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my new apartment

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my new apartmentso if you read my last story i was living with my mom and cousin but now i got my own apartment condo anyway my mom and cousin comes to see my new place she said it was nice and then she got a call she had to go in to work so she said for my cousin to stay here until she get so he did he started to watch some TV he turned to the playboy channel and he started to get horny i was in the bathroom peeing then he walks in i said get out he said no he said i am horny unusual we would of fucked by now but i wasn’t horny but he was he said take off your cloths and get in the bedroom i said no then he started to take off his close my dick wiggled a bit he turned around bent over and stuck his phone in his ass i said OK now i am horny he ran to the bedroom the bed wasn’t put up all the way it fethiye escort was just the mattress on the ground so he flopped on it started to take off my cloths my ass dick was long and hard my ass hole was nice and wet i went over and put my dick in his ass i started to fuck him then the door opens it is the building manger he hears us fucking he comes in the bedroom and grunts i said do you want so he said yea i was on top of my cousin and the manger was on top of me so we all started going at it and the most amazing thing happens we all hit each other g spot at the same time it felt so amazing sperm started dripping all over the place the build manger left with cum between his ass i said wait let me lick it up he said no i want to do it in my office i said OK so me and my cousin stated fucking escort fethiye again after we were done we hoped in the shower he is all wet a shinny the soap run down his big black dick his ass all wet and ready to be fucked so i bent him over and started fucking him again we both fall on the shower floor but that didn’t stop me i just started fucking him again then i had the biggest orgasm my sperm rush out of my dick into his ass we both hope out the shower and dry off he bend over and sperm just start cumming out his ass i put my finger in his ass and fish out all the sperm we go on the couch naked and start kissing and then we stop and go to sleep i wake up horny again so i just put on my cloths and go to a sex shop and buy 3 dildo i go in the sex shop bath room and there is somebody masturbate fethiye escort bayan i go in to the restroom next the guy pull down my pants and i peek my head under the seat he see’s my and we both move to the ground he puts his dick under the stall and i start sucking it i open one of the dildo i bought and i start fucking my self somebody walks in and see us on the floor fucking he comes in my stall and start jacking off in front of me he cums all over my shirt and the other guy cums in my mouth it felt warm and tasted sweet then he gets up and and see the other guy and they both start slapping there dicks on my face and then they both pee on me the dildo in my ass cum and i start shitting and cum i was so dirt and horny i just pulled up my pants and walk out the front door with cum allover my face and shirt my pants half way down all three dildos in my hand and my pants fall down and everybody see my ass i ran back to my car and go home and take a shower and go to bed that day was so awesome it was the best sex i ever had

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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