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Out of Afrika – Chapter 14

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Out of Afrika – Chapter 14Out of AfrikaA Fantasy created by International Writers Curt B, Julie Van and Wunderboi******Chapter 14Clarissa woke on Monday morning excited by what the next few days would provide if everything went her way; she was confident it would. Sunday’s Church Service at The Church of the Black Staff had been an eye opener, at least the parts she could remember. The wonderful sermon which had held her almost breathless when the Pastor delivered his philosophy was frankly brilliant. She remembered confession when she confessed the sin of being naughty with her wonderful black lover and was immediately sorry she said it. She remembered her lovely private meeting with the Pastor when she promised to encourage an increase in black membership, black management and black workers at the golf club that she dearly loved. She was pleased when he was pleased and went downstairs for a special viewing and to participate in the religious ceremony in the basement. He told her it was ‘very rare’ for a new worshipper to be invited on her first visit. She felt quite tired. Igoro had left earlier for classes, and her husband Maxwell had gone fishing with his mates. Her body ached a bit, but she felt entirely sexually sated, which did not happen that often. Also, her jaw was sore. The only other time she remembered that happening before was when she had sucked Igoro’s cock for nearly an hour a few weeks earlier. Must be coincidental she concluded.******Clarissa was truly thrilled to have been elected to be both Chair of the Greens Committee and Vice President of Confederacy Country Club’s Board of Directors; the first VP in its long and storied history. She could feel a new respect that other club members, friends and especially the employees accorded her. She had settled into a new routine which meant being at the club several days a week. She now knew that one day she would become the first woman President, but how many years would she have to wait in the wings?Maxwell, her loving husband, had also been most supportive and helpful. When he wasn’t travelling on business he was dutifully by her side at the many receptions and events they were being invited to attend. He was proud of her. She had increased her wardrobe with the ensuing big bills and he didn’t mention a thing except to praise her and admire the way she looked. He was in his early seventies, fabulously wealthy and becoming more so with every passing year. Clarissa had listened to her father’s advice, and Maxwell had fit the bill. She had married an older rich man when she was just 22.Igoro was the icing on the cake. In the few months since he moved into the Guesthouse, he had made her happier than she had ever been. A vigorous, attentive, smart and athletic lover he had taken her to places she never imagined sexually. Clarissa was now in her late forties and Igoro was just about nineteen, but he acted with a maturity well beyond his years and filled her life with his youthful enthusiasm.As she had suspected, her husband was delighted with the Guesthouse makeover Igoro had achieved with his friends in such a short time. Anything that added to Maxwell’s assets pleased him and he insisted on paying the boy for all his hard work.Her husband was also pleased to pay Igoro’s full tuition at the local University.However, his opinion or consent was never sought whenever he went off on his frequent travels and Igoro was invited by her to take her husband’s place into the master bedroom with its big bed.If six months ago, she was told she would have a handsome young well hung black lover who adored her, she would not have believed it possible. Sometimes in the throes of passionate sex, he even called her ‘mother’ which always sent her over the edge to a crashing orgasm.When Maxwell was home, Igoro used the opportunity to visit and go out with his friends which Clarissa was happy about, and Maxwell thought was a normal thing for an eighteen-year-old to do.******Tuesdays at the club were often very quiet, especially in the late afternoon. David, the newly voted President of the Club (and very proud of his new title) scheduled that time slot to take golf lessons from the 22-year-old College grad assistant pro.The assistant pro was handsome and very black.His lesson would often be followed by a committee meeting or a full Board monthly meeting so it was not unusual for Clarissa to be present in the building and to have some interaction with him. It was a Tuesday that she needed to discuss a report from the Head Pro for her Greens Committee. He hadn’t had the opportunity to present it personally but he had advised her that she could pick it up from his office so that she had time enough to read before she chaired the meeting of the “GC” as she liked to call it.She collected the report and walked down the corridor that led to the meeting room. She passed by the assistant pro’s office, a tiny space not much bigger than a utility room, and instinctively looked inside the open door. Her eyes first took in the new Rhino TV, recently installed. Her first thought was ‘goodness, those TVs are everywhere in the Clubhouse.’Then she saw David on his hands and knees sucking the big black cock of the assistant pro. Through lidded eyes, both men gazed at the RhinoTV and the video of Chloe and her cousin making lesbian love in her bedroom. David had always wanted to suck a black cock and recently he had thrown caution to the wind. In fact, with caution abandoned, he had been doing it every Tuesday for a couple of months and nobody had ever come down the deserted hallway. The Head Golf Pro was normally off on Tuesdays but was also in the building as he was there to attend the “GC” as well. Clarissa stealthily backed away from the door and went down the hall and found the Head pro who had just arrived. She whispered for him to follow her and she took her Rhino phone out of her purse. She wanted a witness.They returned to the assistant pro’s open office door and watched silently while Clarissa took photos and videos. David was in another world. The boy’s pants were around his ankles, further emphasizing how big and erect his cock was sliding in and out of the President’s gay mouth. David slid his hand into his pocket and took a generous amount of lubricant from a tube and slid it around and around the boy’s anal ring, his finger pushing into the sphincter muscle and then being pulled through. The Head Pro, also black, also handsome, stood very close to his boss. She was stunning in a lovely pink blouse, several buttons were undone, and a tight white skirt. She had taken her high heels off remain quiet, so he towered over her. Her perfume was intoxicating. He looked down her front. A lovely white lacy push-up bra accentuated the biggest firmest breasts he had ever seen. She was looking at the