’d like to share some of the experiences that will forever be embedded. One set of orgasms at a time. I know I’m no king dong, but I’ve given my fair share of sincere compliments.This story is about my encounter with a beautiful exotic woman 10 years my elder. We’ll call this woman of lust Rachel. Rachel was 36, 5’2″, black hair and cerulean blue eyes that mimicked the ocean waters of the Great Barrier Reef, no lie. No washboard abs, a little extra meat, but that turns me on. She is by no means heavy though (we’ll get there later). She’s got amazing perky C cups, and an ass you can grab on to as well as an always perfectly shaved pussy. I was 26 at the time, 5’10”, brown skin, deriving from my Brazilian, Irish, and German heritage. I’m athletic with a slight belly, but all and all I’m in pretty good shape. I spend as much time as I can in the water, between surfing, swimming, fishing and diving, it’s pretty much my home. My cock is just a bit shy of 7″ and pretty fat, my fingers get to within a 1/4 in of touching my thumb but never quite get to contact unless I try to choke the thing.It all started with me looking for someone to take over what my ex-girlfriend fulfilled, somewhat. It was a nice Summers night outdoor party. A friend of a friend was having a party and I was enticed to come by the proposition that an interested woman had request my attendance. When we got there it was my type of party, live music, girls in the pool, adult beverages flowing and beautiful women everywhere. I soon met Rachel and we instantly started talking up a storm, we must have spent the first hour and a half in the pool in our underwear just shootin’ the shit. I thought she was awesome to relate with me given the age differential and she thought I was mature being able to relate to her, what can I say, it clicked. With little resistance I asked her to dinner and a movie. Being a Chef, I offered my place, my treat. Three days later came and she was scheduled to arrive at my house, I had put together something lite because I honestly didn’t think their would be much eating. Apparently she didn’t either, she showed up in this hot little satin dress that clung to her curves desperately, but would flow in the breeze with the grace of a flag in the perfect wind. The colors brought me to the Caribbean sand beaches. We poured some wine and went out onto my balcony to check out the surf, it was about 8pm but there was still plenty of light in the sky. She was taken away by the view, naturally, every window faces the ocean, it’s a humbling home. A nice burst of wind came and it blew her skirt up, I almost ripped my zipper when I saw that she was not wearing any underwear. If that wasn’t enough, she didn’t even try to put it down, she actually leaned forward affording me a better view of the curves of her ass. She grabbed the material a bit to keep it from falling back down. I took this is my cue to move in. I stepped forward, pressing my chest sarıyer escort against her back and leaned forward to kiss her neck. As I did this she pushed her ass back even more, only to jump away in immediate shock of what she felt. At this point she turned around, skirt still blowing and ass in the view of anyone exiting the beach, this show of exhibitionism turned me on so fucken badly. Her hands dove towards my pants and with both hands she grabbed at my throbbing cock. Her eyes widened, seeing more of the blue eyes and look of surprise sent me into hot lust. I grabbed her closer and attacked her neck, then our mouths met in a passionate, tongue-swirling kiss. The kiss seemed to send us both into a frenzy. My zipper was being untied at the same time my shorts buttons were being undone. Before my shorts could fall to the ground her hand was down my underwear. Her bare hand meeting my bare throbbing cock. As she grabbed my cock she took a deep breath and seemed to stand on the tip of her toes, the kiss increased and when our lips parted a thunderous sigh escaped her mouth. She bent down half way to put it in her mouth, she swallowed 1/3 of it before getting to her knees grabbing my cock up to lick from my balls to the tip. Once she got to my bulging tip she swallowed it again, to my surprise she put it all the way down and i could feell the tip of my cock being closed in on by her throat, she touched her nose to my crotch and held it there for a bit. As she pulled it out she looked up at me with those gorgeous eyes with a look that said “JACKPOT!!!” I knew she was happy with what she had found.I had forgot that we had been on my balcony and in full view of anyone leaving the beach but I didn’t seem to care, she stood up and turned around to put her hands on the banister. I guess she didn’t need much playing around because she was dripping, she looked back with the look that just says, “you know what to do!” (ladies and gentleman, you both know the look!). So I did, I put the tip of my now ever-bulging cock right to her self-parting lips, she cooed as they made contact and arched her back a little more which seemed to instantly thrust most of my cock into her, she stopped, letting me know I needed to do the rest. I thrusted my hips so hard into her she rammed her tits right into the banister. I thought she was in sever pain but this apparently turned her on, I was in for it with this one. I grabbed her tits with my left hand and her hips with the right all the while fucking her harder and harder. I turned her around so her back would face the ocean, I grabbed her legs (the whole not being heavy) with both hands and slid my cock right back into her. She really started moaning louder at this point. I was having amazing sex and we just started. I saw out of my peripheral people heading up and as I told her this she grabbed me tighter, digging her nails into my back. Either we managed to escape their view or they had spotted us earlier and just didn’t want to watch, either way we decided to head into the house. She told me to sit on the couch, which i didn’t esenyurt escort understand seeing as the couch was still in front of the window, but I did it anyway. She walked over, sliding her dress off of her revealing her perfect C cups for the first time. Nice tan skin from her Caribbean and Mediterranean background, a fucken piece. She stood between