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One Hot Night Ch. 04

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One Hot Night Ch. 04Katie opens the door to the bathroom and walks right in. She walks into the stall and locks it. She pulls her robe open and sits down on the toilet where she pees. She then gets up off the toilet and pulls her robe together. She ties it and turns around where she flushes the toilet. She then unlocks the bathroom stall and walks out. Katie walks up to the sinks. She grabs some soap. She then turns on the water and starts washing her hands. She finishes washing her hands and grabs some paper towels to dry them off. She dries them off and throws the paper towels away.Katie then looks in the mirror. She stares at her reflection. She can’t believe that she went from being a virgin earlier in the day to having sex with three different guys at night. This has been one hot night, she thinks to herself.Katie fixes her hair in the mirror. She then walks towards the bathroom door. She opens it and walks out. Katie then starts walking towards Jake. Jake looks up and sees Katie walking towards him. He smiles and gets up out of the chair. He starts walking towards Katie. Katie sees Jake smiling and walking towards her. She starts smiling too and literally starts running towards him. Jake picks up his speed of walking and literally starts running towards her. Katie reaches Jake first and extends her hand. She just wants to get out of here and get some sleep. Jake reaches out and takes Katie’s hand into his. He’s pretty tired himself and wants to get some sleep too.”Let’s go baby.” Jake says.”Okay honey.” Katie says.Katie and Jake interlink hands. They start walking towards the double doors again. They reach the double doors and walk out of them. They then walk out of the hospital. The night air is cool and feels good. Jake reaches over and gives Katie the car keys. Katie grabs the car keys and together they start walking towards the car. When they reach the car, Jake walks over and opens the passenger door. Katie opens the driver door and gets it. They both shut the car doors and lock them. Then both Jake and Katie put their seat belts on. Katie starts the car and puts the headlights on. She then puts the car into reverse and backs up. She backs up fully and then puts the car in drive. She pulls the car out of the parking lot and pulls up to the stop sign. She then turns right and drives down the road some. She sees a hotel on her right, so she turns her turn signal on and turns into the parking lot.Jake sits in the car while Katie drives. He is trying to stay awake until they get a room. Then once he gets into bed, he’s going to fall asleep. Katie pulls into the parking lot and parks the car. She leans over and checks on Jake.”Baby, we’re here at the hotel. Come on, let’s go inside.” Katie says.”Okay.” Jake says.Katie then turns the headlights off. She grabs the keys and undoes her seat belt. She then opens the car door and gets out. Katie puts the keys into her right pocket. Katie shuts the door and then goes to the backseat. She opens the backseat passenger door and grabs both of their clothes. Jake undoes his seat belt and opens his door. He gets out and stretches his legs some. He shuts the door and walks over to where Katie is. Katie hands Jake his clothes. She then shuts the door. Katie lets her robe fall to the ground as she decides to get dressed right there. Jake looks over at Katie as he sees her get completely nude in front of him. Automatically, his cock becomes rock hard. He feels sudden lust come over him and he’s in no power to stop himself. Jake turns and grabs Katie by the waist. He turns her to where she is facing him and kisses her hard on the lips. He then picks her up and sits her on the end of the car. Katie is caught off guard by Jake. She wasn’t even expecting this. Katie kisses Jake back. She opens her legs wide. Jake stands in between Katie’s legs. He stops kissing her long enough to undo his robe and let it fall to the ground. Katie then takes her legs and slides them around his hips locking them tightly at the ankles. Jake pushes his cock forward letting Katie feel it against her pussy. He wants to fuck her so badly right now. Katie feels Jake’s cock press against her pussy. Just feeling how hard he is makes her become dripping wet immediately. Jake reaches down with his hand to feel if Katie is wet. He takes his hand and runs it along her pussy. He lets his hand slide in just a little bit and he can feel that her pussy is extremely wet.This pleases him so.Katie feels Jake’s hand slide in her pussy. It feels so good. She leans forward and rests her head on his shoulder for a little bit. Jake moves his hand up and rubs Katie’s clit slowly. He just wants to have a little bit of teasing fun with her before he fucks her right here in the parking lot.”Oh Jake.” Katie says softly.Katie moves her head off Jake’s shoulder and brings her face to his. She looks directly into his eyes. Jake looks back into Katie’s eyes. He can see lust for him shining in them. Jake moves forward and kisses Katie passionately on the lips again. Katie kisses him back. Katie then pulls her mouth away from Jake’s. She reaches down and takes his hand. She pulls it out of her pussy and brings it up to her mouth.Katie then sticks his fingers into her mouth and sucks off her own juices. She makes sure that Jake is watching her the whole time. Jake can’t believe his eyes when he watches his girl Katie take his hand into her mouth and suck off her juices. This is one of the hottest things that he has ever seen before. It makes him want to fuck her more. Jake then reaches out and pulls his fingers from Katie’s mouth. He takes his cock and shoves it hard into her pussy without any warning. “Jake!” Katie screams out.”Oh yeah baby. That’s right. Call out my name. I’m gonna fuck you so damn hard right here. I don’t care if anyone sees us or hear us.” Jake says.Jake then starts pumping his cock out of Katie’s pussy. Katie wraps her arms around his shoulders and holds on. “Oh Jake, yeah baby. Ooh yeah fuck me. Your cock feels so good in my pussy. I am so your nympho now.” Katie says.Jake keeps on pumping his hard cock in and out of Katie’s pussy. He may have been tired before, but he has found a whole new energy. He could go on all night. The sensations this time around are so incredible that he can hardly believe it. He loves the fact that they are fucking now. This will only help to make their relationship better. Katie is so glad that she is getting fucked. She probably would have ended up jumping Jake if he hadn’t jumped her first. To her now, sex is one of the greatest things in the world. Jake fucks Katie so hard that the car shakes with his every thrust. The only sounds that are coming out of his mouth now are a bunch of moans and pleasurable groans. Jake suddenly feels his orgasm coming on. He can’t believe that he is coming