screen watching the young girls pleasuring each other when suddenly she seemed to sink into a daze. Concerned that she might have been upset at what they were seeing he gently took her arm and led her away from the boy’s office. He took her to the Ladies’ room and guided her to sit on a couch before getting a damp washcloth and put on her forehead. Her eyes were shut. He took advantage of the timing to again stare at her full breasts, the nipples poking forward aroused against the beautiful expensive silk material.Her eyes fluttered open and she looked at him with confusion seeing him standing over her. He tore his gaze away from her cleavage and quickly explained why he was in the Ladies with her, and she was most grateful.She swore him to secrecy, and they both agreed not to fire the young assistant pro, and they would ignore his participation in the sex act with the older man. Clarissa explained that she would “deal with” the issue with the President. She was also aware that this was the third time she had been ‘woozy’ and each time it had to do with a Rhino product. Her curiosity was aroused. She would be wary in future.She waited for a few days and then phoned David and asked to see him about a serious issue, and for him to meet her “In the Chapel at the Club like the last time.”He agreed and wondered what this issue could possibly be. ******Across town, the Rhino Store was doing a brisk business as usual, but perhaps was a little quieter in the mobile phone section. Sales could not continue at a frantic pace forever. Ma’bill was new on the sales force but certainly not new to the company. He was an original member of the team that had created the firm in South Africa, and he was very proud to be a top software engineer. With Oskar and the other Directors’ full approval he had developed a new technical setting which he felt could add a lot of value to the bottom line of phone sales. ******Clint and Ingrid, his stunning blonde daughter, had come over from Sweden on a visit to Hawksville. The purpose of their visit was two-fold. The first reason was a sad and emotional one for they had come to see girl’s ailing great-grandmother who was a resident in a Care home and was not expected to live for much longer. The second objective was that with Ingrid about to celebrate her twenty-first birthday she was now old enough to enroll in the renowned business faculty of Hawksville College and they had come to finalize arrangements. (Her father had been a student and on graduation had returned to his native Sweden where he set up a successful import/export business in Gothenburg. He claimed that it was the training he had received from Hawksville College to which he owed his success and he was keen for his c***dren to enjoy the same start to their working lives.)Clint thought back over the past two days and was very satisfied with how much they had accomplished.He had splurged on business class tickets on their British Airways trans-Atlantic flight and had been amused and somewhat surprised to witness the outright ogling and somewhat inappropriate attention of the male flight attendants toward his beautiful daughter. Amused because for the most part she acted as if she was innocent and naive about the effect she caused the opposite sex (including himself); surprised because he knew from his frequent travels that most of those men were gay.For her part, Ingrid, in her innocent way was quite comfortable flirting when the men fawned over her but Clint did notice that whenever one of the cabin crew who was black attended to her that she seemed particularly responsive to his subtle remarks and sly touches.Clint was acutely aware that his twenty-year-old daughter was very sexy and he was finding himself increasingly attracted to her though he tried to suppress his feelings (and his fantasies) in her presence. It was difficult though what with her perfume, her tight low cut top, her impossibly tight jeans with the mandatory rips in the legs and now her flirting with the black man only made things worse. He felt like a voyeur as he watched her coyly simpering at his silly remarks and fluttering her blue eyes as he looked down upon her swelling breasts and the thought of her actually giving herself to her black admirer made his cock stir and the more he tried to ignore it the harder he got. As they sat enjoying their complimentary drinks she leaned across to him and whispered something funny about the conversation she had just had with her black ‘conquest’ and at the same time put her hand on his leg. He instinctively covered it with his own but as she shared her joke she didn’t pause and slid her hand higher where it came to rest against the bulge he was making in his pants. She must have felt it, he thought, given the squeeze she gave his leg but the sudden arrival of the meal service interrupted their mood and the magic moment was averted. The remainder of the flight didn’t provide any opportunities to explore that avenue any further.On arrival in Hawksville they had checked into the Rhino Tower where they had a suite reserved. They didn’t linger long and after taking their bags to the room were soon back outside hailing a taxi to them to the care home and the mandatory visit to see the old lady. It was really a duty visit given there was little emotional bond. Clint was her sole surviving relative from the days when he was born into the Minnesota community of Swedish immigrants. His parents had returned to Sweden soon after he was born and now here she was the last of the clan having spent the last years of her life in the care home with no other relatives to count upon. She was delighted beyond measure when Ingrid came through the door and Clint knew that when the inevitable day occurred that Ingrid would become a very rich young lady indeed.******The following morning they attended Hawksville College and the appointment with the admissions director. As all the paperwork had been done in Sweden there was only a face-to-face interview to be conducted so after introductions and initial formalities had been taken care of Clint left the office and waited outside in the hallway. For nearly an hour Clint cooled his heels while his lovely blond daughter answered probing questions about her past life. The black man was tall and handsome and as she sat at the desk filling out additional forms he stood close to her. As usual she was wearing a revealing low-cut top and as he looked down on her impressive cleavage she smiled as she noticed his hardening cock making a bulge of his trousers and his attempts to hide it while she provocatively sucked at the end the pen supposedly giving thought to answering the questions on the form.In point of fact he wasn’t trying to conceal his arousal, far from it, he wanted her to notice his impressive semi hardon and to gauge whether she would be attracted or repelled. Her tongue licked the end of the pen as she looked up and held his gaze. He admitted her to the school of business on the spot. She left the office and tuzla escort flushed in the face she hugged her father and pressing herself against him told him the good news. He had harboured no doubts that she would be accepted but nevertheless decided that they should celebrate the event and that she should be treated, properly treated; that she should have that mobile phone that she had often hinted about. He told her that while he had been waiting that he had been reading the promotional literature about Rhino and ‘all its works’. He was still holding the magazine as she held him and she noticed the picture of Rhino’s boss, Oskar Botha. “Wow, what a handsome man.”