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night club

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night club;The night has finally arrived. I convinced you to do, or rather be, something you never thought you would. That sexy red dress is on, the one that reveals your perfect ass cheeks each time you take a step. Your heels accentuate the muscles in your calves, the mid Summer tan is highlighted in the length of your legs. It is this outfit that I will never be able to erase from my mind, nor would I want to. We’re about an hour away from home and the chances of running into anyone we know are greatly diminished. You allow this to be a comforting factor in the fact that you are about to submit to one of my fantasies. After a nice early dinner, where we each enjoyed two cocktails to help loosen us up we came back to the hotel to get ready for the nights activities. I opened a bottle of wine while you undressed and turned the water on to the shower. I couldn’t help but zone out as I stared at your figure; C tits that sagged a little, a feature you hated but one I grew to admire. A thin waist from your recent motivation for working out, and an ass that displayed curves from every angle. We soaped up and let our hands wander a bit, stopping to embrace in deep kisses as the excitement of our impending evening built up in both of us. I stopped the water and had you sit on the bench in the shower, grabbing a can of shaving cream I spread your legs and began to cover your crotch with the thick white foam. Gently, and carefully I began to shave smooth your stubble surrounding your pussy. As you sipped your wine and relaxed into the wall I could tell this was turning you on. Opening yourself up to allowing another person to take part in such a personal act had you lost in the moment. I made sure that when I stood up to grab some lotion to rub on your shaved parts that my cock lingered right in front of your face for just a moment, a semi-erect black shaft about an inch from you. I snuck a glance of your eyes fixated on my member and left it, suspended for another second before coming back down to my position, kneeling between your legs. You sat with a relaxed posture, legs spread with no desire of closing them as you sipped your wine. I rinsed the foam away and admired my work. There, in front of my face was a smooth pussy that was slightly parted naturally from you being turned on by the act. I brought my tongue to it and began licking your clit and slowly lapping up your pussy. You grabbed my head and pushed me in, lifting your crotch a bit to ensure I wouldn’t stop. I proceeded to alternate between thrusting my tongue into your hole and broad licking your pussy lips. I can now start to feel your juices dripping and take this as my cue to stop. Rinsing you off I rub your pussy and thighs in lotion and we dry off. The red dress comes on and I’m snapped back to reality by your hand, gently stroking my cock. As I was zoning out, my cock was growing at full attention. You urge me to get dressed as our cab is on the way. First stop, a strip club. Our stay is short, just enough time to have a couple of drinks and to cut the edge off before the real show. You’ve never been to a strip club before and you are so caught up with the nervousness of the situation that you don’t realize all the guys checking you out as you saunter up to the bar, your ass cheeks just peeking out from the bottom of your dress. Our conversation is solid and we are finally enjoying eachothers company as the past few weeks have been stressful. As I stroke your thighs a hot brunette with natural D tits comes over and asks us if we would like a dance. You’ve never had one before and you’re a little apprehensive but you don’t put up much of a fight. She leads us over to the back section and sits you down across from me. I watch as she spends a considerable amount of time straddling you and shoving her tits in your face, it clearly makes you uncomfortable but it’s making my dick hard. Before returning back to our seats we take some molly, confirming that tonight is about to be about submitting to desire. I order another drink for each of us and call the cab to take us to the club. As we are leaving the molly starts to kick in and we are both feeling great, teasing eachother non-stop. I mention that all the guys are going to check you out as you leave. When we get up to go you casually pull your skirt up a bit so that a considerable portion of your ass is on full show for everyone, knowing that I’m right behind with the best view. My dick starts to grow even more looking around and seeing everyone eyeing you. We’re here, we pull up to the club located in a little