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my sister, my cousin and me

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my sister, my cousin and meWe played with each other regularly, dolls action man you name it we did it. We used to play games like doctors and nurses, that was mainly when my cousin came round she was slightly older than my s*s but not much but that little bit further on in maturity. My cousin always asked to start the game and this one night we were having a sleep over, my mum and dad were out and i was old enough to take charge and look after the girls, my brother was around his mates. My cousin wanted to do something rude as she called it so i suggested we role play, and take it in turns being the patient. She wanted to be the first patient so i obviously said fine. My sister was the nurse and we got Kim to lay on the sofa wear i said to my sister we need to get her undressed to examine her. So my sister took off her top and i undid her jeans and pulled them down she squirmed around to help me get them down. Then her white knickers were next i pulled them down revealing her lovely pussy, always loved seeing her pussy got me so excited. My sister continued and pulled off her own tee shirt saying she was hot and felt she should be naked as well. Okay then i said and she stripped naked. I then started to stroke Kims body up and down gently caressing her thighs and inside her legs, she gently parted her legs so i could stroke her un heeded. My sister started to rub her temples in massage then stretched down and kartal escort gently caressed her nipples she sighed as pleasure started to pulse through her body. Each stroke from my or my sisters hands made her squirm just a little. My sister moved round to the side i could then touch her buttocks, stroking them and slipping my hand up inside her ass cheeks feeling her hole as i did it. Her smooth skin was lovely. I then asked Kim to spread her legs wide apart so i could examine her, which i did my fingers pulled her pussy lips apart she was getting quite wet, my sister started to undress me by pulling off my teeshirt and she stood in front of me her fanny right up against my face i kissed her on her pussy lips and she laughed and said that was nice. My cock by now was bursting at the seams just dying to cum out. My sister reached round and down to my button and undid my flies and pulled my trousers to my knees followed swiftly by my pants. My cock stood out rigid and my sister took it into her hand and begun to wank me very lightly and slowly, each movement of her hand sent spine tingling pulses of pleasure up my spine, she cupped my balls and started to giggle them in her hands. Kim by now wanted me to finger her so i slipped my finger into her wet pussy, my finger slipped in easily, her tight pussy was so well lubricated it fitted perfectly. My sister started bostancı escort to play with her own pussy rubbing the lips of her cunt and slowly slipping her own finger inside herself, enjoying the penetration and self masturbation in front of her brother and cousin. Kim reached over and grabbed her ass she then pulled my sisters hand away and slipped her fingers inside my sisters wet cunt, she bucked as Kim’s fingers went deep inside her knowing exactly what to do and what spots to play with, my sister groaned with pleasure and Kim groaned as my fingers worked her wet cunt and playing with her clit made her thrust her pelvis up for more attention, slowly but wonderfully both girls started to reach orgasm, their bodies tensed as waves of pure delight pulsed through their bodies and through their cunts now dripping with love juices, Kim came all over my hand her juices pouring from her, my sister came all over Kim’s fingers wet and ready for me to lick, Kim placed her fingers in my mouth so i could drink my sisters juicy cum from her hand. I then took my turn on the sofa, my sister sat astride my face alowing my tongue full access to her pussy and ass hole, her juices poured down my chin as Kim mounted my cock, and slid it inside her hot wet pussy. She lowered herself onto my stiff cock and gasped at its hardness inside her, her pussy stretching to accommodate maltepe escort my manhood. My sister guided my tongue to where she wanted attention by moving her hips forward and backwards i could taste her sweet love juice in my mouth and then she placed her ass hole for me to probe with my tongue, she groaned as my tongue entered her anus she had showered earlier and her ass hole was fresh and tasted of her cum which had dribbled from her pussy. Kim continued to pump her cunt around my hard cock. She eventually stopped and asked my sister if she wanted to fuck her brother, she did and by gum she did. She climbed on top facing my feet so i could look at her fresh ass as she pumped her tight pussy around my shaft and played with my bollocks as she did. Kim sat on my face and i could lick her clit again with her guiding it to where she wanted the attention. She tasted slightly stronger than my sister a more mature juice flavour, absolutely wonderful. I started to feel the cum rising in my cock and told my sister to expect some hot cum. excellent she said cum over our faces and tits. We all swapped around and the girls lay on the sofa ready for hot cum explosion, Kim sucked my bollocks as s*s gently wanked my cock in her mouth my precum filled her mouth and she supped it down running her tongue around my cock hole as she did. The cum rose further up my shaft and reached the point of no return cum spurted into my sisters mouth and she kept it there she released my spurting shaft and Kim put her mouth around it to get some of the hot cum, each pump of cum filled her mouth, when i had stopped the two girls french kissed exchanging my cum between them and then they both swallowed equal amounts of my love juice. What wonderful girls.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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