“Never mind that,” he said, “Apparently there’s a big shopping mall here. Come on; you deserve a present.” In the cab on the way to the Rhino store she reached for his hand and put it on her leg, and then she stroked his hand. She was aroused; He was aroused, very aroused and he smiled thinking how well their trip was working out but, at the same time, he was a little worried wondering about what the night in their shared room might bring.The cab dropped them off outside the entrance to the mall and they went in holding hands. He liked holding hands with Ingrid and, if the truth be known, he was thrilled when she was mistaken for his young wife. She giggled every time she noticed someone making that mistake but neither of them bothered to correct the assumption. Her Father was a very young looking handsome man, with ‘salt and pepper’ hair and it was not beyond belief that they could be ‘a couple.’ Ma’bill, the assistant behind the counter of the phone section, only had eyes on her as they came toward him; he admired her openly. He loved seeing the young girls dressed as they did these days in tight tops and impossibly tight workout pants which emphasized their gorgeous legs and rear ends. He had never seen a young woman with such beauty. He couldn’t have known it but she was just like her mother, tall, blonde with her straight hair down over her shoulders, which she constantly flicked out of her eyes. Her full, firm breasts strained against the thin tight white tank top and Ma’bill tried not to stare. Her father put his arm around her small waist above the waistband of her tights on her bare skin below her tank top protectively and noting his name badge said, “It is nice to meet you Ma’bill. I want to get a phone for my sweet darling special daughter. I am ignorant about these things but she knows more about these devices than I ever will; please show her your best and latest model. The only thing to note is that we will need to be able to use it in Sweden and the rest of Europe. I’ll let you sort it out.”She looked up adoringly at her daddy and kissed him on the lips, “Thank you Daddy”.He left her in Ma ’bill’s care and went off to other parts of the store.Ma’bill happily took her around to the display cases. She bent over to look down at the various colours of the phones, and he stood on the other side of the glass case and looked down her front as he started telling her about the various models. Ingrid knew the effect she had on black men as she had many friends at home who were black. Most of them were from France, and she had dated a few. She pushed her chest out a little more and then looked up into his eyes, batting her eyelashes and smiling. She just loved being a cockteaser.They agreed on the latest phone and Ingrid was thrilled with the sexy look of the cover. Rhino had developed a tough outer cover which eliminated the need for customers to have to buy that item separately. He took her into a small smoked glass booth, as he wanted to show her the features of the phone. Especially the new setting for international sales that was brand new.It was his baby, his idea and Oskar had given him a huge bonus when it worked seamlessly and effectively.Her father, Clint, meanwhile was captivated by the huge display of love dolls, love toys, sexy lingerie and the like. There was a huge Rhino TV on in the dressing room area where there were a number of women trying on new frocks. It was springtime, everyone should have a new frock he thought, especially his daughter. He was captivated by the screen and as he riffled through the racks of dresses his attention kept returning to the videos showing young women modeling some of the revealing designs. His confusion was obvious to a beautiful black girl, Lucy, who came over and asked if she could help. She was dressed head to toe in red spandex. Every inch of her body was suggestively displayed inviting him to him to touch her, the screen flickered; the humming attracted him. She stood close to him rubbing his arm asking how she could assist. She took his hand and led him to a private room as he passed through the door she glanced back toward the counter where Ingrid was fondling her new phone and signaled toward Ma’bill to follow at his convenience. Inside the private room, sexy young white models were showing the spring line of Rhino dresses. Lucy directed him to a chair and sat on his lap and leaned into him, her huge breasts inches from his face. Another Rhino TV on the wall displayed a white girl sucking a huge black cock. She clearly loved doing it and licked it up and down. He wasn’t to know but it was Janice, Clarissa’s daughter-in-law, performing enthusiastically in High Definition.The models came close and invited him to feel the quality of the dress material encouraging him to place his hands wherever he wished on their young bodies. It was a clever marketing ploy for Clint bought first one dress and then another and another for his daughter. Lucy gave him a deep French kiss and a feel of her ample breasts every time he bought something. He loved the feeling of the spandex. He had never kissed a black girl before, it was highly erotic. This was crazy, her nipples were huge and hard. It was nothing like his conservative Sweden. He felt a little dizzy and his cock was swelling. The show went on and the dress models continued to parade with the TV persisting with its quiet humming. Ma’bill brought Ingrid into the room, she looked a bit disheveled as if her top had been removed and hastily replaced. Clint’s cock was now as hard as it ever had been. Lucy stood up and brought Ingrid over to sit on the other side of her father. She reached over and took Ingrid’s hand and put it firmly on Clint’s hard cock then she pulled Ingrid’s face towards her and the two girls passionately kissed open-mouthed, hungrily right in front of Clint’s surprised face. The leather couch started to recline. Lucy unzipped Clint’s slacks, and took his hard cock in her mouth, then she pulled Ingrid’s head down to join her enjoying pulling the young blond girl’s long hair. Both girls sucked him together and alone. The Rhino TV naturally recorded the scene for future clients to enjoy.When the father and daughter emerged from their trance-like experience, both were