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My Friend

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Big Dick

My friend, with benefits, is brazen and horny. I’m a brazen slut too for that matter but I have a hard time speaking about what I want exactly, more than a few sentences and I get red in the face and start to stammer and my hands automatically go to my crotch… It’s hard to communicate what I really want. So, we’re hanging out watching a movie and my brazen friend looks at me and asks, “Can I fuck your ass?”

I’m more than willing, I’ve been fucking myself with fingers and dildos and household objects for years when playing with my cunt just isn’t enough to get off. Plus it’s not exactly unusual for him to ask such things; we are good friends after all. I automatically blush, and think back to the last time someone said those words to me. The last guy who wanted to fuck my ass was an asshole; he didn’t use lube other than my juices and just rammed his dick in me, I turned and wanted to smack him. I see why the praying mantis eats her mate, with guys like that running around.

So I blush and am momentarily rendered speechless, as I desperately search my mind kurtköy escort for a way to tell my friend exactly how much I’d like him to fuck my ass and how I’d like it to be done so I can have multi-orgasms when an idea strikes me. I stand, grab my friend and lead him into his spare bedroom turned computer room desperately hoping he’ll play along. The computer is already on, I motion for him to sit near me and I open up notepad and start typing the following, in response to his query and answers.


I’m going to tell you what I want and ask a few questions, just shake your head yes or no. Ok?

Ok, you want to fuck my ass? You want me to enjoy it?

Alright, then here’s what I need for you to do, are you willing to listen?

Ok, I’m going to get on my hands and knees on the bed, do you want to stand or be on the bed?

Stand, ok, I’ll get on my hands and knees on the edge of the bed, shoulders down back arched ass in the air so I can rub myself and stay nice and relaxed. I want you to stick two fingers, starting with one, in my cunt, malatya escort and finger fuck me slowly and rhythmically, take your thumb on the same hand, or a finger from another hand, I don’t care which and press my asshole gently at first, gradually harder, maybe go in small circles till you slip it in – I want to feel this so make sure you go steady. The point of this is to get me hot and lubed up and ready for you! I have no doubt you’ll know I’m getting ready because I’ll be twitching all over the place, when that happens I want you to fuck my ass with your finger at a decent tempo for a while and then add another finger, be firm about this!

Any questions so far?

Ok, when you add the second finger to my ass I want you to add more lube, lube is our friend. Continue fucking me in the ass, the fingers in my cunt should be still or making short rocking/fucking motions but nothing too extreme, just a cm of movement ok? I’ll be working on my clit the whole time remember, so once you feel me start really twitching – remember you’ve got two fingers in my cunt – I kayseri escort want you to stiffen them up and give me more than a few hard, deep rough thrusts. Got that?

One finger in the cunt, then two, short rocking thrusts, one finger in the ass, thrusting and spreading lube, then two fingers in my ass, thrusting, then hard thrusts in my cunt. Stop all thrusting, remove the fingers from my cunt first, then my ass. I want you to go excruciatingly slowly with this next bit, ok?

Rub the head of your prick against my cunt, maybe press in just a little, then I want you to pull back and get a firm grip on that cock of yours and press the head against my asshole, make a couple circular motions and then press hard and steady, it should take some time just to get the head of your prick into my ass but if I’m going to come it’s going to be from that, ok? I want to feel every curve and ridge on your cock and I can’t do that if it zooms up my ass in a blur, I want to know what’s fucking me and that I’m being fucked…. I’m ok, really, anyways, to continue – Once you’re all the way in I want you to stop, flex a few times. I’ll wiggle my ass and then I want you to start fucking. Feel free to be rough with your hands and slap my ass and hips if you want, it’ll just make it better.

Sound good?

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