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My Katy 2

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My Katy 2it has been a while since i felt about someone the way i feel about katy. i have found myself able to let her into my life in a way that kind of surprised me. and i am happy that she feels relaxed enough here to stay over. sharing my space with another, never mind my bed, doesn’t come easily for me. i am naturally a bit of a loner, valuing my alone time, so having katy in my life is a leap of faith.i hear her turn in the next room and look up to see her. she has adjusted her position and i can see her lovely face, her black hair covering her forehead and one of her eyes. bostancı escort she really is so beautiful to me, and so sexy; i feel lucky. as i continue with my reverie, my left hand wanders down. opening my legs a little, i lightly touch my mound through my jeans, just pressing here and there. it feels so nice. i like to tease myself and it is always a pleasure to have someone to look at while I do. i also really love to play with myself while katy watches; that is such a turn on to both of us. and sometimes she puts on a little show for me. sancaktepe escort i like that she is asleep and can’t see me. this is my private time, my solo play. I undo my pants, listening to the zipper go down, one of the sexiest sounds in my world…my hand goes in, touching myself through my panties. i know where this is going. this is a tease, but won’t be for long. i hold off, my middle finger sliding along my crack so softly. my body reacts, tingling. i watch katy breathing, and press a little more. i take my pants off.there are zeytinburnu escort few things i like more than slowly giving myself pleasure. right now, i feel relaxed and tired, and caressing myself feels really nice. i am almost ready for sleep and close my eyes to concentrate. i begin a light circular motion with two fingers, softly rubbing my clit. my other hand leaves the keyboard to land on my naked thigh. it is warm there and i work my fingers up to the elastic, touching my inner thigh. i sigh deeply, realizing that i am starting to become more excited. with both hands down there, i shudder and play gently over my mound, probing myself, squeezing the lips and running my palms over my thighs. katy shifts and i open my eyes to look at her, realizing that i want to bring her into my play. i stand up, and with one hand still caressing myself, turn off my desk lamp, and walk into the bedroom.

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