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my first sloppy seconds :)

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my first sloppy seconds :)i’m 65 haha – but what a thrill to wait for :)I got on a meetup site that’s commonly used for sex hookups – just thought i’d give it a try. my only rqmt was that they not be local, be here for work etc.I got a guy that works for a state agency, that comes here for occasional training. well first I got a gal, a flight attendant that was passing thru – that was fun. new pussy haha.anyway, this guy, we met, had a little dinner, then we went to his hotel room and he fucked me royally. he was in his early forties. like I said, i’m 65 and a bit self conscious about being a fucking machine, but I just love to cum. and cocks. i’m single, and need affection, maybe that has something to do with it.that fuck was sooooo wonderful. I was comfortable – sucked his cock, he fucked me doggystyle then cowgirl. I absolutely loved it – so do it again!! asked him if he had any colleagues that would like to do me. two weeks later – another guy – yippie!!this guy I did reverse cowgirl and then cowgirl,. multiple orgasms :)I love the magic of cocks. always have. the first guy I sent into the shower two clean off. I went in and stuck my hand in and helped wash it. I actually could have made a story on the first guy haha. anyway, just enjoyed stroking and sliding my hand over his soaped cock. even reached between his legs – I know what you guys like :)the second guy – I asked him to go shower up and come out w just a towel wrapped around bursa escort his waist. he came out of the shower, I was nude on the bed – I reached up under the towel and stroked his partial hardie and balls – god I got sooo hot.the second guy, like the first, I sucked his cock. the know they have to generously lube my pussy – I have such a tight pussy. yeah, I moved to the sucking position where my holes were right in front of him – I sucked, he lubed. well played sir :)got so hot – I moved down and inserted his cock reverse cowgirl – one of my favs. god I rode that beautifully hard cock. I rubbed my clit, he worked that beautiful cock. I came and came – the only thing that would have been better is if he fingered my ass. i’m a three holer, but they don’t know that. double penetration gives me super orgs.such a gentleman. he let me do my multiples. then I turned around and rode cowgirl, he humped my puss, massaged my titlets and shot his cum :)yes, well played sir :)I cleaned his cock off, licked it clean – something I always do. just one way I show appreciation.sorry for the diversion – this is supposed to be about my sloppy seconds – fast forward to my third time haha.I asked the two guys, or mentioned to them that I really like sucking cock – as in swallowing cum suck. I asked them that if a couple of guys were here at the same time, i’d love to fuck n suck one, then go to the next guy and suck him off.two weeks later – I had my bursa escort bayan wish haha.the three of us had dinner – I asked them to surprise me on who gets the puss and who gets the bj. wait till we get to the hotel haha.to not bring unwanted attention, I had them give me each of their door cards and room. didn’t know who was getting what till I went to door number one. the slender guy was getting the blowjob haha.guy number one, I enthusiastically stripped, showered sucked fucked, sucked came giggled. these guys are such gentleman.went to slender, I knocked and he let me in. I walked in and immediately pulled off my shorts and top – I didn’t bother putting on my panties and bra… I crawled up on the bed and flopped down, propped up on the headboard w my legs, knees open – he was sitting on the chair looking straight on up and me and my holes haha.I’ve always like guys looking at my holes, nudist etc. I could actually write a story about things I’ve done to show :)I kinda actually wished I had shaved the bottom part of my pussy, so he could see my flappies. get us both revved up haha.I went into the shower and freshened up. then him. I asked him to come out nude – I really wanted a good view of his slender body – what a treat, loved the view. especially since I knew I was going to suck it.suck I did. I always lay my friends down on their backs and suck from the top. I sucked and he enjoyed…started sucking facing him, then I escort bursa moved to the side as he wanted to play with my little titties… then I moved to like the one quarter way because he wanted to play with my holes… then I gave in – swing my legs over and gave him a classic holes in his face view – while I happily sucked and licked his beautiful cock – from the balls to the tip.i’m proud of my sucking skills – long before this internet stuff, I read on how to do it from one of those lady magazines… the only thing, is that when I have my holes in the guy’s face, they don’t cum. I think it’s because there’s too much going on.what’s he going to do while getting his cock sucked? finger and explore my pussy – what a thrill.I got up, and got my lube, gave him the bottle and resumed my position.I got so hot, everything, dick in my mouth, a cute guy working my holes – he was teasing my ass :)I couldn’t concentrate on the cock so I took a break. he gently pushed me down, or away so he could fuck my pussy. I moved down and he stuck that beautiful cock in.I was a little sore from the first fuck, but loosened up and was able to enjoy. that’s the way I am… when I start to fuck I can’t stop. like fucking a guy, I need more. often I masturbate… and just in general, when I fuck a guy, I immediately start looking or wanting another fuck.round two – reverse cowgirl, I lubed my finger and worked my clit. and orgasmed :)my very first sloppy second fuck. finally :)just like numero uno – I did turn around and did the cowgirl ride.he too shot his load.these guys are such gentlemen.I left, so we could both sleep. he had wk the next day.I did lick his cock clean.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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