strip mall, a few people outside smoking cigarettes, you bursa escort light one before we head in, one last chance to calm your nerves. You look so god damn hot, I can’t help to be fixated on you. You have this faux confidence that comes with being so nervous that you just really can’t care, the molly certainly is helping. You pull me in and we make out nice and hard before we enter. Here we are, a swingers club. You never thought we would do this, and to be fair, this is a no sex club so I know you feel safe. We immediately grab a drink at the bar and eye up the room, it’s mostly an older crowd but a young couple quickly spots us and pulls up next to us. Mike and Kerry, Kerry is fucking smoking, great firm tits in a shirt that just displays her cleavage and nothing but. Almost immediately we are talking each other up, Mike with you and Kerry with me, the usual breaking the ice convo. How did you guys meet? Is this your first time? What’s it like? Mike clearly takes a liking to you and I’m enjoying watching you two interact. Somehow we get to a point of him showing us pictures on his phone and a one of his cock comes on the screen. I catch a glimpse of you smiling and you seem to get embarrassed when you relaize I’ve seen you. I assure you that it’s Ok and I suggest that we all go dance. Naturally we split up and I’m grinding with Kerry, and I know this doesn’t thrill you but you’re doing your best to just go with the flow. Kerry excuses herself to go to the bathroom and I decide to get another drink at the bar, allowing you and Mike to dance a little bit by yourselves. From the distance I can see that you are nervously looking for me, keeping a bit of a distance between you and him until you spot me, fixated on the two of you. I smile and grab my cock and nod my head to encourage you to keep dancing. This is the hottest thing I have seen you done, I can’t get over it. I am taking so much pleasure in watching you dance with another man solely because you know it’s turning me on, and it’s not like you are doing anything overtly forward, just grinding your ass on him while he holds your waist, as you stare and smile at me. I grab a drink for you and move over to a section of chairs by the wall on the edge of the dance floor, at this point Kerry as moved on, probably sensing that tonight wasn’t about meeting a couple, but about me watching you be on display a bit. As I hand you your drink the three of us go to take a seat but Kerry comes over and asks you to go take a shot, now you don’t normally do shots but tonight is proving to be a night of things that you don’t normally do. I take this opportunity to talk to Mike and explain to him that you aren’t ready for doing a full swap yet but that I think we could work on easing you in. We both agree that unless you suggest anything, tonight will just be about first impressions with a little teasing involved. I tell him that if he feels he has an opportunity, I want him to finger you a little bit while you’re dancing. You and Kerry join us but Kerry quickly leaves as something catches her attention. You ask me to join you for a cigarette so we step outside. We both dip our fingers in for a little more molly before walking out, I notice you get a lot this time around. We can barely contain ourselves as our hand are running across each other’s bodies. I whisper in your ear, telling you how much you’re turning me on out there. I ask you if you can feel Mike’s cock and you look me right in the eyes “it’s so hard, I can feel it against my ass”. “Do you like feeling it?” You reach down and grab the outline of my cock, “well, yours is bigger but it’s really turning me on knowing that two cocks are throbbing for me right now. I feel so sexy, so empowered in this moment. I’ve never felt like this, I feel like what a woman should be.” “You are the sexiest woman of them all.” You grab my cock harder and pull me toward the door. “Come on, I have to pee.” I grab your arm and pull you in, “take off your panties when you are in there and give them to me when you sit down.” You look at me with a bit of reluctance but you don’t put up much of a fight. When we get back in, Mike is at the bar ordering another round as we walk to our seats, “panties, now!” I tell you. As you’re in there I feel my phone vibrate, checking it I see a picture of your panties, darkened with your wetness. This comes through just as Mike is sitting down so I show him and tell him that I really want him to finger her while they are dancing, “don’t make her cum, but tease her until I step in.” As you sit down you lean into me, I can feel you stuff your thong into my bursa escort bayan pocket and I almost immediately start to feel my thigh