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My new Black Master punishes me

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My new Black Master punishes meMy new Black Master called Darnell had fucked me very hard that night at his den. I passed out as my last intense orgasm subsided.But a few time later, I was rudely awakened by him, who said:”Wake up, bitch! I got friends that need some service from you…”I rose my head off the mattress, still a bit groggy and exhaust.I begged Darnell I wanted to go home. I felt sore and needed rest.from my sleep and exhausted from the night’sBut he turned around with an angry look on his face. He yelled at me:“I want my bitch there to be enjoyed by my black buddies, slut…!”Darnell slapped me across the face, as he grabbed my curly hair.I could feel his fresh semen still oozing out from my sore cunt and the bastard wanted to surrender me to his niggers. He looked really angry bakırköy escort with me. He grabbed my neck and dragged me across the bed towards him. He pulled me across his lap.The filthy bastard pushed my head down towards the floor, so that my face was touching the carpet and my ass exposed up in the air.He then began to smack my buttocks with his heavy dark hand.I pleaded with him, begging for mercy, as I felt his hand falling down and slapping hard my naked ass cheeks.At the sound of all this commotion, another three black guys walked in the bedroom. They laughed at the sight of my round butt being slapped so hard.Darnell looked at them, saying he was teaching me who was the Boss. Those niggers laughed even louder…When my Black Master got tired after beşiktaş escort slapping me, he just let me fall to the floor. He stood up and ordered me to get on my knees.With everyone still looking at me, I knelt in front of him…I realized he wanted my total submission in front of those guys.Darnell opened his fly and revealed his already hard black cock.“You kiss my dick, bitch…” He hissed, looking at my eyes.I leant slightly forward and did what I was told. As I kissed his cockhead, it began to grow and get hard faster.“Enough, bitch… now open your slutty white married mouth…”I opened up and he slid his hard cockhead in and out of my mouth. He ordered me to start sucking him, as he shoved his cock deeper.I began to suck as hard as I could. I did not want beylikdüzü escort more slaps…But Darnell grabbed the back of my head and he pushed myface towards his cock, making me take more and more ofit into my throat. I began to choke, but he did not let up.I tried to push his legs away, in a desperate effort to get him out.But the bastard laughed and he said I was there to serve him…He finally let go off my head, so I could gasp for some air.He gave me just a few moments and he then shoved again his filthy black dick up to my throat and I began to suck it one more time…Suddenly, I knew he was about to cum…“Ahhh, yeah, bitch… you swallow all my black cum…” He grunted.Darnell laughed, as he pulled out his still hard dick and smeared more cum into my face. He looked at his black buddies.He then slapped my face with his palm, saying they all would wait for me in the living room. So they moved away, leaving me there on my knees, with my jaws sore and my face full of semen…I then knew I had lost control of the situation. Before, it was still a game; but now it was absolutely for real…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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