totally unaware of what had happened. Another pretty Rhino girl appeared with gift-wrapped dresses for Ingrid. There was no sign of Lucy, she had disappeared.They were taken to a different room where Ma’bill was waiting to explain to Ingrid the exciting features of her new phone. Amongst the instructions was an explanation that if she drilled down two levels below ‘settings’ she would see a selection for InternationalR.Once ‘selected’, he said, she would have the first phone in the world using the latest technology. He declined to mention that every Rhino phone in the universe would soon have a “pop-up” message asking the receiver to “accept” the “InternationalR” option.An acceptance meant every Rhino phone worldwide would add an additional charge of $15. a month to the owner’s credit card. Ma’bill had hoped that maybe 50% of Rhino owners would accept the offer. In fact, eventually, over 95% of Rhino owners did so. The initiative increased Rhino Industries’ phone revenue by hundreds of millions of dollars a month. ******Oskar Botha was bored.It wasn’t often he felt that way as his life was hectic as CEO of Rhino IMEX, and a whole host of subsidiary corporations. Now he was bored sitting at mind-numbing Radio and TV sector hearings in Washington. His gaze took in the commissioners who sat opposite. A few were new since his last visit, and he was pleased to see that there were now more women than men on the Commission. He thought that might be the doings of the new President and his progressive administration which was mandating equal pay for equal work and a host of other much needed gender-blind modern improvements. One woman, in particular, caught his eye, and not for the usual reasons he smiled to himself. She was not particularly beautiful or gorgeous; she did not have his usual prerequisite of blond hair and big breasts. She was none of those things. Instead, she was intently interested in the proceedings and issues at hand, and every time he looked her way, she was looking at him. She, of course, was white. Her black hair was pulled back into a bun, she wore little makeup, wore a sensible long skirt and a blouse and sweater that looked like she had been dressed by her ultra-conservative mother, and her glasses were perched on the end of her nose as she read. When she asked him a question it was on the discussion point, direct and faintly demanding. He felt that he had adequately supplied her with answers. The other commissionaires may as well have been on holiday for all he cared. He decided that on his future visits that he would target this woman and made it his objective to reduce her to becoming his willing slave; it shouldn’t prove difficult.The next day he returned to Hawksville and on his way to work from the airport, Oskar asked his driver to stop at the Rhino Store. He liked to make a surprise visit, a strategy his father had taught him at their lumber business in South Africa. As he walked into the ladies clothing area he was recognized by a beautiful young shopper. Ingrid had spotted Mr. Botha from his picture in the magazine at the business college. She rushed over to him, “Oh, Mr. Botha, I am so pleased to meet you, and I wonder if you would please sign the back of my new Rhino phone.” Oskar took a long look at the 20-year-old beauty. Her long blond hair, her big breasts barely covered by a white tank top which exposed copious amounts of bare flesh, and an innocence that he found both appealing and erotic. Her sweet sexy Swedish accent did nothing to dissuade his growing attraction. He engaged her in conversation, he met her father, he found out that they were staying in the new Rhino Hotel and Tower, the replacement for the gritty original motel that the company had purchased when they moved into their original offices.She gushed about her new phone, and the dresses that her daddy had bought her, even the negligee that the sales staff had included with her father’s purchases as a ‘bonus’ for spending so much money (a ‘bonus’ that they also billed him for!) Oskar was charmed and suggested to her father that they meet for a drink before dinner in the fabulous new restaurant in the brand new hotel.Ingrid excitedly exclaimed to her father, “Oh, please Daddy; let’s meet Mr. Botha later for drinks!” Her father smiled his acceptance. Oskar noted that Ma’Bill was close by and invited him along too. With a further thought, he asked Ma’bill if he would make a reservation for six for dinner, and also ask two of his other executives to join them if they were available. Ma’bill smiled at the suggestion; nobody declined an invite from Mr. Botha. Ma’bill was thrilled to be included with the key executives of Rhino. He planned to sit very close to Ingrid to help her with the new phone.*******Oskar was becoming tired of living as a ‘guest’ in Simone and Ian’s home. Hell, he was the CEO of a major American Corporation. He enjoyed the constant attention of Simone, who by now was totally enraptured with her black boss. She still started most mornings in his office with his hard big black cock in her mouth, and her evenings being fucked by him while her husband was in the guestroom, or watching his wife being ravaged. Her daughter Chloe, for all he knew, was out working on her growing reputation for being the town tramp. However, Oskar could not shake the feeling of boredom. He travelled a lot, but when he was in their house Simone was naggy and demanding. And make no bones about it, it was her house. He was getting claustrophobic with life in Simone’s home. He needed his space and it was quite evident things were not going to improve. He could not stand the wimpy Ian. In the early days, it had been fun fucking his wife in front of the cuckold wimp. Now he was tired of Ian. As he got older, he was attracted to younger and younger women and was thrilled when they ‘gushed’ over him as the sexy young Swedish daughter had done. Unknown to anyone he had purchased one of the two massive penthouses on the top floor of the new Rhino Hotel and Tower. Having the Swedish couple over afforded him two opportunities, one to examine the Swedish market with the father, the second to examine the gorgeous Swedish daughter. He was horny, he was sure she was too.She would make a delightful conquest, but he would have to arrange to keep her father occupied, not a difficult problem. It would be an opportunity for Ma’Bill to show Ingrid all of her new phone’s features; it would be an opportunity for Oskar to invite their guests upstairs to see his new ‘digs’.He texted Simone not to expect him that night or ‘for the next few nights.’ No need to irritate her, he would just use his secret new place for special out of town guests.He was now decidedly in a better mood than he had been in Washington. *******Clarissa and David met in the CCC Chapel. She was cool towards him. She made him sit in the same position on the same couch as when they met that tuzla escort bayan fateful day when she had outlined how he would become CCC President. Under her conservative suit, she wore an outrageous black bustier, no panties, black stockings and garter belt and six inch high heels – all purchased for this important occasion. A simple black dress covered her erotic outfit underneath. She was dressed as the Dominatrix and he was about to learn part of the terrifying truth. She pinned him down on the couch, as before, and he felt his arousal begin. She had arranged with the Head Pro to send the Assistant Pro to David’s home with a delivery of David’s golf clubs, the contents of his locker and personal items from his President’s desk.She had checked to make sure David’s wife was home ‘to accept an important delivery.’She made sure the assistant Pro take a Rhino phone as well, and to insist on showing a message on it from David to his wife. He was told to make sure the woman invited him inside, and one thing would lead to another. Other than that, no detail was left to chance. The assistant pro understood that by seducing David’s wife it would guarantee his job. If he wasn’t successful the inference was that perhaps he would be let go, Golf jobs were scarce. He got the message loud and clear.Clarissa was a master of deception and manipulation. David was about to find that out. She turned off the Rhino TV; she did not need him distracted from the business at hand.She whispered in his ear as she took her phone out of her purse and selected the video.Her naked big breasts were in his face. She rested the phone on them and pressed play.David nearly fainted. His eyes were riveted on the small screen as he watched himself pleasuring the black assistant golf pro. At first, he held out hope that his face was not visible, but that hope was dashed when the phone’s video zoomed into a close up of him licking the glistening black cock.His slim last hope was that someone other than Clarissa had sent the video to her.She lowered her mouth to his ear and whispered, “Dear David, you have been so reckless, had you closed the door, I would never have looked inside. I would never have solicited the help of a witness to your act. You now know you have no possible recourse but to resign the Presidency of the place we both love, as you would not want to bring acute embarrassment to our wonderful Club. I have prepared a letter to the Board which you will sign when I am finished with you. It states that you have encountered ‘health issues’ that make your continuing role as President impossible, and that you propose that Clarissa Johnson is elected President of the Confederacy Country Club forthwith.“I insist that you also resign your membership, and you will sign a separate letter to that effect addressed to the Club Secretary. I have sent your golf clubs, the contents of your locker, and other personal belongings to your home as we speak. You will not come back on these grounds even as a guest. I will work with my ‘uncle’ Tom, your predecessor, and a close personal friend of mine, to bring me up to speed on issues we face as a Board. Is all of that fully understood?”David wept, and through his tears, he agreed to every stipulation she made. He cursed his body as he felt his erection growing as she ordered him to stand, to read the letters, to sign them, and then to leave. He was shaking with fear as he left by the rear entrance and thankfully encountered nobody else on his way to his car. He drove home in a daze.He noticed a strange truck in his driveway, and let himself in the front door. His golf clubs were there, his other belongings neatly packaged up. He heard voices upstairs.There must be a workman here fixing something he thought. His wife was giggling as he walked into the master bedroom and watched as the assistant golf pro fucked his wife, who clearly was loving every second of being plundered by the athletic young black man. It was the final indignity, but he felt himself getting hard again. In a totally strange way, a sense of peace and relief came over him. No longer would he have to try and pretend he was interested in making love with her. He would resume his business travel, where he could be the gay man he wanted to be.His wife finally saw him. She said, “I know everything darling David, you may come close and watch as your lover fucks me to the best orgasm I have ever felt, again, like he has been doing to me all afternoon. As a special treat, you may lick him clean and suck his cock when we are finished.” *******Clint and Ingrid made their way back to the Rhino Hotel and Tower. Upon checking in he was disappointed that their suite held a king size bed rather than the two doubles he had requested, but Ingrid assured him it was fine with her, and a quick call to the front desk elicited an apology but they were booked solid. All accommodations were suites, and when Clint booked he certainly did not want to pay for two suites, one was expensive enough he thought.Ingrid had offered him a ‘fashion show’ of her new dresses before they went out, with the proviso that he pick the outfit she should wear. A message blinked on their phone and it was Ma’bill telling them they would be joined by two other Rhino executives and that the invitation had been extended to ‘drinks and dinner’ rather than just ‘a drink.’Ingrid was thrilled. She loved being treated like an equal with her parents and she especially loved being thought of as her father’s ‘young wife.’ She had a feeling that tonight would be special indeed. They agreed to have showers and get cleaned up before she showed him her new dresses, so he went to shower first. After toweling off he moved out of her way to let her have privacy. In the small area outside the bathroom was a floor to ceiling mirror which reflected the shower in the bathroom mirror. He tried not to look, but a glance showed him her gorgeous figure, full firm breasts and lovely small waist above her quite perfect small but very cute delicate ass. Until this trip, he really had not paid much attention to how much of a bombshell his fabulous daughter had turned into. He shaved and dressed in dress slacks and a white button-down shirt. He felt like a new man.Clint was seated in the living room of the suite when Ingrid modeled the first of his purchases for her. She looked lovely with just enough makeup to make her look alluring. For this outfit she tied her long blond hair back in a ponytail, it was a short dress flared at the hemline from The Rhino l****a Line, which had proven to be wildly popular with all ages of women and girls. The ponytail made her look younger, the dress younger still, and she agreed with her loving daddy that it would be inappropriate for her to be the only woman with all those black executives dressed that way.She asked him to follow her into the bedroom to help her out of the dress as it had been difficult to zip up on the back and she didn’t wish to spoil it in case it was to be returned.He happily caressed her back as he did so. She felt a thrill run up her spine. She asked him to sit in the big leather chair and ‘not to bother leaving the bedroom.’ He complied.She giggled, “No peeking, now daddy” as she carefully took off the l****a dress and hung it in the zipped bag it came in. She wore just her pink bra and matching lacy pink panties.”I know you have seen me in my bikini many times, so this is just the same.”He did not peek and listened to her rustling papers unpacking the next outfit.Finally, she was ready again.She wore a plain brown dress with big buttons from the waist to the top. Most of the buttons were open leaving little to the imagination. He stared at her beautiful breasts. The dress fell to mid-thigh and it had a gold coloured rope as a belt tied casually around her waist to give the dress some shape.”Do you know what this signifies, Daddy?” she asked with a cute innocent look on her face. “That nice black girl who was so friendly to us, Lucy, explained to me that it is Rhino’s Slave line of clothing, based on what the black slaves wore on the plantations 150 years ago when the white slave owners would take advantage of the young black girls who lived and worked on their land. So now the black owners of Rhino are selling these to young white girls for $150. For the white girls to signify their support for the black owners. Isn’t that so sweet? Aren’t you happy that I chose to help?”Clint was at a loss for words, but managed to reply, “Yes, darling I am always amazed at how socially conscious you are, and I am so proud of you, however, I don’t think it is a wise choice for dinner tonight….”She stood very close to him. “Lucy said the dresses were short like this one so that the slave owners could run their hands up the black girls’ legs to see how strong they were,” she said, as she reached for his hand and put it on the back of her leg. She leaned over and pulled his head to the open front of her dress and pushed her ample breasts into his face. She whispered into his ear, “Lucy told me that I should be your little slave girl and give you what all men want of young pretty girls, she kissed me and made me promise that I would reward your generosity by giving you anything and everything you want.” She reached back for his hand and pushed it up her leg. He was powerless to stop her. Her breasts smothered his face his mouth opened to say something and she stuffed her erect nipple into his mouth ordering him to ‘suck it hard’. His hand moved up and up. He felt her lace panties and her firm ass. She turned to offer her soaking wet pussy to his anxious fingers.He froze as a loud knock came on the door. She fled to the bathroom and he tried to rearrange his huge erection for it not to be obvious. It was a message from the front desk advising them to be at the hotel bar at 6:30 pm.It was six o’clock, they had better get moving. *******Clarissa was thrilled with the Greens Committee meeting. Every member was in attendance, which was a rarity in the past, and she noted happily that the two women she had asked to attend not only were there but participated fully. Clarissa had read the constitution of the Club and the ‘fine print’ allowed for appointments to Board Committees could be made from the general membership. She planned to add more and more women members that way. She also was going to shake up the makeup of the Board but she had to bide her time. She felt it was time to add some black men.The Golf Pro’s report was accepted unanimously.Clarissa was on cloud nine. Soon the Board Secretary would canvas Board members and Clarissa Johnson would be acclaimed as President.She drove home. All of the excitement with David had made her horny. Maxwell was on a plane somewhere and she needed Igoro’s full attention, so she was surprised when she saw Maxwell’s car in the garage. She went into the house to find him sitting nursing a glass of wine in the lounge. He explained that he had to rebook for the next day.Maxwell thought she looked stunning and told her so; her short black dress tight across the bust was very sexy. He was very proud of her accomplishments. He deemed himself very lucky that such a gorgeous woman would marry him, he was eternally grateful for his good fortune. And since Igoro had moved into the Guesthouse she seemed so much happier, Maxwell thought. It had been a big surprise when the African orphan had arrived on their doorstep, but several months later he seemed like a son to them both. She excused herself to go look for Igoro, and Maxwell went down to his beloved wine cellar. There he had hundreds of fine vintages stored at the perfect temperature, and he often sat at the priceless antique desk in the middle of the room and read his various wine magazines. The wine cellar had one small window at the back of the house that he kept heavily d****d to keep the light out. He heard a strange sound and pulled back the d**** to look out. Clarissa was approaching the Guesthouse; he could see her gorgeous legs and pert rear end from below. He watched with great fascination as Igoro greeted her with a kiss, her arms went around his neck, his arms around her back. Maxwell was delighted they were becoming so close. He shut the curtain and thought to himself that he might suggest to the young man that he could sleep in the house near Clarissa when he was away. It would give him great comfort to know she was safely being looked after by the kind, handsome virile young back youth. Maxwell, a deeply religious man, and getting more so in his 70s, was pleased beyond belief that Igoro had met the famous black African priest, Pastor Erasmus who had invited his wife to attend services faithfully, which she had done, usually taking Igoro with her in her white Mercedes which the black boy would drive, holding her hand as often as possible. They were deeply in love.Maxwell was usually at home most Sundays and prepared a sumptuous breakfast before happily sending them off together. It left him with a couple of hours to spend with his new laptop perusing the various high definition porn websites which he quite enjoyed. *******Clarissa pushed Igoro into the Guesthouse and shoved him on his back across the bed. She hungrily pulled his slacks down and devoured his huge cock. This was wrong; it was taking a huge gamble with her husband at home. She sucked his cock with a fervor that shocked and thrilled him. Igoro protested to no avail. She mounted herself on his stiff erection and he pounded it up into her wet cunt. She climaxed with a wild scream and slumped over, satisfied for the moment.That night at dinner Maxwell surprised them both with his suggestion that Igoro should stay in the big house when he was away. Igoro said, “Of course Mr. Maxwell, you know that I consider Mrs. Clarissa to be my mother and I will be sure escort tuzla to protect her in every possible way.” Clarissa just smiled her acceptance; it had been quite an amazing day. *******Oskar was delighted that the beautiful Swedish girl had worn a Rhino spring frock to dinner. She looked sensational. She blushed a virginal reaction when he introduced his fellow executives to her, and of course her father. He ran his black fingers over the thin spaghetti straps over her shoulders and around to her back. She shivered involuntarily each time he touched her bare skin. The men all seemed delighted to meet her, and she was relieved and happy to see the beautiful black girl Lucy join the party. Oskar was ‘in his element.’ Funny and vivacious when he put on the charm it was a sight to behold. As the conversation swirled around them Ingrid looked intently at Lucy. The eighteen-year-old looked more like she was twenty-five. Dressed in a fire engine red deeply low cut tight dress, she was stunning. Ingrid felt underdressed. Oskar was talking to her:”My dear Ingrid,” he said lightly running his hand up her arm, “you must meet Lucy, she has just returned from Europe where she represented the United States in the Miss World contest and finished third. I fear the judges were biased. Why our own state Governor was there and he said the ‘fix was in’ and that Lucy should have won!”Lucy smiled, her perfect white teeth accentuating her stunning beauty. She would not use this opening to mention that the overweight boor of a Governor had pawed her at every opportunity.”Why, Mr. Botha, I met Ingrid earlier today in the Store,” she said sweetly, changing the subject. She leaned into Ingrid and kissed her on the cheek. Ingrid felt Lucy’s firm big breasts briefly against her arm. Drinks were topped up, and the party moved into the main dining room of the spanking new restaurant, the jewel of the gracious Rhino Tower. Mr. Botha was fussed over by the Maitre’D and the wait staff who stood behind each chair in the centre of the room. Ingrid was seated between Mr. Botha and her new friend Ma’bill. Across the table, behind a huge bouquet of freshly cut flowers, Lucy was seated beside Ingrid’s father, who seemed most pleased and could not take his eyes off the vision of black loveliness.She seemed familiar to him, but he could not remember why. Conversation flowed freely as the executives asked her father many questions about the phone markets in Sweden in particular and Europe in general. The roundtable was slightly too small to seat six as some of the proper furniture had not yet arrived, thus Ingrid’s leg was pressed against Oskar’s. A development that Oskar had not anticipated but clearly enjoyed as each time he adjusted his napkin his hand brushed and then lingered on Ingrid’s bare leg. She stared at the handsome black man’s eyes as her lips trembled. “Was this really happening?” she wondered fighting back her desires which were mounting by the minute. Before dessert was served Oskar stood to say a few words. As she turned her head to look at him, her eye level was right at his crotch. She stared at the faint outline of his partly erect cock in his tan pants just inches from her lips. She could not believe how big it was. She had pleasured several of her black dates with her hand back in Sweden, and they were bigger than the white boys she had similarly done, but nothing the size of Oskar. All the girls in senior high gave their dates hand-jobs, it was expected and no one gave it a second thought. She tore her eyes off Oskar’s cock and looked up at him while he spoke.As he concluded his remarks he reached down to his seat and brought up a handsome Rhino jewellery box. It was a present for her, a diamond-encrusted black leather choker collar. His black hands trailed gently across the swell of her young white breasts as he placed the collar around her neck, she reached up with her hands to lift her long blond hair up out of his way as he slowly placed the collar around her neck and fastened its claps at the back. She was speechless, she had seen them in the Rhino Store, where she had bought the slave dress and they cost many thousands of dollars. She murmured, “Oh Mr. Botha I don’t know where to start to thank you, this is incredibly generous.” All of the black men at the table and even her father knew the significance of the slave collar, and also knew that she would shortly be called upon to thank him in ways only her beautiful body could anticipate and provide. With her hands still holding her hair up, Oskar leaned down and put his arms around her from behind, his big hands cupping her breasts, as he leaned in and covered her mouth with a deep French kiss. He was thrilled to feel her return the passionate kiss aggressively. The other men looked on wishing they were him. Her father could not see Oskar’s hands as the fresh cut flowers blocked his view but he felt his cock harden as he watched her stand and put her arms around the black man’s neck and again kiss him on the mouth. Lucy put her hand on Clint’s cock and kissed him then slipping her tongue in his ear, she whispered that she needed to be fucked hard. The rest of them stood, it was time to go upstairs.Mr. Botha handed the key to his massive condominium to Lucy and asked her to open it up, put on the lights and light the candles. She took Clint’s arm and departed. Then he turned to his other guests to say goodnight. With her father gone, Oskar put his arm protectively around Ingrid’s waist. To all of the other men, it was clear that the gift of the slave collar had made a statement that Oskar had ‘marked his turf’ and the young white adorable Swedish knock-out was for him and him alone. Ma’bill was crestfallen. He had sat through dinner, Ingrid’s leg pressed against his, her perfume intoxicating; her occasional comments to him made him want her more than anything in his life.Oskar had noticed and was very pleased when Ingrid simply shook hands with the other men including Ma’bill, took his arm and said sweetly, “Oh Mr. Botha, I am so looking forward to seeing your new condo, shall we go?”Her youthful enthusiasm aroused him. Alone in the elevator, he kissed her again, a long passionate exchange of erotic coupling. Remembering Lucy’s advice that afternoon regarding her slave dress she gushed into Oskar’s ear, “Mr. Botha, would you like me to be your little slave girl; Would you like me to thank you for your sweet gift by letting you do anything you want to me; Will you be my teacher? There are many things your little slave girl does not know but is anxious to learn. I promise I will be a good student you won’t be sorry.”Oskar liked his women to talk dirty to him. Simone had helped inflame his passions by continually talking about his big black cock and how much she loved being fucked by him in front of her husband and even her horny daughter.This, however, was a completely different experience and he was loving the fact that this young girl was offering herself, openly, completely and very erotically, to do his bidding.They arrived at the condo. She was astounded at the size of the place. Some music was humming and they realized it