so fast, but of course at the speed that he is fucking Katie, he can understand why. Jake starts speeding up his thrusts. Katie feels Jake speeding up his thrusts and figures out that he’s nearing coming. She can feel her orgasm coming on too. Every time that Jake thrusts into her his pelvic bone hits her clit causing incredible sensations to run through her.”Oh Jake. You’re nearing coming aren’t you baby?” Katie asks.”Yes, baby I am. Aren’t you?” Jake says.”I am too.” Katie says.”Good baby. God your pussy feels so good. I can’t believe that you are still this tight. If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were still a virgin.” Jake says.”Thanks baby. I’m tight for you and your powerful cock. Oh god, it’s so big!” Katie says.Katie can feel Jake’s cock stretch her some. She doesn’t want to let go of him. She just wants to stay in this position with him forever.”I love you so much baby.” Jake says.”I love you so much too.” Katie says.Jake pumps his cock faster and quicker. This is so exciting to him. Fucking outside where anybody could catch them. He’s so horny right now that when they get into the hotel room he’s not sure that he will be able to sleep without wanting to fuck Katie again. Just lying there next to her nude body in bed will drive him crazy. Smelling her sweet smell, hearing the cute little sounds she makes when she sleeps. To not fuck her will be difficult for him.Katie knows that it is late, but she has a feeling that when she gets into bed, she may have trouble sleeping. Seeing that she will be next to Jake and that he will be nude. She will find it very hard not to roll over and fuck him. “What are you thinking baby?” Jake asks.”I was just thinking about when we get into bed how I might find it difficult to sleep with you being nude next to me. How I am going to stop myself from rolling over and fucking you.” Katie says.”Really? I was thinking the exact same thing.” Jake says.”Oh baby. That’s so hot. Fuck me harder!” Katie says.”You want me to rip you in two baby? Tell me that you do. Tell me!” Jake says.”Fucking rip me in two. Fucking tear my pussy apart with your big cock.” Katie says.”Who’s your daddy, baby? Who has the best cock in the world? Tell me. I want to know.” Jake says.”You’re my daddy. You have the best cock in the world. It’s the biggest and the hardest. You fuck me so damn good that I’m addicted.” Katie says.”Oh yes baby. You know it.” Jake says.Jake keeps on pounding Katie’s pussy hard with his cock. All of this dirty talk is bringing him close to coming. He just hopes that it is having the same effect on Katie. Katie finds herself really enjoying all of the dirty talk that she and Jake are sharing. It makes her so much hotter and brings her close to coming. “I’m gonna fucking cum in that pussy of yours baby. Gonna fill your pussy up so much with my cum that it’s going to be flowing over like a river.” Jake says.”Oh I can hardly wait baby to feel your cum pour into me.” Katie says.”You are such a naughty little bitch.” Jake says.”You know it baby. I’m your naughty little bitch.” Katie says.”Oh yeah. I love fucking my hot naughty little bitch in her pussy. Just feels so damn good every time we do it.” Jake says.Jake pumps harder until he feels his cum pouring out of his cock and into Katie’s pussy. He knows that she can feel it. Katie starts feeling something warm and gooey pour into her pussy. She realizes that Jake is coming and that causes her to cum too.”Oh yes baby. I’m coming. My beautiful release has finally came. Your cum feels so good filling up my pussy.” Katie says.”Oh Katie. I can feel you coming just like I know you can feel me. I love it when we cum together.” Jake says.Katie tightens her grip on Jake as she cums. This time it is so powerful that it is breathtaking. Katie is in so much pleasure that she takes her nails and slightly runs them down Jake’s back while she rides out her orgasm. Jake feels Katie runs her nails down his back and that helps push the rest of his cum out. It feels so good and he wonders what she would think if he was to do that to her. Jake wants to try it so he takes his hands and brings them to Katie’s back. He doesn’t want to hurt her, so he’s going to be gentle. He takes his nails and runs them softly down Katie’s back. He hopes that she will think that it feels good just as much as he does.Katie feels Jake’s nails on her back and it helps push her orgasm the rest of the way. The sensations of coming and of Jake’s nails on her back makes her scream out in pleasure loudly into the night. Jake hears her and he thinks that her scream of pleasure is so beautiful. He hopes to get more out of her. Jake finishes coming fully.”Let’s go inside of the hotel baby and get comfortable in that bed.” Jake says.”Okay baby. Sounds real good to me.” Katie says.Katie then unlocks her legs from around Jake’s waist and lets them hang. She moves her arms from around his neck and lets them hang to her side. Jake pulls his cock out of Katie’s pussy slowly. He wants to savor the moment. Jake looks into Katie’s eyes the whole time wanting to keep the connection that he has with her right now.Katie feels Jake pull his cock out of her slowly. She’s wanting to savor the moment too. Katie looks back into Jake’s eyes that whole time wanting to keep the connection that she has with him right now. Jake pulls his cock out fully and then kisses Katie softly but passionately. He loves her so much and is so glad that they are dating. Katie feels Jake pull his cock out of her fully. She kisses him back softly but passionately too. She then pulls her lips away from his and jumps off the car.Katie walks over and picks her robe up. She then picks up her clothes that fell to the ground. She starts walking towards the hotel but stops to wait for Jake to catch up. Jake walks over and grabs his robe. He then grabs his clothes that he let fall to the ground. He walks up to Katie. Katie sits her clothes on the hood of the car and puts her robe on. She knows there’s no way that they would let her in the hotel naked.Jake sees Katie putting her robe on and he decides that he better do the same thing. He sits his clothes on the car and puts his robe on. Katie ties her robe and grabs her clothes. She waits for Jake to do the same. Jake ties his robe and grabs his clothes. He then walks a little bit closer to Katie. Katie starts walking to the hotel. She yawns big. She’s really tired now and needs a good night’s rest. Even though it is almost daylight. Jake starts walking behind Katie to the hotel. He decides that he wants to hold her hand so he walks up next to her and grabs her hand.Jake sees Katie yawn and that causes him to yawn. He’s pretty tired himself and could use some sleep. Katie feels Jake grab onto her hand and she grabs onto his. Together they start walking towards the hotel. They both yawn at the same time. They reach the hotel door and Jake opens it for Katie. Katie walks inside and waits. Jake