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My sister in Law Second Time (Continued)

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My sister in Law Second Time (Continued)This story started in My sister inlaw First Time and continued inMy sister inlaw Part TWO or My sister in Law Second time .To explain, I didn’t think the second part had been uploaded as I couldn’t find it so I wrote it again. Unfortunately, I forgot the name I had used so both are now up there. If anyone knows how I can delete one of the please let me know. Sorry to be thick. Any way back to the story.In the rush for June to get dressed I pocketed her knickers. She was a bit put out when she couldn’t find them but I encouraged her not to worry but rather get dressed and lets go pay the bill.The bill payment went without incident and we were soon out on the street where it was chilly. Fortunately June had a very warm heavy coat on.We decided that we had done enough shopping and discussed what would be done next. Should June go back home? Not what I wanted but I didn’t want to spoil a blossoming relationship, so I played it coy and let June decide. I did comment “We could go back to my place for a coffee or get one here in town before you get the bus back home.” Secretly hoping that she would choose the former as I had plans for us.“I think a nice relaxing coffee at your place accompanied by some of that nice music you have would suit me just fine.” June responded. So the dice had been rolled and I had won.After an uneventful, quiet drive home, we were there. I put on some Barry White and got ready to retire to the kitchen to make the coffee. “June, make yourself comfortable while I get the coffee. Just leave your coat, boots and hat on the sofa, I’ll put them away when I have made the coffee.”Before I had time to leave June had her hat and coat off and she sat on the sofa. “Jon would u pendik escort help me out of these boots?” Like a flash I was on my knees at her feet. As I lifted her foot to take the first boot off I got a great view up the inside of her leg to her blonde bush. With the boot off June set her foot down so her legs were further apart than before. I started to take the second boot off ever so slowly with her leg well up in the air giving me a further look at that bush. June has great legs, pity they are covered up so much and only a complacent husband see them I thought.With that June interrupted my thoughts: “Jon I have never been in that hot tub you had installed two months ago.” “As you know June we haven’t been together, the four of us, since, all too busy for a get together.” “We could try it now, that is if you are not too chicken.” June said. Playing coy I replied “What would the others say? Wouldn’t they flip their tops?” “What they don’t know won’t harm them.” Was June’s response. this for a singer nt eh church choir but hey what ever.So we went to the hot tub. Once inside June moved close to me. “I haven’t had my usual greeting on visiting your house. I’m feeling neglected.” No second invitation needed. I kissed her on the mouth and held her close to me, but not so that her tits were squashed against me, I wanted feel the points of her tits against my chest. I moved slightly side to side so her nipples would be as stimulated as her clothes would allow.“We had better get undressed.” June said so I helped her out of her blouse undoing the buttons down the front in such a way that I made maximum but gentle contact with her torso. Dropping the blouse to the floor I reached round and undid the fastening kartal escort of her bra. Slooooooowly sliding the straps down her arm, then letting it fall to the floor.For the second time I saw her magnificent 36D tits. Beautiful and the nipples were semi erect. I just had to touch them. Gently I stroked them all over before circling the nipples with my index fingers. “Do you like them sucked.” “Oh yes I love it but I don’t get that much these days.” I slowly leaned forward while bending my knees. With the tip of my tongue I circled June’s left nipple. Similtaneously, I was kneeding her other nipple with my free left hand. It didn’t take me long to get my mouth round her nipple and suck as hard as I could. Then I gently nibbled on it with my teeth. June reacted with an exclaimation so I said. “Sorry.” To which she responded it was just great.The hot tub beckoned so I reached round her back and undid the fastening and zip of her skirt and let it fall to the ground. June was in all her glory in front of me again. I had hoped for this for some time.Quickly June pulled my polo neck over my head and unfastened my jeans helping them down my leg so she was on her knees in front of me. She then put one hand on each side of my briefs and slowly lowered them. Or rather started to lower them. Fred was sticking up hard as a rock and had to be set free from the waist band. “Oh that’s what I have been missing lately.” June took fred into her mouth and it felt soooooo good, I nearly came right away.“Lets get into the hot tub June.” Once inside we settled down to kiss, French of course. Tongues exploring each others mouth. Fingering each other too. I so enjoyed fingering June’s clit as she stroked Fred. maltepe escort It seemed so natural and so normal that we seemed to have the impulse to do the complimentary things to each other.After June had had a couple of orgasms she said “Jon I want you deep inside me.” So she climbed on top and very so gently slid Fred in to Rosie. A few seconds later June was bouncing up and down on me driving Fred as deep as she could. Water splashed every where but wat the heck you only live once. I was holding back as long as I could but finally I came with a great spurt. “Oh that feels so good and so hot inside me. I need that more often.”Before we left the hot tub house we did missionary. I enjoyed that ’cause I would put the tip of Fred just barely in the opening then withdraw and repeat a few times before thrusting in as hard as I could. June was always taken by surprise but said she loved that. I loved it too. I love the feeling of her warm cunt enveloping me. June could squeeze me harder then I have ever bee squeezed beofore and I told her “You have the strongest cunt muscles, I love them.”We did doggie too. Again I thrust deep when she wasn’t sure it was coming. I loved the exclamation she made as my cock jammed full length into her cunt and my legs crashed against her bum. A very shapely bum I might add.When we had had enough. “June said now coffee.” So we picked up our clothes and scurried into the house while still naked.“June I’d like to lie in bed with you and chat. Would u have time for that now for maybe half an hour?” Oh I’m expected home soon so I wouldn’t have time. “Why don’t you ring Jim and tell him you haven’t found everything, so you will stay on for a wile and catch the next train.” June phoned from the bed while I sucked her nipples and fingered her clit.We chatted about lots of things and agreed that this was the best shopping trip either of us had ever been on.Oh we also agree that it shouldn’t be the last.If you liked the above, I could tell you how we get on. So let me know what you think.

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