dampen. Mike asks you if you’re ready for another dance and as you go to standup you push up with your hand right over my cock, just checking to make sure I’m still with you. “Have fun, I’m gonna hit the head.” I spend more time in the bathroom than usual because I’m licking molly off your cum soaked thong, stroking my cock a little bit and giving Mike and you some alone time before checking in. As I take my seat you two haven’t moved very far, and I appreciate the up close view. As I lean back, I spread my legs to give you a great view of the outline of my cock along my leg through my pants, just then you bend over, pushing your ass against Mike’s crotch. You lean into my ear and rub your hand along my cock as you whisper “Call the cab, I want this in my mouth and filling my pussy!” How could I resist, I call the cab and tell them to pick us up on 30 minutes, figuring that this would be enough time to get a little more play time in. Seeing as his time is running out Mike makes his move, working his hands around your body, first grabbing your tits to which you smile this oh so sexy smile, he slides down the length of our body, stopping at your thighs. You look at me and I smile and nod, an affirmation that it’s OK and then Mike comes over and up reaching his hand under your skirt. Almost immediately you stiffen, your head goes back and I can see your ass thrust into his crotch. He now looks at me, I smile and nod. He begins to kiss your neck as he is rubbing your clit. I’m lost in watching your ass do circles around his cock, clearly making sure it touches every part of you’re ass as he plays with your pussy. Just then I stand up and walk towards you, I grab your head and whisper “little slut, you like that?” “Yes Daddy, I love turning you on, his finger is inside me. Do you like that? Do you like knowing his finger is inside me?” “Yes love, can you feel that thick cock of his?”“Ugggggghhhhh, yes; he’s so hard.”“touch it.”You release a big sigh and reach back, rubbing your hand down the length of his cock. Your head practically snaps back and you have this look in your eye. “When is the cab coming?”“Five minutes.”“I’ll be right back.” You pull Mike towards the bathroom, there is a little partition wall blocking off a part of the club off limits for the night. You glance over at me and with this devilish smile you then reach down and shove your hands down his pants, I can see you fumbling around a bit when just then, Mike leans in and whispers something into your ear. At this point I’m practically jerking off my cock from the outside of my pants when my phone rings, I pick it up and it’s the cab company. I tell them we will be right out. I mouth the words “They’re here.”You motion that you will be one minute and just then I notice that you have pulled Mike’s cock out and you are stroking it gently. You lick your palm and run it down the length of his extremely erect shaft. Quickly, you bend over and suck the head into your mouth, just enough to lubricate it. And then, to my surprise I see you lift your skirt and guide his head along your clit, rubbing it back and forth a couple of times before you drop your skirt back down, smile and run over to me.As we get in the cab I can barely contain myself, my hand dives under your skirt and I am blown away by how wet you are. You are literally dripping onto the seats with your legs spread wide over mine to allow me full access. Your hands fumble with my zipper and pulls my cock out, it would be virtually impossible for the driver not to know what was going on. our lips never break contact until we pull up to the hotel.The funny thing about molly is that it seems to cause an oral fixation, in this case it worked to my advantage. The minute we walk through the door you pull me to the bed, unbuckling my belt. I take a seat and you immediately drop to your knees. You don’t typically really enjoy sucking cock, but on molly,.it seems to be your main objective. You begin by sucking each ball into your mouth while rubbing my cock aggressively against your face , inhaling as you do so, swimming in the smell of my manhood. You begin to lap my cock with long, slow, broad strokes of the tongue making sure to cover the full circumference of the shaft. Without any warning you begin to take it deep into your throat, with hard, aggressive sucking as you reach the head. Your pace speeds up and I begin to wonder what happened to you, you have never sucked my cock like this before, it’s wonderous. I swear, if escort bursa I didn’t stop you you would have sucked on it for hours. I stand you up and bend you over the bed. It’s my turn to return some oral pleasure, I get you in my favorite position, knees on the bed, head down and ass spread in the air. I begin to mimic your technique of long, slow, broad strokes from your clit to your ass hole, making sure to stop just before your hole. Each time I blow gently onto it, teasing you and feeling you quiver each time. Your pussy is unbelievably wet and it practically covers my face with your juices. After several minutes we take a break to pour ourselves some wine. I take position by the TV and you get comfortable at the head of the bed, legs spread. I take this opportunity to tease you and get you to play with yourself.