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My friends mom part 2

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My friends mom part 2The summer went on as it always does but for me it was going to be one hopping summer. Jeff’s mom and I had started our affair and it was one hell of a start but just that a start. We found time here and there for a quick fuck but they were not as good as the first one we had and I wanted to take my time with her so when Jeff said that him and his dad were going out of town for a couple days to see one of his old friends for some stuff for their project I knew I had my window to really have some fun with his mom. I called her and luck was on my side she answered the phone so we had a few minutes to talk. I asked her about them going out of town and she told me that she has also set it up that her girls were going to her mom’s for a couple days. Well that answered all my questions for me now the ball was in my court and I was not going to drop it. As the time came I spent the night at his place before they left for their trip and as his dad ask if I could help his wife out getting a couple things done around their place I said ok. As they drove off we got the girls in the car and drove them up to her mom’s place and dropped them off. On the drive back now I was driving she leaned over and whispered into my ear “we are all alone” a smile came across my face as well as hers she then bent down and unbuttoned my shorts and unzipped them. She reached in and popped my dick out, next thing I knew her lips were on it. With her tongue she had just slipped into the foreskin of my dick she was making little circles around the head of my dick. God it felt so good and her mouth was so warm and she was sucking just the head of my dick right now but then wham she had my whole dick in her mouth and her head was bobbing up and down now. She was sucking me with all she had like if I was fucking her mouth it felt so good. She let loose for just a few seconds just long enough to pull the skin back over the head of my dick and she went back to work her mouth was fucking my dick. So I took a hand full of hair and helped her out but I had to pull over before I could do more. When I came to a complete stop I helped her out by pushing her head down as far as I could putting my whole dick in her mouth and down her throat. That went on for a minute or two before I let loose of her hair and I went to work on her clothes, I pulled her shorts down as much as I could and then she finished it up the rest of the way. She was no bottomless with her pussy out in the open for my fingers to play with and I went to work right a way. She was so wet and hot between her legs I knew she needed to be fucked so I had to prep her for it I wanted her to have a couple orgasms before I slipped my dick into her. I also wanted her naked, so I pulled her top up and over her head she stopped sucking my dick just long enough to pop her head out of her top and she was back at it. By this time my hips were helping her out as her head went down my hips went up pushing my dick down her throat each time man she sucked a good dick. With both my hands I unhooked her bra and pulled it off of her freeing her tits. Once done I went back to work on her pussy pushing two fingers avcilar escort into her as well as one into her asshole. As it went in I could feel her body tighten and she was getting close to her first orgasm so I pressed the issue and went to work finger fucking her pussy and asshole. Her pussy was soft as silk and so wet wetter than she has ever been, the juice was running out of her pussy down my fingers and onto my seat. I had to take her top and bra slip it under her so that it covered my seat, than I went right back at it and as I slipped my fingers back in her pussy she came. Good one down one more to go and just then I felt it I was going to shoot my load I told her so but again she didn’t care she kept on suck my dick. My fingers were pumping in and out of her pussy and you could hear the suction around my fingers as they moved in and out of her. Just then I started to cum, so I pushed her head down on my dick and I also pushed my hips up making my dick go down her throat. I started to pump my load in her mouth and down her throat and she didn’t miss a beat swallowing every bit of it as it came out of my dick.But when I was done she didn’t stop sucking she milked my dick for every drop of sperm I had and then she let loose of my dick but she started to play with it running her hand up and down the shaft of my dick stroking me as she rubbed her tits into my arm. I was getting hard again and I wanted to fuck her right there, I pulled my shorts off and opened my door the look on her face as I did this was just priceless. I pulled her out and on the side of the road I put her on the hood of my car and fucked her. Yes I opened her sweet legs and parted her sweet wet tight pussy with the head of my dick. I started to slide it in but I pulled back out I wanted to make it last much longer so I took hold of my dick and started to rub it up and down her pussy. From the base of her opening to her clit and back down the head of my dick was getting covered in her cum juice and she was telling me to put it in her but I wasn’t done yet and I wanted her to get to the point that when I went in her she would orgasm. So I kept on rubbing it up and down her pussy and I started to go down to her asshole as well. She was getting to the point of telling me to put it in to either hole she didn’t care she just wanted it in her. But I wasn’t ready yet so I kept at it and each time I got to her clit she would have a mini orgasm so I started spending a second or two longer rubbing her clit with the head of my dick. When she was to the point of her juice running down the crack of her ass and on to the hood of my car I knew it was time to slide into her. So I started, I took my dick and with the head I parted her pussy lips and then I slowly pushed them apart further. My dick was so swollen and thick that it took a little work to get it in her. But the head was in, as it went in she came again one hell of an orgasm she went tight and she shook then she was letting out these low deep grown, then out of nowhere she sprung up wrapped her legs around me and her arms around my body as well pulled me into her which made my dick şirinevler escort do deep into her pussy and she went nuts when my thick dick went all the