walks through the door and shuts it behind him. They walk up to the counter.Jake bakırköy escort pulls out his credit card and asks for a room with one bed with all the amenities. He’s hands his credit card over and pays from the room. He then is handed the room key. Jake takes the room key and holds onto it. He grabs onto Katie’s hand tighter. Together they start walking towards the room. They decide to get on the elevator because their room is on the 2nd floor. Jake walks up and pushes the up button on the elevator. The elevator doors open and they step inside.Katie pushes the button that goes up to the second floor. They go and stand against the wall as the elevator doors close. Jake then leans over slightly and plants his mouth on Katie’s. He starts kissing her, feeling the passion and lust build up in him again. He lets go of Katie’s hand and walks over to the buttons that are inside of the elevator. He pushes the stop button because he wants to have some fun. He walks back over to Katie. He grabs her hand again and holds it tight. He brings his other hand around and opens her robe slightly by pushing it aside. He then cups her breast in his hand.”Mmmm Jake. I just love how you can’t get enough.” Katie says.”Your body is just so sexy. I can’t help myself.” Jake says.Jake then moves his mouth off Katie’s and brings it down to her breast. He starts licking her nipple making it hard. He then devours her breast into his mouth, licking and sucking wildly. He moves over and does the same thing to her other breast. He just loves her tits. They are so firm and so big. He could suck on them for days. Katie looks down and watches Jake as he pleases her breasts. She is so glad that she has a boyfriend who has the same high-sex drive that she does.Jake then moves his mouth from her breasts. He starts kissing lower, looking up at her the whole time. He pulls her robe apart more exposing more of her hot skin. He licks and kisses her tummy making sure he doesn’t miss an inch. Jake kisses a little bit lower until he reaches his desired destination, which is her pussy. He knows that he just fucked her about 10 minutes ago. But this time around he wants to lick her to orgasm before they reach their room.Jake reaches up and undoes Katie’s robe the rest of the way. He lets it fall to the ground exposing her beautiful nude body to his eyes again. Katie pushes her legs apart getting ready to be licked. Her pussy has grown wet from just thinking about it. Jake then gets down on his knees. He takes Katie’s right leg and places it on his shoulder. This leaves her pussy totally exposed to his mouth, which is what he wants. Jake brings his mouth in and spreads Katie’s lips apart with his nose. He finds her clit and starts licking. Jake can taste Katie’s juices right away. He can tell that she is highly aroused.”Oh yes Jake. I love it when you lick my clit. God that feels so good!” Katie says.Jake moves his mouth off her clit to respond. There’s something that he wants to say that he just knows will make her cum fast.”Oh yeah baby. I want you to cum for me right here. I want to feel that juicy clit throb and shake on my tongue. I want you to feed me your juices and make me want more. My tongue aches to feel you cum on it. Oh baby, please cum for me.” Jake says.Jake then moves his mouth back down to Katie’s clit and starts licking wildly. He wants her to cum right here and right now. Katie hears what Jake said and that causes her to become fully sexually aroused. She can feel her clit throb as Jake licks it wildly. She wants to cum hard right here. Jake puts his tongue into overdrive. He doesn’t care if he gets a cramp in the muscle. He’s enjoying this way too much to stop. Katie can feel her orgasm come on suddenly. She’s not sure if it’s what Jake said or if it’s his licking that’s causing it. She just knows that she’s getting ready to cum.”Oh my god baby. My orgasm is coming on so fast. In a few seconds, I’m going to be coming on your tongue.” Katie cries out.Jake hears that and he is so pleased that his plan is working. It may be late, but he’s horny as hell. When they get to that room, he’s gonna fuck her in the ass. He wants to feel his cock buried in her tight little pink treasure. Jake wants Katie to cum right here this very second so he licks her clit just right. During mid-lick, he starts feeling her shaking and he knows he’s hit the jackpot. Katie feels herself shaking and she just closes her eyes. The pleasure this time around is so very intense. She feels so happy because she has gotten so sexually lucky tonight.”Cum for me baby. Let me taste those sweet juices.” Jake says.Katie hears him although it is muffled. She reaches down and grabs onto his head. She then cums so hard that she screams. She screams so loud that it can be heard though the elevator. Jake licks up her cum as it flows. He feels so greedy like a c***d in a candy store. He gets to have this piece of sweet fine candy all to himself. He gets to lick it and to suck it. And he gets to get the juices all over his face. After Katie finishes coming, Jake moves his head from her pussy. He ties her robe back up, making sure that her body is covered up long enough for them to get to the room. Jake then walks over and pushes the button for the 2nd floor. He walks over and stands against the wall next to Katie as the elevator takes it’s descent up to their room.Katie stands against the wall of the elevator trying to catch her breath. That orgasm she had was so powerful that for a few seconds she was breathless. She tries to compose herself quickly. Katie looks over at Jake and smiles. Jake sees Katie smile at him and he smiles back. He is so ready to get to that room. The bell on the elevator dings letting them know that they have reached their floor. Katie reaches over and grabs Jake’s hand.Jake feels Katie grab his hand and he grabs onto hers. They hold hands as the elevator doors open. Katie walks forward with Jake right next to her. They walk out the elevator and take a left. They walk to their room, which is number 30. Jake reaches in and grabs the key to unlock the door. He unlocks the door and lets go of Katie’s hand. He walks forward and opens the door. Katie starts trying to walk forward, but Jake reaches out and stops her.”Wait baby. Let me take you into the room.” Jake says.With that said, Jake reaches under and grabs Katie by the legs. He picks her up.Katie feels Jake pick her up and she wraps her arms around him to hold on. She thinks that the fact that he is doing this is so romantic and sweet. Jake wraps his arms around her back, holding her. He then starts walking forward carrying Katie in his arms. He walks into the room and walks over to the bed where he helps sit her down. Katie lets go of Jake and sits down on the bed. She finds that it is very soft and very comfortable. The color of the bedspread is red and it looks to be a king size. Jake walks over and shuts the door. He locks