“fuck, you look sexy” I say as I begin to stroke my cock. Your hand gently parts away your pussy lips and you tuck one finger along your clit to start rubbing it. “I feel like the sexiest woman on earth right now. Tonight was the most special experience I’ve ever had”, you say. I ask you to try to put to words everything you felt. “Well, I finally feel like I look the way I want, and to know that you find me so attractive has given me a boost of confidence. I never would have been able to wear that outfit If I didn’t know you were always there admiring me in it.” “What about the other men admiring you”? I ask. “That was exhilarating, I never thought I’d get so turned on by the thought of other men checking me out with you by my side. I became so wet when I would stop to think about it.”I toss you your favorite black dildo that I packed away and ask you to use this as you tell me about dancing with Mike. You start by just letting it rest against your pussy, the contrast ever so apparent. “Oh my god. When I saw his cock on the phone I got so nervous, but then I started getting turned on. I knew I would end up dancing with him and all I could think about was feeling it up against my ass. I was so happy when you suggested I dance with him. Oh god Rob, he was so hard. I couldn’t believe how hard he was.” You start to position the dildo with the head at the mouth of your cunt now, gently teasing your wet hole. “When I went to the bathroom and took my panties off I began playing with myself. I had two fingers inside my pussy thinking about getting fucked.” “By who?” I said. “Ultimately, you, but in the moment, I was real bad. I was thinking about what it would have felt like to have Mike’s cock out and in my pussy, right there in the bathroom. I wanted to b bent over in there. When I came out and saw how hard you were, I almost lost it. The only thing going through my mind was having two hard fat cocks out in both my hands.” The dildo is now penetrating your pussy, easily parting the lips and already covered with a nice sheen of pussy juice. “When he began to grab my tits I couldn’t control my body. I pressed so hard into his cock it wedged between my ass cheeks and I couldn’t help but grind it up and down. His fingers slid right into my pussy and I loved feeling another mans hands on me. I loved seeing you turned on and couldn’t wait to get cock in me.” “what would you have done if I invited him back”? “OHHHHHHH Fuck, I bet he would be fucking me right now, I would’t be able to help it. I’m so worked up, he’d be on top of me thrusting that big fucken cock in me like this”! Both your hands are holding your dildo as you pound your pussy with your legs spread, I’ve never seen you do this before. “Oh yes, fuck me Mike. Pound that cock deep into my pussy, give it to me good.” I’m so turned on at this point, I walk over and begin to stroke my cock above your face, squeezing just a bit of precum into your mouth. “OHHHH fuck Rob, get down here and give me that fat, black cock of yours. I fucking need it, fill me up with it.”I pull your legs back and my cock easily slides right into you. “That’s it, fuck your white slut. Fuck this pink pussy, this pussy was a slut for you tonight. Reward it, shove that fat cock deep. UGHHHHH yes, give it to me, I’m your slut. Give me that big black cock. Ugggggh” I pound you hard for what feels like 20 minutes before you push me off and straddle my cock. “I want to sit on this dick. You see this”? your pussy juices are literally all over your mound and thighs. “that’s how wet you make me. Give me this cock. That’s it, suck my tits while I ride you.” I reach around and smack your ass “that’s it, smack my ass. Make it red. I’m your slut, treat me like it. Smack my ass. Finger my asshole. That’s it daddy, put that finger in my ass while I ride you . YESSSSS, ugggghhhh. That feels so fucking good; Daddy, I loved being your slut tonight, bend me over and make me your slut. Fill me up with that cum of yours. I want you to fuck me until I’m red and filled with multiple loads of cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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