way into her. I could feel her pussy juice running down my leg now as it just flooded out of her. I swear she was stuck on me like glue and I didn’t give a shit about it her pussy felt so good around my dick you could have dropped a nuke on me and I wouldn’t have known or cared. As her orgasm subsided I went to work I started slow at first just working a couple inches in and out of her but with each stroke of my dick I went out further and in deep than before. Soon I was pounding her sweet pussy like a jackhammer she just laid back and enjoyed the ride her tits bouncing and swinging with each stroke. Her nipples nice and hard just aching to be sucked so I had to pull her up and those sweet tits to my mouth. God she tasted good and I sucked her nipples as I fucked her nice and deep and without thinking I had lifted her up off the hood and now I was holding her as I fucked the holy shit out of her. My dick could go much deeper into her and she was just letting it all happen out in the morning sun on the side of a dirt road in the mountains. I was well into her when her next orgasm started with her legs wrapped around my waste already she tightened up man for a little woman she was strong and she was holding on with all she had. I pushed my dick nice and deep into her and just held it there as her orgasm swept over her, I pulled her in close and took a nipple into my mouth and gently sucked it which just reinforced the fire in her belly and pussy and she let out a scream that almost made me go def. yes she was in the moment of the fuck and from all I could feel and see she was enjoying it a lot. Once she stopped screaming I went back at it long deep strokes in and out of her I mean when I started pulling my dick out the head of my dick would pop out of her pussy just at the opening and then back in with force and speed. In I would push it as far as I could which must have been more than enough because with each thrust we would make a slapping sound when our body’s met. I pulled her up close sucked her nipple again and then I whispered in her ear that I was going to cum she just let out a low mown, that’s all just a low deep mown and then her eyes started to roll back into her head and I started to cum as well. I put her back on my hood pulled her legs up on my shoulders and shoved my dick even deeper into her soft silky wet pussy and I started to shoot my seed deep in her.When I was done she just laid there and I leaned on the side of my car dick covered in her pussy juice and enjoyed the sun. Her body was covered in sweat from our fuck section and her eyes were closed but her legs were open, I could see her pussy all swollen her pussy lips all puffy from all the fucking and you could make out a bit of my sperm starting to run out of her sweet pussy. I couldn’t help myself I wanted to touch it so I slipped a finger in between her pussy lips to get a small feel. She shot up like if someone had jabbed her with a cattle prod or hot iron. That also brought her taksim escort back to reality and she said with a smile that we should get going before someone sees us. Little did I know that someone already has and watched everything we did? So I helped her down and we got into the car I started it up and off we went. She was looking for her clothes but she couldn’t find everything like her bra or panties I guess they fell out when I helped her out of the car. It was no big deal not like someone was waiting for her at home so no big deal but it would come back to bite us in the ass later but made for a lot of fun. When we got to her house she was just slipping on her top her shorts were still off but I had other ideas so before she could finish I opened my door and helped her out of the car still bottomless. I walked her to her front door like that and when she opened it I pulled my dick out, it was semi hard at the time so I went in with ease and I fucked her right there in the door way for all to see if they wanted to that is. I made her cum again and I was nice and hard again. She pulled away from me and pulled me into the house as I went in I closed the door behind me. And as the first time we were all over the living room fucking like teenagers I had her on all fours shoving my dick deep into her as I held her hair and pulling her head back as I pushed my dick deep into her. Then I picked her up and took her to the dining table and did her from behind as if fucked her I could see her tits swinging back and forth with each thrust. That’s when she asked me to fuck her up the ass so why not right I did as she asked and I took my fat dick and worked it into her ass. It was so damn tight I didn’t think I would be able to get it in her but she kept asking me to fuck her ass so I worked it into her. I swear I thought I was going to rip her asshole wide open with my dick that is how tight she was then. But I got it all the way in and that is when I reached around and started to play with her clit as I dry fuck her ass. She came so hard that her knees gave way and she almost fell to the floor if I hadn’t caught her and held her up so that I could finish fucking her asshole. Hell I did start this so why not finish it right, I went deep into her asshole and hard soon I as pounding her asshole like I pound her pussy fast and deep and she was limp as hell in my arms that is until her orgasm hit then she got her legs under her and pushed back so hard I thought she was trying to shove my dick all the way to her throat. That was it that made me cum as well and I shot what little sperm I had left into her ass. When I was done we both went to the couch and sat down just taking it easy for a bit was what she said and then she was out sound asleep. So I picked her up and took her to her bedroom laid her down and took her top off. She was naked now and I was about to leave when she leaned up and asked if I would spend the night with her. I told her I had to ask my mom first but if she was ok with it I would. So I called my mom and asked her if I could spend the night at my friend’s house one more time. My mom said ok but I had to be home the next day because my dad was going out of town and I knew what that meant but another story for another time. I hung up the phone looked over my shoulder with a smile on my face and said it was ok with my mom and then I rolled next to her took her in my arms and we went to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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