it and turns on the lights so they can both see what they are doing. Jake then walks over to the bed and sits the room key on the nightstand next to them. He then sits down next to Katie. He brings his hand around and starts stroking her face. She is so beautiful in this light.Katie sees Jake sit down next to her. She feels him stroking her face. His touch sends shots of electricity down her spine. She knows that they are going to have sex again. She can just feel it. Jake leans over and kisses Katie on the lips. Even after all of the times that he has kissed her tonight he finds that her lips are still as soft as the first time he kissed her. He wants to fuck her again, but this time he’s taking it slow.Katie kisses Jake back. She just loves how he kisses. How soft and gentle his lips are even when they are kissing passionately. She finds her getting lost in his kisses. Jake kisses Katie more passionately now. He helps her lay back on the bed as he kisses her more. He brings his hand down and touches her body over the robe. Katie feels Jake’s hand as he touches her body. She wants him to touch her underneath the robe, but it seems to her that he is taking his time. She doesn’t mind though. Jake gets up off of Katie’s body and walks over to the light switch. He turns it down because he wants somewhat dark in there to help set the mood. Katie feels the absence of Jake on top of her. At first, she gets a little bit scared that he left the room. But then she looks over and sees him standing by the light. She smiles because he looks so damn sexy standing there.Jake sees Katie looking over at him and he smiles. He decides that he wants to give her a strip show so he walks over to the front of the bed. He then focuses his eyes on hers. Katie sees Jake standing at the foot of the bed. She’s not sure what he is doing. But she is curious to find out. She sees him focusing her eyes on her so she focuses her eyes on him. Jake notices that Katie has her focused on him and that makes him happy. He brings his hand up and pulls the robe off his shoulder, exposing it. Katie gasps with surprise as she sees Jake expose his shoulder. Even though she has seen it before, she acts like this is the first time. She stares at how muscular just his shoulder is. She can hardly wait to see his cock. Jake then reaches over and exposes his other shoulder. He knows that this is turning Katie on more because he can tell by her gasps.It’s driving him crazy to just look at her sitting there on the bed with that luscious body of hers hidden beneath that robe. Jake then reaches down and pulls the robe away at his chest, exposing it. He knows that she loves looking at his chest because it is so muscular.Katie cannot take her eyes off Jake as he exposes his luscious muscular chest to her. She just wants to jump off this bed and attack him. Jake feels his cock get hard under the robe as he watches Katie watch him. He knows that when Katie’s eyes follow his hand down that she will notice. He knows that will turn her on greatly and that makes him just want to tear both of their clothes off right here.Katie just wants Jake to take the rest of his robe off so she can see his cock. She lets her eyes travel down and notice that it is hard and is puffing up underneath the robe. That makes her want to see it more. Jake lets his hands move down and he slowly undoes the tie on his robe. Every once in a while he will stop and move his hands away just to tease Katie. He teases her for 3 minutes more. He then decides to get serious and let her see his cock.Katie feels her body get hot underneath the robe. She knows why she is so hot. There is only one reason why. It is because Jake is stripping in front of her and because he is about to reveal his beautiful, hard cock to her. Jake undoes the ties on his robe the rest of the way and lets it fall to the ground. He parts his legs some letting his cock stand proud. He knows one thing that will drive her crazy more with passion than she already is.Katie eyes get big as she sees Jake’s robe fall to the ground. She looks down and sees his cock standing hard just for her. She can feel her pussy get wetter than it already is. Jake brings his hand forward and places it on his cock. He starts stroking slowly, keeping his eyes on Katie. He knows that this will make her so eager to fuck that she won’t be able to control herself.Katie eyes get big as she watches Jake stroke his cock. She decides that two can play at this game. So she takes her hand and slips it under her robe. She spreads her legs and sticks her fingers into her pussy. She keeps her eyes on Jake. Jake looks down and sees what Katie is doing. The sight alone makes his cock grow rock hard in seconds. He can’t believe he is watching her as she touches herself for him. He strokes his cock a little bit more then moves his hand away.Katie fingers her pussy softly as she watches Jake. She notices that his cock has gotten rock hard. This makes the need to fuck him greater and more urgent. She reaches up and rubs her clit a little bit. She then moves her hand away. Jake walks towards the bed, still holding his gaze. He reaches Katie and leans down to her ear.”Dance for me sexy. Strip for me just like I did for you.” Jake says.Jake then moves beside Katie and sits down on the bed. He waits for Katie to get up and give him a show. Katie gets up off the bed and walks over to the foot of it. She takes her hands and brings them up to her shoulders. She decides to do the same thing that Jake did. Except she’s going to add a twist to it. When she gets fully nude, she’s going to fuck him with her ass.Jake watches lustfully as he gets ready to watch Katie get nude in front of him. He can hardly wait to fuck her in that sweet ass. Katie pulls the robe off her shoulders, exposing them to his eyes. She brings her hand up and runs it along each shoulder one at a time. Katie then moves her hands down and grabs the tie on her robe. She starts undoing the tie, getting ready to expose her body to Jake.Jake watches as he sees Katie undoing the tie on her robe. He wants to jump off the bed and do it himself. But he’s holding himself back for the moment. Katie undoes the rest of the tie and lets her robe fall to the ground. She brings her hands up and runs them over her breasts. She massages them slowly. She then lets her hand slip down to her pussy. She spreads her legs apart slightly and rubs her clit with her hand. She closes her eyes in pleasure but opens them again.Jake feels like he is going to fall off the bed when he sees Katie play with her body for him. The sight is so increasingly hot for him that he has trouble holding himself back. Katie then moves her hand and walks towards the bed. She reaches the bed and straddles Jake’s lap letting her pussy gently glide over his cock. Jake looks up into Katie’s eyes as he feels her body on his. beşiktaş escort He brings his arms around and places them on her waist. He