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my sexy sister lingery

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my sexy sister lingeryShe was gone for a full monthWe both lives in our father condo he bought as an investment but still made us pay it never occured to me my sister was sexual until i endup looking at her stuff in her roomcurious of what i would find in my older sister drawerand looked throught all of her undie , some where so sexy i coudnt believe it was hersi coudnt resist after the night shower . i was dressing up in her smooth crochless panty and lacy camisole watching porn, feeling good wanking of in my sister stuff not even realising i was becoming in love with the girly smooth feeling of the lingeryafter a week of trying all of her stuff i felt slutty and came back home on a cool friday night of autumn puting on some blueue pale thong and matching bra wanking to cute girls being fucki coudnt get hard and too drunk to get hard , my little cock tuck away in the panty i walk out on my balcony to smoke a cigarettethe cool wind on my body as i walk in my sister undie and sat on the balcony chair feeling girly touching my tuzla escort pantyi was looking around to make sure no one was looking at me but not carefull enought he was smoking too and made no sound watching me thinking i was my sister firstbut realised it was a boy dress sexy and touching himself like a girl his bbc got hard and he hsitated before taking the elevator downhe knocked once and i got scared making little sound as i got to the door and look in the door eyeit was a cellphone screen hold up for me to seea picture zoomed at me on the balcony dress sexy hands rubbing my panty i got so scaredthe black big fingers holding the phone moved away revealing a tall black daddy with a big belly knocking again”open girl i know you are there”and my hearth sank as i unlock the door wanting to explain i was just playing in my sister stuff19 and stupid facing him closing the door as i start to explain in the bleue pale sexy undiewatching him walk to my living room getting his pants down and sit on my couch his fat black cock in his tuzla escort bayan hand stroking it slowly telling me to stop with my stories and come get on my knees ”please i was just playing””its ok, come play like a girl , i dont care my cock like you””and you will delete the picture””yes come suck me and it will stay our secret”i felt like a bitch as he help a cushion on the floor between his legslooking at me get on it and hold his bbc with one hand, questioning if i should do it as i rub it downhis big head right onfront of meglowing and waiting to be sucked oni coudnt get myself to do it, his big hand on top of my head decided for me and he filled my mouth i had a bbc in my little mouth getting in and out in and out mostly the big headmaking me feel his cock slowly breaking my shyness into wanting his to plunge back between my lipse every time he got out”thats it, girl, you want to suck on big cock , daddy knew it”and i felt girly listening to him calling me a good girlhis cock deeper and deeper making me work escort tuzla to get it down i wanted it all in my mouth , i coudnt stop wanting all of it disapear in my mouthlike the girls in my porn working on my knees dress sexy pleasing the black daddy like a little sluthelp into loving his black cock going deep in my throatmy head used as a fuck hole once he declared i would become his little bitch boy and be fuck by him alot nowpulling me on the couch face on the side not leaving me a chance to argue with himdeep thusting holding my head with both hand no chance to stop him from wrecking my mouth into a messy pussy hole he repeated laughting at me gag and drool all over my face making sure to rub his fat cock all around my face covered in goo , diving back in ”that pussy mouth”owned literally by his bbcbeaten into a cum gulper as he yell at me to swallow it alldropping his fat load deep in my boweldrinking from the bbc like i bottle i coudnt believe how much he had to unloadi was left alone as he dress up and kiss me the ”good night little girl daddy will be back in the morning to turn that ass too”playing again and again in my headconfirming i just been made into a girl for a black daddy and nothing would stop him from fucking me

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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