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My summer heat

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My summer heatIt was the summer of my 17th year and it seemed that people in my family were dropping like flies. Another furneral in the family meant I had to go and stay with my uncle Rand and his wife Aggie. They weren’t too old but not that young either and I hated staying there especially for long periods of time. My uncle was a large bear of a man who used to love to sit me on his knee and feel me up on the sly. I can remember him picking me up and skimming my barely growing titties and putting me on his lap so that my young ass eased along the hard bulge in his pants. So when I was dropped off I wasn’t exactly happy but my aunt treated me well always touching me and stroking me. I got there late and my uncle had one of his poker games going on in the basement. I wasn’t allowed down there so I was fed and put to bed. Late at night I turned and woke up just a little, thinking I heard someone in the room with me but didn’t hear anything else so I promptly fell back to sleep when I was awakened again this time to find my uncle sitting on the edge of the bed. “You’ve grown into a pretty girl Lanie. I bet you have lots of boyfriends. Your mother told us how you got caught with that boy earlier in the year and I don’t want none of that here…understand? My mind was like “you’ve got to be k**ding me”. I was all ready to be smart assed until i felt his hand slipping under the sheet covering me and stroke my leg.I wore shorts and a tiny tee to bed and no panties since they are so uncomfortable. His fingers kept stroking me, he never said a word but his fingers were moving closer and closer to my inner thighs and I felt him graze the edge of my pussy. I started shaking and froze when he climbed his big body in the bed and his whole hand seemed to slide up from my shivering twat to my full breats. He never spoke just touched me all over and before I knew it he’d pulled my tee over to one side and began to kiss my breasts moving on quickly to suck one of my now hard nipples. He was moaning softly…almost too low for me to hear while istanbul escort his hands left my tee to slid down and cover my pussy with his palm.There he kneaded me through my shorts, slowly massaging my pussy and making me wet. It was easy for him to slip inside the loose shorts to my tight little cunt and drag his big finger down the middle of my slit. He did this over and over again, never dipping inside just grazing and titalting my immature hidden clit. Almost unvoluntarialy I opened my legs, the strong suction of his mouth and the easy slid of his finger on my gushing wet pussy was driving me crazy. I was going to cum..and I didnt even know what it was. He released my nipple and brought his lips to my ear…We are going to have a long, hot summer. I am going to do all kinds of things to that tight little pussy you have. I will give you anything you want. He licked my ear and sucked on the lobe all the while his finger still moving, gliding over my spreading pussylips.Finally, he dipped his finger inside and drew tight circles around my inner lips and fully exposed clit. he didnt make me cum he took his finger out and licked it clean. “Your so sweet. I knew you would be…ummm maybe I should have a little taste”? I didnt move as he folded back the sheet and forced my legs open. Fitting his big body inbetween and pulling my little ass forward right to his waiting mouth. The first touch of his tongue nearly caused me to scream, I felt his big hand leave my hip and clamp down over my mouth. He worked his tongue in my pussy, flicking it quickly over every inch, sucking it hard then softly, spearing my cunt hole with his hard tongue. His mouth covered my whole pussy and he sucked, pulling back to lick me with the flat of his tongue until I came. Slowly he slid up my tight body until he was putting his cum slick mouth on mine. “Yeah I can’t wait to put my big cock in that tight little pussy”. He started grinding against me, his rock hard dick hurting my sensative avcılar escort exposed pussy. He left after squeezing my tits and licking my nipples one last time. Reminding me again that he was going to really enjoy my pussy.I was on pins and needles the next day but it was as if I had dreamed the whole thing. My uncle never said anything else or touched me in any way for at least the next two weeks. Then one night I came in late. I had been drinking a little and was in the kitchen fixing something to eat. I knew that my aunt had gone to bed long ago, taking her cocktail of valium and zoloft and going where no one or nothing could disturb her. I heard my uncle call me the first time and tried my best to ignore him. He was in the basement and I wasn’t allowed to go down there. He called me again, this time bellowing my name and I knew I would have to hear his mouth.When I finally made my sandwhich and drifted, a little tipsy down the basement steps, all hell broke loose. I felt myself snatched up and slammed onto a long couch. My uncle loomed over me, his face angry and I could smell the liquor coming off of his breath…looks like I wasnt the only tipsy one.”You think your allowed to come in when you want? And not call…and I saw you stumbling…your little ass is drunk huh?”I didnt have time to say a word, the next thing I knew he was tearing at my clothes. My tiny little top ripped right off my breasts the skirt coming off next until since im not a bit panty person I was naked. I started to fight. I saw him looking at my breast and shaved pussy and I knew what he was going to do. I fought him and he laughted at first, then in his drunken state I almost pushed him off me and he got serious. Holding me down with one strong forearm across my chest, under my chin he roughly fondled my tits. He pinched my nipples hard causing me to cry out in pain. He slapped each breast in turn before his hands dove between my legs.Without warning he turned me over and sat down. I was across his knee and screamed şirinevler escort when he delivered the first smack. He spanked my ass hard, hitting me five times in a row. My ass stung so bad I was crying when he finished. He got up and put me on the couch. I looked up, tears still dripping from my eyes as I watched him take off his shirt and expose his hairy chest, then his pants and my mouth fell open in shock as his huge cock sprung free. He looked at me then, his big beefy hand grabbing that cock and smiled…”I am going to fuck that tight cunt tonight. But first Im going to need to feel those sweet lips suck me”. I was hauled off the couch by my hair then and forced to my knees. He pulled my hair tighter in his hands and yelled at me to open my mouth. When I did, he slid his dick inside and began to fuck my face.”Watch your teeth you little cunt. Treat this dick like the boys you were sucking when you got caught by your mother”. I sucked his cock , he was so big I was gagging and unable to fit it all the way in. He had his eyes closed and his head thrown back, his hips pistoning hard. With a growl of frustration he pulled me up by my hair and pushed me on the couch again. He positioned me on my knees so that my naked little ass winked at him. He was on his knees then…attacking my pussy from the back. I felt his long hot tongue slide the full length of my cunt once, twice and again before he speared his tongue and forced into my pussy. He held my ass cheeks apart with his big hands while he tongue fucked me hard. It felt so good. His mouth moved all over my pussy, dipping in my honeypot and stroking my closed asshole. I came hard, spraying all over his face and that drove him wild, he jumped up off his knees and shoved his nine and half inch cock in my pussy to the hilt. I screamed while he fucked me hard, holding me so I couldnt squirm away. Telling me that I was so tight and he was going to fuck me all night long.He did too. He fucked and sucked me until I couldnt walk. I sucked his dick until my jaw was sore and then he face fucked me somemore. While he was cumming on my face and neck…he told me that he was having another poker night tommorrow and my aunt was leaving for two days on a trip with my mom. “Little bitch just wait until tomorrow night. Your going to attend your first gangbang…as the guest of honor. Now lick that cum off my cock”.

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