wants to fuck her now. Katie then kisses Jake hard on the mouth causing him to fall back on the bed. Katie moves up some on his body and straddles his cock again. Only this time it’s her ass that is pressing against his cock.”Fuck me in the ass baby. Now!” Katie says.Jake doesn’t need any more encouragement. He grabs her waist, lifts her up some, lines his cock up with her ass, and then lowers her back down. They both feel the immediate pleasure when Jake’s cock goes into Katie’s ass. Katie closes her eyes and sits down fully on Jake’s cock. She lets it sink into her ass all the way. She then starts moving up and down.Jake reaches up and grabs Katie’s breasts. He takes her nipples into his hands and twists them slightly. He wants to see what kind of effect that has on her. Katie moves her ass up and down on Jake’s cock a little bit faster now. She feels Jake twist her nipples with his hands and that causes her to start riding his cock harder.”Oh yes baby. I love the feeling of the pain you’re giving me.” Katie says.Jake hears what Katie says. He realizes that she really likes it and he notices that it makes her ride him harder which increases the pleasure. Jake then decides to do it again but only this time he will increase the twisting. He takes his hands and twists her nipples harder. He looks up at her face to watch her reaction. Katie feels Jake twist her nipples harder and that just causes her to go harder on his cock. She starts riding his cock so hard that it’s almost unbelievable. She can feel her ass open and close around his cock repeatedly.”Oh Jake. You just love to play with my nipples. You just love to have me fuck you harder.” Katie says.”You know it baby. I fucking enjoy every second of it. Oh Katie, ride me harder baby.” Jake says.Katie gets up off Jake’s cock. She turns herself around to where she is facing the wall and to where her back is to Jake. Jake watches Katie as she turns herself around. His cock aches to be in that ass again. He wants to pull her on top of him. He thinks about it and decides to do it. Jake brings his hands from around her waist and picks her up. He then pushes her ass back down on his cock hard. He cries out loudly as he feels her ass swallow his cock.”Yes Katie. God yes baby. Your ass just feels too damn good on my cock. I can hardly stand it.” Jake says.Katie gasps feeling Jake push his cock into her ass. She wasn’t expecting that. Katie starts riding Jake’s cock again. Katie decides that if Jake wants to play it a little bit rough that she’s game. Katie reaches back with her hands and runs her nails right down Jake’s chest.She then tightens her ass up as tight as she can and starts bouncing hard on his cock. Jake feels Katie run her hands down his chest and that drives him crazy. He realizes that she wants to play rough just like he does. Every moment of her ass on his cock is exquisite. He wants more.Jake slaps Katie’s hands away and grips onto her waist. He then pulls her backward towards him. He wants to have her body lay on top of his so he can pound her ass hard. Katie feels Jake pull her backward towards him. She lets her body relax and just lets herself fall back. She rests her head on his chest and lets her body lay on top of his. She really enjoys feeling this close to him.Jake feels Katie fall back onto his body. He looks down and sees her beautiful body lying on top of his. He takes his hands and brings to the upper part of her waist. Katie puts her legs up on the bed to balance herself. She wants Jake to fuck her senseless. Katie brings her hands and puts them on Jake’s hips so she can feel him with her hands when he thrusts upwards. Jake notices that Katie has put her legs up. He knows that it will make it easier for him to fuck her. He also feels Katie’s hands on his hips. They feel so soft, small, and warm.Jake starts thrusting his cock upward into Katie’s ass hard. He moves his hands from her hips up to her breasts. He grabs onto her breasts and massages them hard as he pounds her ass with his cock. Katie starts feeling an unexplainable amount of pleasure run through her body as Jake fucks her. She feels his hands on her breasts massaging hard and that just causes the pleasure to increase. She lets her hands move up and down with each one of his thrusts.”God your hands feel good on my skin baby. They are so hot.” Jake says.”I’m glad baby. Your hands feel so good on my breasts. Your cock feels so good in my ass fucking me so hard. Oh baby, don’t stop.” Katie says.Jake starts putting all of his energy into fucking Katie. He starts pounding her so hard that the bed shakes and it feels like the springs will break because of their fucking. Everybody in the hotel probably can hear them fucking. He doesn’t really care though. Katie feels the bed shake under Jake’s body. She doesn’t really care if the whole damn hotel can hear them fuck. She’s enjoying this too much to really care about anything. Jake feels himself getting ready to cum in about 5 seconds. He starts pounding Katie’s ass hard, bringing his hand down to rub her clit hard and make her cum too. Katie feels Jake’s hand on her clit. It causes her to get ready to cum. She was hoping he would help her out and make her cum. She probably could have rubbed her own clit, but she wanted Jake to do it. Jake rubs Katie clit harder and faster. He feels his cum run though his cock fast and into Katie’s ass.”Aah baby. I’m coming into your ass. I hope you can feel it baby. I want you to cum for me now.” Jake says.”Keep rubbing like that baby and I’ll be coming in 2 seconds.” Katie says.Katie feels her clit throb and then explode onto Jake’s hand. The pleasure hits her like a rocket. She feels like she’s soaring off the bed and into the sky.”Ooh, you’re coming baby. I can feel it on my hand. I love it when you come for me when I demand it. It’s so erotic.” Jake says.”Jake, oh Jake. Yes baby. I love coming for you like that.” Katie says.Jake keeps on rubbing Katie’s clit as she comes down from her orgasm. When he can feel that it has ended, he will move his hand. He rubs her clit for 5 minutes more and then feels her orgasm ceasing. He moves his hand and brings it up to Katie’s mouth. Katie takes Jake’s hand into her mouth and sucks her juices off his fingers. She swallows them. She then reaches up and pulls Jake’s hand out of her mouth. She lets it fall to his side. She lies there smiling big. She knows that she has to move and get into bed so she can get some sleep. But she wants to lay here just for a few minutes more.Jake lies on the bed. He brings his hands up and puts them around Katie’s waist. He lets his hands rest on her stomach and just enjoys holding her. They stay that way for 10 minutes. Just holding each other, enjoying the afterglow of their powerful love making. Jake then yawns big which in turn causes Katie to yawn big.”It’s late baby. We better get some sleep.” Jake says.”Yeah, I know baby. I’m pretty tired.” Katie says.”Me