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NIGHT NIGHT DELIGHTA few years ago, when I was 32, my girlfriend at the time ,Tracey, and I had arranged to visit her parents for the weekend. We were both in the military and working in London and used to go and visit them in Sheffield a couple of times a year They were a nice couple and I got on very well with them. In fact Tracey often told me they liked me more than her as her mum, Rita, was always making sure she had my favourite snacks in the fridge and cooking my favourite food. In fact her mum was also rather flirty with me always squeezing me tightly when giving me a Christmas kiss and such like. Even at 61 she took care of herself and i had the impression she had been rather rampant in her younger days, no wonder her husband, Keith looked worn out I often thought. She saw me naked once when I had nipped to the loo in the early hours desperate for a pee thinking nobody would be up and didn’t bat an eyelid.We had originally planned to travel up on Friday afternoon however I had found myself doing some work up in Catterick in North Yorkshire so we agreed it didn’t make sense for me to travel all the way back to London to then come back up to Sheffield so I would meet Tracey at her parents.Best laid plans and all that, I actually ended up finishing the task I was on by Thursday so after mulling it over I decided to call Tracey’s parents and see if it would be ok for me to go there that evening, I had never visited them by myself but I figured that given we got on well it would be fine. Rita said “Oh thats fine duck”, some sort of local term, when I rang and asked her.”I’ll get something nice for your tea” she said.So I arrived at their house about 6.30pm had dinner, a nice chat and a few of beers, she had made a point of getting me some cans of Boddington’s bitter, my favourite. About 10pm Keith excused himself and retired to bed. Rita told me she was taking a bath before bed and to help myself to anything and she would pendik escort see me in the morning.I finished my beer and went to bed about 10.30pm. The bathroom door was closed so I assumed Rita was still in there and I could hear Keith snoring away. I got in bed and thought I would send Tracey a quick text message to tell her the evening was fine and have a safe drive tomorrow. I heard a knock at the door and when I said “yes’ Rita opened it and she had a glass of water in her hand.She said “Here you are duck, I thought you might want a glass of water, and put it down on the bedside table. She could see I had no top on as I was sitting up in bed. She asked me if I would be warm enough sleeping “in the nuddy” as she put it. I told her I’d be fine. She sat herself down on the bed and asked me what plans Tracey and I had for the weekend.She had a fairly thin dressing gown on and as she sat on the bed she crossed her legs showing her calf and a hint of thigh and I could see a little bit of cleavage between her very ample boobs, so it was clear she had nothing on underneath. I told her we planned to visit a couple of Tracey’s friends, take her and Keith for a nice lunch and just chill out, maybe a nice walk if the weather was ok. After a few minutes she got up and said “right well I’d best get to bed, night night duck” She bent forward and put her hand on my shoulder and said “ cricket you are warm enough aren’t you?” She leant a bit further forward and gave me a goodnight kiss which wasn’t unusual but she lingered a little and her other hand pressed against my abdomen. She broke off her kiss and pulled her head back but her hands remained where they were. She had lingered just enough to make it obvious she was flirting but not too long to be able to pass it off as nothing. She looked into my eyes and i could see her breasts hanging within her dressing gown but showing a full cleavage. “Night night kağıthane escort Rita” I said and kissed her on the lips and cupped one her breasts through her gown. We held our kiss and she sat back on the bed and as she did so her hand that was resting on my abdomen slid under the duvet and found its way to my cock. She stroked it a little and it started to stiffed. “Do you think I’m still attractive for an older woman?” She asked.I told her she was and that she had a very nice figure. As I told her I slid my hand inside her gown and cupped her soft plump breast and gave it a little squeeze. Rita pulled at the belt to her gown and it fell open fully exposing her breasts, they were much bigger than Tracey’s who was a 34b cup size and her nipples were really big and erect. She asked me if I liked her breasts and I didn’t answer, just nodded and cupped both of them in my hands. She started stroking my cock, I couldn’t believe what we were doing but it was so arousing. I was sitting in my girlfriends bed feeling her mums breasts while she wanted me off. As i was thinking of the potential ramifications she pulled my head to her breasts.I sucked on her nippled, gently at first then harder and she groaned a little, i trapped one between my teeth and tugged on it and she gasped. She stood up and got onto the bed on her hands and knees facing me, her breasts hung so low. She grabbed my cock and wanted me. She said “God I haven’t held a cock for about 10 years”Her breasts wobbled as she wanked my cock. Then she dipped her head forward and started to lick my bell end. Looking up at me as she flicked her tongue over it. I thought she may not have done this for 10 years but she is good, maybe she gave Tracey lessons as she gave an awesome blowjob.With all her stroking and licking and the whole situation, I was so aroused I could feel my cock and balls tingling and I maltepe escort must have released some pre cum as she let out a big “mmmm” then she started to suck on my bell end. Gently at first then harder and i could feel her flicking me with her tongue.She stopped and looked at me. “Are you enjoying this?” she asked. I smiled and said “Oh yes its wonderful”She said “Good” then dipped her head and took my whole cock in her mouth and started bobbing her head up and down on it whilst stroking my shaft hard. She must have felt the blood rushing even quicker into my cock, as I felt it throbbing, and the tip became so sensitive it almost hurt when she sucked it.She increased her speed and tightened her grip on my cock and was really going for it, I was watching her breasts bounce as she went up and down. I could feel I was getting close to cumin and wondered how far she would go. I started to gasp a bit and my hips began to tremble. I could feel my orgasm arriving i said “Oh Rita I’m going to cum.” Expecting her to move her head away but she carried on and I felt my cum spurt into her mouth. She locked her lips around my bell end continued to stroke me, milking the cum from my cock. I could hear her moaning. I relaxed and let out a long breath.She continued to suck my cock really slow and gently for a few seconds and I could feel my cock softening in her mouth. Then she let it slip out and sat up looking at me. “Goodness, that was a mouthful” she said, smiling.I said “well I did warn you i was going to cum”She said “I know but we couldn’t risk getting cum on the duvet with Tracey coming home tomorrow could we” Then she stood, fastened her gown, bent forward and kissed me and said “Night Night, sleep well.” and left the room.The following morning I woke, I heard Keith and Rita downstairs so I got up and went down. “Cup of tea duck?” Rita asked me.“Yes please” I said.I sat in an empty chair at the dining table. Rita put my tea down and said “There you go” as she patted my groin under the table smiling at me. There were several occasions when she was a little too free and easy with her hands over the next couple of years Tracey and I were together and I daresay if the opportunity had been there we would have had a repeat performance but alas we never did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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