my legs staring at my cock and just as I grabbed her hips to bring her to sit on it she dropped down taking my pussy drenched cock into her mouth, licking her creamy juices off of it leaving it with a nice sheer shine to it. This seemed to turn her on more because she hopped right onto my cock and proceeded to writhe with orgasm. I was completely shocked, I hadn’t even moved and she was off in ecstasy for what seemed like minutes (I know it wasn’t, but it seemed that way). She stared down at me with this look of approval, so I grabbed her and fucked her even harder then. I’ve always had a personal obligation to make sure that I give my first time fucks a minimum of three orgasms, seeing how her first came so quick, I was sure I could do way more. I took her perfect tits into to my mouth and flicked her nipple with my tongue, feeling her breathing pick up I knew she was building up inside her again. I timed my thrusts with the flicks and sent my cock in deeper each time. On this one particular thrust I grabbed her ass down while pulling her nipple only into my mouth and with that thrust i felt my cock meet blockage, I had hit something inside of her that sent her into a REAL minute-long orgasm. Dancing on my cock like a d**g induced ritual she moaned and moved her hips back and forth till finally her orgasm was done and she slumped down to rest her head on my shoulders.Seeing a prime opportunity to really give her a show, I quickly picked her up and turned her over on her back. I pinned her right leg against the couch and held her left in the air at an angle. I slid my cock into her with a fast rhythmic pace, pulling out so the folds of my head pulled out, just to go back in all the way. Her eyes did the ever becoming familiar routine of widening as her mouth let out the sweetest moans. It didnt’ take long for her breath to start picking back up and I realized she was getting ready to cum. Her hands reached out to my chest as she begged me to stop but I just kept pumping. I forcefully pumped my cocks full length in and out of her pussy. Sensing she had no choice she took my hands (while keeping her legs wide) and put them around her neck. Now this move was always something i’ve tried to do but have never met approval from the women in my past, the fact that she was asking for it was enchanting. I squeezed her neck so tight that I actually got scared and loosened up for a bit which seemed to piss her off, so i went back to the grip I had. Pounding away I thought I was going to cum but I managed to keep it in (all those kiegles sp? payed off). This magic trick must have infuriated her because she just started bringing her hips up to my cock as I pounded down, hahaha fool, she came instantly and longer than before as she rocked back and forth avrupa yakası escort to meet my still pounding cock.I sensed that she was in need of a break so I grabbed her hair and pulled it into my cock, she was really liking this rough play and i was really enjoying being able to do it. She graciously accepted my gift and licked it all around, swalling it whole again and leaving a string of saliva as she pulled off of it. She squeezed my balls and sucked the tip something fierce. I pulled her hair back and lifted my cock ordering her to suck on my balls, she did this was ease. She was really liking good ol’ 26, the name she would soon come to call me to her friends. My pace started picking up, she could really suck a mean cock and I was ready to blow, the selfish woman realizing I had some youth on her past few men quickly stopped and gave me this devilish grin. She stood up, grabbed my cock and pulled me into the hallway, realizing she hadn’t even seen my apartment yet and that it was rather dark since by this time the sun had gone down, she asked for where my room was. I pointed up the stairs and she resumed command of my cock. Throwing me on the bed she gave my cock one suck, pulling a bit of pre-cum out and letting it string off my cock before sitting up on the balls of her feet and lowering herself down onto me. She took her time with this and used her hands against my chest for leverage. Bending her head slightly I could see she was excited to get a close up view of what we’ve been doing. She teased the head and cooed each time it went in, she must have done this 5 or 6 times before finally tossing her head back, her hair flowing wildly, arching her back and pounding down onto my cock. The first pounce hit that spot before and lit her eyes up, she did this for not more than 2 minutes before she was at it again, she moved so fast it was eminent, this woman was full of surprises and I knew she had one more left in her. She went up and down up and down and then gave it one good pounding down before she slid back with her hands behind her and let out a squirt that soaked my entire cock and my bed for that matter. I was so horny by her little spray down i stood up and resumed my position earlier of fucking the shit out of her soaking wet pussy while she lay there in post ecstasy, just as I was getting ready to cum she moaned out for me to put it in her mouth, I gave it one more thrust and she grabbed my cock as I moved over her head sucking every last drop from my cock. I gave her such a huge load it was filling up her mouth and pouring out the sides, all this while telling me how good I taste. She sat up and let a little bit drip to her tits before swallowing the entire POOL of cum I left for her. She rubbed the cum on her tits all over and they glistened against the little light coming into the room.The food was still on the table, the movie still in the DVD player, she saw all this while walking out, laughing out loud. When I asked what she was laughing about she just said, “did you think you really had to do this? I just wanted to get fucked, you were supposed to just be a one night stand.” I laughed and asked, “supposed to?”. “Yeah, I’ll call you tomorrow when I get back from the gym, I’m gonna have to get in better shape for you!”What was supposed to be a one night stand lasted 7 months, and we’re still having our random escapades.Hope you enjoyed the story, it’s the first one i’ve written, send some feedback, maybe it’ll encourage me to write some more.

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