too.” Jake says.Jake moves his hands so Katie can get up. He starts falling asleep right there on the bed, but shakes his head to keep himself awake. Katie gets up off Jake letting his cock slip out of her ass gently. She can feel that her ass is stretched now. But she’s too tired to even really care about that. Katie walks over and stands by a wall.Jake gets up off the bed and yawns big again. He stretches and looks down at his cock. He sees that it has some cum residue on it. He has to go clean it off in the bathroom before he can go to bed. He starts walking towards the bathroom and towards Katie. Katie sees Jake walks toward her. She can tell that he is heading towards the bathroom. Katie moves and goes towards the bed. Jake walks to the bathroom. He reaches the bathroom and turns the light on. It takes a few minutes for his eyes to adjust. Jake walks into the bathroom and shuts the door behind him.Katie reaches the bed and pulls the covers back. She gets into bed and pulls the covers around her. She then looks to door and waits for Jake. Jake grabs some toilet paper and cleans his cock off. Once he gets his cock cleaned off, he washes his hands. He then opens the door and turns the light off. Jake walks out of the bathroom and over to the light switch. He turns the light off fully and then walks over to the bed. He notices that the moonlight is shining brightly through the window right by the bed.Katie watches Jake as he walks over to the bed. She makes sure he has plenty of covers. Jake reaches the bed and pulls the covers back on his side. He gets in the bed and lays his head on the soft pillow. Katie lays her head back on her pillow and takes a deep relaxing breath. The nights events run though her head quickly. A smile appears on her lips as she thinks of how many things have happened tonight.Jake turns on his side and faces Katie. He looks at her face in the moonlight and notices how much more beautiful it makes her. Katie turns on her side facing Jake. She looks into his eyes and notices that he is looking at her. Jake lets his eyes focus on Katie’s when he realizes that she is looking at him. He smiles at her and winks. Katie smiles and winks back at Jake. She is so happy.”Goodnight baby. Sweet dreams.” Jake says.”Goodnight honey. Sweet dreams.” Katie says.Jake then closes his eyes and falls fast asleep. Katie closes her eyes and falls fast asleep too with a smile on her face. They sleep peacefully with their bodies facing each other. Before they know it the morning light is shining through the window. Katie wakes up first. She opens her eyes and yawns. Katie then looks over at Jake. Jake wakes up next. He opens his eyes and looks over at Katie.”Good morning, beautiful.” Jake says.”Good morning, handsome.” Katie says.”I hope you slept well, baby. I know I did because I was next to you.” Jake says.”Aww Jake, that’s so sweet. I did sleep well.” Katie says.Katie then pulls the covers off her and gets out of bed. She stands up and stretches letting the morning light help wake her up. Jake gets out of bed next. He pulls the covers off his body and gets out of bed. He stands up and stretches too. Jake then walks over to Katie and kisses her softly on the lips. He reaches down and takes her by the hand. Katie kisses Jake back just as softly. She lets her hand rests in Jake’s. Jake then pulls his lips from Katie’s.”Come on baby. Let’s get our shower.” Jake says.”Okay baby.” Katie says.Jake then turns around and walks towards the bathroom. He grips onto Katie’s hand tightly. Katie starts walking behind Jake. She feels Jake grip onto her hand tightly. So she grips on his just as tightly. Jake walks more towards the bathroom. He anxious to get in the shower with Katie and wash her body down. Jake reaches the bathroom and walks in. He turns on the light with his free hand and pulls Katie slightly towards him with his other hand.Katie sees that Jake has walked into the bathroom. She decides to follow him. But before she has the chance to walk forward she feels Jake pull her towards him, which causes her to walk into the bathroom. Jake notices that he has pulled Katie into the bathroom. He smiles and pulls her close to him. He then reaches around and shuts the door behind them. Katie hears Jake shut the door behind them. She smiles cause she loves it when they are alone behind a closed door. Katie brings her leg up and wraps it around Jake’s hip. Jake notices that Katie has wrapped one of her legs around him. He wonders if she is still horny even after last night. He lets go of her hand and brings his hand around to her leg. He holds onto her leg so she can’t move it. Katie feels Jake’s hand on her leg. She wraps one of her arms around his neck to where she is practically just hanging on his body. Jake leans in and kisses Katie hard. He finds that his cock has become hard again. He pushes Katie against the door and grabs her other leg with his free hand. He brings her leg up and wraps it around his other hip. He holds onto her leg with his hand. He wants to fuck this little vixen again.Katie feels Jake wrap her leg around his hip. Katie brings her other arm and wraps it around his other shoulder. Now she is hanging on his body fully. Jake then pushes his cock forward. He lets her know by his body language that he wants to fuck her. He doesn’t have to use words. Katie senses that Jake wants to fuck her. She wants him to fuck her but not by the door. She wants to be fucked in the shower with the water falling down both of their bodies.”Baby let’s fuck in the shower.” Katie says.Jake thinks that is a great idea. So he turns himself around so he can walk forward towards the shower with Katie on his body. Jake starts walking towards the shower and reaches it quickly. Jake then moves one of his arms off one of Katie’s legs. He uses that arm to open the shower door. He then turns on the water and gets it to the exact right temperature for both of them. Katie watches Jake do all of this. She is so excited and horny about being fucked in the shower that she can hardly stand it. Jake steps into the shower and gets under the flow of the water. He makes sure that Katie’s body gets some water on it too. Jake then reaches over and shuts the door. Jake then looks up into Katie’s eyes. He knows they need a shower but right now all he can think about is fucking her. Katie looks into Jake’s eyes and is ready to be fucked. The water feels so good falling on her body. It’s so warm and makes her skin feel like it’s on fire. Jake brings his cock up and lines it up with Katie’s pussy. He then shoves his hips forward and feels his cock slip into her pussy with ease. Jake then starts thrusting upwards. He doesn’t go slow. He knows that his little beylikdüzü escort nympho girlfriend doesn’t like it when he fucks her slow. She loves to be fucked hard. He just loves to fuck her hard.Katie feels Jake’s cock in her pussy thrusting. She really loves the fact he’s not fucking her