came from one of the guest suites. Soft subdued lighting, Candles lit all over the place lent for an almost religious feeling. Had she seen a crucifix, Ingrid would not have been surprised. They heard Lucy cry out, “Oh, fuck Clint, don’t stop eating my pussy, harder, push your tongue harder, suck my clit, fuck, oh fuck, that is so fucking hot.”They did not want to disturb the lovers but both Ingrid and Oskar looked in to see the Rhino TV was on and the video showed Lucy sucking Clint earlier at the Store. Another blond woman was helping but they could not see her pretty face very well.Oskar led her down the hall to the master bedroom. Chilled bottles of Chardonnay and Champagne awaited them. Oskar closed and locked the door. He always looked after the details – he did not want the girl’s father to interrupt, or worse, prevent him and them from the well-planned seduction. He turned the Rhino TV off and then unplugged it. He did not want Ingrid in a daze or a trance and he did want her to remember who took her virginity and every detail about the intense fucking she was about to experience.A Rhino Slave dress was neatly displayed on the bed. Lucy had remembered everything. Ingrid quietly slipped out of her frock; Oskar devoured her with his eyes. She was stunning in just her bra and panties. As he watched she took off the panties and pulled on the Slave dress. She did not button up the top at all. It was open from the waist up to her beautiful breasts in her lacy push-up half bra. As promised she would be his little slave girl. The CEO of Rhino IMEX, the most powerful businessman in the State was about to ‘Christen’ his new condo’s master bedroom by taking the virginity of the beautiful Swedish girl. She approached him and he kissed her. She undid his belt, unzipped his slacks and pulled them down. He stepped out of them, she was kneeling at his feet looking up into his big brown eyes. She quietly took his pants to the walk-in closet and hung them on a pant hanger. She pulled down his boxers. The biggest, hardest, blackest veined black cock she had ever even imagined sprang into view. She neatly folded his boxers and his socks. Oskar Botha was naked in front of his new girlfriend dressed as a slave.She was mesmerized by the size of his cock. He sat down in a leather chair and spoke for the first time since they had entered the master bedroom, “I want you to continue to call me Mr. Botha, I will call you by a new name whilst we are alone. You, my slave girl, will take the religious name of ‘Sabbath.’ Now come over here and worship my cock, lick the head, that’s a good girl, take the mushroom head in your mouth and swirl your tongue around it. Yes! that’s it, you are such a quick learner. I love your red lips and your white hands on my ebony shaft, a shaft that will soon penetrate your virgin pussy. I will be slow, I will be gentle, and you will think it is too big and that you can’t take it. But take it you will and take it you must in order to be a real woman.””Oh Yes, Mr. Botha.” she gurgled. “I am honoured to serve you in this way. I have never seen such a wonderful cock.” She kissed, licked and stroked as she learned from him what made him excited. Both her hands and her mouth were on his shaft – how would she possibly take it in her insides? His wet cock was glistening in the dark room, the diamonds in her leather slave collar sparkled in the low light.Oskar continued, “We will find a job for you in the Rhino Store, perhaps heading up the Slave line of clothing which is rapidly becoming our top line. You will not be returning to Sweden with your father. In the store, you will be off-limits for any of the other men, your commitment to me and promoting the Slave line will be very well compensated. You, Sabbath, may stay with me here for the foreseeable future. Now, be a good girl and turn around and bend over the edge of the bed, put a pillow under your elbows and get comfortable and make ready to accept Mr Botha’s big cock in your tight virginal pussy. This is called ‘doggy style’ and you will feel that the angle will give you much pleasure once you have accepted my love tool”As ‘Sabbath’ did his bidding, she pulled one, then the other breast out of her half bra. The big breasts stuck out obscenely from her chest with the additional support. Oskar knelt behind her, his head at the level of her ass. He gently lifted the short slave dress until it lay across her waist exposing her pretty ass, and her beautiful warm bald pussy.He put his hands on her ankles, and with the back of his hands outstretched his nails lightly ran up the back of her legs culminating in meeting at her throbbing pussy. She moaned loudly. She had never felt such desire. What a lover! He teased her over and over until she begged out loud, “Oh God, Mr. Botha, please, please kiss me down there, make me a woman as you promised, push your hardness into my soaking wet womanhood, make me whole.”He replied, “You are wise to call me ‘God.’ I am your Lord and Saviour. You will tell your father you have met a man who will protect you. You will not need his help anymore. You will not again wear the pretty little slave dress for anyone unless I tell you that I want you to.”His mouth descended on her pussy. He licked the clit with the tip of his tongue rapidly bringing her to a first orgasm. As he pushed his tongue in out and around her womanhood he touched her sweet anal rosebud. She nearly passed out with desire.He stood and placed his cockhead at her entrance. He pushed in a few inches. She gasped. He pulled it out and then entered again. Over and over he did that until he heard the words he longed for ,”Oh Mr. Botha please give me more, I want all of your wonderful cock, don’t stop.”He took her with a suddenness that caught her off guard, but she was relaxed and it was surprisingly easy. After the initial surprise and pain, she felt nothing but passion. He reached around her front squeezing her big breasts, and when he fingered her ass lightly it took her attention from the size of his cock which was now all the way inside her. She climaxed again and again. He held her close allowing the waves of orgasms to wash over her young body. He pulled her over to her side and held her from behind, letting her rest. After a few minutes, he started, ever so slowly the screwing of his hips that she would soon come to love. He had remained hard and he felt her love canal tight around his erection he moved into the missionary position and gracefully started the love dance.She pulled his head down to kiss him passionately. This was one very special young woman, he thought happily. *******Lucy and Clint left after a few hours, but not until Clint listened at the door of the master bedroom to hear his daughter squealing with delight. The door was locked. Lucy went with him to his suite. It had been quite the ending to a remarkable day in Hawksville. *******

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