slowly. Already the combination of his cock and the water on her body is making her feel dizzy with pleasure. Jake reaches down and places his hand back on Katie’s hip. He wants to hold her sweet body as he pounds her mercifully. Katie feels Jake place his hand back on her hip. It sends a shiver down her spine. Katie starts thrusting her pussy forward fucking Jake back. This is one of her hottest fantasies coming true.Jake starts thrusting his cock harder and faster into Katie’s pussy. He wants to fuck her until her pussy can’t take it anymore. Until she is so loose that you could fit four hands in there. But he has a feeling that no matter how many times he fucks her she will always be tight. He really enjoys that thought. Jake moves his hands from Katie’s hips and plants them on her firm round ass. He starts squeezing her ass as he fucks her. Katie feels Jake squeeze her ass. It feels so good and makes her pump her pussy harder against his cock. She wants to cum on his cock. Katie closes her eyes and lets the pleasure overtake her. Suddenly, the image of Mark comes into her mind. She starts fantasizing that is Mark that is fucking her here in the shower. She almost starts calling out his name, but then realizes that Jake would hear her and would wonder who the fuck Mark was.Katie decides not to say anything at the moment and let her fantasy of Mark carry her away. She knows that she’ll have to go home to her apartment sooner or later. But right now the only thing that matters is the sex that is going on. Jake fucks Katie pussy more. Then he feels himself coming. He never thought that he could cum so much and that his cock wouldn’t be sore after soaring in pussy over and over again. Usually before he would get sore during jacking off. However, he finds that he not the littlest bit sore after all of this fucking he’s done with Katie.”Fuck Katie, I’m coming. Oh yeah. I’m coming inside of you.” Jake says.Katie feels Jake coming. She near coming herself but hasn’t reached there just yet. She just needs a few more pumps from Jake to bring her there.”Baby, make me cum.” Katie pleads passionately.”Sure thing baby.” Jake says.Jake then starts pounding Katie’s pussy hard although he is coming inside of her. He finds that he can hold his hardness until she cums. He makes sure that he gets in deep and that he strokes her g-spot with his cock. That will help her cum fast.”Oh yeah baby. That’s it. Oh Mark…um…Jake, it’s working. I’m coming!” Katie says.”Good baby.” Jake says.Katie feels her orgasm come on and hit her fast. The combined fantasy that she is having about Mark and having Jake’s cock hit her g-spot is bringing her to heaven. Katie grips on Jake as she cums. She doesn’t care if she hurts him with her grip. She has to hold onto something to keep her knees from buckling underneath her. Right now Jake is the closest and best thing to hold onto.Jake feels Katie grip onto him as she cums. Her grip is tight, but not tight enough to hurt him. He notices that her eyes are closed and figures that she is fantasizing about him. He has no idea that she is fantasizing about another man. Katie really hopes that Jake didn’t hear her call out Mark’s name before she called out his. She got so wrapped up in her fantasy that his name just slipped out. Katie finishes coming down off her orgasm. She relaxes her whole body against Jake’s. She knows now that they have to wash up and get out of the shower.”Babe, not to sound rude, but you have to get off of me for a few minutes so I can take a shower.” Jake says.”Okay.” Katie says.Katie then lets her legs relax fully and unwraps them from around Jake’s hips. She lets her pussy slide off his cock and lets her arms slide off his shoulders. Since the shower is big, Katie walks over to the shower wall. She stands against it waiting for her turn to bathe. Jake adjusts the water temperature because it started to get cold. He adjusts it back to warm and grabs the soap. He soaps his whole entire body down, making sure to pay special attention to his cock. He wants to get it clean. Jake then washes off the soap. He looks over at Katie out of the corner of his eye. He can’t figure out how she can always look so sexy no matter what she is doing or where she is standing. He just bets that she has no idea how beautiful and sexy he thinks she really is. She’s like an angel with wonderful sex skills. Katie sees Jake look at her while he is cleaning his body off under the water of the shower. She just smiles because she loves it when he looks at her. She really also enjoyed it when Mark looked at her. I’ve got to keep Mark out of my head when I’m with Jake, Katie tells herself.Katie lets her mind wander off Mark and onto Jake. She waits for Jake to get done with his shower so she can get hers. Jake finishes cleaning himself off and stops looking at Katie. He opens the shower door and steps out. He grabs a towel and starts drying his body off.Katie, seeing that Jake is done with the shower, moves away from the wall. She reaches over and closes the shower door. Katie then steps into the full spray of the water. Jake finishes drying his body off. He walks over and opens the bathroom door. He then walks out of the bathroom and walks over to the bed where he sits down to relax. Katie grabs the soap and soaps up every part of her body. She makes sure to soap her breasts, pussy, and ass. Because those are the parts of her body that received the most attention.Katie finishes soaping up her body and can’t help but let her mind wander to Mark again. She thinks of how hot he is and how handsome. She feels herself get turned on again. She realizes that she needs to masturbate to release this sudden lust.Jake sits on the bed and turns on the TV. He flips the channels around until he finds a show that he wants to watch. He has no idea that his girl is about to masturbate thinking of another man. Katie lets her hand slip down to her pussy. She opens her pussy lips up and finds her clit. She then starts rubbing her clit hard and fast. “Oh Mark”, Katie says quietly.Katie then takes her other hand and brings it down to her pussy. She takes three of her fingers and shoves them into her pussy. She then starts fucking her pussy hard with her fingers. Katie lets herself get completely lost in the amazing fantasy that she is having right now in her mind. She is fantasizing that Mark is standing in front of her and is fucking her hard with his cock.Jake sits on the bed and watches TV. He can hear the shower still running and he wonders if Katie is thinking of him. He sure hope that she is. Katie lets both of her hands work like crazy on her pussy. She can feel her hands working her up to an amazing orgasm. She knows that she will probably end up screaming out Mark’s name when she cums. She just hopes Jake doesn’t hear it.Katie starts rubbing her clit and thrusting her fingers into her pussy as hard as she can, wanting to cum. She feels the wonderful powerful feeling of the rush of her orgasm coming on right away. She keeps her eyes closed and lets her fantasy carry her away.Oh my god I’m coming so hard, Katie thinks to herself.Katie rubs her clit more until she feels it throb and swell under her fingers. A maximum amount of pleasure comes rushing though her body as she cums on her hand. “Mark, oh Mark!” Katie screams out.Jake mutes the TV suddenly. He thought he heard Katie scream out. He listens closely to see if she is crying. When he hears she’s not, he figures he is just hearing things and turns the sound back on.Katie pulls her hand out of her pussy and brings it up to her mouth. She opens her mouth and shoves her fingers in, cleaning the juices off. She then pulls her hand away from her clit and opens her eyes. She takes a deep breath to cool herself down. Katie then rinses the soap off her body and turns the shower off. She opens the shower door and steps out. She then closes the shower door and grabs a towel to dry herself off with. Katie dries her body off with the towel. She then opens the bathroom door and turns the light off. Katie then walks out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. Jake looks up to see Katie standing there. She looks a little flushed, but he doesn’t say anything about it. He turns the TV off.”Enjoy your shower, baby?” Jake asks.Katie wants to say yes because she was thinking of Mark. But she knows that she can’t let that little secret out.”Yes baby, I did. Did you enjoy yours?” Jake says.”Thanks for asking baby. I sure did.” Jake says.Katie then walks over and grabs her robe. She puts her on her body and ties it tightly. Katie then looks down at her watch, which is waterproof. She is curious about what time it is. Jake seeing that Katie has put her robe on decides to do the same for himself. He grabs his robe and puts it on his body. He then ties it tightly. He sees Katie looking at her watch and he’s curious himself what time it is.”What time is it baby?” Jake asks.”Oh, it’s 10:30 a.m.” Katie says.”Okay. So what do you want to do now?” Jake asks.”Well, I probably need to go home and check on everything.” Katie says.Jake has no idea that one of the things that Katie wants to check on is her answering machine. She wants to see if Mark has called her.”Okay baby.” Jake says.Katie then reaches into her right pocket and pulls out her car keys. Katie then starts walking towards the bedroom door. She opens it and walks out into the hallway corridor. Jake walks behind Katie. He walks over to the nightstand and grabs the room key. He then walks over to the light switch and turns it off. He then walks out of the bedroom door and into the hallway corridor. He turns around and shuts the door behind them. Katie then starts walking down the hallway corridor. She walks to the front doors of the hotel and waits for Jake.Jake walks down the corridor and walks up to the front doors of the hotel where Katie is standing. He goes over to the counter and turns the key to the room in. Jake then walks away from the counter and up to Katie. He’s ready to go home himself. Not that he doesn’t enjoy spending time with Katie. He does. It’s just that he would like to get some more sleep in his own bed.Katie opens the front doors and walks through them. She walks outside and takes a deep breath. She starts walking towards her car. Jake opens the front doors of the hotel and walks through them. He steps outside and lets the doors close behind them. He sees Katie walking towards the car so he does the same. Katie walks up to her car. She unlocks her driver’s door and grabs her clothes. Katie then opens her door and gets into the car. Katie then leans over and unlocks Jake’s door.Jake reaches the car. He grabs his clothes and opens his car door. He then gets into the car. Both Katie and Jake shut their car doors at the same time. Katie takes her clothes and throws them into the backseat. She can grab them later when she gets home after she drops Jake off at his home. Jake decides to throw his clothes into the backseat too. He puts on his seat belt and gets ready to go.Katie puts on her seat belt and starts the car. She puts the car into reverse and backs out of the parking lot. Katie then puts the car into drive and drives out of the parking lot. She pulls up to the road and puts her left turn signal on. Katie then turns left and drives both of them home. Jake looks out the window and then looks over at Katie. He does his repeatedly the whole way to his apartment. Katie reaches Jake’s apartment complex. She turns left and drives up to his apartment. She pulls into a parking space and puts the car into park.”Okay Jake, you’re home now.” Katie says.”I know baby. I just wanted to tell you that I love you and that I had one hell of a hot fucking night with you.” Jake says.Jake then leans over and kisses Katie on the lips. Katie feels Jake kiss her and she kisses him back. Jake then pulls his lips away and reaches for the door handle. He pulls the door open and undoes his seat belt. Jake then gets out of the car. Katie reaches behind her and unlocks the back passenger door. She knows that Jake will be going for his clothes. Jake walks to the back of the car. He opens the passenger door and grabs his clothes. He then shuts the door. He walks up to the open passenger door in the front next to Katie.”I’ll call you.” Jake says.”Okay.” Katie says.Jake then shuts the door with one hand and starts walking up towards his apartment. Katie puts her car into reverse and pulls out of the parking lot. Katie then puts the car into drive and drives out of the parking lot. She turns right onto the road and starts driving home to her apartment. Katie reaches over while she is driving and turns on the radio. She wants to listen to some music. Katie drives down the road until she reaches the entrance to the freeway. She gets on the freeway and starts driving home. Before she knows it, she’s at her exit. She exits off the freeway and pulls onto the road. She then turns left and drives to her apartment.Before she knows it, Katie is in front of her apartment complex. Katie puts her turn signal on and pulls into the parking lot. She pulls in front of her apartment and pulls into the parking space reserved for her. Katie puts the car into park and turns off the ignition. She undoes her seat belt and grabs her keys. She puts them into her robe pocket and reaches behind her to unlock her back door. Katie unlocks her back door and opens her driver door. She gets out of the car. She then locks and shuts her car door. Katie then walks to the back of her car and opens her back door. She grabs her clothes. She then shuts and locks the door. She walks up to her apartment and pulls her apartment keys out of her shorts pocket. She grabs her She grabs her keys and unlocks her door. She then opens her door and walks into her apartment.If you like Chp. 4, stay tuned for Chp. 5!

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